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Teach me, teach me
Date of Scene: 09 March 2021
Location: Josie's Bar
Synopsis: Madigan meets and harashes Cole. Yeah, like he is going to teach her to shoot...
Cast of Characters: Cole Cash, Madigan Belle

Cole Cash has posed:
It is the typical evening at Josie's. Some thugs are eating nachos and drinking beer near the front, celebrating something, most likely. Regulars dot the tables, and a poker game is going near the back. Cole was here to deliver a custom made handgun to one of the regulars, and has his wallet full. That was good. Unfortunately he wasn't allowed to join the poker game. Allegedly because he cheat, in reality because no one has caught him cheating yet. That was bad.

So in this now neutral evening, he heads for the bar to drown his dollars in scotch. "old Fashioned," he requests the bartender. "Not that crap, tops shelf this time." That garners him a disbelieving glance. Because usually he is cheap.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Top shelf? Wow. That's like, nearly high end grocery store quality here at Josie's." A red head is just kind of pulling up to the bar. She was over at the poker game for a little while and has finally been kicked away from the table. No one wants to claim she was cheating, since, it is hard to get publicly mad at a person with leg braces and a crutch. Makes you out to be the bad guy, every time, but she's smiling big and has some bills kind of folded and held in one hand. She stuffs that money into her leather jacket and then works on getting up on a stool. It takes effort, sort of leaning against it from the side, then using her arms to lift her up and settle herself on the stool, then turning with the use of her arms so she's facing the bar more. "Whew! I could use a drink after -that-." She proclaims, slightly loudly and right in Cole's direction. "Madi's the name, before you have to ask. Had a good night at the race track or something similar?"

Cole Cash has posed:
"Everybody is a critic," replies Cole before glancing to the redhead. And he snorts. "Aren't you a bit too young even for a fake id?" Not that they check for id here, not unless they are expecting a police raid. And it is not scheduled today.

"I'm Cole," he offers. "You do play well. So I'll buy you one round. But you are lucky the guys here are honest crooks. Mostly honest crooks. Those are real, hmm?" He looks down at the braces briefly. Then nods. He usually can spot fakes just for how people move.

Madigan Belle has posed:
With her eyebrows raising and a few nods, Madigan is agreeing with you, "Everyone -is- a critic. I mean, seriously, just because a woman has great skin flawlessly perfect eyes, and maintains her lovely appearance... she's too young?" Clearly putting words in your mouth as she smiles big at that.

"Really? I totally cheat. Don't tell them though, people often overlook it cause of the... well, glaring inability to walk well. It really makes people not want to stare, and in not staring, BAM!" She says with a quick hit against the table, "Cheating. Also, I can count cards. So, one deck, pretty easy to predict... the next... wait, uh, you're not -with- those folks, are you? Cause well, then, I'd have to kill you." She brings her fingers up to her mouth, to clamp her lips, then she zips them up in an imaginary fashion, before turning an imaginary key and tossing it away, "You better... can't have them not letting me take their money again later." Pleading grin, teeth showing, "Please? Also, free drink! You must've had a good day. Thanks."

Cole Cash has posed:
"And a high opinion of herself," adds Cole to the list of things why she is too young. Which is actually not a reason. But she was not being reasonable either, so fair is fair. "Of course you cheat, it wouldn't be Poker otherwise," it would be Chess or something with real rules instead of just guidelines.

"I am not with those folks today." Confirms Cole. "In fact I am getting banned from playing for no damn reason, again. So screw them." A free drink, which is going to be soda unless she asks for something else quickly, because the bartender is playing dumb and Madi looks a teenager.

"It is just payday," explains the mercenary in regards his generosity.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a bit of a cough, and Madi snickers at the comment about her high opinion, "That was good. I have to admit. Like, pretty darn spectacular. Of all the ways someone could've responded that one was witty" She uses her hand to count out a one, "A little negging, which is always a plus" now two digits are extended, "And add to that, was like we were both talking about someone else but it was still really about me." A third digit extended, and some high eyebrows with some nodding of her head, "Good stuff."

A pause, and she looks back over to the table, leaning back a bit to get a better look, one hand holding the counter to keep herself from falling and then she pulls herself back upright, "Cool cool. Not with them today. Great." Beaming smile, "So, three fingers of whiskey. I'm not particular on type, it all goes to the same place." And she is fumbling for her wallet, a pink Disney princess wallet that she takes out of one of the inside pockets of her jacket to slide her ID out. The wallet features pins in addition to its already robust embroidery, that add the amount of princesses she could fit on it.

ID grabbed, she slides it onto the counter for the bartender to look at it, and looks back up to Cole, "So. Yeah, real braces, I think I answered in a roundabout way, but no use of them ol' legs. Mister payday, so what is it you do? Other than play poker with those yokels?" She thumbs over to the poker folks she had mentioned moments earlier.

Cole Cash has posed:
The bartender rolls his eyes at the id card (or perhaps at the wallet) but serves Nadi her three fingers. "Leave the bottle here," requests Cole, sipping from his drink. Then glances at Madi, "a bit of this, a bit of that with a side of gunsmithing. I sold a piece today," which is no big secret, as there were a dozen witnesses.

Which means it was probably legit. Maybe. At least for Josie's low, low standards. "What about you, princess?" He asks back. "You don't strike me as a regular poker player. Although to be honest I have not been in Josie's that often." Just often enough some people won't let him play with them!

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Whoaaaa, like pew pew gunsmithing?" Madi seems far too impressed, but it is genuine as she pulls her finger guns and fake shoots them at Cole. "That's totally cool. I kind of wish I had a gun. Or a new Nintendo Switch, limited edition. My Uncle is taking forever to replace the one unironically shot by some guy, near here. Been coming back again and again, cause if I see him, I am going to collect on that I.O.U. he owes me but didn't give."

Taking up her whiskey, she grins to the bartender, "Thanks." And downs it pretty fast, instead of sipping or whatever you are supposed to do with whiskey. She puts the glass down empty and chuckles, "Princess? Is that because of the wallet? Oh, I play games, all the time, really, chance based games are best especially when you have the ability to influence them with prediction models of the future. Like, dice? Really just a matter of physics, angles, you get it." A pause, "Oh, I'm working on my doctorate in genetics. Well, more precisely, associated gene mapping to better understand the positive and negative effects of genesplicing. Or, so the paper says. What's the best gun you've ever made?" Madi definitely talks quickly.

Cole Cash has posed:
Madi talks quickly and gives a lot of information. Cole chuckles, "what is a nerd like you doing in a place like this?" He asks with an amused tone. "Word of advice, computer games are predictable. Real life is not, and control is an illusion. You seem the smart but not common sense type. Cute too. You are going to draw a lot of trouble. This I can see it in my predictive mathematical models already."

He finishes his cocktail, but then picks up the bottle and fills his glass. "My best piece? Definitely one of those 'I could tell you but then I would have to kill you' subjects. Ask me something else."

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a bit of a chuckle as you call her a nerd, and she leans slightly on the stool enough enough to go in a wide circle, but she has to hold onto the counter with her hands since she can't really lock her legs around the seat. Madi does this kind of passively as she talks, bursting with energy, "Computer games are sooooo predictable. That's why I'm good at them. Real life is kind of predictable, I mean, you just proved that. Draw in trouble, trouble trouble. Hey... innocent, incapable girl over here, come find meeeeeeee." Madi lets it out kind of loud, looking around, and then shakes her head, "Darn."

Eyeing over to Cole, Madi quirks her mouth, eyes get wide, and she looks disappointed, "This place. It is kind of in the middle of a lot of costume heroics. A higher than ... well, random amount of costumed rescues. It's almost as if, multiple hero types wander the streets at night, during the day, and make criminals a little less accepting of just being out and about."

To your last point she shrugs and thinks a moment, squinting her eyes, looking up to the ceiling, "Okay, what's your second best 'piece'? Look at me, learnin' the lingo. Oh my god! Would you make a gun for me? And then teach me to use it, probably just point and click right? I mean, aim and squeeze... I've seen more than a few zombie flicks, I should know that by now." A bit of a snort as she comments on her 'expertise'.

Cole Cash has posed:
Cole shakes his head. "I think I am missing your point, but that is okay because I am pretty sure you missed mine by a mile." Beat, "oh, costumes come here? I guess that explains why the main window seems to get broken every month."

The second best piece probably falls under the same rules as the best one. But Cole aims to please and just looks for something semi-interesting for a nerd. "A few years ago I had the chance to work with a Colt 1851 from the civil war era and adapt it for modern .38 calibre. It was originally a .34, but originally it used metallic foil cartridges. Really old thing, it should have been in a museum. But I tested it and it actually performed as well as most modern .38 revolvers, just a bit on the heavy side."

As for her question. "Hell, no. Buy a regular gun first. They are cheap. Well, don't buy it in New York, too much hassle. Then practice a couple years. Or a couple decades. So you know what you want." He sips more from his drink. "Also, avoid zombies. They are not like in the games. They are not predictable."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Looking around, Madi shrugs, "I dunno if they come here so much as might live around here. Or you know, have their beat wife around these parts. Whatevs. This place seems like it is in the middle of a whole lot of crap, without as much crap hitting the fan as one would expect by how much is being tossed." The story about the .38 revolver gets a big grin and Madi listens intently, so intently her eyes are wider at the end than at the beginning.

"Wow, if only I understood a single thing you said there. Other than, old gun made good. I like the idea. Though I'd just buy something new." A pause and she hrms, quirking her mouth to the side, "I mean, I hear your point about getting something. Then, learning to use it, but you could make money. I mean, I have money. I could totally buy one from you. Why wouldn't -you- want to make money? I'd even pay you to give me lessons."

Her eyes pop wider, as her mouth drops open a bit, an idea. "We could totally do one of those back alley shooting montages, and in like, 3 minutes I'd be capable of shooting." Then she looks more serious, tilting her head to the side and looking more sternly at you. "See, if you don't teach me, then I'm going to go off, buy a gun, and then start just shooting it. And if someone gets hurt, including myself, it'd be your fault. Wouldn't that make you feel bad? You shot a woman, a red head no less. We're an endangered species."

Cole Cash has posed:
Cole snickers, "if you know about nothing about guns maybe you should do some research before going to buy any," he points out. Then listens attentively at her plans to make him feel bad. "Right. Well, I guess I will feel super-guilty for ten seconds, then open a beer can and forget about you and the whole business."

More whiskey is poured, because he keeps drinking at good pace. He really shouldn't buy good scotch, because he drinks it too quickly. "I don't give lessons. I don't have the patience." He smirks, "I strongly suspect I would shot you myself during the first lesson."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"But that's sooooooooo boring. Research this, research that. I want to learn, now. Come on? Please? I mean, I'll pay you like, way more than you make selling guns. I'll get you way better alcohol than is here at this crappy dump." A pause, looking over to the bartender she smiles brightly, "I mean that as a compliment."

Turning back to Cole, Madi offers, "Come on come on come on, please? I am super good at everything I do, you won't want to shoot me." Another quick pause, looking off to the side, "Not for being bad at gun shooting, at least. I bet you two thousand dollars, you don't kill me in the first lesson. Wait, no, I bet you two thousand dollars that you do kill me in the first lesson. So, if you don't, you get 2 K."

Lightly rocking on the seat, like she's trying to hop up and down on it but can't quite get the full weight distribution from just her hips, "Please? Please? If you shoot me, I'll sign a waiver, or whatever you want, so like, I won't even press charges. As long as you don't kill me, we'll be cool. 1 lesson, see how I do, 1 gun. Doesn't even have to be your third or fourth best piece. Just some crappy barbie pistol if you want. I'd rather a bigger gun, you know, something that I can feel, but I'll take anything at this point."

Cole Cash has posed:
Cole is officially amused. "So, you want a random guy to give you shooting lessons in a back alley? That is very not smart. Not that we could find that kind of back alley in New York anyway." He shakes his head. "The answer is still no, for a dozen excellent reasons. Mostly, it breaks my rule about crazy. I only do crazy to a point, and this plan of yours is the wrong side of the equation by orders of magnitude. Here is me trying to speak nerd. Sorry, kid."

Madigan Belle has posed:
Gasping out, Madi says, "Look, what if we gamble for it? You and me, poker it up. Winner takes all. You win, we go our separate ways and I don't ask again today." And then she smirks, "You look like a fine person. Stranger or not. I mean, trust me, I've met worse people in my life, I even talked to a demon once. My best friend is an alien. Maybe just a clone." She thinks about that a moment, then wonders, "What about in a gun gallery shoot 'em up place? What are those called? We do it there, not in a back alley. We meet up in a week? We can synchronize watches? 1 week, exactly, to the second, here, again, then we go there. You just gotta give me your phone number so I can reach you, or email address, or facebook name, you know, your deets. What, would make you say yes? If I get you back into that poker game? If I get you really good booze? Food? I know all the best places. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" She groans out, noticeably perturbed.

Cole Cash has posed:
"Poker game, that could be fun," admits Cole. Except this particular redhead is too young and she is probably nuts. "I'll think about it," he decides. And hope she finds someone else to teach her soon!

He is probably going to regret it, but it is just a burner phone. He pulls a card from a back pocket and scribbles a number. "There you go. Call me when you have done some research and found a gun you like. One you can buy. And not from the Santa Prisca black market, those guys are full of shit."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Yeah, I love poker." Chuckling, Madi quickly takes the number she looks at it, and looks over at you. She pulls out her phone and immediately types away, sending a text and waits to see if the phone works. Her number popping up then, but she also is able to confirm it is at least a real phone.

"Okay, so, I'll call you after I've done some research. Jeez. I'll do it, too, so you best be ready." She pew pews with finger guns at you, before starting to work her way off the stool. Sliding off is far easier than getting up. Once up, she grabs her crutch and starts to walk away. Using her hips more than her legs, she lifts her leg and part drags part swings it forward, before doing the same to the other leg. "I'm going now, Mister Gunsmith. I'm gonna do research, and you -will- be my teacher. And it'll be fun, we can poker it up sometime as well." She stops part way and looks back, pointing two fingers at her eyes, then those same two fingers back to you. Then turning again to head back out of the bar.

Cole Cash has posed:
There is a buzz from Cole's pocket when Madi sends the message. And Cole sighs. Where has he walked in? But she is just a crazy redhead, right? No worries. "Yeah, see you around?" He waves as she limps away. Then picks his half empty bottle. At least he has some good whiskey left.