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Peaceful Ocean View
Date of Scene: 07 March 2021
Location: New York Coastline
Synopsis: Bruce Banner's quiet day at the beach is interrupted by a Latino gang attack on Viola's father, a Maggia consiglieri. Hulk stops the attack and saves the girl from an exploding gasoline pump.
Cast of Characters: Bruce Banner, Viola Fiore

Bruce Banner has posed:
The Hulk has reared his ugly head a few times recently, but Bruce does his best to stay as far from it as possible. The coast, that's relaxing and calm. He stands on a beach, looking over the water as it moves in and out. Deep, relaxing breathing. That will help everything.

The downside to being the educated sort, he doesn't tend to be terribly observant. That is bad for him, but worse for those that might take advantage of the mousey looking man.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Most of the beach is deserted, the weather kind of cool for sunbathing and swimming. The lifeguard towers are empty. There's a jogger here, and someone walking a dog there. It's pretty tranquil, the waves kept small as there is a breakwater nearby protecting some docks at the end of the beach. Boats ranging from small houseboats, to moderately sized yachts can be seen berthed there. Only a few cars are in the marina's parking lot, and only one or two people visible, loitering where one of the docks reaches shore.

A young woman in her early twenties wanders down the beach. Viola is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, but is carrying her shoes. She walks barefoot just outside that stretch where the small waves soak the sand as they lap up onshore. A few gulls float in the air above her, calling out now and then hoping she'll be one of those people who come down to feed them. But so far, no luck.

Off in the distance, a panel truck and a commercial van travel down a street, heading in the direction of the nearby marina.

Bruce Banner has posed:
For the longest time, Banner is oblivious of the others on the beach. He sinks into the sand to sit and absently he rocks a little, his hands shaking inspite of himself. Anyone with the slightest amount of awareness can see the stress that he wears everywhere all at once despite the attempts at relaxing. There truly is nothing like having a bomb inside waiting to go off and it shows. His deep breaths falter now and then, more ragged, then back to steady,"I hear you in there." he mutters softly.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The breeze is light, the warm sunshine enough to offset any cooling effect. The tang of the salt air carries to Viola as she draws a deep breath. Joining her father out here was a good idea. The family boat was a nice thing, not at all as large as what Uncle Silvio kept, but like any boat it required some care. And it was one of the things her father liked to have a hand in himself rather than just hiring someone for it.

Viola glances up ahead towards the marina. But her eyes end up drawn instead to the dark-haired man who settles into the sand. She notes his body language. The tension in his shoulders would be evident even if Viola did not have a sociology degree and training to pay attention to such things.

She glances back towards the marina, figuring it will be awhile before her father is finished anyway. Two of his bodyguards are visible between the parking lot and the dock. If he needed her, one of them would come, or he'd call. So Viola turns and makes her way across the sand over to Bruce Banner.

"Hey there," she calls out softly while she's still approaching, giving him a chance to show, by word or body language, if her approach is unwelcome. "It's a nice day out here, isn't it?" she asks him.

The truck and van stop along the road not too far from the marina. The men inside looking through binoculars too far away for the bodyguards to see, let alone Viola or Doctor Banner who are much further away.

Bruce Banner has posed:
He's quiet for several seconds, still trying to get the tension out however possible. Finally, he opens his eyes and turns towards the voice. There another moment of pause before he finds his words finally,"Nice...yes." he manages. A master conversationalist he is not. After another moment he shakes that off as well,"Yes. It is a nice day. My apologies. It's been a long week." he explains.

Slow on the uptake as usual he manages to notice the ones at the parking lot and dock. He doesn't watch them long, just marking them and moving on. Still oblivious to the approaching vehicles.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola's shoes dangle from her hand, the other one slipping into the pocket of her jeans. If she's recognized him, the young woman doesn't give any signs of it. "I know how that can be," she tells him, drawing a deep breath and letting it out with a quiet chuckle. "This is a good place to come try to find a little balance though," she says, the young woman turning to look out towards the blue water, that meets the sky's other shade of blue far out at the horizon.

She turns back to Bruce. Her eyes study the older man for a moment, making up her mind. "If you'd rather just have some privacy, I can keep going. But, I just thought you maybe looked like someone that could use someone to talk to? About whatever. That long week maybe?" the young woman offers.

The occupants of the vehicle seem to have seen enough. They start forward, the truck turning into the marina's entrance first, coasting across the parking lot at about fifteen miles an hours, looking like they are perhaps deciding where to park. The two bodyguards glance over but don't show any particular concern, the van turning in after the truck has a bit of a lead.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Balance is a tricky thing for many people." he comments softly,"Moreso for some than others." He manages a tight smile, not really in his eyes,"Some people have their demons. People like me have their demons inside waiting to erupt." A moment of consideration and he nods towards the ground,"You're welcome to sit if you like."

Another tight smile and he looks towards the horizon again,"The water is decidedly more relaxing than I would have originally thought. There is so much uncertainty about the ocean and still it is relaxing. I don't do well with surprises, but this one is better than most."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The young woman's soft smile that she gives Bruce Banner conveys a sense of warmth as she takes a seat after his invitation. She sets her shoes on the sand, knees bent and her arms resting atop them. Though Viola's torso is swiveled a bit towards Bruce, giving him her full attention.

Viola slowly nods at Bruce's talk about demons inside. "I suspect no matter what, no matter how enviable someone's life is, how easy they seem to have it... everyone's got some demons inside. I don't think life would let us in without facing that," she says thoughtfully. "Though, some are worse to bear than others, yeah."

She turns to look at the ocean when Bruce does. "I've always loved the beach," she says, lips curling up into a brighter smile at the memory. "I was always the girl whose mother had to yell at her three times it was time to get out of the water and go home." Her grin grows slightly wider. "And who still wouldn't leave until the fourth time," she adds with a laugh.

Viola reaches her hand over to offer it to Bruce as she offers her name. "I'm Viola."

The truck has pulled just past the two bodyguards and pulls into a parking space in the middle of the lot, the rear door towards the two men, and a clear path ahead of it whenever it should choose to leave. The commercial van is dark grey without any lettering. It is coasting forward, the men inside crouched below the window level, all but the driver and someone in the passenger seat. The van stops and the passenger rolls his window down. "Hey, is this Del Mar Marina? We're looking for berth number 12. Any idea if we're in the right area?"

One of the bodyguards starts to walk over nearer to the van to answer.

Bruce Banner has posed:
A little more of a real smile touches his features as she talks about the demons and then the talk moves to talk of childhood and beach time,"We didn't get to the beach much when I was a kid." he admits,"Once in a great while we would get away from..." he pauses and leaves that one alone. No sense going down that road,"...we would go now and then. It was great."

The offered hand is accepted and he shakes,"Bruce...Banner." he replies,"It's a pleasure to meet you." His name is on the news at times so she might have heard of him. Not if she is lucky, but she might have. The sound of voices get his attention, but that's just the burden of being him. Everything is a potential disaster waiting to happen of course, but he lonly looks a moment since the body guard goes that way,"I'm not so good at this sort of thing, but thank you for stopping to check on the potential crazy on the beach. He appreciates it."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore shakes Bruce's hand. "I was probably a little spoiled," she says, using her other hand to signal a tiny amount with her fingers. "Though I think all fathers want to do that with their daughter's don't they?" she tells him with a quiet chuckle.

The young woman lets go of Bruce's hand, the wind blowing her hair across her face, hiding sight of Bruce until she tucks the dark locks away over her shoulder where the wind can't get them so easily. "You don't seem crazy. You just seem... well? Alone? I don't mean because you were sitting here by yourself. More that you looked like someone having to carry a lot of his burdens by himself." Her expression is understanding, as if maybe she's had some experience with that before herself.

As the bodyguard starts to turn and point towards the correct pier, the man in the passenger seat pulls a pistol up from where he had it below the window level of the van, and shoots the man in the head.

The gunshot echoes across the beach as the van doors open, spilling out more men, and the back of the panel truck opens, more hopping out.

The second guard pulls a handgun from his jacket and starts firing at the van as he runs towards the nearest cover, some cars in the parking lot. His path takes him nearer to the direction of Bruce Banner and Viola, so when the attacking men start tracking him with their guns, those on the beach are in the backdrop of their line of fire.

Bruce Banner has posed:
A soft laugh at the mention of fathers and daughters and the things they do,"I have no sisters, but I have heard rumors sure enough." He doesn't relax easy, ever. Still, he is more at ease than he was before. He raises his hand and touches his temple with one finger,"The crazy is inside and it's all I can do to keep it there. The last thing anyone ever wants to see is...."

The finish of the conversation is interrupted by the sound of gunfire. Guns...guns. Bad guns. The first man hits the ground and Bruce is divided between going to help the man and getting both of them on the ground. Bullets coming that way makes the decision and he tries to get them both on the ground since the bullets are flying towards them. On his arm, hard to miss in the sound of the bullets, his heart monitor goes from dead silent to rapid instantly.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The crack of the gunshot doesn't make Viola jump but it does make her look around, as if she's not sure if that's fireworks, or a car backfiring. Or what it turns out to be.

The brunette glances first one way, and then the other towards the marina. Just in time to see the men who emerged from the van pointing handguns, and in one case, a submachine gun, towards the second guard.

The fresh gunfire splits the beach's calm, Viola's eyes widening. Bruce reacts faster, pulling her down to the sand. There are soft little coughs here and there on the beach. A trio of bullets from that new salvo hit near enough to be heard striking the sand, each sending up little puffs of sand grains. The nearest bullet was about 15 feet away, the others a little more comfortable of a distance. If any distance for a bullet is ever comfortable when 'towards you' is part of the description.

More gun fire breaks out, additional shots, another bullet hitting the sand. The guard gets hit in the leg just as he makes it to the car, stumbling and managing to fall behind its cover.

The sound of additional shots can be heard as someone on the dock among the boats begins shooting at the attackers. There are four men from the van, and another 6 that came out of the back of the panel truck. Two of the latter have shotguns, and one a submachine gun as they begin to close on the dock. The four from the van focus on the second guard, peppering shots to keep him down as they move to flank the car at the front and back.

Bruce Banner has posed:
As a scientist there are few that match him. As a doctor he is among the best. As a combatant, well that leaves a lot to be desired. The heart meter gets more and more rapid until it is one long beep. He does his best to cover her inspite of the combat ineptitude, but when it starts he doesn't exactly have full control and his body lunges forward, still ahead of her, but not covering her physically. Bullets all around, gunmen having a proverbial hey day.

She might have been having a good day, but that is going wrong in ways that are obvious and one that she is likely unaware of. His body spasms a few times and deep growls escape his throat at the change takes over and "the other guy" begins to take his place. It isn't instant, but it won't take long.

Viola Fiore has posed:
As soon as Bruce Banner isn't holding her down or covering her if he was shielding her with his body, the young woman looks up and then leaps to her feet. "Dad," she says in a horrified voice. "Dad!" she calls louder, though not really enough to draw any attention over the sounds of the gunfire.

She ends up with some tunnel vision for a second, as Viola starts forward towards the marina. It's only seeing the man beside her spasm, making her think he was just shot, that slows her. Viola turns back towards Bruce even as her feet continue to take small steps, backpedaling towards the marina. That's when she sees it. The shirt ripping, his body growing. The pallor of his skin changing to a greenish tint.

The young woman's eyes open wide with disbelief. She's only snapped out of it by a bullet winging so close by her head that she can hear it pass. Viola looks from the marina, to Bruce Banner and back again. "Dad," she says, and starts sprinting barefoot across the sand.

More gunfire, and the attacking men from the van have one man at the front and one at the back of the car. The bodyguard is huddled by the driver's side door, firing forward and back to try to keep them at bay. The car beside this one is too low for him to crawl under.

Meanwhile the six from the truck are advancing, some of the stopping to fire down the dock, bullets hitting boats and leaving holes in their hulls, while others move forward under the cover of their fire. Shots are coming back down the docks. Two men on the docks, who have jumped onto other boats for cover, and then a small boat only just reaching the length one might call it a yacht. Three men are firing from it, ducked down low along the sides of the boat.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bullets. Lots of bullets. Everyone is shooting around. It won't take long for those bullets to have something new to look out. The human response, the fight or flight. They are always in conflict with each other. The gunmen ill intentions as the bullets fly, but those intentions will change very soon.

The skinny, scared man goes into the sand. A few moments later, half a ton of green muscle and rage rise from his place. The growls turn into roars, first loud and then finally Earth shattering. All the gunmen get the shock of a lifetime as something louder than the guns pierce the air,"GUNS!! NO GUNS!!" the green behemoth shouts as he casts off what is left of the shirt we was wearing and steps out of the destroyed shoes. Heavy footfalls start towards the nearest shooters.

For their part, most of them pause briefly. Fortunately for her, most of the bullets are off her and pointed towards the thing that scares. The bullets are just a gathering of annoying flies and mosquitos as he raises one hand to protect his face and continues towards them, bad intentions radiating off of him.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Unseen by everyone, a form slips over small yacht's railing on the side away from the gunmen. Urged on by one of those firing to protect the boat. Viola's father ducks his head underwater, staying below for as much as the trip as he can as he swims away from his boat, moving behind others as he makes his aquatic trek, steadily putting more distance between himself and the gunfight.

Viola hears the roar behind her and she stumbles, looking back. A quick burn of pewter enhances her agility to help her avoid falling as she sees that green hulking form rushing forward.

The young woman darts off to the side, nearer to the water to be well out of the way of the Hulk's path as he charges the gunmen. The four from the van all see him and forget about their previous target. They start shooting at him, three handguns and a submachine gun. The latter peppers the Hulk and the beach around him with bullets.

The bodyguard hears the roar but doesn't know what's going on, unable to see Hulk with a car in the way. He does see one of the attackers though, putting a shot into his leg before his ammo runs out. He drops out the clip and reloads.

The fight on the dock continues, the sound of the gunfire either drowning out the roar, or just the adrenaline of the moment not tearing the men's eyes from their opponents. Two of the defending gunmen are hit, leaving three. One of the attackers gets shot and pulls back, staggering towards the truck, leaving his five friends, advancing up the dock, using boats on either side as cover.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Given the one with the automatic is the most annoying, he is the one to get backhanded first. His body flies like it is made of paper and hits a nearby retaining fence post with a loud, wet sounding thud and he sinks to the ground. There is a concussion if he's lucky. The others continue to shoot at the Hulk making him angrier than he already is.

He grabs another shooter and hurls him at the other two, another roars shattering the sea air. He doesn't really form words, but it is almost a 'Who's next' sounding challenge. Bodies crumple as they are not match for the raw fury and power of the Hulk. The only one trying to get up gets kicked in the side. Broken ribs anyone. His fury moves to aim at something else, anything that is trying to hurt him. Currently he is unaware of her and the things that concern her. His only interest currently bullets at him. Loud noises will be next most likely.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The second bodyguard just lays there on the ground, covering his head, gun dropped. He's murmuring the Ava Maria prayer in Italian and pretty much just hoping that the Hulk passes right on by as the green goliath takes out the gunmen who have been trying to kill him.

Shouts from the wounded man heading back towards the truck finally get the attention of the five attackers on the dock. They've hit two men on the yacht, one of them still firing but pretty much just holding his gun up over the railing and firing blind.

Those on the dock look at each other as if unsure what to do, but one that appears to be the leader says, "Get him, aim for the face!" The men are all Latino, ranging from their twenties to possibly forty or more.

The two with the shotguns are urged forward towards Hulk, taking aim towards his face and unleashing shot after shot.

Viola sees Hulk throw the one man and rather than head towards the parking lot, she runs for docks that are nearer to her. The one the men were assaulting is the third dock out of five.

The young woman finds a metal post at the edge of the marina, moving in front of it and gauging her direction. She burns steel and pushes with a force of many hundred pounds, launching herself into the air as the pole stuck in concrete outweighs her by far. She arcs over the first dock, descending towards the second. She adjusts with a little push off a motor, landing on the second dock. Then finding something to push on to launch herself again, heading towards the family yacht.

Bruce Banner has posed:
More noise, louder noise, and shooting his face with buckshot. These are great ideas. He opens his mouth to roar again, getting a spray of it in his mouth. It isn't terrifying enough that he does fall, he merely spits out the buckshot, a little green blood, and two teeth. Those wild eyes widen in fury and even more anger.

He holds a hand up as another shotgun blast hits the palm and merely stops. A second later he grabs a shotgun and slings the gunman still attached to it into the water. His growing annoyance rises more and he claps his hands together. Like a sonic wave the force of it launches the man back and into the parking lot again. Oh look a car. He flips the car out of annoyance and likely gives anyone nearby a shock, though it isn't aimed at them, just mad.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The remaining gunmen are of split minds as they see how the shotgun blast just makes the Hulk more angry, and causes him to flip the car over. Three of them are smart. They flee, two by running down the lengths of boats and diving into the water. One just plain dives into the water.

The remaining man lets out a yell and charges at Hulk, firing his hand gun at Hulk's massive green chest again and again.

In the background, Viola lands hard on the dock, but her power strengthens her legs enough to absorb the shock without harm. "Dad! Dad, are you ok! Have to get out of here!" she yells, heading towards the family boat.

Behind the Hulk, in that panel truck, one of the men who remained behind lugs an honest to god machine gun to the back of the truck. He pops down a bipod for it to steady the gun, and feeds in a chain of ammo.

He sights in on the Hulk's back and opens fire. Hot lead sprays the area all around the Hulk. Putting holes in boats and in the dock.

Viola hears the extra loud gunfire and burns pewter stronger as she drops to the dock. Bullets whiz by overhead. Most alarming, some of them hit the gasoline pump at the end of the dock, near her family boat, used to refuel boats. A tracer round starts a small fire there, but the whole gas pump doesn't go up.

Not yet.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Those that flee are spared the wrath of the green monster. The one that charges gets back handed like an annoying gnat. He flies into the next parking lot before he finally hits the ground. Hulk is just about to look for his way out and then the machine gun starts.

Staggering a half step forward from the surprise, he turns towards the weapon and covers his face with one hand as he scowls. Bullets hit him and fall to the ground, but there is a lot of them and eventually a thousand flies will do some level of damage. The men seem to think they have an advantage and the bullets continue, the shoooter getting a pat on the back.

Hulk snarls again and his knees flex, jumping up and out of the line of fire. By all appearances it might seem to them that he is escaping, but the jump doesn't carry him far or even away. Instead he closes the distance between him and the shooter, half a ton of green behemouth falling out of the sky like a giant cannonball and landing in the middle of the men and their would be gunner's station.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The men start to celebrate for all of a second or two, before the Hulk crashes down among them. One screams like a girl, and all of them try to abandon the fight and run for their lives now. The machine gun barrel is hot enough to sizzle as one man's leg brushes it in his attempt to flee, resulting in a yelp of pain as it burns his leg.

The truck's driver had the engine going the whole time. As he sees the other men running, he steps on the gas to try to escape, intending to take the shortest path towards the road which will take him over the marina's small, grassy lawn first.

When Hulk leaped out of the path of fire, extra machine gun bullets smashed into the boats and dock all around Viola. The engine of a boat on one side of her explodes as the gas line is hit and ignited by sparks of the bullet's passage. Bits of wood rain down. The remaining men aboard Viola's family boat jump into the water, the one who hasn't been shot helping the other two, having put life jackets on them while Hulk kept the gunmen occupied.

Viola gets to her feet, a burning boat on one side of her, and a burning gasoline pump on the other. The pump, if it explodes, is going to be a big one. She fumbles in her pocket, pulling out a small vial and popping the top and drinking the contents. Water makes it easy to drink the metallic flakes within as she replenishes her metals.

For anyone looking down the dock though? They'd just see a young woman standing there, with a raging fire spreading across the gasoline pumping station nearby.

Bruce Banner has posed:
No more shooters. This is good. Hulk shakes his head and starts to look towards the sky. Something catches his attention though and he pauses, double taking the sight of the woman near the fire and the potential explosion. Nuisance crosses his eyes, but concern beats it out a moment later and he leaps through the air towards the disaster about to unravel.

There are few things that startle someone in the world like the sound of the beast's roar, but him landing beside her probably beats that. Of course, a moment later he quickly, but surprisingly gently grabs her from the ground and tucks her under his arm and leaps away from the explosion before it has time to happen.

That is, of course, a pretty wild sight to see. He leaps into the air.../way/ into the air. Rivaling any hot air balloon and some civilian planes in the heights he reaches. The jump goes towards the mountains in the distance that he's been to before. If nothing else, it is something she'll never forget.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola's eyes are on the gasoline tank. She's not a trained supehero, and using her powers effectively still takes thought. She's in the midst of deciding whether to use up all of her pewter to try to survive the blast, or whether she should try to extinguish it somehow, when suddenly something lands on the dock, shaking it and sending it bouncing up and down on the water.

She turns back and sees the towering form of the Hulk. There's no time to say anything, or even think. He's got her scooped up in his immense, strong arm just like that and then the ground is suddenly falling away as the Hulk leaps.

Viola looks down as he does, and sees the gasoline pump go up in a huge blast and ball of flame. She has no idea if she could have survived it, the twenty-three year old trembling as that fireball quickly grows tiny as the Hulk's leap carries them far away.

She turns to look ahead to where they are going, looking down on the ground hundreds, possibly thousands of feet below. Her arms go around the Hulk's chest. Or try to. Jesus he's big! Her cheek presses against him. "Thank god. Thank you. Thank you," he can hear her say as they soar through the air.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The monster flies through the air and comes down to the ground hard, yet she doesn't feel the shock. He jumps again and sails into the mountains a few moments later. His attention is on the horizon. He does hear her voice, though he's not so good at the talking thing most of the time.

It's going to be a long walk home and winter time in the woods can be pretty cool on a good day. Once the sound of the city is far away and only nature can be heard he finally stops jumping. He looks around and takes a deep breath and exhales.

"Girl safe..." he comments finally and looks at her. Despite the massive leaps and landings he doesn't really seem to be terribly winded. He holds her until she decides to let go,"Bad men gone...quiet." He is a far cry different from the mousey man you met earlier and he wasn't kidding about the demon within.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The jumps that eat up miles and miles at a time leave Viola astounded. She's never even imagined anything like this, and it makes her own experimental forays throwing herself into the air with her power feel like such tiny things.

The gentleness with which the Hulk is able to land and leap again surprise her. The rush of adrenaline is wearing off finally. Even while those jumps are going on, Viola somehow feels very safe after seeing how soft the first landing was. The young woman's body having that little tremble for most of their trip as that adrenaline leaches away finally.

They land in the pristine wilderness, the stretch of woods between town with a number of pine trees that give the area that pleasant, woodsy scent even at this time of year. "Safe," Viola repeats with a small nod, looking up at Hulk, seeing the green of his eyes. She swallows and says softly, "You weren't kidding about having some things you were dealing with, were you?"

She hasn't let go just yet, just looks at the Hulk. Her heart is racing. It's difficult not to remember the stories of the Hulk rampaging through cities, hurting people. Though he just saved her, and is being gentle. "Are... are you ok? Were you hurt?" she asks him gently.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Looking around the area he takes a deep breath again, exhaling and relaxing a little as he does. One thing about the Hulk, there's no preparing you for the real thing no matter how much you see on the television. Something moves in the woods and he snarls, glancing that way a second. A deer bounces away and he eases again.

"Puny Banner." he mutters when she mentions what he is dealing with. There is a solid sound of disgust in the name,"Keeps Hulk away..." It is really difficult to decide which one struggles more in the conversation department.

When she asks about being OK he considers her and shakes his head,"Hulk no hurt. Girl hurt?" Not that he could do anything about it, but he asks anyway. His breathing continues to slow and the rage ebbs away from him as the two of you converse.

Viola Fiore has posed:
As Hulk snarls at the sound from the surrounding woods, Viola has a moment of tensing, afraid he'll forget she's there and accidentally crush her with his arm. She very gently moves her hand, stroking his green form where it rests. "Just a small animal," she says, doing her best to make her voice as gentle and soothing as possible.

She lets go of him, and slips to the ground if he lets her. Though she doesn't try to move too far away. She looks at his chest where she is sure she saw the bullets hit. The young woman reaches up, touching his skin very gently, watching to make sure he doesn't react negatively. "You really are amazing," she says softly as she can't even find a bruise where the bullets hit him.

Viola finally takes a moment to take stock of herself. Her sweatshirt has a few holes in it, and she even pulls out a shard of wood from when the one boat engine exploded. "Just stuck in my shirt," she says, reaching in from the bottom to poke her hole through. "But missed me." Ok it didn't, but it failed to pierce her skin while she was burning her pewter.

The young woman looks back up at the Hulk. "You saved my life. I... thank you. Thank you so much," she tells him. If Hulk lets her, she reaches out, closing both of her hands upon his, even if they only cover one small part of his hand.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Each touch makes the anger start to ebb more as the rage monster starts to calm. Of course, if he realized what was happening he'd be unhappy. That is the draw back to their relationship he and Banner. Instead he closes his eyes a little and listens to her talk, voice soothing him in a way.

He's not much on the talking obviously, but he listens to her and when she calls him amazing he comments,"Hulk strongest there is...." The woods, the quiet, and her attention cause him to take a seat on a fallen tree. He watches her eyes with his,"Hulk glad girl OK." he tells her,"Bad men try to hurt girl. Hulk stop them..." A lot of talking for him.

His breathing is still deeper and faster than a normal person's rates, but he's far from normal and there is a lot to keep up with. Closing her hand over his gets his eyes there instead and his head turns to the side a little,"Girl safe...quiet." he repeats.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore isn't quite sure what makes the Hulk stop being the Hulk, but the young woman with the sociology degree doesn't have any difficulty telling the gentle touches seem to be helping calm him.

And calm is probably good.

She slides one of her hands up from his, moving it past Hulk's wrist and over his forearm if he allows her. Always on the lookout for signs should anything she does be upsetting to him. "You are the strongest. The way you that you jump? It was so amazing," she tells him.

Viola smiles up at the Avenger, her look of gratitude needing no embellishing. It shines from her eyes readily. "You stopped them. You saved me," she says, nodding. "Thank you. I feel safe now," she tells him. After a brief consideration, Viola leans her cheek down to Hulk's hand, resting it against his fingers. "We're safe here. Nice and quiet. No one can hurt me with you here," she says quietly, hoping she's calming him.

Bruce Banner has posed:
She guesses well as the calmer he gets the easier the breath comes. His eyes droop a little and his head hangs some like he might sleep. He blinks hard a few times, but the words and touches do the trick. Another deep breath and the exhale slowly causes him to shudder. His body begins to shrink and the green of his skin starts to fade.

When his eyes open again the green has faded to Banner's color and moments later his face and body reverts to control of the pair. One thing about it, the Hulk takes it out of him as he sighs softly and his head droops like he might sleep. Probably not a good idea since they will need to get walking or get a fire to keep him from exposure given no shoes, shirt, or hat. Just like that, the monster is gone and the man restored.

Viola Fiore has posed:
As Viola sees the Hulk start to shrink, she starts as if to reach out for him, to make sure he doesn't fall over or something. Though she hesitates, not sure if doing so might trigger a reversal again. So it isn't until Bruce Banner starts to slump over that Viola finally moves, catching him gently and helping ease him into a sitting position.

"It's ok. You're safe. Everything is ok," she tells him quietly. Viola reaches up, a hand resting on Bruce's cheek for a moment, straightening his head and then quickly taking stock. Making sure he doesn't end up with wounds that the Hulk didn't have.

She helps keep him upright with one hand, while the other pulls out her phone from a back pocket. She's just considering who to call when her phone chimes. She looks at it and lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank you, God," she says, and nearly has a few tears leak out as she sees a message from her mother that her father is safe. Viola sends back a quick message to let her family know she's alright.

She pulls off her sweatshirt, leaving her in a t-shirt beneath. A light burn of pewter is enough to fend off the cold as she helps Banner into the warm top. Once that is taken care of, she dials the phone, holding up to her ear.

"Yes, I need the number for the Avengers. No not the police, the Avengers. Yes I'm serious. Thank you." She gently pats Bruce. Help will be there soon enough.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Confusion. Always the first step from the Hulk to Banner. He frowns a little and shakes his head as he studies the surroundings,"He has a thing for the mountains." he mutters and shivers inspite of himself. Trying to get his bearings he glances at Viola and asks,"Are you OK?" His skin blemish free as it was before this all happened.

When she gives him a sweat shirt he objects at first, but the doctor in him knos he needs to be warm and that her tshirt will keep her warm for long enough to get his core temp where it needs to be. He isn't sure what the thank you God involves, so he doesn't ask. When she mentions the Avengers he only nods. At least that way they will get out fast.

It doesn't take long for a phone response to turn into the whine of a Quin-Jet. Bruce isn't terribly talkative while they wait and when it lands he walks with her to the machine to take them back to the city. He tells the pilot to take her wherever she needs to go and promptly passes out to sleep. It's funny how small, peaceful, and weak he appears in this skin.