5472/Hanging Out in the Hall

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Hanging Out in the Hall
Date of Scene: 07 March 2021
Location: Monitor Room
Synopsis: Pizza and advice are shared in the Hall of Justice
Cast of Characters: Arthur Curry, Diana Prince

Arthur Curry has posed:
Seems like there's someone in the monitor room tonight, given the light and sound coming out of it. Inside the room, there's a somewhat disreputable looking figure sitting at the large meeting table. Well, sitting might be a little too formal a word for it. He's kicked back in a chair, feet up on the table itself. There's a bottle of beer and an open pizza box in front of him, and his attention is on the large, high tech, state of the art holographic display floating above the table. A display which is currently showing.. college football. Arthur cheers as Clemson scores against Virginia.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had been on medical emergency for almost a full month. She'd been in a coma in the medical labs not even but a handful of meters to the south of this very room.

But she was out of it now, she'd recovered with the help of many of her closest allies.

Here and now, she is walking past the monitor room when she glances inside it and sees Arhtur. It'd been some time since she'd spoken to him, so she pauses her walk and turns to adjust and move inside the room.

The Princess is wearing her formal armor, but itt's mostly obscured by a dark blue shawl she's wearing over her shoulders that drapes down her shoulders and hangs down her front and back sides.

Diana walks toward the table, noting the various elements of Arthur's relaxation. She shows a faint smile toward him. "Your team is winning?" The Princess asks, her hands coming to rest on the back of one of the chairs at the head of the table now.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry looks over as Diana comes in and nods, "So far, at least." He drops his feet from the table and turns to face her, getting a slightly serious look on his face, "I heard things were bad for you for a while, I'm sorry I wasn't around to help." Not that he's sure what he could have done for someone in a coma anyway.

He shrugs a little, "I was kinda stuck in Atlantis, things have gotten a little iffy there and I got tied up in things longer than I expected, then I get back and find out you were out of action for a while." He takes a drink from the bottle and waves at the pizza, "Grab a slice if you want."

After looking her over for a minute, he adds, "Good to see you looking ok again. What happened, anyway? I've seen you take some punishment without going down."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's focus is on Arthur while he speaks, at least up until he asks that last question and then she looks toward the holgraphically projected football game. She parts her lips and takes in a breath as she moves around the chair that she had her hands upon. She settles down on to the edge of it before her eyes go to the pizza box... she hadn't eaten for a day or so and it was enticing...

Diana's hands draw the box toward her by one of its cardboard corners. She eyes the slices and picks the slimmest one of them up by the crusted end. "I uh..." She says as she eyes the slice and raises it up.

"I was very dumb." She finally decides to just say to the man that she always had a fairly easy time talking to one on one like this. The Princess takes a bite of the tip of the slice and enjoys it for a moment before her gaze goes to his.

"The dopple gangers from the... alternate reality. One of them was a version of my counterpart, Cassandra. I did not see the warning signs, and she got the better of me in a fight... with some manner of magically enchanted armor that very nearly overwhelmed my ability to heal from injury."

She enjoys a second bite then and shakes her head side to side. "Thankfully, we found a way past it." She shows him a soft smile. "I'm better now. As I hope things in Atlantis are as well..."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Another drink is required before he starts to answer, "Yeah, I heard something about that, but haven't really gotten the whole story. Do we know if that's still going on? Be nice to know if I have to watch out for another me, I mean, God forbid I get a bad reputation or something." He rolls his eyes a little, then slicks his hair back with one hand.

"As for Atlantis.. let's just say I'm not happy with the way Namor is treating the people who prefer me to him. At the same time, I really don't want to get stuck on the throne, so I don't know quite what the hell to do about it."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana gently leans back in the chair that'd chosen, enjoying the food while she keeps her eyes on him whilst he speaks. She shakes her head to the initial question and finds a moment to add in. "It is unlikely more wills how up at this point, but I suppose nothing is out of the question." She says on the dopples.

Falling silent for a few more moments to listen to the turmoils of the sea-home havens that Namor and Athur belong to, Diana shows him a soft smile. "So you came here to hide?" She teases him.

Her eyes glance to the football game, then back to him. "I would help, were I able to. But I understand the pressures there. You are a strong leader though, Arthur, should it come to that, you would do a very valiant job of it."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur shrugs, "No, I'm not looking for help on the Atlantis front, last thing I want to do is drag more people into it." He takes a bite of pizza and swallows before continuing, "I just know that if I end up on the throne, that's pretty much all my time gone for anything else."

"And I'm not hiding, I'm taking advantage of a really good video system and the city's best pizza place." He waves absently at the holo-display, "This thing is awesome for sports. Also, Namor asked me to give some talks about how Pollution is affecting the oceans." He snorts, "Me, giving talks... but it could help Atlantis, so I said yes."

He looks over at Diana again and asks, "So is there anything else going on I should know about now that I'm not under the Atlantic for a while?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks to the holo projection again, knowing full well that that thing is not meant to be used for this purpose, but she's not about to say that to him. The monitor room itself is mostly automated by AIs at this day and age anyway.
She just shows a faint smile at his commentary on it all before she looks back to him as he speaks of talks and ocean pollution. "That is very responsible of you." She quietly tells him. "I would love to hear one of these talks." She adds with a subtle grin showing for only a moment.

Her eyes dart down to the half a slice of pizza she has left and she considers her response. "Superman, and the other Kryptonians, have gone an a pilgrimage to the Krypton System, though they may be back any day now." Another little bite is taken and then Diana's right hand comes up to her dark hair to push it out from the side of her face. "I am taking a trip back to my homeland as well, along with some young women who have gone above and beyond to help not only me but many others. A chance to show my home to outsiders, which is exciting." She smiles at him softly.

"Beyond that, we are in a moment of realtive peace. Though.. it has been some time since I spoke to Batman, and should you get a chance I would be curious as to his status-- along with his city."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur grins at Diana, having at least some idea what she's thinking as she looks to the game playing on the monitor system, but simply says, "Yeah, well, it's worth doing, and I kind of am the surface face of Atlantis. I don't know how good I'm gonna be at the talking part though. Crowds aren't my thing."

More of the pizza vanishes as he considers for a moment, then says, "Be a hell of a time for someone to attack, Supes gone, you gone... I'll keep my eyes open until one or both of you gets back. Someone's gotta mind the store while you're on vacation."

He takes a drink, then adds, "While your home sounds great, it's probably best it's women only. I'd just get in trouble if I visited, you know?" He smirks, "Not always the best with the social graces."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana leans forward to put the crust from her slice back in to the box on the lid, clearly not a pizza crust kinda gal! She puts her eyes back up on ot the football game as a play is being run and the ball is being thrown a long distance. At his words a smile appears upon the Princess' face that is soon to be accompanied by a soft and melodic laugh.

She looks back over at him then, still smiling. "I am still working on further opening the shores of my homeland to all people. Men included. Though that might take some time yet still. All the same, however, you should work on your crowd speaking skills. Who knows--" She shrugs her shoulders beneath that blue shawl draped over them. "Perhaps you will give a public presentation to all the women of Themyscira someday."

Her smile turns in to a grin for the Atlantean. "But yes, I will not be too far away and can always be reached via team comms, so if trouble does arise, do not hesitate to reach out." Is she nervous about the 'house' being left to just him? Surely not!

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur nods, not even paying attention to the game while he's talking to Diana. He's comfortable around her, knowing she's someone he can actually talk to and not worry too much about offending, and like him, she understands the demands of royalty, even reluctant royalty.

"Somehow I doubt Themyscira causes very much pollution that they'd need to get a lecture about it, Diana. You guys are pretty good with the whole nature thing." Another swig from the bottle empties it. "Nah, it's all the normal folks all around us who don't even stop to think of what they're doing."

He snorts out a little laugh, then looks over to her, "How the hell is anything I say going to get through to them, unless I start making threats? I'm not a talker, I'm a fighter."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana leans back in her chair again after grabbing one of the napkins on the pile next to the pizza box. She dabs at her fingers with it while she listens to him with a slight grin before she does the customary glance down at herself to amke sure she wasn't covered in crumbs.

"We do our best." She says on the subject of the Amazons being eco-friendly. But then her hands go the arms of the chair and she looks toward him, even going so far as to tilt her head to stare at him a little more curiously at his plight over these speeches.

"This is really bothering you." She says then, now realizing just how much it actually is. After a second, she speaks again her accented English. "You have to appeal to the region that you are going to be speaking to. Learn the issues that theya re facing in their community, make your speech relate to them on a personal level. If you speak on a braod levle, you are likely to just reiterate things that they have all already heard. Encourage them to work together, especially with any services already in progress in their area... spreading the information how they can help with what is already going on, is usually a great angle for these manner of things."

She talks like she's done this sort of thing before! But she's been a public official for almost 4 years now, so...

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur nods as she explains how to try and reach his audience, then shrugs a little, trying to cover any embarrassment at her perception of his discomfort with the speeches. This is rough, tough Arthur, after all, why would he worry about what people think of him? Still, he smiles a little behind that piratical beard as she gives him advice and shrugs a little, "I just want to do it right if I'm going to do it, you know? Last thing I need is to get up there and make a fool of myself. With Namor on the throne, there isn't a lot I can do for Atlantis, so I don't want to screw this up."

He considers her words, then shakes his head, "Ok, sounds like I'm gonna be doing a lot more research on this stuff than I had thought." He smirks, "I wonder if Namor would give me budget for a research staff. This crap was his idea, after all."

Diana Prince has posed:
All of what he says holds her attention and gets her to smile, and even lightly laugh again at the idea of hiring a research team for these topics he has to speak on. "Perhaps. But, I do think you are likely stressing yourself out more than you need to be. Why--"

Diana turns to the holo projection and raises her left hand up to motion toward it, "Your research can all be done right here, you merely have to ask the computer for help on the subject. Refine your searches, narrow down what it is you are looking to talk on and it will ensure that you are given the best info to build a presentation. I would suggest making somewhat generic open and cloging commentary, then provide a contextual middle for each individual location that youa re planning to speak at."

She relents then and just sits straight in her chair once more with her hands going in to her lap. "You will do wonderfully, Arthur. I am sure of it." She encourages him, though she waits a moment before playfully adding. "And if not, it will likely be instantly put on Youtube for all the world to have a good laugh over." Now she's just being mean.

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry snorts again, "Yah, that's juuust what I need, another excuse for Namor to call me incompetent." He looks around the room, then admits a little sheepishly, "You know Diana, I never even thought of using the League system to help with the research. I suppose all this AI stuff the techheads talk about must be good for something though."

He looks back to her, "Thanks Diana, that actually is a big help." He chews on his lip for a second, then tells her, "You know I'll deny it if you ever tell anyone I was actually worried about this, right? I've got a rep to uphold, after all. I'm the bad one." He kicks his feet back up onto the table, as if to prove his point.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana, of course, looks around again when he speaks of using the League systems to help craft his speeches. She places her hands down over her knees as she sits straight on the edge of her chair and shows a knowing smile across the distance to him. "They will help you, yes, but not do all the work for you. They are smarter than that." She says of the AI's that power the systems.

At the rest of what he says, and when he puts his feet up on the table, the Princess openly snickers and starts to rise up to her full height again upon her wedge-heeled armored boots.

"Oh yes--" She says. "I would expect nothing less, Arthur." She tells him as she starts to move back around the chair and push it back in to the table in its proper place.

"Thank you for the dinner as well." Diana says then as she starts to turn to leave. "And reach out should you need help. I am not /too/ far, even while in Themyscira."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur is back into full Arthur mode at this point, so simply gives a wave and a quick, "Yep, I've got your number. I'll be in touch if anything pops up while you're gone."

Right before you leave, he looks over and says quietly, "And Diana.. I'm glad you're ok" before turning his attention back to the game.