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Coffee and Show Biz
Date of Scene: 12 February 2021
Location: Rise N Grind
Synopsis: Dazzler, Zatanna, Lester Colt and Hank Pym all meet for a quick coffee.
Cast of Characters: Lester Colt, Zatanna Zatara, Alison Blaire, Hank Pym

Lester Colt has posed:
     The smell of coffee fills the air in all directions echoing out through the nostrils. Thrumbing 80's bass rattles through the building just loud enough to be recognizable. It's a miasma of sights and sounds. It rattles the bones with the deep thumbing.

     A small booth has been set up in the corner of the room where a writer sets with his book signing autographs to the one or two people who might know his name, his hand waving people over every so often. He'd been there all day with that smile and cheep toupe.

     Lester Colt waits in line as he had been for about a half hour, the end of the rush really just now coming to pass. He's already got a cup of water in his hands as his mirrored shades pass over the man at his desk waiting for the next person to come on by.

     "Hate to be him." He takes a sip of his water.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Noise. It's the curse of the morning that such noise has to beat on the ears and surge through the mind. That noise might be 80s music, and the actual shape and colour of those outfits adorning everyone here almost convinces Zatanna to turn right back around and head outside. No good time for 1986, guys, that's a fact.

"It's too early for this," she murmurs. Saying it might make it so. But rules and limits stop her from casually fixing all that, so inward she goes. Even if those fuzzy, weird crimped hairstyles and teased bangs really convince her she might do them a favour.

Even dressed down a little, the black and white corset and the long swing coat are cut in a way that make her recognizable, almost instantly. No need for the top hat, it's pretty clear who she is. Hands in pockets, she glides up to the counter and breathes out a low, slow note. "Medium cup of black coffee and your absolutely favourite pastry. As long as it's not slathered in peanut butter, I'll take one." The lights flick to on, as it were, a sunshine smile turning up the wattage and engaging with the 'on' personality.

While the barista flails about in her jazzercise spandex leotard -- seriously, why -- she asks the other person leaning in, "What's his deal over there? Local author?"

Lester Colt has posed:
Lester leans back over. "Retired cape." He comments nodding his head over towards the table a slight bit from behind those thick lensed mirrored goggles of his. He places one gloved hand down into the pocket of his cargo pants, the other bringing up his water to finish off. "Was supposed to be invincible but broke his back fighting during the invasion."

     The man behind the desk perks up slightly as someone walks by with a smile on his face setting up slightly in his chair before slouching right back down as they pass on by.

     "Gonna buy a copy of his book on my way out." He speaks calmly and coldly as he leans back scrunching the paper cup up into a little ball and throwing it across the room into a wastebin.

Alison Blaire has posed:
It IS too early for this noise. Fortunately, for her at least, Alison has the power to cancel out sounds she dislikes, stopping them from pounding her brain. Apparently the birthday party went too long last night, and she's paying for it a bit today. She wears dark sunglasses, and a rather incognito outfit. Not that she doesn't love her fans -- she does! -- but...she occasionally wants time just to herself. She walks through the door to the coffee shop, and beelines it for the counter. The man at the booth is given a glance, and a mental note is taken about him, before she makes her order and then looks for a place to settle.

She recognizes the 'on' personality, and then the person of Zatanna almost instantly, and decides that she's used her glasses long enough, pulling them off as she scoots quickly over to Zatanna, "Zatanna Zatara?" she asks, grinning. "I'm a big fan of your work," she adds, before she looks over at Lester, and for a moment she seems to be trying to place him. "I...know your name too but I am blanking on it. Sorry. It was a longer night than expected, and I'm still working off some jet lag."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym enters speaking on his handless headset. He shouts over the music. "And I will speak to Ms. Wright about this. The idea of making my ants help you. They've been through a lot these last few days. I want them to rest. Good day sir!" He shuts the set and enters and a dog sized ant follows him wearing a yellow and blue vest. The creature peers about curiously and then follows nodding its head in time to the music. "Stay close Buadelaire and I'll get you a cherry danish. A server comes over raising some objections. Pym's reply can be heard over the music, "He's wearing his vest! He's a service animal. Bite? Not at all. Ant-Man lets his six year-old play with him. What I don't care what you heard about Ant-Man! Who said that anyway?! Oh... I was quoted out of context. Come Bo. We're taking a seat and we're going to call Aunt Jennifer is anyone bothers us. Two cherry danish and a large black coffee please, six sugars."

Pym waits for his order and seeks a seat, with his ant still headbanging to the rhythm.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
The drink won't take long to make. The Jazzercise barista bounds on by with a lid slapped on the cup so it won't spill on the floor. Rookie mistake there! A small plate with a generous swirled doughnut studded with some fresh fruit and coconut ends up put in front of her on a little plastic tray shaped like a triangle. "Here you go! Like, soooo coo-- wait, oh my gawd! I know you!"

You is a collective you of at least two women. Alison and Zatanna get an excitable look and oh, hello, cellphone selfie! At least the coworker tries to be stealthy about it.

Zee knows her angles, sort of casually turning as she nods to Lester. "I see. Good on him for getting out there and hope it's a good read." An extended gesture allows her to pick up her tray in one hand, and the other pops a card up to swipe across the touchless pay-point machine. Beep! Boring. "If it's not me, I have more problems than just deciding on breakfast. The feeling is mutual, I promise. I have you in my playlists." The wink and nod to the other musician's profession is marginally subtle, but she certainly doesn't push too hard on that. "I have it on their authority this," a nod to her pastry, "is the thing to have."

Baudelaire the mighty ant gets a sidelong check through her dark hair. "Would he be an emotional support ant?"

Lester Colt has posed:
     Colt looks back at the sound of a nearby voice. "Lester Colt." He offers with a nod of his head in her direction. A few people turn their attention his way, this being an 80's themed nostalgia place it's exactly the kind of place that recognizes that name. The barista almost drops their coffee cup, a look over his direction as she cracks a bit of a smile.

     There's a light murmer in parts of the crowd as several folks start mentioning a GI Colt action figure. Lester lets out a low sigh under his breath muttering to himself. "Knew I should have gone to Sunbucks." Giving a light wave to several folks and a flash of a well practiced smile.

     It seems that the three of them have managed to wander into a den of recognition where everyone is recognizing at least one of them for something or another. He already is giving light salutes to several folks changing his general stance to something more professional as he swipes his wallet against the machine.

     "At least I'm not alone in that." He chuckles to himself through his smile as he strikes a pose for a quick photograph from one of the patrons getting his usual pitch black coffe with a double shot of espresso dumped in.

Alison Blaire has posed:
Alison gives just a little sidelong hug to Zatanna as she says she is on her playlist, "Oh thank you! I love to hear that, I am glad you enjoy my music," she replies, and then recognition dawns on who Colt is, "Oh! Lester Colt! Yes! I knew I knew you from somewhere, we were supposed to do a promotional thing soon, weren't we?" She asks, but, is then distracted by the large ant that has come wandering in with Hank. The woman -- for her part -- does not scream, but she does jump back a little bit.

"Giant ant!" she exclaims. She's not exactly SCARED of ants, but imagine a giant one walking in your direction. Her brain just isn't ready for that at this time of day. The creature looks and acts perfectly harmless though, and so, she rather quickly calms down, and says, "Sorry...sorry...just...not what you think you're gonna see when you get up in the morning and think about a quick trip down to the corner place for some coffee." She looks at the person who seems to be in charge of the ant, and asks, "Is it real?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym turns to look at Alison and says, "You are obviously not a New Yorker, judging by your reaction. Your senses are working properly. He is a giant ant. Specifically a carpenter ant. He goes by Baudelaire, or 'Bo'. I use him to help around my lab. He's quite friendly as long as you mean no harm. He loves music." The ant turns to regard Alison with unblinking eyes. then he goes back to headbanging. His anntenae flicking out in time to the music. Hank gets his order and seeks a place to sit, the ant following.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Images are easily caught and the murmurs will no doubt be on social media in minutes. Might as well go with the flow. Zatanna picks up her plate and lifts that coffee to her lips. Sitting down might be the thing to do but the assault on the senses from zebra and electric purple shades really calls for some respite. Caffeine is just the thing. She breaks into a smile for Alison showing such enthusiasm about ants and music.

"Bo? He's impressive. An ant of unusual size, definitely." Laughing at the ant's headbanging antics is meant as a pure expression of delight. "I'm used to seeing some unusual things, but once again New York delivers. Nice to meet you, Bo, and the rest of you too." Just singling someone out for having an awesome coat would be unkind. Still, she keeps a bit of a distance to allow anyone else to approach the counter, looking for a spot that's not wedged in a corner. With a giant ant, there might be a giant bird hungrily eyeballing the window.

Lester Colt has posed:
     "Oh yeah, that's right the big toy comercial right?" He offers with a bit of a smile as he turns away from having just posed for a smart phone picture. He looks back over to her for a moment. "You know I wasn't expecting to run into you till the day of the shoot, but I've got to say it's wonderful all the same."

     Lester walks his way over to the giant ant with a good deal of interest, he leans his way down towards Bo looking once he's finished his usual waving and smiling and standing for pictures. He leans close bobbing his head in time with the ant. "Fascinating." He says watching the little thing bob up and down. "I never imagined someone would be able to grow an insect so large and still have it survive." He places his hands down onto his knees squatting down low to look roughly eye level with the creature.

     "Dr.Pym I presume?" Lester offers in a respectful tone of voice looking up towards the ants owner with a bit of a nod of the head. "I've read a lot of your whitepapers, but admit I never quite expected to see anything quite like it in person." The buff soldier turning his attention back to Bo with a great deal of interest. "What I would have done for that kind of advancement back in the sixties."

Alison Blaire has posed:
"It is a pleasure to finally meet you as well Mr. Colt. Sorry, all the negotiations and everything that goes into that sort of thing, I let my people handle, but...they need me CC'ed on every email for some reason so I get to watch the sausage being made, as it were." Alison replies to Lester, and then frowns just a little bit at Hank's assessment of her. She replies, "I am sure Bo is perfectly friendly, as much as a dog. I just didn't expect to see one this morning is all..."

And then she is sliding into a booth. She's going to enjoy her coffee this morning. Coffee shops are USUALLY fairly safe as the clientele tends to be older, but one teen girl does ask for a selfie, and Alison is happy to oblige with a smile and a thank you to her for listening to her music. She then looks over to Zatanna and asks, "Are you in town for a show?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Bo begins swatting at Lester's face with his antennae. Much like being smacked by a large dog's tail. A hairless large dog's tail till Hank interposes his arm. "Personal space please. Sorry he does that to get to know people. It's a friendly gesture but he's a strong creature at this size. He's lifted a Humvee. I'm afraid I don't know any of you. Anyway we won't interrupt your coffee klutsch further.

"Sorry young lady, I meant no offense. It's actually refreshing. People usually think he's a marionette or an advertisement or that they got some bad weed. One woman was convinced he was a mutant pit bull. As this gentleman said I'm Dr. Henry Pym. Go say hello to the young lady, Bo."

Bo gives Lester a final thwap and turns to comply.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
"A bit of a project in the works. We'll see what becomes of it." Zatanna breaks into a light smile. "You're hopefully finding freedom to move around New York without too many people bothering you?" The coffee still in hand, she retreats to one of those comfy seats up against the wall. Staying put for a couple of minutes won't bite too deeply into her schedule. The pastry needs a proper angle of attack and strategy to eat around the sliced strawberries on it.

A nice sentiment but, unfortunately, one interrupted by the plaintive bleat of a phone. "Isn't it just my luck?" With a quick pluck of the little shiny device from her pocket, the magician reluctantly faces the screen. Without too much signalling intent, she scoops up her pastry in a napkin. The coffee and the plate won't be an issue. By the time she's turned they are back on a tray of dirty dishes, helpfully landing with a soft clatter. "Have a great day, Ms. Blair, Bo, gents. Toodles!"

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester blinks a few times the goggles managing to protect his eyes from the battering of the strange feelers. It's a sensation that while not entirely unpleasant is certainly completely surprising. He comes back up to a proper stand. Looking back over to Dazzler as he sips away at his pitch black extra caffeine coffee.

     He's taking stock of what's about to happen next as Bo goes about their Anty business. "Dr.Lester Colt." He introduces himself to Pym as the man walks away finding himself a seat. With the open seats it just so happens that he takes a seat near the other two setting down his piping hot coffee.

Alison Blaire has posed:
"It is a pleasure to meet you Dr. Pym..." She says trailing off, before something clicks in her head, "And, now, yup the ant thing makes so much more sense. You're the doctor with the shrinking powers, right?" Alison replies.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym turns to leave. Stops. Who is a Blaire he knows of? Who puts out CDs of music? Who has teenage fans? Of her music?!?! In truth Hank calls himself an idiot a thousand times more than the rest of the human and races. He turns to regard (omigod, I young lady'd Alison Blaire).

Here's the thing about Hank, when he messes up it's as abysmal as his flights of inspiration.

"My gosh... you're Alison Blaire. I've been trying to reach you actually. My daughter is literally your biggest fan. She was raised by very abusive people and your music, a single CD she'd hidden was her escape... till she did escape I mean. I want to thank you for that. If you ever need a mostly sane scientist please call me. And... I was wondering if you do performances for private functions?"

I young lady'd Alison Blaire... like she's a skinny tween with braces. I am an idiot. this is worse than when I was stuck at ten feet tall.

Alison Blaire has posed:
Another fan -- or at least parent of a fan -- gets a grin from Alison, "That's a very touching story. Of course I do private functions, and I would love to meet your daughter, and make sure she has more than just a single to listen to..." And then, just like Zatanna, her phone buzzes. She tugs it out, looks at the number, and then says, "Oh, Shoot! I completely forgot I was meeting with my producer in ten minutes...twenty minutes ago. I gotta run. Dr. Pym, I will reach out to you, I am sure I know someone who has your email." And she hops up, and starts for the door, calling to Lester, "Mr. Colt, I will see you at the photoshoot, if not again sooner!" and then, she's out.

Lester Colt has posed:
     Lester takes a deep sip of his coffee. "You can count on me to be on time." He pauses for a moment setting back in his chair. "Punctuality is one of the key features of being a respectable member of society."

     As he's trying to relax one of the patrons comes over and asks if he can sign a small picture that is in fairly poor condition. Colt takes his time to sign it anyway with a brief smile hiding the slight awkwardness he still feels at being any sort of public figure. There's an award winning smile sure but it's rehearsed as his action causes a second to come up with something to sign and then a third.

     He scratches the back of his neck as he sets in his chair for a brief moment as he gives a sidelong glance to the retired super behind his desk, visibly feeling a bit of shame at the whole thing as he signs a few more things for the older visiting crowd at this 80's themed coffee shop.

     The crowd thins as fast as it surged.