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Cake Rec
Date of Scene: 31 January 2021
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Noriko bakes a lot of cakes and carts them up to the rec room. The wolverkin start sniffing around. Family relations are discussed, but Jubilee does not eat the cake. Jubilee's dog form in another dimension is revealed within.
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Logan Howlett, Gabby Kinney, Jubilation Lee, Talia Wagner

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko may have taken the liberty of making a giant cake appear, might not.  The kitchens my smell like cake, maybe, and that scent may have wafted from this way...maybe.  There might be a lot of icing and there might be an experimental structure of three stacked eights of the sheets, cut into squares.

The teen doesn't say anything as she spreads peanut butter over two slices of chocolate cake and then some smashed frosted flakes on top.  It's there, then half of it isn't, some on her face.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan walks into the Recreation Room with a quick glance, a grunt, and a sigh. His eyes scan to see who was there, and with a brief nod, he acknowledges Noriko. Moving towards the television, Logan turns it on, and finds hinself collapsing into a big comfy chair.

The screen snaps on, the volume way too high, and everyone can see, it is a Hockey game. Finding the remote, a little too slowly, Logan turns it down to a more manageable level.

"You good kid?" Logan says over his shoulder at the other occupant.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Sniff. SNIFF. It didn't take an enhanced sniffer to recognize the smell of cake. The smell lures out a particularly short mutant clone in search of the source. Gabby's head pops into the room and she glances around quickly only to crack a grin spotting Noriko. "Nori! There's cake!" Obviously. Of course this is followed with a small thoughtful crinkle of her nose.

"Wait is it your birthday or something?"

With that asked she dares come closer to the cake... but of course she notices Logan there as well, and gives him a friendly nod and grin. "Hey dad!" ... Wait, did she ever ask him if she could call him that? "Ah, Logan. Sir."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko hasn't seen Logan since following up on the NYE shenanigans to make reparations...well that memory and of going to Home Depot.  That she's finding Logan up in the rec room at the exact same moment as she digs into her spoils provided by ingredients Rogue probably picked up not knowing Noriko would go on a baking spree...convenient.

"Just hungry.  You want some cake?"  There are clearly different varieties.  Noriko's head is suddenly turned to meet Gabby's greeting.  "Nope.  If you want some, take it."  Eyes flit from Gabby to Logan and back and back again.

Bit of cake disappears.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Maybe. I'll eat anythin'." Logan says, with a wave of his hand. "'specially if it is chocolate. Any chance it is beer flavored frosting?"

Smiling Logan turns back to the game.

Logan grunts back at Gabby without saying anything at first. After all, he was watching the game...then her words hit him, and he looks over his shoulder. His eyes narrow, and it is obvious he bites back a retort. "Hey kid." Then, without hesitation, he turns back to the screen. Maybe he was softening to the idea.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "OUT OF MY WAYYYYYYY!" a shout comes from the hallway. It could be none other than JUBILATION LEE! She might be the only one not lured to the recreation room in the wake of the smell. She was there on a MISSION. She rolls in on the wheels of her Heely sneakers and slides to a halt. With a furrowed brow, she scans the room left-to-right, inspecting it from behind her sunglasses. The presence of Noriko brings a smile to the girl's face -- a big one, too. But, that'll have to wait. "One, two....three, four...five...six..." she mutters, going all the way up to seventeen. "...There were seventy-five in here, originally..."

    A look of discomfort, perhaps even personal panic, sets in as she struggles against the cobwebs in her head. It should be a simple thing, subtracting seventeen from seventy-five, but...it isn't. The mutant stands there, stupified for a moment, as she works through the problem. A huge stack of pink flyers are tucked under her arm -- identical in pink to the seventeen pink flyers taped at various spots in the rec room.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney smiles rigidly back to Logan at the grunt and glance. Only when he looks away again does she let out a breath of relief, and a more genuine smile crosses her face. Giving Noriko a double-thumbs-up at the reaction which was at least not getting yelled at. Or stormed out on. It was progress!

"Cake is good," she agrees as she scopes out a peice for herself. She's already snagged a paper plate with a sidelong glance to the chocolate--Dang why did she have to like the same thing he does? And she starts to get a peice.

Jubilee's entrance causes her to glance over with confusion. At least until the math problem comes up. Without thinking she offers, "Fifty-eight. Noriko brought cake! For no reason. Which is the best reason!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah, there's chocolate.  I think I could figure something out for a beer frosting cake after I figured out the frosting," Noriko posits, taking bites when she wants to between her words.  "Go for it if you feel like it," she says quickly and casually as Logan turns back to the game and looks over to smile at Gabby's thumbs up.

"Oh hey Jubes?"  Noriko kept an I out for Jubilation's entrance given she could be heard from far away, but she does wait when she hears Jubilee working something out out loud.  Patiently, but then she frowns slightly and stuffs her face, the emotion clearing quickly.  "I'm eating cake for all the right reasons.  Get some.  Everything okay?  I told you I'd put those up."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan nods in agreement. Cake is good. His eyes were watching the game carefully, as though he was enjoying it. Which he was! It was the Leafs and the Habs, and so far, the Habs were up 2-0. Ah well, no Flames on tonight, but he would have to settle.

Looking back at the doorway after hearing Jubilee, Logan half sits up, and almost stands. Then settles when he sees it wasn't a big panic. Just flyers and panic. Same old. "Got mine here Jubes." Logan holds up his pamphlet."

Logan gets up, and moves over to the location of the cake, standing by Noriko. He takes a piece, mumbles a "Thank you." And takes a bite.

A look of surprise crosses his face, and Logan says, "Huh. Not bad kid. Mmmm."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The casual offer of '58' brings a flush of color to Jubilee's cheeks. Her eyes dart, briefly, towards Nori to see if she heard it. "Thanks," she says softly, looking down at her stack of flyers with embarrassment. She starts thumbing off the papers, one at a time, counting up to 58 -- the number of pink flyers that students/faculty/guests/residents have pulled from the walls in the rec room. Replacing them all around campus had become a daily routine. She gets through twenty or so before sighing and just giving up. Past a certain point in counting, all the numbers kind of sound the same and she couldn't be sure she didn't repeat some.

    Jubilee clears her throat, swallows her pride, and pushes off to skate towards the cake. "Did you save me a piece?" she wonders, manufacturing a smile that quickly fades to one that's more genuine. The stack of flyers are slammed down on the table. It's been a rough day.

    Logan gets a smile. "Good. Keep it with you, forever and always!" she says with a grin. Images of that flask she never ended up finding flicker in her mind. A brief moment of worry presents itself but then fades away...

Talia Wagner has posed:
I mean CAKE despite how experimental it might be definitely smells tasty. Especially when you are generally used to getting meals pretty hapazardly.

Not to say TJ hasn't been taking advantage of the whole living at Xaviers again business to keep abreast with regular meals and soft beds. She absolutely has. She has also been kind of trying to not totally just sink into the comfortable routine of Xaviers because it will just hurt more when it is all yanked away and she ends up on some world fighting Spiderman who was bit by a radioactive hamster and has somehow turned the Island of Manhattan into Hamster Island.

Wierder shit has happened in Talia's experience.

Still. Cake.

TJ leans against the door frame to the rec room there peering further inside "Did someone get cake?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney gives another thumbs up toward Jubes at the thanks, but mainly because talking right now would be bad. She'd already shoveled a forkfull of cake into her own mouth with the gluttonous abandon of a teenage girl who could eat a ton and get away with it. Even so she attempts to shovel the mouthful to one cheek so she can get out a garbled, "Issh relly good!"

Curious though she does look back at the flyers with a quick gulp. "What're those for anyway?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"That's one of the later batches," Noriko tips to Logan before she hops to sit in one of the chairs near where Jubilee settles, already tipping her chair back.  "There's whole cakes left with your name on them and I'll gladly help you polish off whatever you can't eat," Noriko says with a little grin and a quick shrug.  Then she's back by Logan, armed with an empty plate and untouched fork.  "Which one you want?" she asks, some words swallowed by how quickly she speaks.

Noriko decides to notice Jubilation not answering her mention and or offer to put up the fliers for her.  Notice and not prod it.  Noriko might have also forgot to mention that she went to Logan's after their NYE fun to help clean up and make reparations.  Noooope.

Oh look, that lady.  Noriko's mind rifles.  "Grab some if you want," the speedster says with her fork suddenly raised.  The arrangement of the leaning tower may be experimental, but Noriko was not that fancy about the flavors.  It seems to be a study of frosting through time...for Nori at least.

"They're for the talent show Jubes is putting on."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Right. Keep it with me. I'll do that." That was Logan giving a deadpan look and a unemotional response. "Forever and always." Stuffing the pamplet into the back pocket of his jeans, Logan uses both hands to eat his cake.At this time, he doesn't mention the flask. He does give Jubes a look though. If she was a telepath, she would pick it up.

"This is pretty good kid. Not sure if I should be surprised or not, but what the he*l?" His nod towards noriko was quick. Taking another bite, Logan ignores the fact that a bit of cake fell onto his white t-shirt. He had a closet full of them."

Hearing Talia from the doorway, Logan looks up. "Hey. Settling in I hope, Elf?" Munch, munch. Licking of lips. Moving towards the door himself, Logan finishes off the cake, and putting the now empty plate down. "Have some cake, it is pretty good."

Seeing the interaction between Gabby and Jubilee, Logan tosses a quick, "Check it out kid." To Gabby.

Moving out the door, Logan grunts a "Thanks." And is gone.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney looks over her shoulder at Talia who she hadn't met yet. She wasn't always the social butterfly after all. Just usually. A wave of a fork is given in her direction before her attention is split by Logan, er, splitting. She contemplates it a moment along with a nod at his remark. "Sure! I will!" There's a pause though as she looks between Noriko and Jubilee. "What's a talent show?"

She does at least reach out with grabby fingers for one of those flyers so she can read it herself suddenly a bit curious. "Is this like that TV show where you go on and sing and dance so judges can make fun of you?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "You spoil me, Snips," Jubilee side-eyes over to Logan with a smile. Forever and always. For the brief time that Noriko is seated near her, Jubilee slips her hand onto the speedster's shoulder and tilts her head to the side. "Whole cakes?" Jubilee repeats, her eyebrows rising in surprise. "Really?" She grins widely. It was probably a joke, an exaggeration, but... was it?

    At the mention of the talent show, Jubilee stands up straight and reclaims her hand. She thrusts it in the air with a flourish. "The First Annual Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters Presented by Jubilation Lee!" she announces. Jubes puts her hand down and lowers her voice. "You should compete!" she says to Gabby with a smile, thrusting a flyer in her direction. "And you could be a judge!" she adds, shifting her gaze to Logan as she offers a second flyer to him! But then he's off... huh. Probably to do something musky.

    Talia's approach signals Jubilee to reach for her pink stack of papers and get the top one ready...

    "What's a talent show!?" Jubilee cries out, looking at Gabby with astonishment. "It's going to be GREAT! You can show your talent and everyone will clap and clap and the best one gets a special prize! And, yeah, the judges...well, I'm trying to get one nice one, one medium one, and..."

    "One who's a total bitch."

    She has a name in mind. Heh.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Jubilee is putting on a talent show?" curious, can't help it. The idea of Xavier talent shows is always a thing of mystery, apprehension, and wonder in her experience at least. There is so much room for things to go spectactularily wrong or right with this whole proposition there.

The offer of cake though lures her further inside the Rec Room. She accepts one of the pamphlets and takes it with her on her journey for cake "Thanks Noriko." about the offer of cake and grabbing soem, she approaches the creation and looks over the layers and options.

Generally answering Logan she offers him a flash of smile. "I.. guess I'm settling in okay...." she notes for his benefit. "Not entirely sure how long I'll be here before I'm pulled out but everyone is very nice."

She decides to get some of the chocolate cake onto a plate with a fork and then moves to perch on the back of one of the chairs. High vantage point.

"Sounds like a good plan for the show Jubilee."

She is studying Gabby though thoughtfully.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It was no exaggeration.  Noriko knew she'd have to feed all the sharks after they'd gotten a sniff, and she also knew she needed to feed herself.

Noriko ends up on a couch, leaning back against the arm as she listens to Jubilee's whole spiel about the talent show.  She lifts her fork from her mountain of cake, causing a little shiiing! noise as it shifts in her gauntlet back toward her knuckle.  "I'm a total bitch!"

The layers are just some pieces stolen from the other cakes.  No one has touched the leaning tower yet.  The TV flashes through as many channels as it can as fast as it will allow.  The remote is set down, and Noriko eats more of her cake.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney could easily plow through a whole cake herself, likely, but she was satisfied for now with just the one slice she'd purloined. Plate held in hand, flyer in the other along with her fork, she reads over the flyer even though Jubilee is very expressively explaining it as well. A thoughtful little frown crosses her face which causes the scars on her cheeks to crinkle just a bit before smoothing out again.

"I don't know that I have a talent other than 'not dying.' I mean that's a good talent but not very show worthy." Another bite of cake is sliced off with the edge of the fork and she ends up chewing on both it and the fork which dangles in the corner of her mouth so she can better shuffle her grip on flyer, and cake plate. Given it's getting crowded around the cakes she makes her way over to a chair to sink down into it too before realizing that she's getting looked at.

A broad grin is given to Talia and she pops the fork out of her mouth again. "Hi, I'm Gabby." Logan's clone. But she doesn't add that last part because she'd already explained the whole situation last night to Spiderman. After awhile it got tiresome.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Talia has earned herself a thumbs-up. A good plan, indeed! Jubilee shrugs her shoulders and considers Gabby's talent. "It actually /could/ be a really cool talent... I mean, I think if you use your imagination..." She spreads her hands out in the air to flourish at the word 'imagination.'

    "Anyway... It's this Friday. Be there or be square. Or just be there!" She grins and makes her way past the couch, dragging her fingertips across Noriko's shoulder blades as she moves. "You're not," she answers with some authority. But, she knows someone who is...

    Jubes flops onto the couch, hanging her legs over the arm and laying on her back, head dangling.. "Someone's been taking down my flyers." She still hasn't tried the cake.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ can relate to how tiresome it can get explaining things. Truly. "I'm Talia Wagner, though you can call me TJ if you want?"

"Gabby... you look a bit like X-23.. " she pauses "Uh.." wracks her head "Laura but maybe a bit younger?" puzzled there for a moment then a big bite of cake. Her tail is used to hold the flyer up so she can read it while she eats the cake.

Talia looks like a younger female version of Nightcrawler. Down to the fur, eyes, hands, and of course tail there. Also the name. Though not spitting image, but definitely younger relative style.

"Also Jubilee is right, not dying is a really good talent to have in my experience. I would kill for the talent of not dying... though I've been holding out pretty good so far despite all odds."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney shifts in her seat to drape her legs over the armrest one way while her back is propped up by the other. A quick glance is cast toward Noriko and Jubilee before she settles in fully. "Maybe. Get a fire ring like lion tamers and I can jump through it," she reasons with a joking grin. Though that does start to give her some ideas so far as an obstacle course potentially. She *was* pretty good gymastically speaking.

A dip of her head is given to Talia again. "Oh yeah, I'm her clone. Gabrielle Kinney. Tenth of ten," she explains as if this were the most normal thing in the world. "And Laura's a clone of Logan so..." Her shoulders rise in a small shrug. "Welcome to our screwed up kind of family? Are you Kurt's little sister?" Well it wasn't as if there wasn't a resemblance there, either.

"And when did you two," she adds suddenly jabbing a fork toward Noriko and Jubilee, "Start getting all sweet on each other?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"It's definitely cool," Noriko says with a switch of directions in her fork.  Shiiink!  She dives back into eating when she comes back into the moment to listen.  The touch gets her immediate attention and a reactive smile that hangs in the air for a moment long enough to be spotted by chance...or not.

"Who would be taking down your fliers?"  And how would Nori not know about it.  She squints.  Then her eyes twitch to Talia as if she finally clicked all the little loose rattling notions into place.

"Oh yeah.  We could totally do that," Noriko blurs out some nods at the fire ring idea.  Oh the rest of this cake looks really good right now.

Blink. Blink.  "Uh...depends on your definition of that is," because Gabby's odd turn of phrase definitely throws Noriko for a loop and she isn't hiding it, by her tone and sidelong looks back to Jubilation.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I have no idea, but I'm replacing them almost as quickly as they're taking them down!" Jubes replies to Noriko, a line forming on her brow. Who is fucking with the talent show?!

    Jubilee grins at Talia from her unusual spot on the couch. "I'm never going to die," she declares proudly. It's the kind of statement a stupid teenager might say -- self referential in the knowledge that all teenagers think they're invincible.

    "My parents had sex," she adds, punctuating Gabby's story of her petri dish gestation. The girls are given a mischievous smile.

    Jubilee's imagination starts to wander at the thought of a ring of fire. This could shape up to be the best talent show in the county. Buttttttt, her imagination is given a record screech of teenage awkwardness. She stares at Gabby for what feels like an eternity. "Uhhhh," she says, turning to meet Noriko's gaze, as if she'd find help there. None. "I have never seen this girl before in my life..." She manages a faint smile and then...

    Jubilee takes a deep breath. "Six months for me..." she admits, giving Noriko a nervous smile. She's never actually admitted that so concretely. "But...uh... for us..." Jubilee makes a decision for them both. "...Just a few weeks ago..."

    Jubilee's eyes linger on Nori, searching for an indication of her reaction to her just TELLING them. Worry, something rarely shown, fills her face. Gabby and Talia have disappeared temporarily.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Oh... yeah that sounds about right. The cloning thing." she seems pretty nonpulsed by the whole chain of events just accepting it at face value because. Well. Maybe she is just really used to this despite being brand new here at Xaviers. The flier is tucked away by her tail and ... well her tail seems missing after a moment too. No tail.

To answer Gabby's question though she looks thuoghtful then there is just a measure of fuck it that wasn't present at the Ski trip. "Not his little sister no. I'm from an alternative timeline.. dimension really.. there's lots of forks in the road out there.. " she trails off then just barrels on ahead. "In mine Kurt is my dad and my mom is the Scarlet Witch. Logan is the Professor who runs the school too." which she imagines Gabby might find interesting.

She glances amused at Noriko and Jubilee there and then looks back to Gabby from her perch on a chair back and shrugs before taking a bite of cake.

Gabby Kinney has posed:

Is there an alarm going off somewhere? It seems to be high pitched, but gets steadily louder until it's obvious the noise is coming from Gabby. Clutching her hands together under her chin she stares at Jubilee and Noriko with a broad smile as she literally squeals in the most high pitched way that could be imaginable. Really it's impressive her vocal cords can emit that noise without straining. Probably her healing factor.

"OH my gosh you two are so cute together!" Apparently she approves. Quite easily and without any judgement on her part.

She settles down after a second with a rough clearing of her throat. "I mean, uh, you two behave now," she offers in her grouchiest voice that might be an immitation of Logan or an attempt at one. Doesn't stop her from smiling though. Thankfully she has plenty to keep her attention besides her two friends being an item now.

"Ooh yeah, future stuff. We get that a lot around here. Welcome then! I can't imagine Da---Logan as a professor though."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's mouth is slightly open when Jubilee answers.  Still, she doesn't interrupt Jubilee.  "Yeah," she finally says.  "Will you finally have some of my cake?" she asks with an arched brow.  Noriko suddenly notices how cut off she is from everyone else and grins until she realizes what is going on with the noise and blink, blush, blink, gone.  She can't help but grin at the exuberance before a seemingly abrupt shift in her attention.

"You look a lot like him.  I should know," Noriko says fast and seems to have jumped out of her last emotion just as fast too.  "I did spend a whole day pretending to be your-dressed up as him."  She seems to forget to explain this and laughs at the notion of Logan as a professor.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The die has been cast. The bell, rung. The young mutant rolls her legs over her head and moves to a normal, seated position. Jubilee holds her breath and waits. The screech from Gabby brings Jubilee's eyebrows up but she's not shocked at it. This was the kind of reaction she expected from people. She doesn't reply to the other mutant and, instead, stares at Noriko, unsure of how she's going to react to her just telling the other two about this. Jubilee didn't know what she expected, really, but it wasn't this. It wasn't nothing. It wasn't a sudden change of subject to how Logan and his clones have a resemblance. It wasn't in any way related to cake.

    Jubilee stares. Stares. STARES. Her face fills with warm color as her eyes flicker from Gabby to Talia. She takes another deep breath and then... back to Nori. Her nose wrinkles and her face sours.

    "Eat it yourself," she mutters. The cake. She's not a speedster, but Jubilee skates out of that recreation room faster than she ever thought possible.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ waits until Gabby has stopped to take a breath and stop going EEEEee like that. No judgement she just knows if her response is going to be heard she needs to wait a moment or two.

"No. Not a professor. As in Professor W...." she considers everyone seriously. "Where I'm from he replaced Xavier when Charles died and leads the whole school... and uh.. everything." she doesn't mention the X-Men because she isn't entirely sure how much is ands isn't common knowledghe yet. Trying to figure that out still.

"It is definitely odd I guess compared to Xavier, but Logan is a really good person and at least back home did a really good job with everything .. considering the mess things were in."

She hops down from the chair and heads to get another slice of cake, trying Vanilla this time. "I've seen a whole lot worse and wierder places in the last few years... there was one world where the X-men were all dogs.. The ReX-Dogs.. ... they were led by Professor ReX. I mean everyone was intelligent talking dogs... the Chihuaha in a wheel chair though was something else... Logan was a bulldog surprising no one..." she waves a fork at Jubilee "You were a Golden Labradore Retriever...." she calls after her really.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney considers all of this rather easily. "Oh! I was a dinosaur once for awhile! But that was due to some kind of genetic altering virus..." She trails off blinking as Noriko starts to head out, and glances off in her direction with a frown. "Did we say something wrong?"

Sighing to herself she swings her feet upright again to stand from her chair with a bit of a stretch. Her plate of cake was nicely polished off already. "We've had a few daughters of Jean and Scott around here before, and one of their sons too. They come and go it seems like. I dunno, I just figure if someone's nice they're okay myself." Then again that was a dangerous way to think in some instances.

"I'm gonna go get changed. I've been in these clothes since yesterday. Made a trip out to New York and met Spiderman," she explains with a solemn nod before she grins at Noriko again. "Thanks for the cake! And hope everything is okay."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko blinks, shocked as she takes in Jubilee's rolling reaction.  "What?" she breathes out as she watches Jubilation's escape while the Logan talk goes on behind her.  The speedster stops further out when going after Jubilee, but facing back to Talia and the rest.  Then pops up not two feet away from Talia.  "Did you just call my girlfriend a dog?"  She squints, head tilting to the side.  If Noriko is joking, she's giving nothing away.

But she does take a moment to lift her chin to Gabby.  "You're welcome.  Don't tell your friends."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Slow your roll Surge." she is definitely amused though it is in her eyes. Not really worried for some reason. Mostly because the whole situation is .. silly probably.. "I said in another dimension I met the reX-Dogs and Jubes was on the team as a Golden Lab. She was adorable. Much like here."

TJ looks the way that Jubilee skated off though and takes a bite of the vanilla cake. "You should probably go see why she is upset though." because honestly she isn't entirely sure what is going on. "Also the cake was great, thanks Noriko."

TJ will look at her empty plate then gathers up a couple of the other dirty dishes. "I'll take these to the kitchen." helpfully, but also making herself scarce.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Ohhh.  Cute.  A golden."  Noriko's subtle aggression is only made apparent by how she's suddenly totally over it, tilting her head and smiling.  Her eyes suddenly bounce over to Gabby's wake.  Did she say she was a dinosaur?  The thought is shuffled away.

Noriko bites the side of her lip a little as she stares back the way Jubes went at TJ's words.  "Oh.  Yeah.  Oh you don't have to.  I can gr-thanks.  I'll see you around."  Then she's gone.