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Cole Cash (Scenesys ID: 776)
Name: Cole Cash
Superalias: Grifter
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Mercenary, con-man, hero
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham
Education: US Army Special Forces
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Suicide Squad
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 45
Date of Birth 10 August 1974 Played By
Height: 6'3" Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Cole Cash, Grifter, is an American adventurer, mercenary and con-man of some fame. Rumored to have been a black ops operative for some shady agency in the 90s, he has been abroad for nearly two decades, but it looks like he is back to the US.


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* 1974: Born in Chicago, oldest of two brothers. Father, Jacob, is a petty criminal.
* 1980: Cole's father is murdered.
* 1984: Cole's mother remarries, but the step-father soon proves to be an abusive man.
* 1987: Cole starts spending more and more time in the streets, to avoid his step-father. He eventually leaves and joins a gang.
* 1992: Cole has a rep as a con-man and driveway guy and the police finally arrest him. Faced with a few years of jail or enlisting, he enlists.
* 1993: Despite some disciplinary problems Cole proves himself a good soldier and a crack shot. He is sent to sniper school, where he breaks a few records. Afterwards he is promoted and destined to the elite Team-7, codenamed Deadeye for his shooting skills. Unknown to him or his teammates, Team-7 is part of the Weapon 7 super-soldier program. Cole meets Michael Cray, John Lynch, Slade Wilson and Amanda Waller, among other exceptional soldiers.
* 1994-99: The Team-7 soldiers are subject to experimental treatments and exposed to alien mutagenics without their knowledge. Several of them develop psychic powers. A few die or go insane.
* Early 2000s: Team-7 falls apart as some members discover the Gen-13 project to turn their own children into brain-washed super-powered agents. Some soldiers go rogue, trying to kill Miles Craven, their CO. Others flee the US with their families. Cole stays to watch disgusted the massive cover up.
* 2005: Cole becomes an assassin for the CIA, a job he hates. He tries to quit and is marked for death. He flees Mexico leaving behind a number of dead MiBs.
* 2006: Without the military drugs to keep his powers under control Cole slowly goes insane. He begins to drink heavily and take illegal drugs to cope. But nothing seems to work. Then he meets Lady Zealot when she is attacked by Daemonites masquerading as ninjas. He joins the fight. Grateful, she teaches him meditation techniques to shut down his powers. They become lovers. For the next years they are also partners, fighting the plots of the Daemonites all over the world and the occasional super-villain or local warlord. Eventually Zealot teaches Cole the secret Coda martial arts techniques.
* 2013: Zealot moves on, leaving Cole heartbroken. He falls into bad habits again, but eventually puts himself back together and begins working as mercenary for causes he can stomach.
* 2020: Cole, now famous in certain circles as the mercenary codenamed Grifter, receives a message from Amanda Waller. She promises protection from his enemies in the US government and a chance of revenge against Craven and his cronies. In exchange Cole will help with a little project of hers nicknamed "the Suicide Squad". Since he has found nothing better to do, he returns to America.

IC Journal

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Cynical Soldier:
Cole is older than he looks and well-travelled. He has seen too much and gone through many betrayals. He keeps an outward facade that varies according to the situation. Often he presents himself as wisecracking hothead. Other times he is a friendly fool, a bit of a drunk but pleasant company. He is actually a very experience warrior, an expert on the arts of survival, usually wary and always distrustful, particularly of those in power.

Despite his cynical outlook of life Cole is a man of his word. He is also a man that wants to change the world for the better, but he doesn't know how. He has a thirst for justice, and will go out of the way to right a wrong and to help those helpless. However, he keeps these feelings to himself, and will admit he has them only when very drunk.

Nevertheless his actions speak louder than his words.

Character Sheet


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Healing Factor:
Grifter has an unstable, sometimes powerful healing factor. Usually he heals around 4 or 5 times faster than a normal human. He recovers from beatings in a day or so. Broken bones is a week or two. Bullet wounds a few days. He heals from injuries normal humans wouldn't, and his aging has been greatly slowed, if not fully stopped.

But it is not a sure thing, though. Sometimes the healing factor slows down greatly. In an occasion he was wheelchair bound for six months due to badly broken legs. On the other hands sometimes it seems to kick up to overdrive. It saved his life once by healing a broken neck in a minute.

Given how it is, Cole has learned not to take it for granted.

Cole has great psychic powers and if he received expert training for a few years he could become quite the powerhouse as telepath and telekinetic. Unfortunately, he has never received such training and he considers his powers a curse. He was able of some very impressive feats when he mind-linked with the other Team 7 psychics, but he was basically acting as battery, letting more talented psychics use the 'rush', as they called it.

Thanks to the (Kheran) Coda meditation techniques, Cole has managed to restrain his powers almost completely. They form a psychic barrier around his mind that keep him well-shielded from telepathic intrusion, but he can't do little with his abilities beyond sensing unshielded minds in the immediate area (maybe 20 yards around him).

Opening up his mind is not easy or painless, and he does it only as a last-ditch effort when nothing else would work. With his mind-shields down he can hear the thoughts of everyone for miles around, which is maddening. Raising them back up takes him maybe 10-15 minutes of intense concentration.

With the shields down Cole can launch a massive telepathic and psychokinetic attack on a wide cone, or even all around himself. This burst hits with several tons of force for several yards around himself and can easily kill an adult man at close range. The telepathic component is usually enough to knock out anyone that is not exceptionally resistant. For Cole it is both painful and exhausting. He hates doing it.

Cole was subject to super-soldier treatments while in Team 7. The treatments granted him his healing factor and also enhanced his physical abilities. They weren't as effective on him as they were on Steve Rogers (or Slade Wilson, for that matter) but he is still peak human in speed, reflexes and agility, easily matching the best Olympic athletes. He has the stamina of a marathon runner, and he is also very strong for his size and build. In a pitch he could deadlift maybe 600 lbs.


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Grifter is a very good con-man and swindler, skills learned in his childhood and developed extensively during his adventures. He is an excellent liar and a master at feigning incompetence and drunkenness. He can talk for hours making everyone believe he is their best friend and that he is revealing interesting information and important secrets, while telling nothing useful.

Cole likes to be underestimated and he is surprisingly good at playing the fool. Even people that ought to know better has fallen for his tricks again and again.

It was Cole's marksman skills what got him his position in Team 7 as 'Deadeye'. He is one of the best marksmen in the world. Deadly at all ranges and with all firearms. In particular his skills with handguns are unrivaled, and he has learned to combine them with unarmed martial arts to become one of the best Gun-Fu fighters on Earth.

With a handgun Grifter can kill, or cripple, or disarm almost any opponent in tens of seconds. He has exceptional spatial awareness and a knack to predict how enemies move in close quarters. Cole can draw as quickly as the legendary gunfighters of past centuries, too fast for they eye to follow. He can do almost impossible trick shots, and even hit opponents with ricocheting bullets.

Most of the time Cole customizes his firearms. Sometimes even his ammo. He is an excellent gunsmith and with the right tools he can modify or even build from scratch any kind of handgun or rifle.

Decades of travelling around the world and some natural talent have made Grifter learn a few extra languages. He is pretty much bilingual in Russian, Japanese and Spanish, and he can carry a conversation at good pace in Arabic, French, German, Swahili and Cantonese, although he has a noticeable accent.

Martial Arts:
As part of Team 7 Cole received instruction in hand-to-hand combat, becoming quite accomplished at Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and knife fighting. He was a good fighter, but hardly the best in that deadly group.

A few years later he learned martial arts from the immortal Coda sister Lady Zealot. He is certainly a master class practitioner of Judo, Aikido and Ninjutsu. Moreover, he is also an expert in the Coda fighting techniques. This is an alien set of martial arts developed by the Kherans and adapted to human use by the Coda Sisterhood in the last few millennia. It is a hard-hitting, very mobile and acrobatic fighting style best used with sword, spears or fighting staves. But even without weapons (which Cole rarely carries) it is very effective if the fighter is in top physical shape.

Cole is sworn not to teach these Coda martial arts to anyone.

Soldier and Assasin:
Cole enlisted the US Army at 18, trained as a sniper and then he was assigned to the elite black ops group Team 7. His violent lifestyle has kept most of the skills he learned up to date. Cole is familiar with military protocols and equipment. He can recognize, maintain and use all kinds of firearms, from handguns to heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. He can drive all military land vehicles but the most exotic, as well as combat helicopters. He can also fly transport planes with some ability, although not combat planes. Cole is also a good tactician (although mostly he is a master at improvising) and has some decent leadership skills.

Cole is also an expert on infiltration, interrogation, tracking, stealth, survival and surveillance. He worked as an assassin for the CIA and although he hated the job, he was very, very good at it.

Cole has been living on the streets or the road since his early teens. He learned early on to handle himself in the harshest urban environments. He knows well or can figure out quickly the inner workings of the police, the gangs and most criminal organizations.


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Although Cole has rarely managed to save any good amount of money, he has managed to accumulate an impressive number of weapons and gadgets, some of which are quite valuable. From ancient weapons (some of which should be in museums) to Kheran blades (not quite adamantium, but quite able to cut steel). To energy weapons taken from Daemonite aliens. To powerful custom firearms, some of which has built himself.

Usually, when he expects trouble, he is armed with a pair of heavy handguns, several throwing blades and a couple combat knives of Kheran steel. He wears one or two bandoliers of ammo around his chest, over an armored vest. Under most circumstances, he also wears a bulletproof coat.

His bandit-like red mask includes polarized and night-vision (the white lenses completely hide his eyes). The mask will also filter any noxious or poisonous element in the air.

If he expects to fight super-powered opponents, he might go into the battle with his VAD PP30 energy handguns. Those are automatic particle pulse weapons built by in the 90s by US Army engineers using alien components. The charge can be regulated from just enough to stun a human, to an armor-piercing blast that can punch through half an inch of good steel. He has two of them and they are expensive and slow to recharge (and completely illegal in any civilized country) so he saves them for missions when he expects to face superhuman opponents or armored vehicles.

Cole has made many friends in his decades on the road. He is actually a pretty congenial guy, a good drinking buddy and pretty funny at parties. He has also made many favors for free to people he feels deserve help, and he keeps in touch with odd folks all over the world. Therefore he is rarely out of work, or lacking a place to hide, and can often get his hands into expensive gear cheaply. Very handy since he is often short of cash.

Grifter has a reputation as a mercenary, although it is not a very good one. Many will admit he can fight well, but also think he is a bumbling fool who drinks too much and talks to much. His long string of successes is surprising given his attitude, but often explained as sheer luck or third party intervention.

Which is exactly what he wants to be known.

Those who know what Grifter is really capable of doing are either good friends or dire enemies, and they do not talk about it with strangers. Cole is not in the mercenary business to get rich or famous. He usually picks his merc contracts following his particular moral compass, not size of the purse.


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Dark Past:
Former member of Team 7 and former CIA assassin, Cole has a few skeletons in his closet, and more than a few regrets. Some of the people that betrayed Team 7 is now high ranked in secret organizations within the US government and beyond.

Grifter has more than a few. He has fought in skirmishes all over the world, usually against crime-lords, supervillains and the odd alien warlord. Also, the Coda Sisterhood does not like a bit he knows their secret martial arts.

Flawed Powers:
It is pretty strange almost all the Team 7 members got super-powers. Cole now suspects they were hand-picked because someone had identified them as possessing the meta-gen or some kind of latent powers, and experimented on them how to activate them.

Whatever they did, it didn't work well on Cole. His regeneration is unreliable, his psychic power uncontrollable. He would be long dead (or locked in an asylum for madmen) if he had not met Lady Zealot, and he has no idea how those powers might evolve in the next years. He often feels he is living on borrowed time.



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Cole Cash has 21 finished logs.

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RIP Jawmaw and Mysterious Ninja.

Prison fun times! October 11th, 2020 Team bonding exercise at Belle Reve With Spiral, Harley and Cole! Harley doesn't remember how she got here...! Hard partying the other night. But they decide on what Cole's title will be. Colonel Cole!
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This continues in Heroes Assembled issue #1913
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When Things Get Real.. March 27th, 2020 It was supposed to be a simple job, and then nothing worked out. But Cole and Rose still got paid.


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Cole Cash has 21 finished logs.

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