5140/Carmine and Jigsaw; Down to Business

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Carmine and Jigsaw; Down to Business
Date of Scene: 12 February 2021
Location: Stately Falcone Manor
Synopsis: Carmine hires Jigsaw to hunt down the man who's been terrorizing his family for months.
Cast of Characters: Carmine Falcone, Jigsaw

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     In the depths of Falcone manor beneath the facade of luxury in the depths beyond the prying eyes of family friends and visitors there lays a room with only one entrance. One from the pool room with a large statue of the crying virgin mary.

     It's a simple room but one that's sunk underground in a basement area with thick walls and not a single piece of electronics in sight.

     It's fashioned a personal study, with books lining the walls and a lone mahogany writing desk in the center. There's no getting any kind of signal down here with the way the walls have been designed, a little safe room away from prying eyes.

     Carmine sets behind the desk as Jigsaw is quickly scanned by the two italian guards. They offer to take any electronics to safe keeping before waving him through the door and into the study where Carmine waits.

     Cigar smoke hangs heavy in this room, a bottle of wine at the edge of his desk. Carmine watches the smoke rise to the ceiling before taking a long firm drag. A pair of wine glasses wait at the desk as he rubs his fingers together around a simple gold coin.

Jigsaw has posed:
Jigsaw gives up his weapons to the guards because he knows he has to, even though it's almost against his religion to go in unarmed anyplace. He wears Armani, grey pinstripe on black, a splash of red at his tie. Everything about him is immaculate. Except his face, of course. His face is a ruin, healed but destroyed, stitchlines and jagged edges everywhere, one eye bulging more than the other, the colors no longer matching, whites bloodshot from the permanent strain of the damage done.

"Don Falcone. Pleasure to meet you in the flesh," he says, offering a gloved hand. "May I offer my condolences for your recent loss. Even in our, uh, business, so to speak, some things is still considered sacred. Shame some people don't seem to remember that no more, huh?" he says.

Not that Jigsaw himself had any limits or hesitation. But he knew the old guys liked the respect game and he didn't mind playing it. When it suited him.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine comes to a stand from behind his chair and walks over towards Jigsaw. The way he holds himself is that of a military man more than a mob boss. He nods his head up and the two men by the door close it tightly moving outside to keep an eye on things.

     Carmine is dressed in an immaculate white jacket, at first it looks fairly plain but when one gets close as Jigsaw they could see thousands of roses, each one completely unique from the next no two exactly the same. It's entirely hand stitched white on white something almost no one would ever even notice looking at it. The jacket alone is something that costs more than most of the homes in Gotham or New York. Everything he's wearing matches the price tag down to his black tie, and mirror polished black shoes. A crimson rose rests on his lapel.

     Carnine takes the hand and gives a firm shake looking towards the man before him for a brief moment. "Would that we had met in far less trying times, I would have been able to provide a different environment for our business, however in less trying times I would not have need to avail myself of your services." He speaks in a thick mixture of Italian and Gotham accents as he moves back behind his desk and motions for Scarface to have a seat. "I am well aware the current generations do not share my respect for the adherence of tradition, something which I am reminded of each time I am required to nail one of those poor sons of bitches to a cross." He takes a long drag from his cigar blowing out the smoke like a dragon from his mouth.

     There's a definitive cruelty in the voice of Carmine that Jigsaw would be familiar with, that look in his eyes one of a killer himself. "The unfortunate murder of my Luisa is an uncomfortable if unsurprising reminder that the more times may change the more they remain the same." He pours a drink for himself and Jigsaw, not asking if he'd want a drink. "If they wish to play at this game, I would like for them to realize that I have been at it far, far longer."

Jigsaw has posed:
Jigsaw smirks, "I tend to flourish in trying times. Some fish do best in shark-infested waters. You being a great white. I'm more like a barracuda myself - bit of a bottom feeder, nasty as they come and damn hard to catch," he says. His smile is permanently crooked, one corner of his mouth almost like a flap.

"Of course, Don Falcone. However, I'm pleased at perhaps getting the opportunity to be your hand of justice in this matter. You shouldn't have to get your own hands dirty, especially after you've spent so much time making them clean and presentable in recent years. The less dirt that clings to your cuffs, the better. Me? I'm already filthy. And I ain't worked for nobody but myself in years. So if I start ripping and tearin' around, well...I'm just a mad dog, ain't I?" he says with a wink.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I see that you are as smart as you are effective." Carmine lifts his glass of wine. He pulls the cigar out of the corner of his mouth, "Salute" and downs a little bit of the wine glasses contents.

     "You will have to forgive me, I tend not to do business without something to drink. I find that alcohol tends to make for more honest criminals all around." He offers a light smile of pearl white teeth.

     "You are a mad dog I would like to have on my side," He takes another long drag from his cigar "if of course that is you can maintain the illusion of independence in the face of investigation," He places his wine glass back down to the table "Five thousand per week in untraceable gold coins." He takes a moment to gauge Jigsaws reaction.

Jigsaw has posed:
Jigsaw shrugs, "The illusion is easy to maintain, so long as you keep your grip on my leash loose. I might make a few robberies or pull a few heists in my free time, with my own crew. I won't use your resources for it or involve your organization, except perhaps to fence the goods once the heat dies down." And if he makes a little noise, he might bring Frankie boy to Gotham to play, although he's not about to suggest to Falcone that he's trying to lure the Punisher to come to town.

Jigsaw's ruined face is, of course, difficult to read. Some of his nerves don't even work, making every expression a motley chiaroscuro of skin and meat. But his one eye bulges a bit and he nods. "Fair money for fair work. Where would you like me to start?"

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I have reason to believe that my youngest, Luigi, may have something to do with this." Carmine takes a long drag from his cigar. "He has been working to kill me for some time with an individual he refers to as 'The German', and while I would like to think that he is above sinking to the level of killing his own mother, I am not a naive enough man to live in such fantasies."

     He grinds out the end of his cigar onto the ashtray. Smoke rises for a long moment. "I would like for you to put the fear of god into that boy, and ensure that he realizes the consequences of his actions, and in the process to rule him out as a suspect."

     "Already have I had someone make an attempt on the life of Mario, my next in line, and my paralized daughter Sophia." He leans forward with an even more intense look in his eyes. "If he is responsible, make him regret my ever bringing him into this world, a message must be sent that attacks on those uninvolved with The Business are not to be tolerated so long as I draw breath."

     He takes a sip of wine. "If they wish to kill me they should do it directly and not through innocents as proxy."

Jigsaw has posed:
Jigsaw takes out a cigarette case, with permission, and lights a cigarette for himself, a Turkish blend of which he's particularly fond. Gotta have a few pleasures left when so much of your life is reduced to pain.

"I would hate to think anyone of your bloodline would sink so low. But lust for power, jealousy, ambition - these are powerful motivators. I would hope any son of yours would have enough sense to fear you. But if he doesn't, I'm more than happy to remind him. This German, as you say, might be the key - since I'd rather not bleed your flesh and blood, I can always turn his friends into chum and see what comes sniffin' for the blood."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I give you only a simple set of rules, so long as you follow them I will allow you free reign to do what must be done" Carmine allows him to smoke to his heart's content a wave of the hand to show that he is fine with it as he slides over a fresh ashtray with the Falcone family crest embossed into the glass. "Do not kill children, or police. And don't turn on me." And thus ends the list, a very short set of rules. "Outside of these guidelines, you may do whatever it is that is required and the money will continue to flow."

     He rolls the contents of the glass round and round inside of it looking across the table. He doesn't see the ruined mass of a face, no he looks and sees an asset, same as any of the mutants he hires on a regular basis. "Good, good." He pauses for a brief moment. "I will get you a list of his acquaintances from school, and what little information I have on this German."

Jigsaw has posed:
Jigsaw takes a long drag and then nods, "Easy rules to follow. The first two, like you said, tend to be too messy to bother with. The last seems pretty suicidal, although, of course, the guy I'll be huntin' has already been doing that for himself, hasn't he? Even if he isn't in your organization, Gotham's your city and every made man on the East Coast knows it."

"Information is good. I'll keep you updated when I've dug something up - or if I have to bury anything."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine reaches down to a drawer on his desk and pulls out several gold coins. He sets them onto the desk and slides them over to Jigsaw with ease. "Here is the advance on your first week, you will not disappoint me, as the last man I sent to investigate had." He pulls out a fresh cigar and cuts the end with a small guillotine at his desk. He lights it up and starts to smoke it fresh.

     "And when this business is behind us I will of course provide a generous finders fee atop your weekly retainers fee." Carmine offers with a light smile clearly the money meaning very little to the man as he leans back in his chair looking across the table.

Jigsaw has posed:
Jigsaw smiles, "Bonuses are the mark of a true businessman," he says, finishing his cigarette and putting it out in the ashtray. HE pushes up to his feet, "I ain't never disappointed anybody yet. Except the enemies who wanted me dead and the victims that wanted to live."

The coins vanish into his pocket and he inclines his head once more in respect, "I'll be in touch, Don Falcone. Pleasure to do business with you."