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Creative Title Number 6
Date of Scene: 26 February 2021
Location: Xavier's School Study
Synopsis: Christian, Emma, and Simon chat for a bit.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Christian Frost, Simon Lasker

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma's wrapping up the thursday evening with a deep sigh as she looks down at the papers she's grading. Red pen in hand, and the tablet is on the table next to her propped up with a book and playing some light hearted reality drama show on it as she lifts her eyebrows while reading a particularly horrid sentence.

    Emma leans back and pops her back before leaning forward, her elbows on the table and her face pooling in her hands, propped up. "Uuuuugh, I need a break." She moans to no one.

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian made himself at home in the guest quarters, though he was still reeling in the throughs of withdrawal still.

  He dressed himself in a blue turtleneck and black pants, he had styled his hair, appearances are everything afterall. "Good. Cause I am booooored." He says as he saunters in to the study, at least he looked like he belonged in the land of the living, his eyes, didn't. They were bloodshot still, even though he'd been clean since Monday. They hid behind gold-rimmed teashade sunglasses with black lenses. "Met the students. Big fan." He offered, leaning against the desk Emma was working at.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Being school age while not a student is haaaard. Tomorrow is a big exam, so all of Simon's friends are studying... okay maybe not, but atleast not planning anything exciting tonite. That said, everybody is busy right now and he is bored.

He heads over to the study. Atleast there is someone new here. He heads over to Christian.

"Hello Mr. New Person. Wadda ya doin on Emma's desk? Are you her new paper weight? I am Simon by the way."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma lets out a single laugh at Simon's mention of Christian being a paper weight. "Oh my no. I require much... more obedient stationary stationery accessories." Emma says with a smirk up to Christian and then a look over to Simon with a tilt of her head even, the bun her hair is in, barely moving but a few whisps down her cheek flow in the movement.

    "I'd guess that you're in here without anything else to be doing mister Lasker, am I correct?" Emma asks before stealing a glance to Christian and back to the student aged young man.

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian remained bent over, now staring at Emma from above those sunglasses of his. It was silent, but she would know he was questioning her vocabulary.

  "No, no, I'm her eye candy for this evening." A pause, before he smirks wide. "Just kiddin' I'm Christian. Christian Frost." He keeps looking from above those round teashades before a wink and he shifts back to looking behind the glasses.

  "And you, are the first student I've met here who wasn't a total bitch."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Well that is a terifying thing to hear. You never want to admit to an adult that you don't have anything to do. Whatever they come up with will no doubt be worse than watching paint dry. "Oh -- err, I am actually extremely busy ... doing something very important ..." Smooth. The telepath suspects nothing.

This Christian fellow says some very unfourtunate things. "Wow Mr. Frost, What an incredibly pleasant way to refer to my fellow young people. You must be very popular." There is absolutely NO sarcasm in that. Nope. Absolutely none. Not even a hint.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I'm detecting sarcasm, and falsities." Emma says rather bluntly, her icy blue eyes lingering on Simon with a rather stoic face before she licks at the corner of her lip. "Since you're so busy, I won't ask you to go grab the pint of haagen-dazs from the fridge." Emma says with a smirk before looking back to Christian, and blinking slowly, "Maybe don't call the teenagers bitches in front of other teenagers, or where it might get to them that I didn't stop you from saying it. Not that I'm anyone's babysitter, but you know how teens can be." She says with a roll of her eyes. A look back to Simon and she smirks, "I know there's three pints in there, and this room has a great projector for watching nonsense on youtube, or netflix."

Christian Frost has posed:
     By this time, Christian is now sitting on the desk, legs crossed at the knee as he looks at his fingernails. "Oh, cute, you're mistaking me for someone who cares about what a bunch of hormonal teens thinks about him. But y'know, I can fake it if that'll get yer dick hard." Charming.

  Then Christian comments back to Emma. "This one has potential." With a light tap to his sister's knee. "Yes, please. I was done with school after I got my MBA."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Ice cream? Yeah Simon knew Ms. Frost was supposed to be the 'cool teacher' -- Someone even claims that she didn't get them in trouble for ... well they were probably lying about /that/. "Well I suppose that is slightly more urgent. I shall retrieve this vital package post haste." It could be a trick, but he supposed he would find out.

Well that is not the way Simon is used to being talked to. It doesn't make him mad, it just has him on edge. The kind of person who talks like that is either a massive prick or super cool -- and Simon is not particularly optimistic about Christian. "To be honest, I'm not offended at the word. I just wonder -- if all the other kids didn't like you, what am I missing?" He voyages over to the fridge.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I assume the kids distaste of you comes from their distrust of me." Emma says loud enough for Simon to hear though she is talking to Christian.

    The blonde leans back in her chair and looks to Christian still seated on the desk as Simon would be returning and she sighs. "I don't expect you to care what they think about you, I expect you to understand I need them to care about what /I/ have to say. As their teacher, because most of them already have problems with authority, worse so than we do."

Christian Frost has posed:
     Simon's question leads into a little story. Though Christian's recounting of it is much less eventful than actually being there. "It was a misunderstanding while I went to the dance last night. Some girl thought I was hitting on her girlfriend and she got all indignant. Obviously she couldn't tell I wasn't interested in her girl. And whoever the brown-haired Adonis with the sunglasses got on my case about it. I practically had to wave a giant pride flag to get everyone off my ass, which is usually a fun time."

  As Emma goes on about the kids, Christian sighs. "What, you expect them to listen to you because of what I say? Like I'm gonna change their minds? You can do that all by yourself."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon returns with icecream. He looks suspiciously at Christian. Simon didn't go to the dance, but he does know about it. He isn't sure about the whole thing with the two girls, but he isn't sure which adult brunette Christian could be talking about without knowing their name -- Loads of people wear sunglasses of course. Most of the adults around here are kind of famous -- atleast to mutants like himself. "Uh-huh. And I am sure that made things much better."

He thinks about what Emma said. "Geez Ms. Frost, I don't think you have to take credit for this one. I think people judge him on his own merits in this case." He settles down to enjoy a big projected show.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Likely, your right Simon, but ... you know how shortsighted and prejudiced some people can be." Emma says with a frown as she stands up and takes a pint and a spoon.

    He did grab spoons right?

    Emma opens her pint and starts to dig in. "You two have fun gossiping. I need to go find a skunk haired girl. I think she stole my phone charger." Emma storms off, pint in hand and spoon in the other.

Christian Frost has posed:
     "Ehh, I needed to get outta there anyway. Coming off that far rail of coke and opal really fucked me up." Did he just admit to doing drugs? Yep. "So yeah, Scott got his panties in a twist. After Noriko got in my face and was just a little...anyway. Yes. That was my introduction to the student body." Christian dug into his own pint, mint chip. Yummy. "What's your story?" He asks between bites to Simon.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Scott? As in Cyclops? Well that is not what he thought. A look of confusion and then recognition pass over his face. Mr. Summers is a little too old for Simon, but everybody likes something different he supposes. "Yeah he's like that. He is the squarest of the faculty." he digs in to his. "Well I mostly had the uj. Powers manifest, get disowned, humans hate and fear me and now I'm here. I did work as a firefighter for a bit though, so that is different. What about you?"

Christian Frost has posed:
     Christian laughs, before chiming in. "Oh, OD'd on coke and opal, wound up in the hospital, Emma slapped me, brought me here to detox after she found out I could hear her thoughts." The thirty year old gave a chuckle. "I...got sent to the loony bin, six years ago, that's when I heard voices for the first time. After 'daddy' sent me off to get un-gay with the guys in white coats."

  "So, I'm a guest in this...place. Until they kick me out cause I'll eventually fuck it up somehow, or someway."

Simon Lasker has posed:
"They still have the shrinks that try to train the gay away? How old are you?" He had head about that sort of thing, but he'd never met someone it'd happened to.

This last comment confuses Simon. Unless Christian is secretly a serial killer, he wasn't aware you could get thrown out. "That is a super negative attitude to have. You would have to do something way worse than coke to get kicked out. I have gotten in loads of trouble and I am still allowed to stay." Simon turns on the movie and chills.