5033/Conversation in a Sedan

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Conversation in a Sedan
Date of Scene: 05 February 2021
Location: Sedan driving from Gotham to New York
Synopsis: Jovian makes sure Viola gets home
Cast of Characters: Jovian Anderson, Viola Fiore

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian watches the area, concerned that random individuals will suddenly try to attack looks around in the immediate aftermath of the Carmine Falcone...fiasco? Party? Assasination. On entering the darkness outside he is hyper aware of the shadows, seeing the tentacled freakish duplicate in every shadow, but not looking paranoid, just feeling it inside and also looking for would be assassins of Viola on rooftops. If a man will kill a wife he will kill a daughter.

He stops by his motorcycle, picks up a small backpack in case he needs to suitup and his firearm along the way and moves with Viola to the van, gun in hand just in case it is required. While she unlocks and opens the car, he has the pistol in hand though not pointed at anyone since there are no visible targets, "Clear, lets go."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman fails to get her jacket on the way out, not thinking about much of anything but getting away from there. She stays close to Jovian all the way to the car, even going with him to his motorcycle when she realizes he wishes to make a detour.

Together they make it to the sedan. It's a rental, a tricked out Lexus sedan. She unlocks the doors with the remote, but her eyes going to Jovian's pistol. She doesn't anything yet though, just climbs inside and turns over the engine and waits until he's in. Once Jovian is seated in the plush leather seats, Viola pulls forward. Other cars hurrying to depart mean they have to roll forward slowly, but eventually they make it out of the estate.

The luxury sedan is well down the road by the time police cars pass going the other direction, lights on and sirens wailing. Viola watches them in the rearview for a few seconds before seeming to relax. She looks over at his gun. "So are you... um, a bodyguard?" she says. If he's Maggia she doesn't want to ask if he's a cop. If he's a cop, she doesn't want to ask if he's Maggia.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian gets in and keeps looking out and about looking around as they drive though more relaxed as they get out of the parking lot. "I was Secret Service, now I....freelance. Bounty Hunter, occasional body guard, occasional...whatever, mostly bounty hunting though yes. Some call me Bolo as my call sign but first name is Jovian." He has ome cop vibes but also enough edge that it is reasonable to wonder if potentially maga.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola glances over towards Jovian as she drives. Little glances that mostly keep her eyes on the road while getting a better look at him than she did while adrenaline was coursing through her veins. "Jovian. Or, would you rather I call you Bolo then?" she asks him.

She offers a hand over to him, fingernails painted a dark red but not overly long as women's fingernails go. The darker red going better with her black dress than the color she had them this morning. "I'm Viola," she tells him. "And that was... I can't believe that happened," she says. Her brain trying to process that she just saw a woman killed. The Italian-American girl seems to be holding it together so far though. "I'm from New York. I think I want to get back to the HyperLoop and go home. Would you.." she starts to say, and then stops herself at asking him if he'd accompany her. All the way up to New York. He's probably from Gotham.

A little shudder passes through her as she remembers the image of Carmine's wife, lying there with the syringe in her body. "I know it might be asking a lot, but, would you mind staying with me awhile longer?"

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian says, "Jovian when not wearing a costume." He nods politely and smiles, enjoying the color of the nails and shakes her hand and shakes it, not crushing it and not cold fishing it eitehr. He is used to death but doesnt treat it lightly, but is more concerned for her well being. "Hyperloop works. Yes, I can accompany you. Frankly, these...dart throwers" did he REALLY see owl feathers? "I dont know..." plus if shadow him is out there, "Yes, I can accompany you. There might be other threats." He nods, "You OK?" He looks concerned."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola shakes his hand back, her own grip is far softer and more gentle, yet she grew up around a brother and her father's men who made sure she at least had a pleasing handshake for a woman. As she hears the first thing Jovian says, she looks over at him eyes sweeping across him as if seeing things she didn't before. In a voice that sounds somewhere between impressed and star-struck, she says "Costume? You have a costume?"

Viola takes an exit that leads towards the HyperLoop terminal, a section of the high speed train's track visible where it goes over a bridge. At a stoplight she peeks over at Jovian a few more times after his mention of the costume. As he tells her that he'll come with her, Viola looks a bit relieved. "Thank you," she tells him. Though the news the threat might not be done causes her to swallow. "Yes, I'm ok. Just glad that you're here," she tells him, soft brown eyes peeking over to him again for a moment before looking back to the road as the light turns green and she starts forward again. "I guess you're probably used to moments like this?" she asks.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian chuckles, "The rate for anyone who dresses up in a costume is literally much higher. Its like the pros vs the little leagues. But yes, I have one, finally had one designed since it looked so...stupid...hanging out with some of the people..." he looks distant a second, "Have costume and the world gets weird." He follows her onto the train looking back and enjoying the curves but not being blatant about it. "I'm willing to do what I do when I randomly run into people who need it. I am KIND OF used ot this. I am used to fighting at this point, used to death...casual assasination of an innocent? Not yet. I am scarred but still mostly human.

Viola Fiore has posed:
When they get to the station she pulls the car into the rental agency. Climbing out and dropping the keys into a container and working a tablet there to check the car back in.

It doesn't take long, but by the time she's finished, Viola has become aware of something. "I left my coat there," she says with a frown. "I'll have to see if I can have it sent up later. But, Mr. Falcone has so much more to worry about. It can wait," she says.

The young woman has a fairly slender physique, though the dress does show there are ample curves adorning the toned torso. She holds her arms about herself for warmth as they move towards the train. As they are walking to the train itself, she gives a little shiver. "So that's what an adrenaline crash feels like," she says as the energy spike from what they went through is finally ending, and hard. Viola reaches over, a hand on Jovian's side for a moment to steady herself as they board the train. "I don't even know where I'd go looking for such a costume," she says, keeping up her part of the conversation even as that loss of the adrenaline rush has her trembling a bit.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian says, "I am entirely confident that in a house full of servants we can find..." he realizes that its WINTER and not like Miami or something and takes off his suit jacket and hands it to her. He puts it on her, "I had an expert tailor who specailizes in it. I can see if he is still in business but I have quite a few contacts at this point. And strangely, it does feel more...professional, to have a real one rather than ad hock motorcycle helmets and kevlar. Especially when around others who do."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman gives Jovian a grateful smile as he slips the tuxedo jacket over her shoulders. "Thank you," she tells him. "I should probably-" she says and then her purse buzzes. Or more accurately, her phone within her purse. She takes it out as she finishes saying, "... call my dad before he does," she says. "And that's him. Let me just text him or else we'll be in New York before stops talking," she says, managing a soft laugh and sending him to voicemail first.

She just dictates to the phone. "I'm save. I'm on the HyperLoop now. I have a bodyguard with me, even. I'm heading home. Love you. Don't worry."

She sends it off. A few moments later there's a ding and she checks her phone again. "Ok, he's appeased," she says with a smile. "Do you have anyone waiting for you that you need to call?" she asks, keeping the phone out in case he needs to use it. "I'm just glad you were there," she tells him, looking over to Jovian.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian nods, "I doubt you can get reception in the tunnel though who knows, people like to have coverage." He churckles and nods, "Well glad he is appeased." He smirks a bit at the question and shakes his head, "I was a body to maybe win 50K for a friend who couldnt be there, ex cop, but he can wait until tomorrow. Once he finds out how it ended I am sure he will understand. And I am glad I was there too," he smiles. "I would be happy to help no matter the situation but if someone would kill a wife of someone of a certain lifetyle..." he shrugs and nods, "You can see why I might worry for you.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola rests in her seat, the train accelerating at a rate the passengers don't feel too terrible of an inertial tug. But it is soon whizzing along at amazing speeds as it carries them towards New York City, hundreds of miles but only 10 minutes distant.

Her phone goes back in her purse which she closes. "My car is parked at the station," she tells him as they traverse the distance between the cities. "I've got a little place out by Columbia. My college apartment, though I graduated the end of last year," she tells him. "I still haven't moved yet, figured out what part of the city I'd like to live in," she tells him.

Viola hesitates. "Are you going to head back to Gotham? Or, if you wouldn't mind... I feel more comfortable having you near," she says, looking down and a little color touching the young woman's cheeks. "But I feel like I'm imposing already."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian says, "I will eventually head to Gotham, since this dark troubles me. I dont know why I take it personally. But I dont need to tonight. You arent imposing though I am a bit blitzed after four drinks. I have ....something stalking me, and I dont see it but would feel better if we get you home and there is no sign of it, you know, doing anything. And what is your major out of curiosity?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
The train starts to slow, telltale signs it is pulling into New York as it takes dozens of miles to slow gradually as it approaches. "My degree is in sociology," Viola tells him. "I've been a bit torn on which direction to go. I have been considering social work for quite awhile with it," she says to Jovian.

Viola looks down at lap for a moment. "It also isn't exactly the best paying of jobs. Meanwhile, I worked part time for an event organizer while I was in school. She's very well known in the city, does a lot of high society events. And she offered me a full partnership with her when I graduated," Viola says. She sighs. "It would give me quite a lot nicer living. But, I can't say I'd be helping the world as much, giving some CEO's daughter a dream wedding."

Viola fidgets uncomfortably, likely signaling which she chose. "I told her, well I'm working with her. But part time while I still make up my mind. That said, an exclusive club was talking to me about running events for them. It's an opportunity I really don't think I could pass up, even if I'd said no to Gloria."

The train pulls in and Viola rises, Jovian's jacket about her shoulders. She'll rest a hand on the crook of his arm if he lets her as they walk out. "My car's just over here. Parking lot is a little icy, but it's not a long walk."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian says, "I had a friend, an analyst who once said the Culture war is the only one that matters...I thought it nuts and then you look at the news," he shrugs, "Sociology is a valuable skill." He relaxes a bit as the tunnel is brightly lit and listens, "Organizing is also valuable work. Its better than paying for the whole thing by stripping which isnt bad but it messes people up...most people. Clubs are good. And saying no is also good. Say no if you want, you only live life once." He has his hand on his gun as they leave, but he has a permit so doesnt care at the occasional stares and nods, walking with her"

Viola Fiore has posed:
After what they went through, and the knowledge that the danger might not be over, Viola stays close by Jovian's side as they walk out to Viola's car. It's a small Mercedes roaster convertible, dark charcoal grey. She unlocks the car and climbs inside, watching Jovian when he enters.

"Sorry, I know it's a bit of a smaller car. Not easy for someone like you to get down into," she says. She starts up the car and gets the heater going. Soon the car is pulling out. Thankfully the hour is quite late, so traffic is light, only a couple of other cars on the streets.

"So how long since you were in the Secret Service? And did you ever guard anyone I'd have heard of?" she asks, pretty brown eyes peeking over to him while drives. "Or, you guys handled things like counterfeit money and such too. Were you in an area like that?"

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian smiles, "I am actually relieved to see a smaller car. It means you are earning your own money, which is a good thing" his eyes twinkle, "I guarded several senators, most of the ones you've heard of. I also guarded the secretary of the treasury, defense and sometimes on extended Presidential detail during major crises but only on the outer permiter. I did work with counterfitting a bit, but my speciality was security details. Every early agent does counterfitting and treasury stuff to vet if they arent loony tunes for VIP's.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola keeps stealing glances over to Jovian, more impressed as she hears about his past. "Was Senator Kelly one of them? Because I mean, you know if someone threw a tomato at him you didn't need to protect him from that," she says with a grin of mischief. "Never liked that guy. Don't know how he keeps getting re-elected, let alone got a nomination to run for President."

She reaches over for a moment. "Just kidding of course. I mean, I know you guys are about as professional as they come. I'm sure you'd not let any feelings about anyone you're protecting get in the way," she tells him.

She pulls off the expressway and into the city. "I'm just up here," she says as they are nearing the campus of Columbia University. Its's a nice area, and she pulls into a parking garage beneath it, which means while it's cold, it's not icy. There's an elevator over on one side of the parking garage. "How about if I make us both a cup of coffee? Or... well I only managed one drink. I frankly could go through a bottle of... I was going to say wine, but just about anything after tonight."