5334/Not All Is Happy Under The Sea

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Not All Is Happy Under The Sea
Date of Scene: 24 February 2021
Location: Throne Room
Synopsis: Arthur is given some tasks promoting Atlantean causes on the surface by Namor as a way to try to get Arthur out of the capitol.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Arthur Curry
Cast of NPCs: Namor

Steve Rogers has posed:
The formal part of the audience of the Atlantean King is finished. Namor has attended to the matters that required pomp and ceremony, and now members of the court are mingling and speaking with one another. Topics range from the latest political intrigues in Atlantean society, to the state of the reefs, happenings in the surface world, the state of mind of the Atlantean populace, and reports from far off scouts keeping an eye out for issues that Atlantis may need to deal with.

Namor wanders slowly through the crowd, letting people who need to speak with him about something without the formality of a royal audience approach. "I believe the throne can support you in that endeavor," he agrees with an Atlantean noblewoman, earning a smile, and the good will and support of her family.

The monarch's eyes settle on a sight he could do without. Arthur Curry. So much better when he is away off dealing with his surface friends. Namor gestures towards someone else about to approach him. They'll have to wait, as the Atlantean king makes his way towards Arthur.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry is, as usual in the throne room, without his trident. It evokes Namor's envy, and makes the guards nervous. While Arthur doesn't mind pissing Namor off, he tries not to go overboard with it. He's in Atlantis to visit friends, and got a message that Namor might want to talk to him about something, so he actually dressed a little nicer than his usual biker/hobo combination and made his way to the throne room.

At the moment, he's talking with some minor noble of the Fishermen, apparently sharing a joke as his booming laugh sounds over the crowd for a moment. As Namor approaches, the Fisherman bows and moves away, causing Arthur to turn to face the approaching monarch. He nods his head, giving Namor a touch of respect in his own throne room, but doesn't do the whole bowing thing. Pitching his voice low enough to not carry, he greets his rival.

"So I heard you wanted something. Since I was here anyway I figured I might as well drop by and see what it was. Don't suppose you've gotten tired of sitting your ass on the throne yet?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Seeing Arthur talking to the Fishermen causes Namor's eyes to just narrow slightly. He look towards one of his advisors, who drifts over to engage the man in conversation, seeing what tidbits he might gleam about what had been discussed.

It's all subtly done though as Namor stops before Arthur. He looks the man over, expression slightly critical though not so much as to be worth remarking on. "Yes, I was thinking it is time we focus more on the impact of the air breathers on our oceans," Namor tells Arthur.

He crosses his hands behind his back, standing ramrod straight. Maybe Arthur's being taller than him has something to do with it. Though come to think of it, he's often got that imperious stance regardless of who he is talking to. "The Steward is arranging a few activities up above where you can aid Atlantis. Speaking on pollution, humankind's depletion of fish and other creatures. Perhaps even a few... discrete actions against worst offenders if the humans fail to step forward," Namor says.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry grins slightly as Namor adopts his usual posture... man's got a stick so far up his ass it's a shock it doesn't poke out his forehead. He simply crosses his arms over his chest and looks back at the current king. His rather wild hair floats around his head in the shifting currents caused by so many people in one room.

He listens as Namor speaks, then nods, "You know that despite what you and I think of each other, I'm always willing to help Atlantis." His face scrunches up a little as he asks, "But seriously, you want me doing public speaking? Not exactly my strongest point, you know. Now discreet action sounds more like my kind of thing, and we can talk about that." After looking Namor up and down for a moment, he sighs, "Fine, I recognize the 'my mind's made up stance'. Unless I'm confusing it with the 'why are you here?' stance or the 'I had bad eggs for breakfast' stance. So, speaking for Atlantis on pollution and such."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Namor's smile that results has more to do with getting his way than anything else. "You are the one who chose to make yourself a name amongst the surface. So you can put that to use for Atlantis' sake," Namor says of public speaking.

He starts to turn away, then pauses to look over his shoulder. "Just remember you ARE representing Atlantis when you do it." His expression seems to suggest Namor is thinking of any number of ways that Arthur could end up embarrassing the aquatic nation.

"I'll have the list sent to your chambers so you can get on it immediately. You should enjoy it, sending you to some beautiful locations where friends of yours can be found. I think Gotham is first," Namor says. His smirk imparting that needs to be said about Namor's opinion of the downtrodden, crime-ridden city.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry nods again as Namor turns to go, "Always good to have powerful friends, that's true" He murmurs, perhaps reminding the king that contact with the surface may have gained him allies Namor can't match. "Though Gotham is not my favorite place in the world."

He turns and moves back into the crowd, winding his way through small knots of conversing nobles. As he passes a tall, dark haired Atlantean, he meets the man's gaze and nods, but shakes his head almost imperceptibly as the man opens his mouth to speak. He continues his way towards the doors to the throne room and vanishes out into the palace.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The dark-haired Atlantean sees the little shake of Arthur's head, and watches as the rightful King departs the throne room.

Another man comes over to him. Standing facing the other direction, but side by side so they can hear each other even while speaking quietly. "Hardax, did you speak to him? Will he take a more active role?"

Hardax frowns but suppresses the expression after that first glimmer of it. "He wouldn't speak to me yet. Have faith, we'll make him see how much he's needed," he says.

Hardax steps away, moving to take a drink, his eyes going towards where Arthur Curry has departed. He had to come around. Eventually.