5265/The Dreaded Review With The Boss

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The Dreaded Review With The Boss
Date of Scene: 19 February 2021
Location: Shaw's Residence - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Viola gets a positive review from Shaw on the Mardi Gras party.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Viola Fiore

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The party is over, Shaw is back at his apartment, apparently waiting for someone to come join him. He has gotten out of his tuxedo, and is sitting in -- very uncharacteristically, but somewhat understandable -- a pair of track pants and a plain black t-shirt. He has dressed down now that he has a short window between the end of the party, and bed -- though he still is somewhat presentable to whomever he is waiting for.

On the screens he has on his wall, he is watching security footage as the club empties out. The man takes a sip of water from a glass he has sitting on his table, and then goes back to looking at the newspaper he is 'reading' for the time being.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The party isn't really ended until the guests are all gone and the place is cleaned up. Though at least the latter part, Viola Fiore doesn't need to have as much of a hand as she normally would. Cleaning crews take some going through and working with before you trust them, and even then when it's not your party space, you still want to be present.

With the Hellfire Club, there's quite a bit more trust that the staff will do a good job, this being their place. Not to mention they are professionals at the jobs, at a level that Viola has not seen accumulated in one place before. But then it makes sense that the Club would hire the best when they want to continue to be the best.

"I hope that includes me," she says as she gets off the elevator, heading for the rooms of the Club's director. The message he was expecting her to come by when the guests were all squared away had come via Jane, the capable assistant they'd paired her with. Along with one last cocktail, Jane having not let Viola work the entire party.

Viola checks her clothing, still in her Mardi Gras costume. It's a criss-cross of strips of fabric in Mardi Gras colors, that reveal more skin than not, with a few strategic parts made to stay in position else she won't have much modesty left. "I should have brought a skirt and blouse," she says as she approaches the door and knocking on it. If bid to enter she steps inside.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The door is unlocked, and Shaw confirms as much calling, "It's open!" and then he stands up from where he is sitting, tossing the paper aside. It is open to an op-ed about the recent tensions growing over the Mutant issue, and the violence this tensions has caused.

He walks over to the door, and smiles when Viola steps inside, "Ms. Fiore, I am glad to see you're still in costume, I feel I did not get enough time to enjoy it when we met earlier." He motions her over to a couch and asks, "Would you like a glass of champagne to celebrate your fete this evening?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
The Italian-American young woman smiles softly as Shaw comes over to her and pays her the compliment. "We both had so much to do. Though Jane made sure I had a few hurricanes along the way. But thank you for the dance tonight," she says to him.

At the offer of the couch, Viola makes her way over to it, her heels clicking just softly on the floor. A graceful walk, with only a slight sign of unsteadiness as she takes a seat. Yes those hurricanes packed a punch worthy of their name. "Oh, that sounds lovely. Though I think I won't be driving home tonight," she says. Viola crosses one leg over the other, a brief tug on the hem of her Mardi Gras dress to pull it down further as she does. "So, may I take it that means you were pleased with the outcome?" she asks hopefully.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A long glance is given to Viola as she walks to the couch, and then settles in. He pours a pair of glasses of champagne, and then walks over to where she is sitting, handing her one. "I think as far as trial runs go, this was a successful one, yes."

He then moves to sit by her on the couch, "I could see us doing this again in the future. I am considering a charity gala, perhaps for the people affected by the recent anti-mutant violence. Perhaps something a little more..staid than this event. And, we still need to provide President Luthor with a homecoming," He muses as he leans back against the couch, and thoughtfully looks at a group of revelers being led out of some corner of the club where they'd been enjoying the festivities on their own.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore takes the offered champagne glass, giving back a soft, "Thank you, sir." She takes a sip of it, not surprised at it being an expensive bottle. She's come to understand just what the Hellfire Club is.

At the mention of a charity benefiting mutants, Viola sits just a tough straighter but otherwise her expression doesn't reveal much of her thoughts on the subject. Not more than she says, anyway. "That sounds like a nice idea," she tells him. "This has definitely been an experience of a lifetime for me. I would relish the opportunity to continuing working with the Club, sir," she tells him. Not afraid to put it out there.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The almost imperceptible stiffening of Viola's back is noticed by Shaw, but left uncommented upon as he takes a long sip of his champagne. He sets his glass down, and then considers Viola's words, "I think perhaps one more event, to really show your range, and then we can discuss making the arrangement a more permanent one. It is unwise to take the actions of one instance as an indicator of ability and practice. Though, two such cases make it less likely the first was a fluke."

He then asks, "Did you enjoy yourself during the party? I saw that Jane was able to get you to have at least one drink, but was it enjoyable to you?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola takes another sip of her champagne. "Certainly. Whatever event you think would be one you'd prefer me to work on," she says to Sebastian Shaw. She gives a soft smile then and adds, "Yes, I did enjoy it. Of course you can't really go relax and let your hair down like at a party where you're not working and responsible for things. But I did mingle a bit, on top of making sure the VIPs were well taken care of," she tells him.

"I saw there were a few superheroes in attendance. I imagine that can't hurt when it comes to how attractive the Club is," Viola comments. "I spoke with Aquaman at a little more length, he mentioned you'd invited him to become a member, or at least make use of the Club's services," she says.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I am merely acting within the role that the Hellfire Club has acted since its inception." Shaw says with a very slow smirk. Yes, he knows exactly what he is doing in regards to Aquaman and the internal issues of Atlantis. "The Hellfire Club stands in opposition to any oppressive government, whether on land or under the sea, and it has traditionally been our position to assist those with rightful claims to their throne."

At the mention of having some fun, he nods, "Yes, I suppose you cannot really enjoy the moment. I had a good time, though, wish perhaps to have had time to speak privately with a few more guests. And...yes, we have a fair number of powered individuals who frequent our club. That is good for business I have been told, and it has helped membership as well."

It is then that something strikes in Shaw's mind, and he turns towards Viola and smiles, patting her knee with one hand, "You, of course, have a place to stay here. Either in my suite if you should like, or in a VIP room, or if you prefer to go home I will have a car take you where you wish."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola nods slowly. "I felt a bit star struck, truth be told. And with one or two of the celebrities that were there," she says. "Though, well I know better than to let that on too much. Mr. Curry commented that being able to just drink there and not having everyone make a big deal out of him was what he was enjoying the most out of the evening."

The young woman adds, "I do love Mardi Gras. Been two years since I was able to get to New Orleans for it. This was an excellent substitute. It really had the feeling of Bourbon street I thought. The wrought iron on the balconies really gave that feeling." Not to mention the people on those balconies, throwing beaded necklaces down to the people below.

Viola looks down a little shyly. "I should probably double check everything in the morning, to make sure the Dungeon is ready to reopen on time," she says, seeming to pass then on the car ride home.