5164/Roberto and Paige hit up a Cafe

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Roberto and Paige hit up a Cafe
Date of Scene: 13 February 2021
Location: Cafe Lalo
Synopsis: Roberto takes Paige out on a first date, and to talk about the upcoming dance.
Cast of Characters: Paige Guthrie, Roberto da Costa

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Having taken Roberto up on his offer to go out for brunch, Paige had put on some 'nicer' clothes in the form of new, but cheap jeans, a cableknit sweater and a nicer pair of sneakers. She has on some lipgloss, a little bit of concealor, and her hair is pulled up into a styled ponytail. As she steps in through the cafe, her eyes widen and looks around.

"This place is really famous, Roberto. Wow. Ah' ain't been in a place this fancy before. Well .. ah' did go out with Mister Worthington and a few other teachers for an underwater resturant thing which was expensive, but that was more like a tourist attraction."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
As they make their way to the host stand, Roberto grins and checks them in and in no time they are led to their table in the corner at one of the large windows. The Brazilian wears casual yet expensive clothing as is his norm. Today that's a bright yellow polo shirt, slacks and sneakers. Pulling a chair out for Paige, he waits till she's seated before pushing the chair in for her. Settling in his own seat he accepts the menu and then smiles at his date.

"I hear this place is great so I hope you like it." With that said he looks over the menu, fighting a smile until he looks over to her and then asks with a wider grin, "Wait, Mr. Worthington and some teachers? Mmmmmm..." There is a teasing tone to his words as he lifts one dark brow questioningly, "A fancy dinner huh, with a teacher? Is that what you're saying right now?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Ah'm saying that' ah' went to dinner with a number of teachers. Miss Pryde was there, so was Miss Grey and Rogue. Tabitha was there also so ah' wasn't the only student. We was all out doing some shopping in th' city and Mister Worthington decided on a place for us ta' get dinner. You needed a reservation but we didn't have one, but they just gave 'em a table also because of who he was. It was pretty crazy." Paige says with a grin. "Then we sat at a few tables and we were surrounded by these wall ta' wall and ceiling aquariums full of fish and shark. The menu cost more than most mortgage payments back home."

She picks up the menu and looks it over, blanching at these prices as well. Her cheeks flush and she immediately starts scanning the cheaper items. Water and bread? "But, being that ah'm on th' team now .. at least in training .. ah' need all th' face time ah' can get."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto was just teasing and he can't help but laugh softly at the response from Paige. Nodding his head he looks from his menu back to her as her face flushes at the menu prices. "Don't worry about the price. Just get whatever you want." Grinning he looks back to the menu himself. "So I'm curious. What'd you think about what Sam said... The other night? About the dance and all of that?"

Looking back to the menu he smiles and adds, "I'm going to go with a sandwich I think... Maybe this Avocado and Bulgarian Feta Cheese on a croissant... Hrm, maybe with a coffee." Frowning a bit in thought he goes quiet then looks back to Paige, studying her features while waiting to hear her answer.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Sam woulda said that ta' any boy that woulda talked to him. Except since it was you, he didn't bring out th' shotgun, or at least try and hit yah in the face. You're his best friend in the whole world and ah' think he trusts you. That and he knows that ah'm no pushover and ah' won't put up with any dumb boy stuff. It's not like we're getting married. Just going out to a dance and seeing how things go." Paige says as she settles on a sandwich as well which comes out to be a fancy BLT on wheat bread. She'll at least pick up a smoothie. One of the healthy ones. It has wheatgrass!

"It's not like he has any room ta' talk. He is dating a girl who's mah' age and only three months older than me."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
With the orders given and quickly delivered, Roberto doesn't touch the sandwich right away. Instead he puts some sugar in his coffee and stirs it with a spoon. Putting the spoon aside he nods a bit and then shrugs his shoulders, seemingly less concerned about the whole thing. "It'll be no big deal. I just wanted to say something to make sure he wasn't shocked at some point as you and I were at a dance or something like that and then him freaking out."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Ah'm pretty sure this was mah idea for you to talk to him. You was being all chicken like." Paige says with a giggle as she pulls the sandwich over to her, then cuts it in half with her knife. She tucks right in hungrily as she takes a bite, then chews a few times, followed by a swallow. "So, that's what an expensive BLT tastes like, huh? Ain't much different than the ones ah' make at home. Still good though."

Leaning back in her chair, she takes her smoothie and sips off it. "Ah' suppose we should coordinate what we'll be wearing. Ah' only got one dress and it's th' same one ah' wore at the last event we had." She licks her lips in thought. "Huh. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Ah' should get my friends somethin."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Grinning a bit while he sips his coffee, Roberto nods and then replies softly, "Well. I just wanted to make sure you were in on the discussion." Lifting his coffee he takes a few quiet sips while watching her eat her sandwich. "Most of the time the expensive stuff is the ingredients but its hard to mess up a BLT right?"

Looking to his own sandwich he puts the coffee down and then takes a big bite, chewing and swallowing before looking to Paige. "We can go shopping ... Get a dress. Something you want and like then something for me that matches?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Ah' already spend th' money on the other dress and it works just fine. Ah' don't want you spending a lot of money on me. Ah'm pretty frugal and ah' don't need to be spoiled. Getting dinners is fine, but for .. other things, ah' should work for it. Earn it. It's th' Guthrie way." Paige says with a nod of her head, plucking up a fry from her plate.

"Sides you getting Sam ah' truck. That's different. That was his birthday." She takes a nip of her fry, then a pull off her smoothie, thinking. "Sides, you start buying me pretty things and Sam will get cross-eyed."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
There is another grin as Roberto takes a bite from his sandwich. Swallowing he shakes his head and says with a laugh, "So I can buy Sam pretty things but not you, got it." A wink follows as he puts the food down in favor of his coffee. Its nursed in his hands, lifted up so he can breath it in before taking another sip. "Mmmm, what color is the dress? Or, I guess since this is the girls in charge type of dance. What should I wear to match with it?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"It's ah' nice white dress with some floral pattern on it. Kinda country chic." Paige says as she takes her phone out and shows him. "There you go. Ah' look all pretty in mah' make up and my hair all up." Her lips curve upwards into a grin.

"Sides, you've been dating Sam far longer than you've been dating me." She says tauntingly to him with a wide grin. "So you can buy him fancy things. Maybe if we date for .. a year, you can buy me somethin' nice. Like ah' jacket or something."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Laughing, Roberto shakes his head and then says, "Well true. I guess Sam and I have been dating a long time already." A wink follows as he puts his coffee aside to reach out to hold her hand and the phone to get a good look at the picture. "Oh, very nice. I was going to complement you on the whole look, and the dress but it seems like you already got it covered."

He uses his thumb to to start moving through her photos. "Well, I'm thinking I could just wear a classic black suit then with a flower or something pinned on the jacket to match that floral pattern?" One dark brow lifts as he looks over to her for approval.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"That sounds fine. Ah'm sure you'll look real handsome in it." Paige says as her brows lift upwards as he goes about thumbing through her photos. The latest batch is Sam's birthday party. From there it's a ton of family photos that she has saved that have been sent to her. Pictures of the farm and her expansive mutant family in Kentucky. There's a few photos of her and some friends at school, then a couple at the fancy place she mentioned earlier that she went to with the teachers.

Sadly, there is nothing incriminating.

She reaches out to grab the phone from him after a couple of swipes. "You're so nosy." She says with a grin. "Ah' don't go looking through your stuff." She says with a dismissive sniff.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
There is a smile as she swipes the phone back followed by a soft laugh. "Are you scared of what I'd find if I kept going?" He's teasing but he doesn't push any further. Instead he picks his sandwich back up and finishes off the first half. Wiping his mouth with his napkin he adds, "Well, that was easier than I thought to it'd be to figure out."

Sipping his coffee thoughtfully he looks over the rim towards Paige and then smiles. Lowering the mug he asks, "So, do you go to many dances?" Pausing he tilts his head to the side a bit, "With boys?" One dark brow lifts as he studies her features, curious about what her answer will be.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"You wouldn't find anything there worth blackmailing me over, that's for sure. Yah' do know that ah'm a computer wiz, right? Ah' wouldn't leave incriminating photos that boys would wanna see on mah' personal devices." Paige grins around her straw at him.

"No, ah' don't go to many dances at all. Ah've always gone just once or twitch by myself. Ain't no boy asking me to dances. So, technically, ah' guess you're mah' first time then. When ah' was younger ah' got asked out by a boy, but uh ... it got out that my family is a bunch of mutants and he bailed on me." She gives a grin. "This was before mah' skin powers came about so far as ah' knew, Ah' was just a normal girl."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"Oooh, I'm the first boy?" Robert seems to take pride in this fact that he got the honor of being the first to take her to a dance. "Well now, I feel even more special." A teasing wink follows those words as he looks to his plate then works on finishing off his own sandwich. He doesn't comment on the boy that dumped her because of her family, they've all had similar situations in their lives but he does reach out to gently squeeze her hand in support.

"Well. I was thinking since this dance is coming up. You potentially not having a lot of experience dancing with a real boy and all... Maybe we should practice dancing a bit. Some slow dancing and all that. Then when we go to the real dance we'll look like we know what we're doing out there on the dance-floor, putting them other n00bs to shame."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Ah' know how t'dance. Ah've taken beginner and advanced adult contemporary dance from Miss Blaire two years in a row." Paige says with a grin to him. "But if /you/ need th' practice, ah' suppose we can go do something. You want to go to a club or just practice at the school?"

She has a smug look upon her face as she finishes off her sandwich as well, followed by draining the rest of the smoothie with a few more pulls of the straw. She gives a lick of her lips, then wipes her mouth off with a napkin.

"Ah' don't know how to salsa though, but ah' doubt that will be something at a school dance."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"Oh, yes then maybe I should be the one saying I want to make sure I'm practiced up since you have the professional background." Roberto smiles at that and then pushes his empty plate away. "Mmmmmm, well that's a good question. We could go to a club and cut a rug but then I might have to beat up guys that try to hit on you..."

Trailing off the Brazilian playboy gives her a wink adding, "If I saw you dancing on the dance floor I'd give it a shot, talking with you and asking you to dance. Even if you were there with another guy." Finishing his coffee he calls over the server to settle the bill. "If you want anything else we can stop and get it after this too... Icecream or something sweet?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Oh, you'd just roll up on me with another guy, huh? You must like busted lips." Paige leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek, then rises upwards. "Sure, we can get out of here and snag some icecream somewhere. Ah'll pick the place though. Somewhere not as fancy but they got really nice flavors. It's called a Cold Stone."

She has an amused look on her face as she slides her jacket back on, zipping herself up to ward herself from the chill of the New York air once they head back out on to the sidewalks.

"Ah'll even pay."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
With the bill settled, Roberto slips into his jacket and zips it up while following Paige to the door, holding it open for her before slipping out into the cooler New York city air. "Cold Stone huh... I feel like we own some of that." Biting back a teasing smile he slips his warm hand into hers as they walk. "Well... As for the busted lips, I am pretty good at fighting. I've had some of the best instructors. So I may be known to break hearts, and faces."