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  The Hulk  
Bruce Banner (Scenesys ID: 337)
Name: Robert Bruce Banner
Superalias: The Incredible Hulk
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Scientist / Rage Monster
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City, NY.
Education: Ph.D. (Several Disciplines)
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Avengers
Apparent Age: 45 Actual Age: 45
Date of Birth 18 Dec 1974 Played By Edward Norton
Height: 5'10" Weight: 128 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @MrGreen
Theme Song: 'Do You Feel It?' - Chaos Chaos

Character Info


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Dr. Robert Bruce Banner is widely regarded as the greatest mind in nuclear science. He has written numerous texts on the subject, and even as a young man in his twenties was responsible for some of the most staggering breakthroughs in the field. After a horrible accident in 2004 that turned him into the monster known as the Hulk, Banner disappeared for over a decade. He has since returned to public life as part of the Avengers, though he is famously reclusive compared to his fellow superheroes.


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"Although many miles from ground zero, Dr. Bruce Banner is bathed in the full force of the mysterious gamma rays!" - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #1

1974 - Robert Bruce Banner is born in Dayton, Ohio to Brian and Rebecca Banner.

1980 - Brian Banner, an abusive husband and father, beats his wife to death while young Bruce looks on. He is later acquitted after intimidating Bruce into not testifying against him.

1990 - Just before leaving for New Mexico to enter college, Bruce has an altercation with his father at his mother's gravesite and accidentally kills him. He represses this memory and will continue to believe that his father walked away and was killed in a mugging gone wrong.

1990 - 2001 - Banner graduates early from high school, attending Desert State University at Navapo where he receives his Masters in Physics. He then goes on to receive dual Ph.D. degrees in both Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Engineering. He will also attend both Penn State and Oxford University in the pursuit of several more doctorates.

2002 - Banner is approached by the United States military to begin work on the Gamma Bomb project at Desert Base, New Mexico.

2004 - An accident during a test of the Gamma Bomb causes Bruce to transform into the Hulk, altering his life forever.

2005 - 2016 - Banner goes into hiding, constantly on the run from the military. He continues to search for a cure while traveling across North and South America, sometimes resulting in Hulk sightings in remote locations.

2018 - After the death of Superman, Banner is located by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in contact with the nascent Avengers. Though reluctant, he is convinced to join them in protecting New York from an attack by Loki on New York City.

2019 - Present - Banner remains (technically) in the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D., though the Avengers are charged with his day-to-day supervision.

IC Journal

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"Okay, my Banner's emotions run exactly this gamut: hangdog to suicidal! Make him humorless again, this minute!" - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #2

Banner feels a deep sense of self-loathing over what he has become. The Hulk is responsible for widescale destruction and carnage to the point where there are a number of people across the world who hate him despite the fact that Banner has no real memory of ever meeting them. He has attempted to take his own life in the past as a means to end his own suffering and protect the world from further destruction, but his abilities as the Hulk prevent him from succeeding. Though he tries to bury these emotions and put on a calm and collected face, there is little about his life that truly delights him.

Devil Hulk:
"He needed a dad. Or something ... something like a dad. Like a dad who loved him. But he didn't know what love was. I can't be out in the day. I don't come out, unless I have to. Unless somebody hurts him. And then I take it personal." - The Immortal Hulk (vol. 1) #15

This is Bruce at his most merciless and cruel. The protective father figure he created in his mind that will destroy anyone who hurts Banner. This is the aspect of Banner's personality that drives him to achieve, to push on regardless of anything that may get in his way or otherwise distract him. In Bruce's mind, the Devil Hulk takes on a monstrous appearance but in truth this is because Bruce fears what the Devil Hulk represents - a driven version of Bruce Banner that will stop at nothing to keep himself safe and achieve his goals. He possesses all of Banner's intellect and all the power of the Savage Hulk, though like Joe Fixit he cannot appear during the day.

Bruce fears the Devil Hulk (a name this personality does not care for), and gives it locked away. Unlike the Savage Hulk or Joe Fixit, they do not 'talk' and it is vanishingly rare for the Devil Hulk to drift close enough to the surface to actually take control of Banner's body. In fact, the Devil Hulk require Bruce Banner to be fatally wounded to manifest but has to wait until nighttime to do so.

"Sorry. It's just ... Tony Stark and Reed Richards use their genius to save the world every other week. That's how they'll be remembered in history. Meanwhile, I - I who, forgive me, have just as much to contribute - will be lucky if my tombstone doesn't simply say 'Hulk Smash.'" - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #1

Bruce Banner is not without his demons, and they don't always take the form of giant green rage monsters. He feels an unmistakable streak of jealousy towards the other super scientists of his time. The likes of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Hank Pym are all brilliant and lauded for their genius. Banner possesses an intellect that is more than a match for their own, yet the simple fact of the Hulk prevents him from ever truly being recognized for it. Nobody will give him grant money because he is a walking atomic bomb, and what use is laboratory space if one is simply going to destroy it as soon as they get into a bad mood. Banner feels eclipsed by the Hulk, unable to use his true gifts for the benefit of humanity because his monstrous alter ego keeps getting in the way.

" ... You know, Amadeus Cho had a theory. He said Bruce Banner was always subconsciously working to stop you from killing anyone ... " - The Immortal Hulk (vol. 1) #20

Fundamentally, Bruce is a good person. He may be deeply flawed both as a result of trauma and his own personal foibles, but he truly does want to make the world a better place. It is this part of him that pushes the Hulk towards heroic acts, even if the collateral damage is often extreme. If the Hulk is put down before a threat to innocent people, Banner's guiding influence will drive him to throw himself wholeheartedly into defeating it. When not giving way to the Hulk, Banner tries to use his intellect for the benefit of humanity - though often his own desire to be cured or his personal jealousies get in the way.

"Should you be sulking and brooding in some remote hut somewhere?" - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #2

After so many 'bad days' when the Hulk took control and caused widescale destruction, Banner came to take his alter ego's advice and seek isolation. Even when he is living amongst his fellow 'superheroes', Banner prefers to keep to himself. It is not so much that he doesn't want to be around other people, as he fears that he is putting them at risk by doing so. He is often found in rooms by himself. If there is a party at the Avengers Mansion, he is in the wing of the house farthest from it. If it weren't for the custody arrangement as part of the Avengers, he would likely be living in the remote wilderness in search of a cure for his condition.

"Good morning, doctors. A pleasure. I am Dr. Bruce Banner, 21-time Nobel prize loser. And your task is to help me break that streak. I'm sure you have questions?" - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #4

Just as Bruce feels eclipsed by the Hulk, he feels jealous of those around him. The heroes with powers that they control easily who get to lead the charmed lives of celebrities. While they attend Broadway premieres and photo ops, Banner must stay away lest he risk transforming and causing yet another Hulk-related disaster. He believes he should have achieved just as much as his peers and feels a deep sense of envy towards those who are recognized for their scientific accomplishments while he feels his own talent and knowledge outdoes theirs.

Joe Fixit:
"Few people are aware of the depth of Bruce Banner's personal torment ... that there is a third personality within his fractured psyche. Arrogant, brutal, and quite vicious, it has been locked away inside of the Hulk for some time." - Cable (vol. 1) #34

Joe Fixit, also known as the Grey Hulk, is the persona that was formed during Bruce Banner's teenage years. The idealized (albeit corrupted) version of himself. He is strong, but also cunning and amoral. He takes what he wants when he wants it and has no need for emotional attachment with other people. He possesses an average intelligence that one might associate with a rough-and-tumble gangster but is capable of tapping into Banner's memory and intellect on rare occasions. Given Banner's subconscious shame over the amoral and lascivious nature of Joe, when the Grey Hulk does take control it does so under cover of darkness. He can typically only appear at night, and under the light of the full moon is weaker than he normally is. No emotional trigger brings out Joe Fixit, and thus his appearances are usually a result of Banner's own efforts to cure his condition or substantial changes within his own mental landscape.

Savage Hulk:
"HULK SMASH!" - The Immortal Hulk (vol. 1) #15

This is the form of the Hulk that most people know and are familiar with. The Savage Hulk, also called the Child Hulk, was formed when Bruce was a child. This is the idealized version of child self. Strong and self-sufficient, able to protect those he cares for but not needing to rely on anyone. If Banner is the superego and Joe Fixit the ego, then the Savage Hulk is the rampaging id. He possesses none of Banner's intellect, and though he can speak he does so in stunted sentences and using third person. His greatest drive is to be left alone, and he will fight viciously to get away from others. This personality also suffers from an extreme form of intermittent explosive disorder, often being propelled to the heights of disproportionate rage over the most trivial of triggers. When Banner becomes angry, fearful, or anxious it is the Savage Hulk that appears to protect him.

Character Sheet


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"The data we have on Hulk suggests that his mutation will somehow alter his body to adapt." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #90

A unique aspect of the Hulk's mutation is his body's ability to adapt swiftly to the environment he is in. He normally needs to breathe oxygen, but if he finds himself underwater or in a vacuum for an extended period of time his body will create the necessary organs necessary to survive, and even speak in those environments. Even the most unforgiving environments can be adapted to, allowing the Hulk to survive anywhere. One side effect of this is that while his body will return to normal once he finds an earthlike environment, it is not always immediate. If suddenly transported from the depths of the ocean to the land, his body will be still be 'equipped' to survive underwater and he may be disoriented or even pass out while his body readapts.

Astral Perception:
"This is the inside of your mind. Your dreams, your rules. What do you want to show me, Bruce?" - World War Hulk (vol. 1) #3

There is more to the Hulk's mutation than mere gamma-irradiated muscle. As much as Banner has tried to nail down the scientific specifics of his transformation, there are still a number of inexplicable factors. For one, the Hulk is capable of perceiving the astral realm. Though normally invisible, mystics who project astrally as well as ghosts and other spirits are able to be seen by the Hulk. What's more, he's capable of interacting with them - even harming astrally projected mystics by attacking their astral form.

"Familiar with Ultron, are you? I'm sorry, I'll try to speak more s - l - o - w - l - y. These were inspired by his quantum molder, which he used to soften and reshape his adamantium frame for upgrades and repairs. And I wondered - if it could liquefy metal - what it might do to skin and bone - ?" - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #1

The Hulk is durable. Bullets bounce off him harmlessly, artillery shells are batted aside like nerf darts, and even high-grade explosives do little more than irritate him. He can withstand forces meant to render even the most durable and resilient metals malleable and could likely stand at ground zero of a nuclear blast and survive. The Hulk is also able to stand up to beings as strong as he is, with blows from super-strong foes able to be withstood time and time again. While the Hulk may feel pain and discomfort from particularly heavy attacks, they typically only serve to enrage him and drive him to even greater strength.

Gamma Battery:
"Why is he laughing? He should be dying!?! Why is he laughing!? It's overloading! It's as if he's ... he's forcing energy in faster than we can handle it!" - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #464

The Hulk is a living battery of gamma radiation. His body generates, and with concentration he is able to focus it. This ability isn't one Banner is capable of practicing outside of the Hulk form, and the Hulk does not have the patience or intellect to do it. In theory, the Hulk could be used as a source of gamma radiation to power devices fueled by this and he could modulate the amount produced by him to varying degrees though this would require the Hulk to have access to Banner's intellect and a better understanding of just how this works. The Hulk subconsciously dampens the gamma radiation he projects around himself, making it impossible to track him with a Geiger counter and also preventing those around him from being poisoned.

Homing Instinct:
"Here's something else incredible. For no discernible reason, you've been able to find your way back to the site of the gamma bomb blast, like you had radar. Nope. You had me. Me here all along, calling to you, haunting the area." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #460

For some odd reason, the Hulk possesses a homing instinct that can allow him to return to the testing ground that first formed him. Even from across the universe or trapped within different dimensions, the Hulk possesses the innate ability to find his way home. In some rare cases, those individuals who the Hulk feels especially close or bonded with are also able to be tracked in this way. While it may not always be useful, the Hulk can fall back on being able to return to a familiar place from literally anywhere. Banner does not share this particular ability with his green alter ego.

Psychic Shield:
"Hah! You think I'm scared o'your mental power? That'll be the day!" - Cable (vol. 1) #34

As Banner, his mind is just as susceptible as any human's though it can be a confronting place for novice telepaths to visit giving the dangerous personalities that dwell within. As any version of the Hulk, however, he possesses a sort of psychic shielding that makes his mind very difficult to reach let alone alter. While such manipulation may be possible at first in the case of powerful telepaths, the angrier the Hulk gets the more difficult it is to reach him. Eventually even the most potent psychics will be forced out.

"It won't last. Given enough time, we come back. Three minutes, three hours, three decades ... we always beat the odds and return." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #460

Although incredibly durable, certain weapons (such as those made from vibranium or adamantium) as well as others of incredible potency are capable of causing him physical injury. When damage is done, however, the Hulk quickly regenerates from these injuries. Even those that would kill (or even do kill) can be recovered from over time. The speed at which the Hulk regenerates is largely determined by the scale of the damage, but it has been theorized (though never tested) that he will return provided even the most miniscule amounts of his physical form remain.

The Hulk can even heal tissue that would not normally heal. Chunks of his body can be torn away; entire organs can be plucked free from him and in a matter of seconds they will return. Exposure to gamma radiation will hasten the speed of his regeneration, just as it can enhance his strength. As well as being able to heal his body, this regenerative ability has a number of other applications.

Immortality: The Hulk is effectively immortal. When in any of his empowered forms (be they green or grey) his body does not age, and though he may appear outwardly older he would retain all the strength and vitality that he had in his prime. In truth, there is likely no force that can permanently destroy the Hulk though he can certainly be taken out of play for extended periods of time.

Immunity: The Hulk's regenerative abilities also make him resistant to diseases. His immune system reacts too quickly for viruses and bacteria to take hold, allowing him to shrug off even terminal illness. While large enough doses of certain drugs may affect him, it is only a matter of time before he gets angry enough that his body counteracts it.

"Incredible! Even I never realized how incalculably awesome the Hulk's power is! He leaped after the missile - and he's gaining!" - The Incredible Hulk Annual (vol. 1) #10

As with his ability to leap incredible distances, the Hulk can use the strength in his legs to run at blinding speeds. While he does not possess the ability to move so fast that the world stands still around him, he is still capable of covering a lot of ground quickly. He can move across the ground faster than most high-performance vehicles, and swim at speeds rivaling those of a speed boat. He's also able to use his incredible strength to dig tunnels beneath the Earth without losing much, if any, of his speed.

Though his reflexes are not of a level of a super-speedster (he tends to run through obstacles rather than around them), he is still capable of swift reaction times. Even fast-moving opponents may find it difficult to outmaneuver the Hulk forever, as he is faster than his bulky frame would suggest.

"No, no, no ... this can't be ... your strength ... it's ... it's incalculable." - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #1

What the Hulk is best known for is his strength. While others may be stronger than the Hulk in a calm state, he has the unique ability to grow exponentially stronger the angrier he gets. Put simply, there are no upper limits for the Hulk's strength and as long as his rage continues to build so too will his strength. He is capable of lifting whole mountains in the range of billions of tons, supporting them upon his back. He can tear through armored vehicles as though they were made of tissue and exert enough force that (in the right conditions) even the very laws of physics seem to bend around him.

The limitless strength is typically only exhibited in the familiar green or 'Savage' Hulk form. As Joe Fixit, the Hulk's strength does increase as he gets angrier, but it starts from a weaker point of origin and does not grow as quickly. If somehow Banner's tempering influence is suppressed or removed, the Hulk's strength can reach proportions that may be cataclysmic of even a cosmic scale.

Beyond the more obvious feats of lifting and, well, smashing, the Hulk is capable of utilizing his strength in a number of novel ways:

Leaping: The Hulk's powerful leg muscles are enough to propel him through the air with great speed and distance, allowing him to cover three miles while in a baseline state. As his anger increases, he's capable of jumping even greater distances up to the limits of the Earth's orbit and beyond.

Thunderclap: By bringing both his hands together with enough force, the Hulk is able to create deafening sonic booms that can cause damage or even permanently rupture unprotected ears. Additionally, the vibrations in the air can be enough to knock down stalwart foes or extinguish fires.


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"Please. I want to be you? Old-school you? Newtonian, Archimedean, 'Oooh! Nanites!' you? You're a brilliant engineer, Tony - but all you ever do is build forward from what you already know. A true visionary studies the unknown and builds backward. It's a new field -- and a legitimate one. The novelist Charles Yu called it 'applied science fiction'." - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #2

Banner is considered to have an intellect that cannot be quantified by any test or scale. He is not merely a genius in his chosen fields, but a genius across the board. As well as the STEM fields in which he is singularly gifted, he has a great depth of knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Everything from extinct animal genera to the mean air temperature in different parts of the world at different times of the year. He doesn't know everything, of course, and there are areas of study that just don't interest him (theology and mysticism are two but that list is not exhaustive) and thus he does not know a great deal about them. On any scale, even among the super scientists who make up many of his allies and friends, Bruce Banner can often be considered the smartest man in the room. One of the downsides of his condition is that when he is the Hulk he retains almost none of this great breadth and depth of knowledge.

"It's all here for him. The data ... the blood ... the equipment ... and soon ... the answer. It would have taken Spar and her cohorts weeks to get to this point ... Bruce takes just under two hours." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #468

What initially drew Banner to nuclear science was its medical applications and the notion of using it to cure disease and create more efficient and detailed scanning technology. To this end, he studied biology in college with the hopes of entering medical school and becoming a doctor. Although he eventually gave up on the notion after realizing funding would be much harder to come by this way, his expertise in the field never diminished. Banner possesses an advanced understanding of human biology, and his study of anatomy and biochemistry is enough that he is more than capable of acting as an (unqualified and unlicensed) medical doctor when need be. On top of this, his extensive study into just what caused him to become the Hulk has left him widely regarded as the world's foremost expert on radiation-induced mutation.

"He's not a weapon, he's a force of nature - " - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #2

The equation of Bruce Banner and the Hulk is often given as Banner + Strength - Intellect = Hulk. However, the Hulk is much more than a lumbering brute with a child's mind. The Hulk is possessed of a sharp, animal cunning and an almost preternatural sense for how to do damage. While the Hulk relies heavily on incredible strength, he is aware that this is not all it takes to beat an opponent - especially in cases where the opponent's strength and durability are similar to his own. It is in these moments that the Hulk fights like a true warrior, exploiting weaknesses and even using the environment as a weapon. There is nothing graceful or precise about it, and he is hardly going to start teaching Hulk-Fu in some isolated ashram, but it is very effective. When in his Banner form, however, Bruce possesses all the combat ability one would expect from a 128-pound nuclear physicist - just as Banner's intellect is kept from the Hulk, so too does the Hulk guard his savagery.

"See what he did here? Of course you don't. It's a new type of catalytic converter. We've been theorizing these. They can neutralize carcinogens in everything from cigarette smoke to dryer sheets -- and prevent I don't know how many cancers." - The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #2

Bruce specializes not only in the theory required for formulating new ideas, but in the technical knowledge to make them a reality. Not only can he come up with a concept, but he can see it through to completion with a working prototype. His understanding of the field has its origin in nuclear engineering but has grown to encompass a wide variety of sub-disciplines within the field. Bruce has the capacity to create technological marvels not yet thought of in academia, and with proper focus could indeed be a rival for even the world's greatest minds.

Nuclear Science:
"However, let me qualify that statement! Although he is a menace ... in his alter ego, he is also our most brilliant nuclear scientist!" - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #153

Nuclear physics and nuclear engineering are two related but distinct disciplines. One involves theory, and the other involves using that theory to achieve practical results. It is rare for someone to have a working knowledge of either field, and Bruce Banner is considered perhaps the foremost mind in both. His understanding of these two disciplines is second to none, and not only does he know everything there is to know but he is capable of theorizing concepts that had not even been considered yet by the scientific community as a whole. His name appears in text books and several theorems, techniques, and devices are attributed to him or his work. There is no doubt that his ability as both a nuclear physicist and nuclear engineer could have world-changing applications if he were not so consumed by the notion of suppressing the Hulk once and for all.

"His 'x-factor' is still at work! The madder he gets, the stronger he gets! And without Banner in there as a moderating influence, there's no limit to his rage!" - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #316

Banner quickly concluded that his transformation into the Hulk largely hinged on his own physiological responses. A spike in adrenaline, an increased heart rage - all symptoms associated with fear, distress and, most importantly rage - would prompt the transformation. Since then, he has made a point of studying ways in which to keep himself calm and therefore keep the Hulk locked away. He has studied numerous psychological methods intended to relieve stress and manage anxiety, and even gone so far as to study in a few less scientific fields such as learning to do yoga. He knows which pharmaceuticals effectively relieve his anxiety without dulling his mental edge and has become adept at picking up any signs that a change may be imminent. Moreover, his mental discipline is as such that he can exert a moderating influence from within the Hulk whenever he does transform - making sure innocent people are unharmed in the course of his rampage.

"I've done it a thousand times before. I wake up in the middle of nowhere ... surrounded by nothing ... with only a vague understanding of how I even got there." - Hulk: Let the Battle Begin (vol. 1) #1

Almost immediately after he first became the Hulk, Banner learned to live off the grid. The military were easily able to track him based on his digital footprint, so he became a drifter. He travelled from town to town, getting paid cash-in-hand and taking up odd jobs that didn't require a background check. He used fake names, made up fake backgrounds for himself, and learned to be someone entirely different. On top of this, he has a workable knowledge of how to survive in the wilderness - particularly the desert environments of which his alter-ego is especially fond. When he chooses to live off the grid, Banner frequently employs this skill as a means to stay healthy and alert without the amenities of civilization.


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Survival Kit:
"Just a needle and thread, a pack of waterproof matches, and a debit card ... is all I need to get back to what I might call 'normal.' But it's a long road ahead ... " - Hulk: Let the Battle Begin (vol. 1) #1

The Hulk is an unpredictable beast that can surface at a moment's notice and without warning. What's worse, the Big Guy can cover a lot of ground and tends to do his level best to get away from people. More than once, Banner has woken up in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the shredded remnants of the clothes he was wearing when he transformed. While Banner has mastered the art of survival, he hedges his bets by sewing a modest survival kit into his pants. This kit usually consists of a sewing kit, waterproof matches, and a debit card in the name of 'Raymond Gamma' as well as whatever small and non-bulky items might be of use. It isn't much but it can mean a lot when he wakes up in the middle of the Gila Wilderness, eleven and a half miles from the nearest sign of civilization.

The Avengers:
"Yes ... Hulk was Avenger once ... didn't like it!" - The Defenders (vol. 1) #10

Bruce Banner is one of the founding members of the Avengers in the sense that he was present at the team's debut. He's never been a leader of the group nor do they look to him for tactical advice, but when they need to bring out the big guns there is no gun bigger than the Hulk. The members of the Avengers are varying degrees of friends, allies, and confidantes to Banner and all of them have experience working with the Hulk (even if it doesn't always come easy). They are likely the first people Banner would come to about a problem he did not think he was capable of solving himself, and he can generally expect no strings attached assistance from them provided he's not asking them to do terrible things.

As well as the roster of the Avengers, Banner has access to their equipment and holdings. He has lodgings in the Avengers Mansion and has even been afforded meagre laboratory space in which to conduct research. While this is nothing on the scale of what the wealthier super scientists like Tony Stark and Reed Richards enjoy, it is still impressive by modern standards. He can also (in theory) requisition and use an Avengers Quinjet, though it is unlikely his minders would be comfortable letting him do so without supervision and a very, very good reason.

The Military:
"Hey, it's me. Weekly check-in. Yeah, I'm fine. So far, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s honoring the deal. They fund my lab work, they get to use the Hulk as a weapon rather than just throw me into the sun and dust their hands. Win/Win."- The Indestructible Hulk (vol. 1) #3

Banner's relationship with the United States military and S.H.I.E.L.D. cuts both ways. While they search for him relentlessly whenever he is 'off-grid', they also have a vested interest in keeping him happy whenever he is in custody. They recognize that outside of the Hulk's potential (if turbulent) combat applications, Banner himself is one of the smartest men on the planet with an intellect that can be put to work churning out some truly game-changing ideas. They aren't likely to put him up at the Ritz-Carlton, but he can rely on them to at least keep a roof over his head and make sure he is fed. Even when not in their custody, Banner has made enough contacts within the military over the years that can likely call in favors in exchange for information when he needs it. That's a risky business, however, as it could just as likely lead to giving himself away and finding an army battalion beating down his door.


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"It's the Abomination, dear. That makes it my problem. There's a sort of protocol to these things." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #431

Even before the Hulk came into being, Bruce Banner had enemies in the scientific community who viewed him as too arrogant or dismissive of other ideas. Since the Hulk, his enemies have become much more fantastic. There are gamma-irradiated monstrosities with strengths similar to his own, or even more bizarre powers such as enhanced intellects or the ability to sap the gamma radiation from his body. These people not only hunt the Hulk down, but sometimes attempt to use him for their own ends. The Hulk is a powerful weapon, and if he can be set off in the right direction, he can do more damage than most weapons of mass destruction. What's more, Banner feels obliged to handle those enemies he considers to be 'his' and can rarely abide leaving them to other heroes.

Gamma Reliant:
"The gamma rays ... that're part of your ambient aura ... are one of the components of cosmic rays ... which I absorb! I'm powering up using the energy of your own body! Surrender, doctor! I mean it! Or I'll blast you, and in your weakened condition, you won't survive." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #391

The Hulk was born in nuclear fire of an atomic blast and is now fueled by the same gamma radiation that forged him. As a natural battery of gamma radiation, the Hulk does not require an external source in order to allow him to change. However, abilities or equipment that can somehow absorb radiation faster than he can generate it or move it away from him can substantially weaken him. Removing enough gamma radiation from the Hulk's body in a short enough span of time may even cause him to transform back into Bruce Banner, even at the most inopportune of moments or while still angry. On the flip side, absorbing excess gamma radiation can increase his powers exponentially.

Hulk Brain:
"Stupid Banner ... shut up ... for once ... just ... shut up." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #77

The Savage Hulk does not benefit from Bruce Banner's intellect. This 'version' of Bruce's psyche manifested when he was still a child and hasn't developed beyond that point. The Hulk longs for nothing more than to be left alone and will generally lash out violently at those around him in order to achieve that goal. He has all the guile of a young child and can be tricked and cajoled more effectively than Banner might. Moreover, while the Hulk is generally heroic, he is more than capable of sulking and temper tantrums. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that he will leave the battlefield after some perceived slight from a teammate, or simply leave out of boredom (or even a desire not to turn back into 'puny Banner'). Despite all this, Banner maintains a subconscious level of control that allows the Hulk to perform the complex mathematics required to ensure destruction without taking human lives in the process. The Hulk has great power, but it comes at the cost of perhaps Bruce Banner's greatest asset.

Most Wanted:
"A dedicated soldier. A patriot. Ceaseless and brave in hunting down the single greatest threat to our nation's security." - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #436

While under the supervision of the Avengers and his S.H.I.E.L.D.-appointed handlers, Bruce Banner can live in the Avengers Mansion and have a small degree of liberty. He has his own room, his board is paid for, and he is even allowed to go out from time to time. But the government knows the widescale destruction the Hulk is capable of and the disaster of epic proportions that it would be to allow him the freedom to rampage across the country. So, they keep an eye on him, making sure he stays on a relatively tight leash while still affording him some of the latitude he's owed by being an Avenger.

If he were to ever break with the Avengers or go on the run without leave from S.H.I.E.L.D. or other individuals placed high in the United States military, he would quickly become a fugitive. The authorities simply cannot allow Bruce Banner to be running loose without any sort of oversight. Even when he's in their good graces and working with his allies in the Avengers, Bruce is still watched with the same degree of caution as a convict on day release. There's no world where Bruce lives a normal, peaceful life so long as the Hulk lurks at the threshold.

Rage Suppression:
"Betty ... Betty ... maybe, Hulk is starting to remember ... remember a girl ... one who smiled ... laughed ... remember a girl ... who was kind to Hulk ... gentle to Hulk ... remember quiet nights ... a moon ... soft winds whispering across a lake ... then ... then ... a picture of that girl in a paper ... turned to glass, and ... Betty - oh Lord, what have I DONE to you?" - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #141

The Savage Hulk is an engine powered by rage. It was a rage at his own inability to protect his mother that caused this personality to form within Bruce Banner's mind, and the reason he transforms in the first place. The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes. But this can cut both ways. Banner cannot become the Hulk if he is calm - be it the natural result of his mood or even some chemical influence. Likewise, if the Hulk is made to become calm, he will transform back into Banner. The Hulk is a powerful weapon, but a very unreliable one beholden almost entirely to mood.

"Listen and do just what I tell you, and don't start whimpering for that prosecutor. She's not around to protect you. You're going to say that I never hit you. You will tell them your mother's death was accidental. Tell them she was running from me for no reason and fell. Because if you go in there and say that I abused you or your mother, then they'll send me to jail. But do you know where you'll go, Bruce, for speaking against your father? TO HELL!" - The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #403

Bruce's father, Brian, was convinced that some exposure to radiation earlier in his life had caused Bruce to be born different. He blamed the boy's unusual intellect on a form of mutation and loathed him for not only being born a 'mutant freak' but monopolizing his mother's love and attention. Bruce watched his father kill his mother, and as a young man caused his father's death - although he suppressed this memory and has no recollection of it.

Even trying to think back on his childhood can cause Bruce to suffer the hallmarks of post-traumatic stress disorder. Remembering these times can often induce anxiety and hyperawareness in him, which increases the flow of adrenaline which can mean the Hulk is not far behind. His dreams are frequently haunted by nightmares involving an even more monstrous version of his father. His experiences in high school were similarly unpleasant, and even being back in a school building can make him feel ill at ease and individuals of what he might consider 'jock-ish temperament' generally evoke hostility in him.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Peaceful Ocean View March 7th, 2021 Bruce Banner's quiet day at the beach is interrupted by a Latino gang attack on Viola's father, a Maggia consiglieri. Hulk stops the attack and saves the girl from an exploding gasoline pump.
What Could Go Wrong March 6th, 2021 Nobody is Stronger Than Hulk. And Hank did not dispute this.
To Be Continued... For Real! March 2nd, 2021 I mean, some of the movie got watched! With a surprise visit from an Avenger!
The day after... February 23rd, 2021 Wanda found Bruce in the mountains after the Hulk escaped his cage.
Secret Doors: The Haunted Mansion February 23rd, 2021 The Avengers take on the eerie creature haunting their mansion, having forced it into the back yard and into solidity!
Museums...museums are quiet right February 22nd, 2021 He really shouldn't go places. Banner saw Catwoman at the museum. Then the bad robber sorts showed up.
Contingency February 18th, 2021 Banner has ideas. He spoke to Druid about planting a word that would make him sleep.
Random coffee with an old friend. February 12th, 2021 No description
=Going from Lab to 'Verse February 9th, 2021 Three Heroes and an Architect and... no violence erupts?
Where do they get those doctors February 6th, 2021 Illyana cam by and donated supplies to the clinic where Bruce and Robert Marksman are working. A quiet get to know you sort of thing without getting too in depth.
Hank Smash February 6th, 2021 Plans are laid for the Microverse. Road trip!
A Most Unusual Tea February 5th, 2021 Bruce Banner, Michael Hannigan, Stephen Strange and Mando walk into a bar... for tea. And virgin web. It's a long story. Mando's glasses get broken. Poor guy!
Secret Doors: Little help here February 2nd, 2021 The ghostly monster appears in the basement of the mansion, tangling with Avengers!
Dinner Without Notice... January 31st, 2021 While not fond of crowds, Banner and Wanda managed to have a good conversation and just enjoy the other's company for a while. She helped him with his tracker issue as well.
Oh No Wheres Bo January 31st, 2021 Hank invites Bruce over. Bo has a timeout for using the drums too much. Mike has a LOT of questions.
Avengers and Ice Cream January 27th, 2021 Warren Worthington sends a gift of his company's new ice cream flavors for the Avengers to sample. Oh poor Scott.
The Ultimate Captain December 14th, 2020 The new Ant-Man leads a task force of Hulk, Mockingbird, and Daidarabotchi against the Planeteers. The new Ant-Man probably won't want to lead another task force again for a while after this...
A Random Glimpse November 30th, 2020 Bruce and Ruth have a brief and unlikely encounter in a pizza place.
Near Hel November 9th, 2020 Hela comes to Bruce Banner's lab and they both learn some things.
ZZGU: We have a tentacle problem November 4th, 2020 SHIELD enlists Dr. Banner to help detect breaches from ZZGU's Earth.
An offer impossible to refuse October 23rd, 2020 Pepper asks for Bruce's aid with a very important endeavor.
Science Time with Dr. Banner October 16th, 2020 Kamala Khan seeks advice from Dr. Banner
File Away August 29th, 2020 Dr. Banner and Agent Carter meet at Banner's apartment. Carter brings Banner up to speed on her current work.
Wake Up Call August 23rd, 2020 Peggy and Bruce talk after his rampage. They grow closer.
Marvelous Rage August 20th, 2020 The Hulk goes on a rampage. Thankfully, Blue Marvel and Agent Carter help calm him down.
The Skittering Dead August 11th, 2020 A swarm of undead insects--which may or may not have been accidentally reanimated by Scott Lang--threatens the safety of New Yorkers in the vicinity of Scott's van! Luckily, Julie Yan, Siobhan Smythe, Jane Foster, and Bruce Banner are on hand to competently deal with the situation.
A Quiet Place August 11th, 2020 Bruce and Peggy meet, having a very profound conversation in the process.
A Second Opinion August 11th, 2020 No description
With A Side Of Gamma August 9th, 2020 Banner, under an alias, checks out a Starrware Labs event. Karen Starr shows him around personally.
Hunt for Green December: ReBirth August 8th, 2020 The Agents of SHIELD (and friends of Banner) finally track him down and convince him not to make a terrible mistake!
Hunt for Green December: Parting Gift August 3rd, 2020 Bruce brings Nadia a strange and alien gift.
Hunt for Green December: Sick July 17th, 2020 Cape Girl goes in search of the Hulk!
Genosha Burns: 10,000 Brainiacs (Scene 2260 overflow) July 11th, 2020 The Avengers, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
SHIELD: The embiggening of a school bus July 10th, 2020 A little faith in little Nadia makes a tiny bus big again
A Baby Wasp in a Gilded Cage July 5th, 2020 Dr. Banner brings Nadia some food. Then they discuss military secrets, second chances, and fathers...
A Wild Wasp Appears! June 21st, 2020 A Wild Wasp Appears searching for her missing father! She has a wild tale to tell the Avengers and given the numerous shady elements in her past soon finds herself under house arrest awaiting a SHIELD investigation and paternity tests.
Midnight Snack June 7th, 2020 Natasha returns from her mission abroad to find Bruce burning the midnight oil.
Banner draws some blood May 10th, 2020 Banner takes a blood sample from his cousin, but it's soon stolen!
The Hulk needs bail money! April 30th, 2020 Super Lawyer saves the day and Bruce/Jennifer have a chatty chat.
WAFFLES! April 28th, 2020 Thor makes waffles for everyone and everyone loves him.
Potato Knishes March 30th, 2020 Kitty drops by Avengers Mansion with some deli treats.
Studying an artifact... March 8th, 2020 Lara brings a strange artifact to Bruce. The dagger has her baffled as she can't pin down how old it is or whether or not there is anything... supernatural about it. It is a bit outside of Bruce's realm of expertise but he agrees to at least give it a radiocarbon dating so that she might have more info to go on.....
Physics Goes Best With A Sammich March 7th, 2020 Bruce makes good on a promise of a sandwich, as he and Kitty talk about the Hulk, and Genosha.
X-Plosions, SHIELD, and Mystics. March 7th, 2020 Natasha Tony and Bruce come by the Sanctum and get told that it sounds like the Green Lantern had something to do with stopping Genosha
A Night On Watch, Avenger's Style March 5th, 2020 Watch duty is sometimes lonesome. But sometimes, your whole team is there with you.
Any Questions NOT About The Hulk February 29th, 2020 Bruce Banner's talk on gamma radiation at ESU draws Kitty Pryde as an audience member


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Bruce Banner has 46 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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