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  Mad B  
Madigan Belle (Scenesys ID: 2529)
Name: Madigan Belle
Superalias: Mad B, Madi B, The Chemist? I'm still working on it. Jeez.
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Generic College Girl? Definitely nothing to see here.
Citizenship: USA and Ireland.
Residence: Home is where the lab is. Ahem. New York.
Education: Methlab-U. Ignore that, it was a joke, seriously - Columbia University, currently


Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 01 April 2002 Played By Madison Kate
Height: 5'0" Weight: 108 lb
Hair Color: Red? More like burnt sienna. Eye Color: Blue (Brown w/ Contacts)
Theme Song: Disney songs, period. Let it go, top of the list.

Character Info


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Geeky girl with some mobility issues and villainous interest in genetics. In person, Madi is often a talkative, energetic and positive college girl. Behind closed doors she's calmly having powered goons go out and kidnap metahumans to sample their DNA to enable the bad guys, she calls family, defend themselves from heroes more effectively.


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2002: Born, in Ireland. Yep. I'm one of them. Sassy as my hair, and twice as amazing. Just try and compare, yo.
2004: Parents move to America. Why? Good question. They were running for their lives, with me, of course, because they foolishly had worked with the Irish Mob. Silly scientists wanting a side hustle.
2005: My parents discover I have a genetic anomaly that will eventually become the reason for my super powers.
2006: On my birthday, which is April Fools' Day by the way, we are discovered by the Irish Mob and forced back into their employ. Now, North America version. I seriously couldn't make this stuff up.
2008: I'm 6. I am pretty damn good at math, science, and other socially awkward things to be good at when you are 6 years old. Not super (see what I did there?) good, yet. But, soon.
2010: I win an international video game challenge in Japan. See, I got in thanks to my Uncle, who's a mobster, and I won because well. I'm super good at video games. And, I think he intimidated some of the other families, but I got a trophy and a shirt, and some other stuff. It was great.
2011: Helped my parents sequence my entire genetic code. Annnnnnd, we found out I was weird. My parents called it Genetic Malleability, basically that my genetic code could rewrite itself to merge with any other genes introduced to it in sufficient quantity. Yeah, it splices itself, and I become a freak.
2014: I find some genetic tests my parents are doing to try and figure out how to enhance our mob family's goons to better deal with all the supers running around. I inject myself, cause, I love needles and I've been around enough druggies at this point it seemed like it might be fun.
2015: I will never walk again. Thanks genetic material.
2016: I discover that, like, I'm smart. Like, super smart. Like super duper smart. I'm 14 and I'm solving some really hard to figure out stuff.
2018: I take over as lead chemist, my parents are allowed to retire. I'm 16, and makin' bank.
2017: I get in to Columbia University. Again, thanks to my brilliance. And, probably my Uncle Oisin doing his thang.
2019: I begin graduate school. I'm top chemist for the O'Neill family (our mob family), and I'm living in my own apartment.
2020: I develop a method of using my own blood as a delivery agent for super powered genes. Yeah. I figured it out, and I'm the key. Mic, drop.
2021: Throughout 2020 I was able to gather genetic samples, optimize my methods, and now I've been given free reign over family soldiers when attempting to gather more samples.

IC Journal

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You would have to have some kind of super silence power to get Madi to stop talking. She has a story for every occasion, she's willing to talk to just about anyone, and share information that you may not want to know. You'll have far too many TMI moments, and even though she may be a great resource to ask questions you better have the time. She's not the type to let you go with a simple explanation, and she'll most certainly have questions of her own.

Sleeping and eating are fine to feel like you are ready for the day, but Madi needs people. Yes, she's a geek and loves science but she needs others and gets bored all too quickly when left alone. That is the difference between a good day, and a bad day for her people. If there's important work to be done or a social gathering to be had, she is going to shirk her responsibilities. If you prove to be a regular social interaction, she will seek you out, and get hurt if you don't have time for her.

Madi is one of those people who is just bursting with positive energy. Every problem is a challenge ready to be conquered. Every stranger a new friend waiting to be made. Every person in need a new customer. She sees opportunity all around her and moves toward it, instead of away, even when it may not make sense. She wears her reactions on her face, her smile is big and bright, her eyes open and curious even if terrible events are unfolding before her eyes. To others her actions may seem cute, naïve, eternally optimistic or weird.

Veruca Salt:
Selfish is a word to describe her, and perhaps even demanding with a clear touch of impatient. Madi has the combination of being smart, seeing the world go in what seems like super slo-mo, and plotting multiple paths to the same thing in an instance. Plus, she's grown up in a world where people take what they want, they don't wait to earn it. If she sees something she wants, she will single-mindedly go after it. If she gets it, she's not at all bothered by people who suffered along the way, but if she doesn't get it � bad news bear.

Character Sheet


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Brain Power-Up:
As a result of her taking a speedster's DNA and incorporating it into her own, her nervous system actually rewrote itself. As a result, she has the same super fast thinking capacity of the top tier speedsters. Making it so she can consciously think through hundreds, if not more, potential outcomes and their variations within a second. This also allows her to process the information coming in from her increased senses. There was a side-effect of her brain actually growing two new hemispheres to account for the new nervous system. This has given her a greater handle on analytical type tasks, deciphering codes, science, almost anything cerebral that she sets her mind to and has access to in terms of resources. Currently she focuses on Chemistry and Genetics, with a big helping of video games on the side. This also has the benefit of giving her a near photographic recall of anything she personally experiences, making learning new things like languages, engineering, technical skills (her focus) significantly quicker than others but she'd still need to study and work at it, gain experience, etc. Although this provides no special protection against telepaths, her thoughts are so fast and working on so many things at once, it could be easily disorienting or an unpleasant experience.

Crazy Senses:
Like other speedsters, Madi has enhanced senses. These are designed to be used in conjunction with running or moving really quickly, but still evolved inside of her despite her lack of ability to walk or run. She can see clearly for approximately half a mile and still read a sign 18 inches diagonally. Her hearing is good enough that she's able to pick up sounds that are whispered even a room over through normal tech sound proofing or across a busy street at normal conversation volume. She can sense vibrations well enough that if she is touching a surface she can determine to a microscopic degree variations in pattern, so finely, that she could even pick up on fingerprints by running a finger across a surface. Her sense of taste and smell are so acute that she counts as a chemical analyzer you might find in a university lab. None of her enhanced senses make her any less susceptible to toxins, or injury but also thanks to her brains ability to filter she's also not more susceptible to her senses being overwhelmed (i.e. loud sounds do not hurt her more than usual).

Fast Reader:
Reading is her jam. She's capable of reading very quickly, thanks to her super speed, and mixed with her near photographic recall she's able to zip through a text book or fiction series in a few minutes. A few minutes later, after she's given it time to 'soak in' as it were, she's capable of using that information limited only by her skill and resources.

Genetic Malleability:
Madi's genetic make-up is in a state more influx than most peoples. Where genes are rather resistant to change, and attack anything that's attempting to re-write them, Madi's DNA is actually very open to being altered and changed. This is so abundant that if she's injected with enough genetic material from another DNA based lifeform her own genetic makeup will act like a splicer. It will start to take traits from the new material to overwrite the original material (herself). This has only happened 1 time in any permanent basis, and the results were unexpected. In theory, this would allow her entire genetic makeup to be rewritten and she would be the ultimate splicing lab for a freak show.

OOC: For any permanent changes to Madi's DNA, it would follow normal paths and review from staff. If you have an interesting plot idea and need a genetic guinea pig, let's talk and review with staff for ramifications.

Kill Me If You Can:
Speedsters regenerate rather fast thanks to their greatly increased metabolism. This makes Madi virtually immune to most illnesses as well as any toxin that can be metabolized. She processes them so quickly as to be unaffected. She cannot get drunk, getting high lasts minutes instead of hours or days, and if she is injured she can heal from things significantly quicker than a normal human. Bruises fade in no more than a day, broken bones a few days later, and even some lethal injuries she would prove significantly more resilient against but would take weeks to heal on their own. If she loses a limb, or her head, these things don't magically heal and she would suffer the same limitations as anyone else.

Super Speed:
Normally this is used for walking or running really fast. Diving out of the way of bullets and more. Madi isn't really able to do that. Sure, she could catch a knife being thrown at her, or a bullet being shot at her, but she couldn't 'get out of the way' of a grenade going off or a car about to strike her. She can't spin around either. What this does do is allow her to perceive other speedsters like they are going at normal speed, normal speed folks in a near freeze frame type environment when she's concentrating and allows her to do minimal things to avoid injury (such as the speedster ability to reposition bullets that they are aware of). She can also move her hands and arms incredibly quickly and with great precision, allowing for some sleight of hand feats that would be undetectable by normal eyesight.

Tough Cookie:
A mix of her advanced regeneration and skin designed to survive breaking the speed of sound has given her toughness beyond normal humans. She is cut, burned, etc pretty easily but her skin provides additional resistance that limits the amount of harm most normal modern weapons would otherwise cause. As soon as she's cut, she starts to regenerate and her skin gives a great deal of resistance to the force against her. Bullets would still penetrate her skin but may only go a centimeter or so into her before they were stopped and then ultimately pushed out. Even if she were burned, or caught in an explosion, she is likely to survive because of this, but she will feel it for sure, be hurt, and take a bit to heal. Super powered individuals with super strength or super tech would likely have no impediment from her limited toughness.


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Drug Chemist:
Her job, and in a way, family business, is making drugs. Regular, garden variety, life ruining, crime causing, illegal substances. Her particular enjoyment and art comes in when it is time to mix things. She hates just making cocaine or its derivatives. Why stop with something boring? When you can crank it up, and mix it with something else, dream a little and turn a profit doing it? Beyond that she understands chemistry really well, organic and inorganic. She can make explosives, but has no demolitions skills so she doesn't know where to put them, and she could fashion toxins as well as anti-toxins after a quick analysis. These can range from less than lethal type sleeping drugs, roofies, or other questionable drugs all the way to just-gonna-kill ya type drugs.

Gamers Got Game:
Before she had super speed she was able to take 1st place in a Japanese-based video game tournament. She was 8 years old at the time, and yes, her Uncle Oisin did help to intimidate other top performers which gave her an edge, but she still had to be super good to get there in the first place and rise to the top ranks to even have that be a possibility. Since then, her brain has developed dramatically, her reflexes have exceeded the speed of most computer based systems ability to keep up, and she has gained more experience.

Genebased Mad Scientist:
Madigan Belle is the current, hands down, genetics rockstar student inside of Columbia University. She picks up the information quickly, she knew a lot of it before she even started going to school, and is probably well beyond most normal geneticists on the face of the planet in terms of real understanding. She has had experience with many different genetic variations at this point, mostly mutants and other metahumans, but a few alien species as well. If she had time to analyze the genetic makeup of someone she may very well pick up on how their genes work and then result in their biological based powers and weaknesses (OOC Consent always on any kind of PC person/etc). As of right now, she's got a diverse understanding both in practice and theoretical when it comes to biology and genetics.

Madi can speak English, Japanese and Gaelic.


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At Madi's disposal, she has access to members of the O'Neill's thuggery. She supplies them with temporary powers, should the situation require it, and can use them as she sees fit so long as she is pursuing the increase of the O'Neill family's territory, control, and weaponization of powers. She's still an employee and cannot determine where revenge happens, or other big picture type stuff, but they trust her enough these days to follow-up on kidnappings, robberies and whatnot on her own. They know her curiosity is in line with learning more about the super powered population, and ways to monetize their skills. They keep tabs on her through Oisin, and give her some leeway, but they keep her on a leash - it just happens to be a long leash with plenty of dollars attached to it. The goons, at her disposal, have access to normal tech weapons and explosives plus her super serum.

Makin' It Rain:
She's got money. For an 18 year old college girl, she's got more money than sense. She can buy stupidly expensive clothes, gadgets, gizmos aplenty, and a nice apartment close to school. In a few months she could probably save enough to buy a local business and keep it operational as a hobby should she want, and she has all the rare comics she could ever need. She's no billionaire, no world's richest woman, but if she didn't spend all her money regularly she could easily save up in a year to be a millionaire even with her high end expenses. The benefits of being a profit sharing drug chemist is you've always got money coming in, it�s the best job with co-workers who really love what they do.

O'neill Family:
The O'Neill Family is Madi's non-biological family. They are an organized crime syndicate and her employer. Over the past few years she's developed for them street drugs as well as a Super Serum, the secret ingredient being kept a secret even from them (Madi's blood). By using her skills and providing these serums she's given this family the ability to have a fighting chance against Supers and high-tech heroes who might of otherwise been able to wipe the floor with them. In return, they pay her well and provide her with ample subjects, or at least their biological material, to analyze and create more serums. In times of personal trouble they could be convinced to side with her over someone else, unless it injured their organization or put head people at risk. Then, like anyone else in their employ, she'd probably be on her own.

Serum List:
Super Strength: This grants super strength enough to throw buses, perform super strength feats like leaping great heights, tearing up roads and otherwise enough to hurt most super tough powered folks. After use, weakened like a really bad sickness and generally unable to perform normal tasks.
Super Speed: Running speeds up to hundreds of miles per hour, capping out at Mach 1. This does not come with the senses necessary to navigate well at those speeds and so users often stay on the lower end of this speed. After use, shakes that prevent fine motor control such as fighting, engineering tasks, driving, etc.
Invulnerability: The user is capable of withstanding immense punishment, even punches from some of the super strong and deadliest of super tech type weapons. Super strength or equivalent of 80+ tons can still hurt this user and they are granted no special regenerative capabilities. After use, severe allergy to sunlight where 10 minutes in direct sun will cause 3rd degree burns. Prolonged exposure will cause death.
Flight: The super everyone wants, capacity to fly does not grant any special protection from wind sheer or plane engines, so buyer beware. This flight has no direct propulsion (think Superman/Rogue) and caps out at just under the speed of sound. After use, vertigo making it hard to walk down the street let alone get up from the couch. Hopefully you land near home.
Telekinesis: Capable of mentally moving objects or others, upwards of 10 tons. After use, migraine city.
Emotion Control: This is the capability of impacting someone's emotional state. This does not control thoughts but instead feelings. Any telepath with beyond basic levels of protection could protect against the degree of influence, but it is capable of influencing anyone who can hear the person's voice whether or not they understand the language they are speaking. After use, anger and prone to berserker-esque responses even in response to benign situations.

OOC: After use side-effects last for 24 hours, each dose also makes the user more addicted requiring extended periods of time away from the drug to rehab. The more powers in a single serum has additive effects for both positive and negatives (2 powers, 2 days of recovery, twice the side effects and twice as addictive).

**** NOTE****
This list is a current, exhaustive list of powers, that can be used in various combinations to make more or less powerful goons to match the power level of the situation at hand. Over time this power list will grow as Madi acquires additional options through plots and other approved situations.

Stylish Leg Braces:
With the help of leg braces Madi is able to stay standing once she's managed to pull herself up. These leg braces are also built with pivots and locking mechanism to hold her legs when she isn't moving, and then freely rock with limited hip movement. This means, she can walk with a crutch and with effort move up stairs and otherwise get around at a slightly slower-than-normal pace.

Super Serum:
In the O'Neill family the nickname for this stuff is any number of things: Supa-Bazooka, SuperX, Super Serum and The Red. A name that seems like it was created by a teenage girl. Since, it was. This serum is an injectable, which for approximately 1 hour this drug can give 1, or more, super powers to someone. It is impossible to know what power is in the serum even with detailed analysis. A super computer gene analyzer and enough skill to identify the genes being spliced, could allow someone to know what the drug would do before using it. These serums are super addictive both physiologically and mentally and are used only as needed as they often come with terrible side effects at their conclusion.

Madi is the creator of this serum and also the source of the main ingredient. Using her own blood she is able to mix it with genetic material to temporarily splice those genetics into someone else. It is a quick transformation, taking place within moments of being injected, and is mostly used to give her mob family ability to still do their thing despite supers running around.

OOC: List of powers capable with this serum will be listed under Serum list, and if you'd like to utilize this serum you will need staff approval to incorporate into RP or a Plot in advanced. Otherwise, the mob attempts to keep this under the radar.

Uncle Oisin:
This guy. He's Madi's favorite family member and he's not even related. He's been in the Irish Mob family, the O'Neill family to be exact, for decades here in the states. Oisin works as the fella who can get Madi things, he set her up in her apartment and vouched for her when she took over being the primary Chemist, and he's also on more than one occasion led thugs and goons on Madi's behalf. He also helped her win a video game tournament when she was 8 years old, and helped edge her into Columbia University's Genetics program when she was only 15. She sees him as a father figure, he enables her criminal tendencies, and sees nothing wrong with a precious sweet girl like Madi getting whatever she wants - so long as the family is getting their product on time he will help make her dreams come true. He's skilled in Demolitions, Interrogation, Hand to Hand combat, various weapons, and is tactically minded with a caution bordering on paranoid. Due to the serums that Madi makes he can also be powered depending on the situation and need.


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Despite her big ol' brain, she's led by childish desires. Danish see, danish eat. You could put her whole organization at risk by just finding the first edition comic she needs to complete her collection and hiding it behind some locked door. It isn't something she could ignore for very long. Have a treat that you know she likes? Use it to distract her during a conversation and she won't be paying attention to your ulterior motive. Want to negotiate with her being at the losing end? Find a rare stylish pair of glasses that goes well with her look and offer that instead of money. She doesn't know the weight of her actions and she's a creature going from one satisfying event to another without concerns for who is hurt, what she loses out on, or the future opportunities lost. It makes her a risky asset for the O'Neill family, one they only suffer through because of her limited access to the organization and Oisin's ability to manipulate her through this very flaw.

Effort Adverse:
As the saying goes, when things get tough Madi gets going. She doesn't like effort. Life is easy. If there's an easier solution she'll take it. If something is boring, or taking too long to work out, she'll just leave. Often leaving things incomplete or lazily fixing a problem because its good enough for now. Other folks might persevere or be stubborn, or who have potentially suffered from a physical limitation like she has, they develop a thick skin to effort. She hasn't. She's no hero, she doesn't put in 110 percent into anything, and she is very pro-taking the path of least resistance.

She's young. She hasn't experienced a lot, and has lived a weirdly sheltered life. She doesn't go on the streets, she isn't a target for other gangs, she doesn't have to show up to make dark alley hand-offs or kidnap enemies for torture. And anyone who has met her, for analysis, usually doesn't make it out of her lab alive. So, there's really no blow-back for her being raised in and integral to a drug-based crime family. And in return, she's protected, her lab is protected, and she never touches the seller-buyer side of things where so many people get hurt, die or go to jail. This inexperience also shows up in the fact that she has goals, lots of them, very self-oriented goals, and figures she can just throw money and brainpower at the problem and it will resolve itself. There isn't a lot of nuance for her in terms of skills, being well-rounded, or balancing desires with responsibilities. Because of this, she can often outthink many people but they can easily out strategize her in a direct conflict and utilize her youthful brazen arrogance as a way to trick her into revealing her hand.

Non-Functional Legs:
Madi doesn't like to say she's paralyzed as some of the suffering people who are paraplegic go through she doesn't. Much of the nerves that would be designated for walking, moving her legs, anything lower spine and below were removed beyond the bare minimum needed to prevent atrophy in her legs. She can feel her legs still but can't move them beyond limited re-positioning and even that often requires the use of her hands. Due to this being a result of her genetic code rewriting how her body functions, it is irreversible and even technology that relies upon nerve responses to work wouldn't here because she no longer has those nerve responses.

Ultimate Diet Power:
Like any speedster, Madi is required to consume far more calories than the average human. She tends to think of this as a perk but if she goes more than an hour without eating something she starts to get tired, and possibly hangry. If she goes too many more hours she will literally need to sleep, and should she go a week without food she may very well starve. Inability to eat will also cause her regenerative powers to slow down as well as start to cause her to have some foggy mind effects limiting her super intelligence (granted she'd probably still be smarter than most).

Unreliable Power:
Madi, in theory, could splice in every single power that exists in biological lifeforms around the world. Though, she is starting with a limited palette in her otherwise limited human DNA that as never capable of doing even what she can do today. This means that if she were to try and add additional powers to herself she would certainly accumulate more weaknesses and the likely results would not be what was anticipated. This makes her incredibly hesitant to even try something on herself and hasn't since her first run through. What else would she lose? How will it really splice into her genetic makeup? Its unknown and unknowns aren't worth the risk.



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Madigan Belle has 45 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Coffee with the Chaos Speeder January 15th, 2022 Emma speaks to Madigan Belle and takes a rather bad impression of the sociopath
Some Christmas Cheer Also Alcohol December 24th, 2021 Two nights before Christmas and people gather at a Manhattan pub
Now seeking scientists December 21st, 2021 Karai pays Madigan a visit with prospects of work. She isn't quite prepared for the geneticists personality.
Out of Breath December 5th, 2021 Madigan drops her donut; Jamie fails to get conned.
Magic Book November 28th, 2021 Hellboy, Madigan, and Jessica confront Tynan's's Tynan? Jessica knocks Tynan out. Hellboy carries out two ladies while people are upset about disappearing wishes.
A Storm on the Horizon November 27th, 2021 Leslie plans her big social media tour/NOT A CRIME SPREE. Madigan gives her some good ideas! ...For totally not crime! And also probably finishes the nachos off.
Spark, Speed and Magic November 26th, 2021 Phoebe was doing magic in the park, but when Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), Impulse (Bart Allen), Alfred Pennyworth and Madigan Belle stop in, it becomes an impromptu pizza picnic, with proper placement thanks to Alfred. Another End of the World may be coming up, but at least this time there's people prepared.
Madi's first Hulk November 25th, 2021 A new BFF! And she's amazingly green!
Interactin' Cafe Au Lait November 20th, 2021 Everyone ate and Madi weirded BK out.
GIRL Expo: Day 1 November 16th, 2021 Day 1 of the GIRL Expo goes quite well! The universe is not destroyed.
GIRL Expo: Day 2 November 16th, 2021 Girl Expo Day 2! Much Science! Much Tech! Wow! Do not eat the rats! Jane Foster is alive! Demon Girl?! The best is yet to come!
GIRL Expo: Day 3 November 16th, 2021 The GIRL Expo ends with a bang! Many of them! Really big ones! Even an erupting mini-volcano?! But Monica Rappaccini and A.I.M. sent packing! That Zeta Beam Emitter they made off with probably isn't a big deal right? RIGHT?! Either way, our intrepid heroines have likely not seen the last of them...
Villainy! School, at night! November 6th, 2021 No description
Follow-up Study-Buddies October 29th, 2021 Hellboy meets Madigan for pancakes and the two talk about relics.
Research Assistance October 24th, 2021 Hellboy and Madigan Belle do research on antiques.
When Rachel Met Madigan June 12th, 2021 Cole, Madi, and Rachel all gather at Katz for food, Madi and Rachel have NO business getting -all- that food to themselves.
Random Alley walking May 22nd, 2021 Yay, random meeting!
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A bio night out. April 13th, 2021 Bart, Vivi and Madi all meet up.
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Food Science March 25th, 2021 No description
Lucha underground March 21st, 2021 Bane shows off the full power of Venom
Let the tests begin March 14th, 2021 Sciene is made, friend maybe is made if that's even possible
Seeking Equipment - FOR SCIENCE! March 13th, 2021 Weird and Interesting meeting.
The Bane of her work March 12th, 2021 Madi makes a friend of Bane. And, she gets the promise of a little excitement in the not so distant future. Yay for villainy!
What's better than a drug deal at a church March 10th, 2021 Spider-man webs his way through finding some interesting bad guy power-up juice.
Teach me, teach me March 9th, 2021 Madigan meets and harashes Cole. Yeah, like he is going to teach her to shoot...
School labs bring the most interesting guests March 7th, 2021 Madigan becomes a member of GIRL
Delivery for a Lab March 5th, 2021 Escape to Steak House - Accomplished.
The day after the day after March 5th, 2021 It is the week of bad decisions
The Truth About Uncle Oisin March 4th, 2021 No description
Movie and Dinner. March 2nd, 2021 What does big feet mean?
G.I.R.L. Sleep Over March 2nd, 2021 GIRL Slumber Party is a resounding success. Teenage scientists manage to socialize and figure out the contours of a spaceship design.
Roar-EEEEEEEEK! February 28th, 2021 Ash arrives at Columbia University in search of a damsel in distress, a monster on the loose, and a kegger.
Ohh they got William's cabinet February 27th, 2021 Bart meets a sorta like mind.
Post-Drink Snack - TBD February 27th, 2021 No description
Fog, Docks and Irish goons oh-my! February 27th, 2021 Hellboy saves the day from some powered thugs trying to get Madi. Or, were they?
Look up from your phone - Danger is Lurking! February 26th, 2021 A few moments of silence for the lost Nintendo Switch
Wasting Away Again At Josie's February 26th, 2021 Cinque and Madi strike up a conversation with each other at Josie's Bar. Cinque explains his boring life compared to Madi's more interesting one. Madi buys Slips drink, and introduces her to Cinque.
Bag Grab goes Awry February 25th, 2021 Opposites ... get into an Uber together.
Gluttony - with red hair February 24th, 2021 Beautiful Dog
Geneticists Of The World Unite February 24th, 2021 Madigan heads to ESU to talk Genetics, ending up with Gwen while her absentminded professor catches up on Madigan's technical emails. Eddie gets enlisted to wheel Madigan's chair, and watches her eat a chocolate bar in front of him. Some people.
Geeky Favor for a Friend February 23rd, 2021 Did Koga just earn himself a stalker?


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Madigan Belle has 45 finished logs.

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