5497/Secret Doors: Aftermath of Headaches

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Secret Doors: Aftermath of Headaches
Date of Scene: 08 March 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Medical
Synopsis: Tony and Jennifer check on Wanda, after she'd had an encounter with some demons.
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Jennifer Walters

Tony Stark has posed:
"She's awake?" Tony questions, looking up at the ceiling. It's a common movement for Avengers to do when speaking to an AI that is disembodied. It would be just as useful to look down or at a wall ... yet they look up.

"Yes, Mr. Stark. The doctor believes she is stable---" JARVIS begins.

"-- And ready to have visitors of the information-gathering and gift-providing kind," Tony finishes. He snares the jar of small candy that Pepper thoughtfully left out for him to take, and heads down to the Avengers' medical. He passes a nurse and doctor on his way down, striding purposefully into the room -- with an obligatory knock of knuckles on the partially-open door.

"Have some good dreams?" Tony asks as he enters.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda is indeed awake; more of the staring ahead, into the middle distance sort of awake, but awake all the same. She's tucked in under the white, scratchy hospital blankets, and lying on her side, the wires in distinct danger of being tangled and pulled from their adhesives. The monitor to the side is silently drawing its lines across the screen; heartrate is 'normal', oxygen and breathing all at appropriate levels.

At the sound of Tony's voice, Wanda untucks herself and pushes up into something more of a 'sit' in the bed. She looks weary and a little bit wary; it's not for Stark, butt there is definitely a little disquiet in remaining in the mansion, even if they are 'creature free'.

"Stark," she greets, her voice low. There's a wan smile, complete with a half-lifted shoulder, "I had dreams, yes. Good enough, I think." She pauses before, "No one was hurt?"

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer has been hanging around the mansion, worried about her friend and fellow Avenger. When the mansion's AI tells her that Wanda has regained consciousness she hurries her way downstairs and meets up with Tony.

"Hey," she says to him. She's still in her She Hulk costume, having not changed from it since she brought Wanda in. She comes into the room on his heels.

"Nobody but you," she tells Wanda. "Hey. How're you feeling?"

Tony Stark has posed:
"Just you, no injuries, either," is the first report. He tips a smile and two-finger wave in a friendly manner to She-Hulk. Tony's in one of his stylish suits - not the iron kind.

"--- When I was knocked out by that thing, sucked back to reality, I was out for a /while/... and not //one// dream. Couldn't even have a good time," Tony huffs, as if very put out that the monster couldn't be bothered to at least entertain him while he was unconscious. He heads over and waggles the candy jar a little bit with a smile, setting it nearby at a side table with a light sound of glass.

Tony then promptly has one, with a comment of, "Making sure they're not poisonous."

And then returning to the main other subject-- that Jennifer asks. Tony doesn't repeat the same question, just lifts his brows at Wanda promptingly. How is she?

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda smoothes out the blankets that sit on either side of her legs, her upper body dressed in that fancy 'hospital gown' look. And it's not even red! It's an attempt to gather her thoughts, which could prove to be difficult in the best circumstances.

She looks between the pair, asking the same questions almost at the same time, and catches Tony in the candy jar. She can't help but crack a hint of a smile before she reaches for it. "I would hope is not poisonous..", is chided. "If so, I know where you live."

Threat? Nah...

"When you were knocked out.. was because of dimensional shift?" Wanda knows something about it, maybe? "You are not protected for such." She shakes her head soon after, her green eyes landing on each in turn, "It was not the same creature. Was different. From different place, I think?" She could be wrong, however.

Leaning back in the bed, her hands reach for her face to scrub at her eyes. "I will be fine." Pulling her hands down, she focusses on Jennifer, and offers a game smile, "Thanks to you. Thank you."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer sneaks one of the candies and nods to Tony. "Definitely not poisonous."

"Yeah," she says when Wanda mentions the creatures. "These looked like imps, when I could finally see them. I couldn't tell what was going on at first, but Wanda could. Then... something happened. Pushed out of the ground and made the imps visible and there was a worm type thing?" She shakes her head uncertainly. "I'm sure Wanda knows what it was."

She nods her head at the thanks. "Of course. You'd do the same for me," she quirks a grin, "If you could lift me, that is."

Tony Stark has posed:
"No, I didn't have my special anti-dimensional-rift hat on when unexpectedly ambushed," Tony 'laments,' but his smile is real, relaxed. He doesn't feel guilt over not having been that paranoid - though with Tony, often others may feel he isn't careful enough a /lot/ of the time. Even if this time was hardly something to be expected.

"I have good visibility outside the Mansion, even within a certain radius," Tony explains. "I do have quite a bit of footage of those imps -- so, if it helps -- not imaginary at all. Haven't seen trace of them since your fight. So, good heroing. Gold star. Still... if we're going to constantly have weird things attack us here, I'd like to sort out 'why'. Other than just that we're attractive."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"I could see them," obviously, and in speaking the words, it brings back the memory. Wanda tucks her legs up so she can grab them. It's a way to hold herself, to give herself a little bit of support; Pietro isn't here, or she'd be holding his hand. "I could see them," is given flatly. "They were there for purpose. To distract me from the large thing in ground." Well, that's just where the rift came from. It could easily have been on the side of a building, or in the air. Now, she does reach out for Jennifer's hand, ready to give it a squeeze. "I would do same."

The fact that the imps could be tracked, could be picked up on scanners? Wanda exhales in a touch of relief. It means that she's not influencing //that//, anyway. And not crazy. "What is it, Stark? Why is this happening? Is it me? Is it house?"

Wanda doesn't want to wait for an answer, however, and she begins to pull the wires off of her before swinging her feet around to get off the bed. "I need answers."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer turns to Tony. "Tony. We're Avengers. Do we really need any other reason for weird things to attack us?" She snickers, "Frankly I'd be worried if we went a week /without/ something trying to attack us."

When Wanda reaches out she takes it in her own, giving it a gentle squeeze back. "I don't think it was you. I think you could just see them first because you're more sensitive to magic than I am, but I /did/ eventually see them myself."

She shakes her head, "I never doubted that you were seeing something real. You expended a /lot/ of energy closing that rift, though, which is why you passed out, I think." She hopes that's all there was to it, though.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Well, better that these baddies aim it at us than at other targets that can't take it, I grant that," Tony answers Jennifer with a quick smile. "We have to remember it does feel like it's always us getting hit, but... we're protecting others from it, by bein' here, being a target."

Tony pauses. "I just did a Rogers, didn't I. Profound of me," Tony laughs. He diverts attention to Wanda as she starts to get up, but doesn't restrict her or stop her at all. "Have some candies for the road," he does suggest. He wouldn't want to be stopped if he were after information in the same way, either. "Ask JARVIS for the footage if you want to see them - we've got a full tape of what they did when they arrived. Didn't mean anything special to me, but maybe you'll see something in it, some magical symbols," Tony offers to Wanda. He glances at Jennifer as well, adding, "Same if you'd like, of course."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"Things have habit of attacking me," Wanda admits quietly; it's nothing new to her, apparently. "Me and Pietro. Is why we keep moving. But this?" She shakes her head, her long auburn hair moving in the gesture. With bare feet hitting the cold floor, Wanda wraps her arms about herself once more, now just to keep the hospital gown closed.

She nods her head in the information, and when the footage is offered? Wanda brightens a touch, and looks appreciative. "I would like to see footage, thank you. Perhaps it will help." And maybe JARVIS got a picture of the worm in the ground?

She does smirk, and it's a lot like the 'old' Wanda. "And you sound like Steven, Stark. Perhaps he is wearing off on you? I agree, though. Better us than those who cannot handle such things."

She isn't going to leave without the candy, however, and she reaches to pull a couple of pieces out; one for her, one for her brother. "I hope those creatures are truly gone, because the one from the ground was stronger..."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"At least you don't have random mole people kidnapping you to be their bride," Jennifer jests, grinning at Wanda. "I don't know what it is, but I seem to look very marriable to a lot of villains."

Jennifer nods to Tony. "Couldn't hurt," she says. "I'll review them with you, if you like, Wanda. Whenever you feel up to it."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Marriable... gah. Glad that's not me," Tony asys, looking rather disturbed by the idea, with a shake of head. "Thanks for taking the one for the team," he teases Jennifer briefly. A nod and thumbs-up is sent to Wanda related to the footage, and he moves back and towards the door. He'll give her privacy to get dressed again out of her hospital-shift! "Let me know if you need anythin' else. Or, rather, JARVIS. He's here to help."

"Anytime," JARVIS agrees from the ceiling.