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Jovian Anderson (Scenesys ID: 1433)
Name: Jovian Anderson
Superalias: Bolo
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Altered)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Superhero
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Mobile
Education: BA criminology from NSU
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Street Level Hellfire Club
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 24 Jan 1995 Played By Charlie Hunnam
Height: 5'8 Weight: 200
Hair Color: Violet Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @ICanHasRealCostumeNow?
Theme Song: "Desperado" by the Eagles

Character Info


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BOLO is a federal marshal with only two years of service who is kidnapped and subjected to a criminal drug trial while protecting a witness. As a result, he gained the ability to control and become a living shadow; but he wanted nothing to do with the power. However, his mentor in the program still recommended he leave lest awkward questions be asked. Deciding to try his hand in the super hero game, he attempts to project himself as a skilled normal with bolos as a gimic (also taken from actual LEO terminology BOLO) using his previous LEO contacts to track down fugitives that corrupt law enforcement might have let get away.


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*1995 Born in Casper, WY

*2007 Super successful scout and heavily involved outdoors, learns a number of skills including tracking, use of the bolo, archery and firearms.

*2011 Joins ROTC in High School and takes a number of fitness and military programs.

*2013 Convinced by his uncle directly into law enforcement so spends a year in community college trying to transfer to a better school, gets straight A's

*2014 Transfers to NYU and enters Criminology Department

*2015 Hired as an intern with US Federal Marshals

*2016 Graduates top of his class in Criminology, put in leadership program

*2017 Hired as US Federal Marshal

*2018 Tasked with elite task force branched off from others due to concern with a mole, not formally hired

*2019 Kidnapped and subjected to illegal drug program, leaves Marshal program and goes off on his own.

**2020 Becomes a bounty hunter to pay the bills but a masked vigilante to get around blockades put up in his attempt to find out who developed the drug that gave him his powers and killed the witness he was trying to protect. Expanded his powers after about a year of field work, involved in several high level high profile heroic events considers becoming more public as a meta until he meets his Doppelganger and sees the darker side of his powers moving him back into the greyer shade of morality.

*2021: Jovian's Dopple triggered a global treasure hunt that ended up with Jovian inheriting a large fortune. The dopple was killed but left an imprint in Jovian's mind in the form of memories by the curious connection they shared via their mutual power.

IC Journal

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Jovian does well in crowds. He draws energy from a team, but he doesn't NEED them but does better in general when he has a chance to do well. He is not dependant on others but seeks out their company when possible.

Secretly, he is a romantic at heart (in the classical standpoint) and enjoys helping the under dog, lost causes, impossible odds, chivalry and many other things from time gone by. On the other hand, he doesn't believe that most of these things exist in the real world.

Anti Hero:
Jovian has become very skeptical of the government after what happened to S.H.I.E.L.D. but he has formally made many decisions to stay on the side of the angels. Ultimately, Jovian is very Pragmatic Good and while he doesnt full out believe the ends justify the means, he is a lot more flexible on the means than a lot of heroes otherwise should be.

Character Sheet


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He has any nominal control of is to conceal himself in shadow where there is none. He has become adept at this.

Living Shadow:
If he is under extreme duress, he can become a shadow for up to fifteen seconds.

Shadow Constructs:
He can create shadow constructs of bolos, a uniform or small simple objects like locks or restraints that can hold up to five tons of strength for 30 minutes.


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He was always exceptional with a bolo, and has spent the last year honing it to professional levels. He knows how to use the weapon. If he were to eventually start using trick bolos, he would take to them naturally.

Boy Scout:
He knows the outdoors, rope work, actual underwater basket weaving, rifles, archery, survival, tracking and several elements of how to make do with things in odd circumstances.

Federal Marshal:
He knows how to track people, and was trained by some of the best. He is also highly observant of his surroundings and has learned how to observe human nature and think like his quary, working suspects and detecting lies.

Hand To Hand:
He had some training in ROTC, the scouts and as a marshal. He has frankly picked up a lot more working as a bounty hunter and super hero, and can hold his own against above average opponents but he hasnt yet had formal martial arts training.

Secret Service:
Jovian has the memories of a dead insane version of himself from another dimension inside of his head. This dopple had many similar skills but a greater mastery of his power as well as body guard, VIP handling, statecraft and protocol that comes with being a senior secret service member including some understanding of 'who is who' though these memories are of another world so not always accurate.


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Bounty hunting can be quite lucrative and he has a few exclusive contracts on the side with elements of the Marshals that want things done discretely. Word has gotten around and he has a relatively clean reputation despite his cynicism.

Bolo has a lot of contacts in Federal Law Enforcement, New York Law enforcement, and super hero community. Since becoming a vigilante, he has developed a some in the street or low level criminal community as well.

He has a cache of high grade firearms. He also, thanks to working with Porter, has a suit which can moderately protect him from firearms and lightly protect him from kinetic damage. The helmet on the suit has very low grade night vision, radio and very light audio sensors as well.

Inherited Wealth:
Due to shenanigans involving a world wide treasure hunt and taking down an organized occult crime cartel, Jovian has 'won' a hundred year old fortune maintained in waiting by the Nazca Brotherhood. The fortune is worth a little over a billion dollars, but due to the way it was held, it will take time to 'unlock' in paperwork etc, and frankly the brotherhood is watching Jovian to see what he does further. As it is, he has a cash income of about 12 million dollars a month. The perks of this wealth are a large number of properties, board memberships, club memberships and associations that he has 'inherited' from the previous owner. He also has a large amount of untraceable crypto currency he obtained on his own.

Nazca Brotherhood:
A group of occult practioners with small chapter houses all over the world who are quite secretive and quite adept at manipulating events. They are nominally allies but will have two requests for every request that Jovian makes of them and both are feeling each other out at the moment.


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Cosmic Wound:
Bad mojo to cosmically aware beings or very magically sensitive people there is something BAD about his magical 'smell' not magic potential but a blight on creation itself. This is not actual evil.

Focused light attacks, especially lasers tend to do more damage to him than most. Note, "Flash" attacks such as flashbangs and other things that overwhelm the senses have no greater effect on him than most.

Secret Identity:
He has a lot of family in fairly important law enforcement or military positions that might have blow back if his vigilante activities become public.

Memory Blackouts:
If he uses his power too much (except concealment) or accesses the memories of his dopple too much he loses track of time and ends up in places he doesnt remember going.

Organized crime and treasure conspiracy hunters think that he is the heir to the fortune he has (and they are right). He is seen as more fair game for being targeted since he won the 'metaphorical' lottery rather than earning the money himself.



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Jovian Anderson has 65 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Weekly Weirdness: Black and White July 23rd, 2021 If the first night The Laughing Magician is opened for business is any indication, Hell's Kitchen is about to get a whole lot hotter.
Mayan Horrorscope Finale July 17th, 2021 Bane and his men take out much of the opposition, but nearly get the Mirror of Stars only to be told by the Gods to stop...and given a token of their approval that will lead to chaos going forward. The heroes otherwise retrieve the other lost talismans, many of which are returned to the Nazca. Jovian pushes his power to the limit and is kidnapped by the Cult of Benevolence.
Mayan Horrorscope July 11th, 2021 Batman, Zatanna and Phoebe attempt to gather intel on Bane's militia in the Cauldron, but an attempted assault by a local gang to get their territory thwarts the element of surprise. Jovian is an unknown factor. The gang members are stopped and the Batfamily regroups for another try later.
Guns of the Bronx July 11th, 2021 Having come to a warehouse run by agents of the European Tannhauser arms collective, the Red Sentinel and Bolo have very different purposes - but after a short and spectactular clash with said agents, both came away with what they were looking for. And all it took was a lot of punching and some very painful full-body sunburns.
On Black Holes and Black Coffee July 8th, 2021 Cole, Ayanna and Jovian talk at a Coffee house. Ayanna resolves to have a normal life despite living near Gotham and Metropilis and having a Black hole inside her. Maybe.
Counting the Loot July 3rd, 2021 Bane learns of the power of the items of the Nazca Brotherhood and forms a plan.
Training June 27th, 2021 Jovian begins training with Quiet, it goes well.
Stand up and Fight June 26th, 2021 Several dead, one infected with an unknown bio-weapon and one fiery explosion. The good guys don't always win but the ones left standing will still fight another day.
Lay Down and Die June 26th, 2021 They thought they could just go back and regroup after gathering some samples, little did they know that the time to stand up and fight was upon them.
Breaching The Fortress June 20th, 2021 The Order of St. Dumbass is foiled finally and Tyler is regained (sorta), but sorcerors are slippery. Kids are saved. The jury is still out on Wizards vs Sorcerors.
Planning Operation: Deus Vult June 14th, 2021 Well...there was sort of a plan made?
Du Manse Du Baton June 11th, 2021 Jovian and Rien learn that the Benevolent Cult is using Cthulutech to cause psychic projections and other weird Migo and Yithian tech to do ...not good things and somehow Jovian factors into their plans. Rien keeps a scientist from phasing out and they go to question him at her clans Ville.
Just a Walk in the Park. June 4th, 2021 An afternoon ride, someone new and a trip to Romania all in one afternoon.
The Rats in the Walls June 4th, 2021 Rien helps Jovian investigate the Esray estate and avoid a ton of rats and learn more about his enemies.
Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K May 19th, 2021 Tandy confirms there is a problem with hhis power and may offer a short term solution to it. The Nazca Brotherhood comes calling.
Casual Coffee May 14th, 2021 Jovian and Atrid discuss baseball at a coffee shop.
80 Year Old Membership Card May 13th, 2021 Jovian gets his membership to the Hellfire Club reactivated.
Warehouses, NYC Harbor May 12th, 2021 Jovian and Lara investigate the people who made the app for the thugs that attacked the clinic. It is blown up to prevent them from investigating anything.
Merging Shadows May 11th, 2021 Robert and Jovian finish off six weirdos who attack the clinic while Jovian is finding out about his blackouts. He might be the cause.
The Town that Wasn't There May 11th, 2021 Jovian and Misfit check out a town that does not behave normally. It vanishes.
Decommisioning Madness May 9th, 2021 Items retrieved and moved to the Avengers and Titans
Doomed Shadows May 2nd, 2021 The Latverian Embassy is assaulted by the Foot Clan, with Atlin and Jovian in attendance. Many a Ninja are harmed in the making of this scene. Jovian earns Doom's appreciation. Shredder manages to steal an artifact.
Hellfire Club Spring Festival April 24th, 2021 The Hellfire Club has a cherry blossom festival to benefit charities. Expensive items are auctioned off to help an NYC foodbank.
We Fly Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease April 19th, 2021 I have an idea....what if he WANTS to be a vigilante but never quite actually....DOES it and just...stalks people?
Blob of Convenience April 13th, 2021 Roland and Jovian stop a mental patient from blobbing a crowd of people.
Red and Black April 8th, 2021 Isabella steals blueprints to take down the Nazca Cartel.
Fortune and Glory: The End March 28th, 2021 The Nazca cartel is destroyed. Cinque takes a lot of their money. Bane takes the rest. Jovian takes enough evidence to put them out of business around the world and gives credit to the Peruvian police and SHIELD.
A Tale Of Treasure March 22nd, 2021 Jovian shares tales of the treasure hunt he's on with Viola over fish tacos
Law Enforcement Convention March 16th, 2021 The National Law Enforcement Convention kicks off in Gotham City, with Commissioner Gordon doing the introduction, and Bruce Wayne speaking as corporate sponsor of the event.
Fortune and Glory: Pandemonium March 14th, 2021 The treasure hunters start hunting the treasure hunt makers.
EXTREME HOTEL MAKEOVER March 14th, 2021 Watch the worker bees raise a building in one week!
Thousand Faces: Awooooo! March 10th, 2021 Man vs. dog. Dog of death, as it turns out...
Fortune and Glory: Dont Shoot the Messenger March 7th, 2021 Several candidates for Lott's legacy are chosen. Three in particular; Bane, Cinque and Jovian investigate clues to what is going on and why they were chosen. News of the hunt leaks around the world and the focus on who is seeking it and what it is increases as does scruitiny of the Nazca cartel, drawing the attention of Lara Croft as Jovian asks her help which in turn draws the scruitiny of W.A.N.D.
Fortune and Glory: Peeking Behind the Curtain March 7th, 2021 Sara and Jovian investigate the Nazca cartel and Sara is hired as a hitman.
A Thorn In The Side March 6th, 2021 Felix Faust might very well have added another ally to his ranks, but again he finds himself driven away by the Justice League and their allies. More and more eyes are turning towards him and he is accumulating enemies as quickly as allies. Soon he may have nowhere left to run. Or will he manage to bring his hidden goals to fruition and at last gain his revenge on those that have humiliated him so often before...
Almost Home February 28th, 2021 No description
The Hauntening February 27th, 2021 Jovian learns about Lydia's curious ability. He gets drunk and goes home.
The Great Trains Robbery February 21st, 2021 All bad guys captured. All loot saved. No one injured.
Clean Up February 19th, 2021 Claire helps Bolo get to the Pharmacy after his duplicate beats the crap out of him
At a Park February 14th, 2021 Jovian saves Alison's wallet. She gives him backstage tickets.
Happy Birthay February 14th, 2021 Jovian takes Viola out for her birthday.
Of Tea and Evil Twins February 13th, 2021 Jovian escapes the cold and discusses his doppleganger with someone slinging tea at the Booke Candle and Belle. Nettie considers getting involved more with the outside world.
Double Tap February 11th, 2021 Typewriter got away with about $10 million in cash. A few tarantuls were scuffed up. The zoo gets another Hippo. Bolo's dopple is toast.
Hellfire Cub Mardi Gras Party! February 6th, 2021 The Hellfire Club threw a successful Mardi Gras Party! Nobody died!
Conversation in a Sedan February 5th, 2021 Jovian makes sure Viola gets home
An Evening with Bellatrix February 1st, 2021 Jovian goes to the Hellfire Club in search of information, and winds up spending some time with the recluse member Bellatrix.
Don Falcone's Birthday Bash January 29th, 2021 Carmine's birthday is crashed by a strange interloper who kills his wife Louisa with a mysterious toxin via hypersonic syringe ending the night of celebration early.
The Order of Anarcy January 28th, 2021 Irina protects a child from Jovian's evil doppleganger despite a physical and mental assault.
Another You: GAMMA WOMMAN FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION January 14th, 2021 Doppleganger Jennifer Walters goes on a rampage in Times Square, doing major property damage and scaring the heck out of tourists. A rag tag bunch of heroes show up to stop her before she manages to kill someone.
No Doppel Left Behind January 4th, 2021 Ant-Man and Power-Girl team up to save the day with a mysterious caped crusader and fledgling hero. Everyone gets beaten up by midgets.
Bustin Out - Above Ground December 24th, 2020 Members of SHIELD respond to the Serpent Society trying to break Sidewinder out of The Raft. The serpents are defeated and the backup generators turned on.
Yippie-Ki-Yay Holiday: The Train December 5th, 2020 Simon begins his deadly game with some of New York's finest heroes. The Shadow solves a riddle, Rave rescues civilians, and X23 sort of teams up with Bolo to catch a train and disarm a bomb.
Telepathic Ninjas Cheat August 1st, 2020 Arthur saves the day and Psylocke tries to kill everyone and Bolo shoots a guy in the knee meanly.
Light and Shadow July 31st, 2020 Rave and Bolo meet and learn a bit about each other. 4 bad guys are foiled. Bolo cleans up the mess. Rave goes for pizza.
Cat's in the Streets July 24th, 2020 Greer meets Bolo and a random stalker that they chase away into a dark alley and disappears.
Food-Trucking July 12th, 2020 Four heroes visit a bunch of food trucks and find out one of them has a BIG rat problem...
Costume Upgrade July 12th, 2020 Bolo met with Porter to upgrade his suit and gear. He got a job in trade to protect a VIP and makes some suggestions for gear he might like long term. Porter agreed to make inquiries.
Uncle Spindley Goes to the Fair July 4th, 2020 A sunny Saturday afternoon in July at Coney Island takes a bit of a crazy turn when an extradimensional interloper decides human terror makes a great snack. Fortunately, Bolo and Daytripper are there to shut down the buffet.
Devil's in the Details June 22nd, 2020 An intellectual discussion peppered with riddles and teases.
Follow Up June 15th, 2020 Lara and Bolo meet to discuss Ebenezer.
Sorcery at the Public Library June 14th, 2020 Jovian temporarily is turned into a chicken. The heroes defeat Student 42. Sera and Jovian share a bounty.
Gratitous Backup June 9th, 2020 Lara finds a treasure. Jovian makes a contact. Ebenezer goes to jail.
Special Guest Star June 7th, 2020 Bolo tries to take down a target, and runs into more than he bargained for.
Speeder Bike Chase June 7th, 2020 The heroes swapped contact info. Monte goes to jail. No one hurt.
Party in the Warehouse June 5th, 2020 Party in the warehouse!


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Jovian Anderson has 65 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Coming Attractions May 20th, 2021 Jovian learns about his blackouts in a dark foreshadowing
Fortune and Glory: Epilog April 19th, 2021 The Nazca Brotherhood chooses a winner
The Prohibitionist and the Tentacled Horror February 5th, 2021 Dark Jovian and the Prohibitionist fight. It does not go well for the former hero.

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