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Arthur Curry (Scenesys ID: 405)
Name: Arthur Curry, Orin
Superalias: Aquaman
Gender: Male
Species: Atlantean Hybrid
Occupation: Adventurer, Lighthouse Keeper, Superhero, Revolutionary
Citizenship: American, Atlantean
Residence: New York City
Education: Homeschool
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Justice League
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth March 24 1988 Played By Jason Momoa
Height: 6'1" Weight: 325lbs
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Ghostwriter Music - Phil Lober - Sidewinder

Character Info


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An Atlantean-Human hybrid who is fighting for the right to rule his Kingdom. A hero tried and true and a founding member of the Justice League as the hero known as Aquaman, Arthur Curry always tries to do the right thing, even if he usually just ends up getting himself involved in things he shouldn't be involved in. He's determined and headstrong to free his people and unite the world above and below.


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1988: Arthur Curry is born in the forbidden love of Queen Atlanna of Atlantis and Tom Curry, a Lighthouse Keeper in Amnesty Bay.
1993: Queen Atlanna leaves to accept her responsibility as Atlantis's Queen, leaving Arthur to be raised alone by his father, who homeschools his son.
1998: Arthur discovers that he is not a normal human. He can breathe underwater and begins to express the minimal superhuman characteristics of a Royal Atlantean-Human hybrid. Atlanna sends Vulko, a trusted servant and warrior, to teach Arthur Atlantean ways.
2004: Amnesty Bay begins its own legend about an 'Aquaman', a silhouette who pulls Fishermen out of sinking boats and brings in fish during bad seasons.
2010:Tom Curry dies of a heart attack, but instructs Arthur to seek out his mother to truly understand his heritage. Vulko continues to train him, believing him not ready.
2011: Arthur discovers his mother Atlanna is deceased on an initial trip to Atlantis, where he also discovers that the throne was usurped by Namor the Sub-Mariner. Enraged, he performs many heroic acts in Atlantis and proclaims himself the True heir to the throne of Atlantis with Atlanna's blood as the proof of his legitimacy.
2012: Arthur Curry joins the defense of earth and becomes a founding member of the Justice League in the aftermath.
2014: Arthur meets an receives a quest from Poseidon, the Greek God of the Seas, which he completes and is awarded with Divine empowerment and the Trident of Poseidon.
2016: Arthur focuses his attention on the Surface World and the Justice League, inadvertantly allowing conditions in Atlantis to continue under Namor's rule.
2017: Aquaman mourns the death of Superman after the attack of Doomsday and devotes himself to be better in his memory. 018: Despite the JLA being scattered, Aquaman assists the Avengers in the invasion of Loki.
2019: Aquaman resumes his revolutionary tactics in direct opposition to King Namor, leading to multiple confrontation with Atlantean military.

IC Journal

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Arthur is rather upset and angered at the current Atlantis, where he fights Namor's rule with ferocity. In his day to day casual life, he can be described as to the point, grouchy, and with a grim sense of humor. There is an injustice done that must be righted.

Arthur was raised in a small town with small town values. He's sincere, honest, lawful, and always treats the other person with respect unless you disrespect him first. He's plainspoken and straightforward, unwilling to play games or talk in verbal circles. He's pretty much a knight in shining armor, personality-wise, just without the 'thy' and 'thee's.

Despite Arthur's abilities, he is a very moral and fair person, or so he would like to believe. He's a protector of the innocent and a vanquisher of evil. He is one of the few 'major' heroes who is willing to kill someone if it means that more lives will be saved. He's not an angel, but he believes in doing the right thing.

Ah, the sin that has teared kings from their thrones. However, Arthur's pride could be considered a healthy thing. He has pride in his people and in himself in a display of confidence, but not so much arrogance. In a flaw, Arthur is simply hard on himself in times where he should've been more cool-headed.

When you are born with very little, you become protective of what you have. Needless to say this has amplified since his father's death and mother's abandonment. If he makes a friend, he will defend them with his life and with loyalty.

Character Sheet


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Atlantean Hybrid:
Arthur is half human, half Atlantean. He can breathe underwater as if it were air and breathe air as if it were water. This genetic gift is the source for all of his superhuman abilities on both sides of the gene pool.

Divine Empowerment:
Earning the approval of an Ocean God is definitely worth the while. Poseidon has given Arthur a myriad of abilities:

Weather Control: Under Poseidon's purview, Arthur can command, create, and manipulate weather phenomenon. He can conjure thunderstorms, rain, wind, and lightning while on land and ocean-based weather while at sea, like tsunamis and hurricanes.

Magic Resilience: Aquaman is one of the few heroes who have a resistance to magic. Though his resistance to magic of Thule origin is highest at downright immune, other magics he simply has a light resistance, but the closer to Atlantean origin it is, the more resistant he is. Even if it means most spells still hurt.

Hydrokinesis: Arthur can manipulate water. He could stop an oncoming rush of flood or weaponize water into bladed shards or whips and similar weapons.

Cryokinesis: Arthur can, upon physical contact, Freeze water en masse and even people (with extended contact).

As an Atlantean Royal, Arthur heals much faster than other Atlanteans, who already heal quicker than humans. He heals severe injuries in a few days and most mundane injuries within a couple minutes to hours, depending on the severity. He cannot regenerate lost limbs or organs without mystical or advanced help.

Arthur is built incredibly tough. He can survive the deepest parts of the ocean with casual ease, including the crushing pressure that most have no hope surviving in and take a swim in lava and be unharmed. He is effectively bulletproof and can survive taking explosives (like from an RPG) to the face and be just fine. He can take hits from the best of them and keep coming back for more, being durable enough to shrug off most forms of damage from all but the best.

Marine Telepathy:
Probably what Arthur gets made fun of the most for: he can talk to fish. Okay, he can talk to A LOT of fish, big and small. Though instead of convincing fish to do what he says, he can actually just influence them to do exactly what he wants. He could call a school of sharks to devour an enemy or call up a Leviathan from the deep depths to assist him in combat against a particularly strong foe. His limits in regards to this ability is ultimately unknown, but it should be stated that a particular form of sea life with a strong will to resist can cause a mental war to exhaust Aquaman mentally. The sea is home to many creatures and nightmares that man dare not touch, but as long as Aquaman's will is strong enough, he can assume command of them.

Super Reflexes:
Arthur's reflexes are far beyond anything a baseline human could ever hope to perform. Specifically 15 times greater. Even faster than most Atlanteans in terms of reaction time, Arthur can dodge point-blank gunfire and even lightning after its fired off. He can keep up with more than a few of his Justice League counterparts, but really only in reaction time. He cannot keep up with most speedsters.

Super Senses:
Arthur's senses are extraordinarily enhanced. Typically used when beneath the waves, Arthur's senses act much like Sonar sense. Though his Atlantean heritage gives him a crystal clear night vision due to the lack of light in the ocean depths, Arthur's sonar sense lets him see even deeper than that before he even gets there. Typically, his range is about 50,000 feet when in water. On land, his sonar sense is removed, but his hearing is good enough that he can hear up to several miles away.

Super Speed:
By no means a speedster by the normal meaning of the term, Arthur is still blessed with incredible speed that is assisted by his great strength. On land, Arthur can move up to transonic speeds at his absolute best, any faster and he will tire extremely quickly. In the water, he's one of the fastest swimmers alive, capable of swimming up to hypersonic speeds, capping at about mach 7.

Super Strength:
Arthur Curry is EXTREMELY strong, arguably the strongest of his entire race, due to his heritage. Consider that all Atlanteans have some measure of Superhuman Strength, and Arthur blows most if not all of them out of the water. He can comfortably lift well over 100 tons. He is capable of lifting buildings over his head and, in more extreme situations, moving items like Tectonic plates and matching the heavy hitters of the Justice League blow for blow in contests of physical strength.


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Trained from a young age by a great Atlantean warrior, Arthur is no slouch when it comes to combat. Though he truly excels at underwater combat, on land he is a master spear fighter (typically with his trident) that is fully capable of standing up against the best weapon masters around and at least hold his ground. He is somewhat skilled in swordsmanship, but it pales in comparison to his spear mastery.

Charismatic and sure of himself, Arthur is a natural leader whose lineage is of powerful and beloved Kings and Queens. He could lead a small group of people (if he was ever actually allowed to) or an actual army of people. Pair this with a knack for strategy that isn't 'punch the other guy' and Arthur's actually pretty good at leading people.

Marine Biology:
Arthur knows just about everything about every known species of fish. Pretty much useless, but as a lighthouse keeper and occasional sailor, its kind of important to know what your dealing with.

Aquaman can speak fluent English, Atlantean, Russian, Spanish and Polynesian with conversational skill in Italian.

Arthur knows how to operate a boat. Be it by mast or by engine, Arthur can get from point A to point B, something that is rather helpful when he needs to be incognito and 'normal'.


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Atlantean Armor:
Made from Atlantean steel, it is largely protective against most man-made weapons, except for high-intensity explosions. That'll cut through it like butter.

Arthur has proclaimed himself publically to Atlantis as the true heir to the throne in opposition to the current leadership. He has garnered himself a few followers that would follow him to the depths of the sea. If he was in a bind, surely he could call on them for help.

Justice League:
A founding member of the Justice League who still has a seat at the table as it were, Aquaman can call on his heroic allies in times of distress and has access to Justice League resources.

Trident of Poseidon:
A weapon granted to Arthur by the Olympian God of the Seas, Poseidon. This allows him to be able to do a few tricks that his enemies don't expect from a golden trident. It is unbreakable, made from the Olympian Adamantine. It allows him to better control the weather he is able to produce and fire off bolts of electricity from its three-pronged tip. In addition, it also allows Arthur to fly up to about 300mph. As a magic weapon, it can hurt beings who have an extremely high tolerance for damage and is deadly to unholy creatures.


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Atlantis is really all Arthur has left in terms of a home, despite its current leadership at the moment. If Atlantis were ever in danger, Arthur would immediately rush to its defense against any threat.

Probably one of the most inconvenient weaknesses ever, Arthur needs to stay hydrated, since Atlanteans dehydrate faster than humans. Specifically, he can survive three days without practically bathing in water before more lethal effects start to kick in. The longer he goes without being hydrated, the weaker his overall abilities will become.

On the surface, Aquaman has made more than a few enemies who would love to take down the Prince apparent and would not shed a single tear if something bad happened to him. Arthur's adventures with the Justice League has further intensified how many people want Arthur gone.

High Standard:
When Arthur found out about his heritage, what his family was like, the kind of future he has, he started holding himself to a much higher standard. After all, how can you be a King if you don't act like one? It drives him onward to know that he carries a strong name with pride, but also that he takes his failures very personally and to heart.

The King of Atlantis is hunting the opposition to his throne. Occasionally, a team of highly trained Atlantean warriors will attack Arthur. So far they haven't succeeded, but its still something to look over your shoulder for.

Despite having a resistance to it, Aquaman can still be affected by magic, such as magical weapons most prominently. They are the go-to for getting past his durability aside from a good ole fashioned bout of fisticuffs.



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Arthur Curry has 125 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Atlantic Starport: Tending to Business Matters October 10th, 2022 T'Challa, Diana, and Arthur discuss recent events at the Starport. They are not in agreement about everything, but some common ground is eventually found. Mostly.
Justice League: Eating the Everglades October 6th, 2022 The Justice League does battle with more World Eater Hearts, this time coming across a veritable trove of them, along with two mysterious young people in a pizza van. Much grossness takes place, and crab dinners are enjoyed afterward. Diana also has to buy Cassie a new pair of shoes.
Port to the Stars October 4th, 2022 Namora and Arthur run into each other at the Starport. Fun ensues.
Whatchoo Doin September 29th, 2022 Arthur is nosey. He should mind his own business.
The Fish That Got Away September 23rd, 2022 Arthur comes into the Hall of Justice dripping mad about the recent events at the Starport.
The Lion Fish in Winter September 7th, 2022 Namor and Arthur have words. Arthur is insufferable.
The End or The Beginning August 21st, 2022 Arthur and Dinah come to an understanding. They walk away as friends.
Island Breezes August 14th, 2022 Arthur is not her uncle or even distantly related. Kora is relieved.
Atlantis on Land July 25th, 2022 Dinah learns about Atlantean history and food!
So What Did He Say July 10th, 2022 Team Aquaman gathers to share information and decide their next steps.
Stop And Smell the Flowers July 9th, 2022 Arthur and Dinah have some quality time at the florist shop.
Fish Sticks and other Oddities of the Sea June 24th, 2022 Aquaman stinks. But he has a point.
Pretentious Scene Title Aluding to Dark Tragedy! June 21st, 2022 Arthur briefs Dinah and Mera on what's been going on. Also he is awesome while doing so.
Something in the Waters June 20th, 2022 Mera and Arthur investigate a Brine Kingdom colony that appears abandoned.
That Which is Transparent Cannot Lie June 9th, 2022 Grossness takes control of a fishing vessel and the heroes burn it with fire. And some ice.
How About This May 23rd, 2022 Arthur and Diana discuss golden statues, Donna Troy, and Long John Silvers.
Lonely Lighthouses May 22nd, 2022 Arthur and Dinah have a chat on his sailboat on the way to Maine.
Why do you steal, you big weirdo May 16th, 2022 Divine finally pays for her sins!
Stay In School Kids May 2nd, 2022 Atlantean Hooligans strike again! They really should know better.
Hooligans! April 16th, 2022 Dinah and Shen experience a heist and an invasion by Atlanteans.
Jersey Is Better April 2nd, 2022 Dinah goes on patrol with Arthur and learns there is more to him than she realized. He also disappears really fast when he wants to.
So this is what you do for fun March 23rd, 2022 Dinah is done messed up.
Employee of the Month March 10th, 2022 Arthur, Rave and Dinah spend some time catching up. Trophies are given and plans made for future outings.
Stranger Tides March 4th, 2022 A new friend was made, and Arthur got a sammich!
Space Port: Surveying the Progress February 24th, 2022 Diana and Arthur discuss the future of the space port, and then the princess reveals her true colors.
Yeah, You Heard What I Said! February 18th, 2022 Poor Sarah is the source of much pain and yet takes a lot of pain in a bar brawl that really Dinah probably started.
Selling Flowers is a Growth Industry. HA HA HA HA February 8th, 2022 Dinah confides in Arthur a little.
There are Four Lights February 5th, 2022 Arthur captures a critter and makes a mess of it, Hope and Kate save his bacon.
Omg u newbs, get outta my gym January 31st, 2022 Dinah and Rave train some while Arthur and Booster observe.
Working Brunch, for Justice! January 31st, 2022 No description
Wake up, sun! January 29th, 2022 Arthur tells the Sun to do its job, and Dinah hassles him!
There's A Reason January 26th, 2022 Dinah and Arthur have a talk about her negative reaction to some news. Then they agree to train together in the future.
Where Is the Coffee Machine January 25th, 2022 Shift change for Monitor Duty can sometimes be chaotic. A ghost from Dinah's past ruins her morning.
Chillin at the Hall January 21st, 2022 Arthur saved a penguin. Johnny is having a crisis. Dinah is totally not slacking while on watch duty. Just another day in the life.
So You Wanna Be A Hero January 20th, 2022 Arthur stole a penguin! Well, not really. Penguin rescue achieved.
Eyes on You January 12th, 2022 Barbara finds Arthur liberating a friend. She helps him.
The storm before the Storm January 10th, 2022 Arthur and Ororo spare Staten Island from the fury of a storm, and also discuss food mascots.
A Reunion January 9th, 2022 Despite his kingliness Arthur still manages to be nerdy. Kal is awesome though.
A cold morning at the docks January 8th, 2022 PAckage delivered. Meeting finished.
Sorcerer's World: Into the Flames of Hell January 7th, 2022 The Justice League and their allies, with the help of Victor von Doom assault the gates of Hell itself, seeking the Candle of Neron to attempt to level the playing field with Felix Faust and stop his mad schemes before they are realized.
A Fistful of Hersheys January 6th, 2022 Aquaman, Rocket Red and Tigra defeat a group of thugs who are using a power loader to attempt to rob a chocolate store. Dmitri begins the slow process of transporting the suit back to russia.
Watery fouls forever January 3rd, 2022 No description
Right Beach, Wrong People January 2nd, 2022 Peter and Aunt May turn a bus breakdown into an exciting evening.
Bad Guys Gotta Be Bad December 31st, 2021 A liguor store robbery is foiled by Booster Gold! With a little help from Aquaman and Kate Cha.
On the Trail of the Jello Fish December 29th, 2021 Arthur Aspen, and Dmitri are On the Trail of the Jello Fish, visiting a fishermans warf to search for clues. Also Dmitri practices his singing.
Monitor Duty December 28th, 2021 Arthur and the Batman discuss life, the universe, and spaceports.
Starlight house December 26th, 2021 No description
Some Christmas Cheer Also Alcohol December 24th, 2021 Two nights before Christmas and people gather at a Manhattan pub
A robbery December 22nd, 2021 No description
Sorcerer's World: An Unlikely Ally December 19th, 2021 The Justice League is offered assistance from an unlikely source and given two paths to consider in seeking to put an end to the threat posed by Felix Faust; gather power and confrong the mad mage directly before he can enact his ritual. Or seek out Dr. Fate, the real Dr. Fate, and hope that he is enough to turn the tide.
Hey oh. Oh ay! December 16th, 2021 Arthur learns of a possible critter to deal with from Eddie.
Halt, Criminal Scum! December 13th, 2021 Kaida, Natasha, Elektra, and Dane sweep in to the aid of Arthur Curry when a renegade Atlantean tries to take him into custody. They handle the matter amazingly and with no bloodshed.
Complications December 5th, 2021 When three interested parties go to look at one dumb boat, everything threatens to go wildly out of control. There are explosions, theres a russian dude, Theres shirtless Arthur Curry. It's amazing.
A Starry Favor December 2nd, 2021 Diana finds Arthur in the monitor room, READING a BOOK. She confronts him about her plans for a future project, and he comes up with a clever plan!
Even Sea People want Burgers Now and Again December 1st, 2021 Arthur has a burger, and Gil shares life experience.
Deep Sea Stories November 29th, 2021 Terry catches up with Arthur Curry. Many things are discussed, including Donna's mother's love life. No, really.
But does it come in yellow November 28th, 2021 Arthur and Bobbi meet in a professional manner. They discuss the Cliff's Notes version of Arthur's ongoing investigation and Bobbi claims dibs to the captured submarines - for business uses only. Really!
A Fancy Brit, the World's Greatest Martial Artist and the King of Atlantis Walk Into a Bar... November 26th, 2021 Shiva, Arthur and Roland meet at an underground fighting venue. Somehow, Roland gets convinced to sign up.
Divinity en Passant November 24th, 2021 Divine makes her first appearance by being mean and zapping Arthur while Billy helps save the day.
The Horrors of Easter Island! November 23rd, 2021 On clambakes and spirits, Harley and Arthur discuss.
That Thing in the River November 19th, 2021 Arthur dredges up an artifact. Harls and Bart show up and all of a sudden we're off to Easter Island in a rickshaw.
Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath November 17th, 2021 A smuggling operation is revealed in New York by Arthur. Bebop, Rocksteady, Nia, and Roland manage to whup em while a sneeky ninja escapes with the goods. Emma decides not to buy real estate there.
Sorcerer's World - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold November 10th, 2021 After months of laying low, Felix Faust and his allies emerge seeking to pre-emptively eliminate the Justice League as a threat to his plans. While he brings a few pretty big -- literally! -- surprises to the table the League and their allies prove up to the task. But Faust is closer then ever to bringing his dream of a Sorcerer's World to fruition.
PoP: Release the... Kraken. September 3rd, 2021 Another thinning, another nightmare, a fight hard won by heroes of the city and a door closed by one bastard mage.
Can you believe this place July 9th, 2021 Arthur shows Kori the new Atlantean Embassy. She breaks something expensive.
Surf's up... but why June 18th, 2021 Arthur discovers Aspen surfing on a calm sea. A possible problem comes up, and serious fangirling is let slide.
The Gold Pearl of Psidontas June 8th, 2021 Superman and Aquaman send Maxima on a quest for a pearl that does not really exist. However things take a turn when they run into the Scavenger! While the Scavenger is quickly defeated by Maxima, he manages to escape she turns him over to Superman for 'Earth Justice', teleporting away.
Pizza That's Out Of This World June 6th, 2021 What are the odds of landing two exclusive interviews when you're a cub reporter? Quite high, if you happen to go where they have the best pizza in town!
Return of the Warrior Princess June 4th, 2021 Maxima returns to Earth and declares her intent to be part of the Justice League. Kara is surprised. Aquaman is not impressed. Clark challenges her to a wild goose chase beneath the sea.
Burying the Hatchet May 28th, 2021 Arthur and Namor bury the hatchet.
Trip to Maine May 20th, 2021 Arthur takes Kori to his old neighborhood and performs in his band to her everlasting fangirling.
Sorcerer's World - The Dark Side of the Moon May 16th, 2021 Felix Faust and his allies manage to successfully draw forth Eclipso, the one time Spirit of Vengeance from Dr. Bruce Gordon and lay waste to the Gotham Observatory. But their victory is not without cost as the Demon Rath is badly injured and banished. Perhaps for good? And what is the fate of Jason Blood, corrupted by Eclipso and unleashed as the Demon Etrigan? What is Felix Faust's ultimate end? Far too many questions and too few answers.
To the Mooooon! May 11th, 2021 Arthur and J'onn run into each other at the Watchtower. Hot Pockets are eaten and J'onn reveals his connection to Kermit.
Undersea Dinner Date April 17th, 2021 No description
Icelandic Pizza Delivery April 14th, 2021 Arthur and Kori deliver pizza to Iceland. Kori eats a little less than is needed to feed a village, and Arthur apparently is going to have a girlfriend.
So You Like Pizza Too March 29th, 2021 Arthur and Kori run into each other in what turns out to be both of their favorite pizza place. Pizza delivery to Iceland is planned.
Bizarro Destroys Metropolis March 19th, 2021 Manipulated by Mister Mxyzpltk, The Bizarro Superman confuses the Fifth Annual Giant Robot Appreciation Day Parade for an invasion! Sweeping in to help save the day, Bizarro must be stopped before he ruins the nice day out...or gets someone killed.
Hanging Out in the Hall March 7th, 2021 Pizza and advice are shared in the Hall of Justice
A Thorn In The Side March 6th, 2021 Felix Faust might very well have added another ally to his ranks, but again he finds himself driven away by the Justice League and their allies. More and more eyes are turning towards him and he is accumulating enemies as quickly as allies. Soon he may have nowhere left to run. Or will he manage to bring his hidden goals to fruition and at last gain his revenge on those that have humiliated him so often before...
Better Than A Message In A Bottle February 27th, 2021 Arthur gets contacted by Batgirl to find out what happened to the small statue that she and Cassandra Cain helped Aquaman and Wonder Woman recover from the ocean.
Not All Is Happy Under The Sea February 24th, 2021 Arthur is given some tasks promoting Atlantean causes on the surface by Namor as a way to try to get Arthur out of the capitol.
Mardi Gras Afterparty February 18th, 2021 Off on a tour!
Hellfire Cub Mardi Gras Party! February 6th, 2021 The Hellfire Club threw a successful Mardi Gras Party! Nobody died!
One day on (and under) the water. December 29th, 2020 No description
Old McArthur Had a Band December 13th, 2020 No description
Arthur Comes to Admire the Titan Tower Architecture November 27th, 2020 Arthur takes Koriand'r to the boardwalk and tries to renege in a game of truth or dare!
Home again home again, jiggedy-jig. November 18th, 2020 Domestic bliss!
The AMAZing A.I.M. Robbery November 13th, 2020 When a coup within an A.I.M. cell goes wrong, the Justice League must stop the mad scientists from destroying Queensland Park! But the mad Professor Ivo has a parting gift for his old colleagues; the super android AMAZO! Can the Justice League defeat an opponent able to duplicate their own powers, weapons, and skills? And what is Ivo's master plan?
BEHOLD! My League Stuff! November 10th, 2020 Koriand'r comes to visit the Justice League and Zatanna is super mean to her.
Barry's Crab Shack October 27th, 2020 WAR OF THE SEA--food. Tigra and Aquaman share a drink, discuss their lack of geographical skills. Totally unaware of Arthur's heroic identity!
Not Completely Insane October 23rd, 2020 No description
Spooktacular Justice Party October 19th, 2020 The Justice League Halloween party!
Hey, ARTHUR! October 8th, 2020 Arthur is throwing pencils into the ceiling and watching basketball. Diana questions him on his life choices.
About the thing. October 6th, 2020 Arthur gives Nessa a gross statue and she touches it.
This statue is weird. October 1st, 2020 Arthur seeks May's help in finding the deets on the lurker statue.
THIS IS A SCENE AND OK THERE'S WATER BUT THERE'S A BOAT TOO! September 28th, 2020 Mera hassles Arthur and says he stinks.
Three Fish In A Barrel September 23rd, 2020 Arthur, Nita, and Namor all very reluctantly discuss the goings on of these rather destructive Atlantean events.
THIS IS A SCENE BUT WITH WATER! September 20th, 2020 Namorita hassles Arthur after they talk with Namor.
It Returned To The Deep: Fish & Ships September 19th, 2020 Spoiler and Orphan hop in Batsub and accompany Wonder Woman and Aquaman into the briny deep to recover the artifact knocked away from Cheetah during an illicit auction
Duty Calls September 17th, 2020 Mera seeks out information from Arthur. Arthur gets a bath instead.
If you like Pina Coladas September 14th, 2020 Arthur makes a few innocent comments and Namorita is all 'wtf?!'
London Bridge is falling down September 13th, 2020 The Justice League, with some unexpected help, repel a rampaging dragon tourist from space. Zero stars!
The Hobo Rescuing Foundation September 8th, 2020 So, we find out that at best Arthur would be a bum, not a hobo. But now he owes Harley Quinn for a soup and a good deed. So there's that!
Slush Sleuthing August 28th, 2020 Arthur and May explore the slush rivers beneath the Bronx. It's a real snake's nest.
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
It Came from the Deep: A King's Sword August 17th, 2020 A group of X-men and Aquaman explore the King's Sword and come face to face with an ancient evil, a mermaid of old who was using her victims as zombies. Fight ensues and they are able to win the day. Featuring a Queen turncoat, a kitty playing with tentacles, deaf Atlanteans and, of course, explosions!
Atlantean PD on the case August 9th, 2020 Elektra comes across Aquaman as he stops some cutthroats who stole some Atlantean artifacts. A deal is made, Aquaman keeps his artifacts, Elektra finds what she was here for.
Telepathic Ninjas Cheat August 1st, 2020 Arthur saves the day and Psylocke tries to kill everyone and Bolo shoots a guy in the knee meanly.
You owe me. August 1st, 2020 May cultivates a contact! Arthur gets good eats.
Two big boys and a cave July 27th, 2020 Arthur has a late night talk with Oliver at the Arrowcave where they talk about the state of things. Arthur compensates being out of the ocean by breathing in beer.
Seriously, dude, just answer the question. July 23rd, 2020 Acting on orders from SHIELD to get some intel on current JLA activities, Agent May takes a stroll alongside a pond with Arthur Curry. She gets what she wants. He gets... her number. Or something like that.
Which came first, the Arrow Cave or the Bat Cave July 17th, 2020 Arthur goes to the Arrow Cave and embarrasses Ollie.
Not quite a Fair Folk Festival July 16th, 2020 The New Horizons Folk Festival in Central Park is interrupted by a gang of marauding... goblins? Good thing a handful of heroes are on hand to help.
Justice League July 9th, 2020 No description
Not every scene has to have Water in it! July 8th, 2020 There were things we were looking for. And no water!
Money Can't Buy Happiness But It Can Buy a Jetski July 3rd, 2020 Reckless jet ski riders need rescuing
A Wave Crashes on Land June 24th, 2020 A walk in the park accompanied by shots fired by Aquaman at the poor beleaguered Agent Drew.
Hall of Hobos June 11th, 2020 Arthur gets fast food and breaks into the Hall of Justice to find out where the Justice League is. Diana shows up to find out why a hobo just broke into the Hall of Justice, and then tells Arthur he smells (in so many words). It is a good time.
The Ocean Meets SHIELD June 8th, 2020 Arthur Curry is spotted in New Troy. SHIELD alerted to his presence sends Agent Drew out to have a chat with him. Curry grumps his way through the 'interview.'
What do you want May 25th, 2020 Arthur and Kal and Diana talk about the League.
Time to get those feet wet again May 22nd, 2020 Oliver and Arthur meet on the Blackbird tavern. Oliver doesn't find a bird but instead finds a big fish. They catch-up about the past and what the future may bring.
I Need A Drink April 19th, 2020 Rocket Red and Aquaman reunite.
A Fishy Situation February 19th, 2020 Lois tries to investigate a fishy situation, Aquaman and Thor save the day from another.
Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice... February 19th, 2020 Power Girl gets interviewed for the Justice League.
Rescue on Genosha(1 hour after the attack) February 13th, 2020 Hal and Pals destroy 2 Sentinels and save 100 people. Not all of them want to leave their home, though.


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