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Date of Scene: 25 February 2021
Location: Salem Center
Synopsis: Wade and Wanda save the life of a Fish called Wanda and other pets from a fire.
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Wanda Maximoff

Wade Wilson has posed:
"HOLD THIS A SEC," yells the 'hero' that is dashing out of the creaking, choking inferno. The adult male, in questionably heroic attire (questionably in that he isn't in extremely cheerful colors and tends to be on the intimidating side due to the weapons and visible GRENADES), has literally flung a knapsack, underhanded like a grandma attempting to bowl awkwardly, directly at Wanda.

But I jumped ahead.

There's a fire in the side mall, curling out of the occult shop, and it has moved sideways into the pet store. Flames lick and burst the glass window, even as the hero on-site attempts to lob the squirming, yelping parcel to the closest looking heroic person. It does, in fact, contain three rescued puppers, and they are very frightened!

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The fire took it's first truly dangerous 'breath' in the old, dusty, and extremely flammable shop that is the occult shop. Herbs, books, potions of questionnable nature- all are victims to the flame, or rather, enablers in the worst sense. Mini-explosions rock the store as the flames lick up, dancing in arcane pleasure as it takes hold and moves as a malevolent force ever forward.

Wanda Maximoff is within, or rather, was within, pushed out by the flames. People outside are running now, screaming, calling for others to call 911 or some help from somewhere. Anywhere. It makes it more than a little difficult for Wanda to even consider battling the flames; the best at the moment that she can do is try and contain it.

So, it must be with hands up and before her that a certain someone seems to believe that it is her 'catching' position, that is, the bag of puppies are hurled at her, into her arms, all while her attention is on--

"What?! What is.." and as the squirming bag flies, she's got no choice but to change her focus, and Wanda turns to make what should be a heroic catch. Only.. puppies.

Squigly, squirmy puppies in a bag.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Wiggle-fingers are for catching!

It is known.

"Perfect! Do you play professional sports? Goalie? Wait. Wrong sport. The one for baseball," Deadpool chatters, while showing her two very ENTHUSED thumbs up for catching the puppy-bag. "Stay there! I have more!"

With that, the hero lunges back into the pet-shop, and in a few moments, ushers a number of little mice and guinea pigs along the ground with his hands in a shoo-shoo motion. They come running out in confused disarray while Deadpool falls back again into the building. This time, to emerge with a very pissed-off orange tomcat, claws out, held at arms length. He seems to be going to toss the cat to Wanda.

"Uhhhh." Even Deadpool questions the wisdom of this toss, and hesitates.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
It's hard to keep puppies in a bag, harder even than cats, and once she's got something of a hold on it, she sets it down onto the ground gently, green eyes moving from the growing inferno of the occult shop back to Wade and the zoo rescue. "I am needing to--"

The mice and guinea pig parade all scamper, and with a wave of a red-tinged hand, she creates a light forcefield so they can't return to the shop, or run to the fire, or run into the street to get squished. A little magical cage, as it were.

Wanda is watching the puppies as well, and calls out to smallish children to take them.. the dogs led by an unseen leash to each newly appointed boy. (Every boy deserves a puppy, right?)

With that taken care of, Wanda turns around just in time to see the orange tom.. and she shakes her head violently back and forth, "Do not--"

No flying cats.

"Let me deal with fi-" and even as she speaks, out the door, past Wade's shoulders, cocatiels that hadn't been caged, parrots.. all fly and flap their wings around their erstwhile 'hero' before looking for a safe place to perch.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Cat-holder hero started to instead put the cat in the nice glowing cage-thing ... but then thinks better of /that/. "Nearly gave you lunch," Deadpool observes to the cat. But then, there are birds!

"AGH, they are in my HAIR," Deadpool yelps, dropping the cat (who is just fine, lands on his feet, and makes a quick break for it). "AHHHHH."

With that, Deadpool lunges for Wanda, away from the birds that were in his 'hair'. (He has a mask on, with a full hood... you know the one). It's not aggressive, but it is a leap towards her, as if expecting her to assist again. "I need the bag back, there's some gerbils." For someone in a panic about his hair, he's pretty direct in explanation.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
The animals that are beginning to pour out of the pet shop, most notably the birds (the birds!), the reaction from the erstwhile 'savior' isn't one that Wanda actually expects. Exactly what does she expect? Chaos?

Sure, why not?

"Do not.. is okay. Do not hur-" and her words end with a little bit of cursing in a decidedly different language than English.

As Wade runs towards her, Wanda is definitely preparing to put up a hasty shield to prevent him from bowling her over, and with a little twitch of her hand, is ready to change his course of direction, should it be necessary. It's not, thankfully, and as he's asking for the bag?

The former puppy container floats up and off the ground, headed in Wade's direction. "There," Wanda offers, "take... gerbils?" Her words form that 'what are they' sort of sound, her expression quizzical.

Wade Wilson has posed:
That requires a pause. Deadpool needs to explain. He comes to entirely stop in front of her, and, in the proper tone of an infomercial, spreads his hands some, while the bag dangles from one wrist. He's lightly singed but doesn't seem hurt.

"A Gerbil," Deadpool says, "Is a small mammal of the subfamily 'Gerbillinae' in the order Rodentia. They're like big mice that tunnel. Muggles keep them as pets, wizards turn them into teacups."

That explanation freely given, Deadpool looks back to the building, and suddenly bounds back off that way. "Wingardium Leviosa, Gerbils!" There's a pause, and a look at Wanda, as if expecting her to go ahead and do something magical, while he holds the bag open outside of the flaming entryway.


Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda quirks her head, listening intently, trying to catch the entire explanation while behind him, the flames begin to lick outside the doorway. A slow nod, one of those 'I don't quite understand but I will nod anyway', is given before he bounds back seemingly without concern, poised outside the doorway.


Green eyes move to the flames, the bag, Wade, and back to the flames. A light shrug graces her shoulders, the gesture somewhat dismissive in an 'oh well' sort of way before she raises her hands, and the flames push back into the building. It almost looks as if time, at least for the flames, is being pushed backwards. In it goes, becoming smaller, moving back along the path it had taken. Bunnies fill in the spots where the fire had been, a couple of turtles..

Wade Wilson has posed:
Deadpool may not have entirely known what to expect, but it seems his instinct with her doing something about the fire was on. He's pleased. He yells something -- but the roar of the flames in his immediate vicinity drowns it out, as do the sirens rapidly approaching the fire now from the street. He ends up instead just flashing a thumbs up sign and going back into the fire, with one forearm up over his face partially.

Normally one would do that to protect the face: this is more for vision reasons to fan away the smoke with his arm as he goes in choking on the thick awful smoke to rescue the gerbils.

He puts the bag of gerbils out, and goes back in. And... doesn't come out.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda walks forward slowly, her hands weaving in patterns, the gestures seemingly sculpting the fire, pulling it and having it follow its own path back. The animals begin to appear once more, fur and feathers only slightly singed, the tell tale sign that something happened here.

Wade's disappearance into the building has Wanda approaching a little faster, her gaze seeking the man; he's not coming out?

The fire is pushed back, even as the sirens get closer, and once she's on the threshold, Wanda is peering into the building proper.

"Where are you?" comes in a concerned note.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Suffocation land," yells the smoke-filled voice from the lungs of Deadpool. Still, he comes walking out anyway, lightly on fire on one shoulder, with two plastic bags of golden fish. He heads over towards Wanda, tiredly, a bit like a zombie. He's a little oddly moist, as if the time was spent bobbing for fish with both hands.

"Pretty sure that filled my heroism punch-card for like two months?" Deadpool asks Wanda companionably.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Fish.. fish?

Wanda is at the open door, the flames have been pushed back a little, but the smoke is most definitely still there. Raising a delicate hand up to her mouth and nose, it's not really useful to block the smoke, and she gives a cough in reaction. The quick spell to keep the flames back, and reversing them is't concentrated on, and for a heartbeat, the fire pauses as if unsure what to do. It is ever opportunistic, however, and the flames press forward once more.

Wanda notices it behind Wade, following him as if stalking him, and she reaches to take the bags of fish.

"We should go.."

Wade Wilson has posed:
"It feels like we went to a carnival," Wade observes thoughtfully, of the fish bags. "And were /really/ good at the dart game. ...Of which I am. Even when on fire. ... literally and figuratively," Wade agrees. He comes along with her, looking at the fish.

"How about a Fish called Wanda, for this one?"