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Amazonian Play time on the Beach
Date of Scene: 17 March 2021
Location: Sandy Beaches
Synopsis: Diana and Kara chat while walking along the beach of Themyscira.
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Diana Prince

Kara Danvers has posed:
    It's still fairly early in the morning and Kara has somehow been scarce to most people so far on this trip. What has she been up to? asking just about every Amazon she comes across to spar with her. She can't get enough of it. She's been throwing herself in to it heart and soul.

    And so it is that the silhouette of two women, one wearing a short white skirt and a shirt white top wielding a sword, and the other with underclothes of white in similar style but with armour on over the top wielding a golden spear, are trading blows on the beach.

    The beach, she was told, was an excellent equaliser because the sand wants to slow you down and the water wants to change the terrain. Kara's hair is tied up in to a pony tail and her laughter would be infectious if Venelia weren't a staunch professional in the martial arts. It's obviously for any one who knows her, that she too is enjoying this though.

    Kara parries a thrust of the spear with her sword, clash, and takes a running start in to a flying kick which Venelia casually side steps and turns her spear around to point at Kara's head again and says, "Try again." Patient, Venelia is. Kara chuckles again and takes a few steps away and turns again to resume her study of Amazonian combat tactics.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had alwasy been a bit of a loner amongst the Amazonians of this island. She'd grown up here the only child on the island, it inherently had an affect on the Princess' socializing amonst her own people. Not that there was any issues there,r eally, but she'd grown up feeling a bit isolated, a bit of her own individual person amongst the crowd of others that lived here.

This had only grown in her when she'd left the island 100 years ago and set off on her literal own. Sure, she'd made friend along the way, but friends amongst the mortal world were relationships with a promised finale, some coming far sooner than others.

Back on the island today, Diana was happy, but she still lived in her own world in many different ways. With the sun only just rising on a new day, most of the women on the island who were awake were performing daily routines from training, to preparing the city for another day. Diana had chosen to take the morning to be with her own thoughts, and to set out on a ride with her horse from the palace.

Here and now the Princess is leading her hosrse by his reigns along the beach shorefront. She's wearing a set of leather garments, with a red skirt and sleeveless top covered by a leather corset. Her own dark hair sit ied back, laced with leather and golden shining cordss, sandals on her feet and her bracers upon her forearms.

She spies the activity up ahead, sees Kara and Vene, a soft smile on her visage reacts to them as she moves closer toward them with every step, horse at her side.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    It's one thing for Kara to use her powers and win every fight she'd come across on the island - but that is not the purpose. Troia already explained to her the virtues of learning to fight at these slower speeds. One day she might not have her powers, or she might face someone who has similar powers to her own - in which case, actual skill will be necessary. When she faced off against Zod and his people, that was absolutely true. Ever since that invasion of the Warzoon she had been training regularly with Troia. Except when Troia disappeared in to space that is.

    And so it is that this time when Venelia thrusts to Kara convincingly, she parries it to the side with her sword, wraps her arm about it and uses her body to yank backwards, pulling Venelia toward her - her sword pointed out in ready. Venelia actually smiles and says, "Good. Ag~" she stops short of demanding another try when it becomes obvious the Princess is approaching.

    Venelia salutes and Kara beams, "Diana. Good morning, isn't it?" she says and sweeps a hand out to the rising sun across the wibbling ocean waters. It is safe to say that Kara has a knack for the martial arts but has a lot to learn to catch up with Amazonian expertise. That's hardly surprising given how long the Amazons have been practicing their arts. As Troia always puts it - be more efficient.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana and the horse approach the other two, the Princess' eyes upon them as she comes to a stop with her hands coming down together in front of her, both of them wrapping around the leather strap of the animals' harness. When the morning is mentioned, the Princess looks off toward the waters with the sun reflecting off of the breaking waves.

"Very much so." Diana says of the morning being idyllic, letting her gaze linger a moment over the waters before she sweeps it back to the both of them. "My apologies for interrupting, but I thought I should come and observe for a moment. It is good to see you embracing the training, Kara." She smiles lightly to the Kryptonian, then nods toward Vennelia. "You have chosen one of the best to help you." She compliments her sister with a sly grin before looking to Kara again.

"Have you had a chance to do much beyond fighting lessons?" Diana asks. "I have told the others that they need to experience more of hte island beyond fists and kicks." She grins to the blonde in good humor.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    A small crack in Kara's excited smile is seen when she's asked if she's done much beyond fighting. There is a real fear in her that if she slows down for even a moment, everything will come crashing down on her and it'll be unstoppable. "I'll get around to that.. later," she says in response.

Vene dips her head to the compliment from her Princess and says, "She is a quick study. Give her a few hundred years and she'll be one of the very best." Kara's eyes balk a bit at that time scale. The notion that she would even live that long is still daunting. Is she even going to 'grow up' even? she's not sure. "And she takes her studies seriously your Highness, despite the laughter you heard," Venelia adds.

    Kara looks back to Venelia and asks, "Shall we continue then so that Diana can critique?" Before the sentence is even finished Venelia has her spear upon Kara and she says, "Try the push this time."

    Kara circles for a moment, trying to anticipate the thrust and eying the spot just past the center point of the spear. The thrust comes in and she voids past the tip. As it is pulled back in she is moving forward and with open palm, punches the spot. Venelia's arms crumple in and the spear butt hits her in the solar plexes and she flies back and hits the sand hard. Kara's eyes widen again and she rushes over to her offering her a hand up, "Sorry! I lost focus. I didn't mean to put that much power in to it."

    Venelia seems utterly delighted though and takes the offered hand, "Yes, but you did the technique correctly and that is all that matters."

Diana Prince has posed:
The compliment from Vene to Kara causes the Princess to smile brightly as she looks between the two women, focusing her stare on Kara. "Yes, well--" The Princess starts. "She comes from good lineage." A compliment added, for her and for Kal, wherever he is.

She knew that the women that had been brought here would likely focus on the fighting aspects of the island's features, as they were members of the Titans and the Titans were one of the world's most formidable groups of heroes, and... training was important to them. This opportunity was surely unique in what it offered too.

"I would be happy to." Diana says of further observing their training. She walks a few more steps with her horse and finds a large felled tree trunk to seat herslef upon, purposefully left on the sands for this very sort of reason. Seated now, Diana watches, and studies the moves of her sister and of Kara. She winces at the power attack that sends Vene tumbling, but remains where she is as the other Amazon speaks of Kara's attack.

"Be mindful of your power though." Diana interjects. "Every enemy you face will have a largely different amount of durability, and you must be ready to deliver the strength level you are wishing to give them. A small difference can be the balance between a disabling blow, and a killing blow." A pause comes, then she adds. "The technique was sound though, to be sure."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    The hours Kara has spent in the simulation room trying to hone in on her strength has nauseated her. She feels a touch crestfallen that it's still not enough for her to truly have a grasp on it. She nods over to Diana and says, "Thank you.. and yeah that's 99% of Troia's training with me to be honest."

    She steps away from Venelia and heft up her sword over her back in time to deflect a surprise stab from the Amazon. Kara turns and tries to grab the spear but it's pulled away. Her sword cuts down to deflect the next thrust and she advances a little too quickly and loses the point as it pushes against her chest.

    Venelia pauses and so does Kara. Venelia's head tilts and Kara's looks down. The sharp point of the spear has bent out of shape completely. Kara chuckles nervously and asks, "That'll buff right out?" Venelia seems slightly amused and lifts the spear away. "That was my fault, I didn't anticipate you trying to kill yourself. Perhaps we should return to this tomorrow Kara Zor-El."

    Kara lets out a small sigh - she really did just run on to a blade. Her training in Martial Arts on Krypton never included weapons like these. Her society used very different kinds of weapons to blades and spears. "Sure. I'll be ready at the same time, thank you Venelia it has been a pleasure."

Diana Prince has posed:
A quick grin graces the lips of the Princess as Donna's diligence is brought up by Kara with regard to their training lessons, of which Diana doesn't doubt even for a moment.

She crosses her legs at the knees and lays her hands atop them as she watches while her horse stands beside the felled driftwood log that she's chosen as a seat.

The surprise jab gets a raise of Diana's dark eyebrows and a tilt of her head as she watches this attack pattern unfold, leading tot he spear being destroyed against the Kryptonian's chest.

A wince is on Diana's expressive face now, not out of fear for Kara's well being as she's quite aware of what the young woman can handle, but mainly at just the implications of the attack getting through and... well, yes.

Slowly though, hearing their exchange, Diana smiles again. "Thank you, Venelia." Diana tells the other Amazon for her efforts in all of this. The visitors to the island were a big deal to the native women, Diana had come early before the Titans, to help prepare her people for what was to come, and Venelia had been one of the most eager to help the new comers have a good experience here.

To Kara, Diana looks again, her smile soft for the young Titan, and woman from another world. "You are doing great." She encourages her. "It would be easy to let your powers dictate the outcome of your combat, as most situations you are likely to run in to around the globe will be far beneath your level. But your choice to improve, shows your wisdom is sound. But then, all of you amongst the Titans have been facing ever more challenging foes of late... I am sure that has helped sway your choice too."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Venelia crosses her gaunlets to Kara in a salute and Kara responds the same. Then the Amazon salutes her Princess again and heads off to show her fellow Amazonians the bent tip of the spear. Gossip is a thing.

    Kara rubs at the back of her neck and squints one eye shut. "I'm doing.. okay. What if that had been a magical spear. I'd actually have been hurt.." she says with a sigh and continues, "I need to be better than this. I need to be as amazing as people seem to think I am. I feel like a fraud every day I fly out in to the world as Supergirl."

    She walks back over to Diana and offers a hand for the horse to snuffle. "I can't let Earth down, it's the only home I have left. And let's be realistic - the only people who could ever teach someone like me? Is Themyscira. I can stumble around trying to figure it all out myself for the next fifty years or I can listen to people who know better. I'm still just a science nerd Diana. But the moment people see that S on my chest they think I'm a goddess." She grimaces in concern.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana watches Venelia leave the two of them for a moment before she sends her eyes over to Kara who has approached her horse, Arrow, and the horse responds in kind by sniffing and greeting Kara in his horse-y ways, calm and friendly.

The things Kara say cause Diana to spare a glance toward the ocean waters again before she moves to stand up beside the other and to look her straight in the eyes while off to the side of Arrow's left.

"You are a humble person, Kara." Diana starts. "You see your flaws, your weaknesses, where others in this world see the symbol on your chest, and your displays of strength in what you have done to protect Earth. Seeing yourself as a fraud is no more truthful than seeing you as an infallible goddess. The truth is what lies between those two extremes. You are a person, like any other on this world, only you come with abilities that allow you to choose to help in ways most cannot. You have chosen to do that, you have chosen to help where you are able to help. This alone proves that you are no fraud." She shows a soft smile then to Kara as she pauses a moment.

She nods once to the young woman. "You are still in your early days of this lifestyle, you have so much yet to come to you, good and bad. You need to focus on both of them, however, because both will be filled with lessons that will help keep you from being at the end of any spearhead, magical or otherwise."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara glances down at the sand for a moment, then looks back up to be greeted by Diana's eyes. She nods her head to her words and says, "Thank you. I guess I need to hear that from time to time. Kal has done so much.. and then there's Power Girl." She raises her eyebrows at that and grins.

    "I am my own person and I will keep fighting for what I know is right. Even if I've come to realise that what Krypton was, stood for, did... was wrong." Her lips press together for a moment and she simply nods her head at that.

    "Perspective matters a lot," is all that she adds on to that. "Is it true that your birthday is coming up soon?," she asks trying to change the subject so she doesn't think too much about the trip to Krypton. "Will we be celebrating? how do Amazons celebrate birthdays? ..." her eyes widen a touch, "does every Amazon have the same birth date?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana motions for them both to walk together and offers Kara the leads of her horse's reigns if she'd like to guide him for a bit. When they start to move, the Princess shifts her stare from the waters back to Kara. "That is good." She says of Kara declaring herself to be her own person. "Never live in another's shadow, always be true to yourself." Is all she replies with before the subject change comes.

The topic of brithdays makes the Princess grin and glance down toward the sand ahead of them as she considers her response. "Yes, mine is quickly approaching, though I care little to say how many calendar years it has been." She glances over to Kara with a grin at that before she looks forward again.

"Traditionally our people have not had great celebrations for birthdays, considering the unique nature for how most Amazons have come to reside on the island, their thanks for their lives-- and the gifts of life there-in --have been directed toward the Goddesses we celebrate here. But--"

"When I was brought to life on the island, a celebration was held for the occasion and the date has been marked upon our own calendars, the Queen declared it a day to celebrate the island's prosperity, not just focused upon me. That has changed somewhat over the recent years though, since I returned to the island a little over a decade ago. Along with Donna and Cassie, more traditions from the mortal world have come to the island. Birthdays is a growing trend because of these things."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara takes the reigns and smiles kindly to Arrow and looks down the beach to encourage him to walk together. "We'd acknowledge our cycle around Rao each year, but presents and cake and little explosions and songs and parties? No.. we never did that kind of thing on Krypton. It's a little confronting to say the least. I try to keep my birthday low key," she admits.

    "I'm excited though, celebrating prosperity sounds like fun. Themyscira seems to have a lot to be thankful for. It's a beautiful place filled with amazing people. Troia thinks I should call this place home. That... is a strange idea to me. I am still getting used to Earth being my home. Every day I look out at the blue skies and it is still alien to my eyes. The colour of the shadows, their angles, the movement of the moon and the sun. Eerie. Beautiful, but unsettling. I wonder if it'll ever feel.... normal?"

    "I love the horses and kangas you have here too. They're so friendly. Everyone is quite friendly - some are very serious though. I think Troia wishes to introduce me to a general?"

Diana Prince has posed:
A glance is given to Arrow when he gets a compliment from the Kryptonian, Diana reaching out to put a hand on the side of his neck as they walk together along the sandy shores.

She then looks to the horizon ahead of them as they walk northward on the shore, with the sun to their right rising higher in the blue sky.

"We are very thankful for the prosperity that this island yields us. But it was a place designed to be just that, so long as we put in the work to maintain it. It was up to the Amazons to make this island everything that it is, and like anything worth preserving, the more work you put in to it the more you will get out of it."

Diana's hand falls from Arrow's side then as she looks to the horizon and sees the fluttering of wings from native birds that build nests along the north cliffs. "When I left home, and first went to the mortal world, I felt it was foreign in similar ways to what you're describing. I cannot say our situations are entirely the same, obviously, but..." She looks over to Kara. "I can say that you will come to grow more and more love for the world the longer that time goes by, and the more you invest in it by doing the kind of things that you are doing now. Protecting Earth, will inevitably make you grow ever more fond of it."

Diana looks down ahead of them again, then over to Kara once more. "I have talked to the Queen briefly on the subject of you as well. I have pushed for you being given permission to come here any time you would wish to. I would not say that you should consider this island your home, if you did not feel it, but I would say that you should consider it a place to come for solace and peace, when you need it."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "I really hope so. I have faith that I am here for a reason. Rao guided my family to this planet. And even though there are so many incredible heroes here, it seems the planet does need us," she says almost quietly as she walks along with Diana.

    When she mentions talking to the Queen about her Kara stops and has wide eyes, "Oh. Wow. I think that could be quite helpful. I have.. places I go, but nothing quite so shut off from everything else as this. I can't really hear the rest of the world while I am here, which is .. blissful."

    "Forgive me for asking yet another dumb question, but I know this place is hidden with magic. How would I ever find my way here even if I were welcome any time? I know almost nothing about magic and all I know of this place is it's somewhere near Greece may be?"

    She looks to the foliage of the trees ahead and smiles. Lush, inviting. "Thank you for asking her that. I met another version of her. She gave my doppelganger a new name to help her redeem herself. I met another version of you too. Similar armour in gold, but the pegasus I mentioned stomped all over the quinjet. It was quite amusing. I definitely prefer this version of Themyscira.. no one here looks at me like I'm a world eating monster."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana was simply walking casually and listening until Kara stopped at the idea of being granted permission to come here any time she'd desire. The Princess stops too and turns to face the other. The question about how to 'get to' Themyscira has her showing a sly and short grin. "There are a few options. One being shown the precise entry point from the western gateway which would let you fly in on your own accord. Or... you could meet with our contacts in Greece and travel via boat. We have established this i nthe past decade to help with sending parcels to and from the island."

The talk of the dopplegangers has Diana leveling her chin a bit at the additional information on meeting alternate versions of her mother, and herself. The bit about Pegasus has Diana openly laughing, a lyrical sounding laugh that leads the Princess shaking her head and looking away for a moment. "I... have always wanted to ride on him." She admits as she looks back to Kara. "Mother has never allowed it." Her smile shifts in to another grin. "He rarely makes himself visible, and I haven't seen him in over a century, but his home is atop the mountain and I have always been told that he will make himself readily available when a time requires his help. Needless to say, this was fodder for my imagination when I was very very little." Diana motions with her left hand's pointer finger and thumb about an inch apart to illustrate her 'tiny self'.

"I... would love to see this alternate version of Themyscira, of this other world in general. But it is probably best that I not. It likely needs to continue to proceed on its own path, as it is unnatural for us to mingle between worlds as such."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nods thoughtfully and says nothing more on how one gets to Themyscira. Either would be fine. Flying in by herself feels ideal though. It shows that they trust her a great deal, which she deeply appreciates.

    "You were very majestic and commanding. Well, other you," she says with amusement and then actually blushes. "You threw your lasso around me and said 'Submit to me' and demanded answers to questions. Thankfully, I didn't need to conceal anything - your other self never asked questions that would put me in a terribly compromised position."

    She waves a hand, "I suppose it was helpful that we had captured the other me and brought her with us.. otherwise may be they wouldn't have been so ready to believe I wasn't her. Once we'd got the cure in to her - she really changed a lot. The brovado was gone. She really sunk inside herself. Poor.. other me. I can't even imagine what that must have been like."

    She grins at 'tiny Diana' who she imagines in her head at that moment. "Are you saying you never went looking for Pegasus then? It's sad that a world ending apocalypse is what it takes to unite you two. Unfortunately that means I have to root for never seeing you on him again."

    She starts to walk again with Arrow and Diana, "I don't think it'd be wise to go there. I only went there to rescue Shioban and to stop ZZGU from entering our world. Now that that is dealt with... well, ARMOR - some new offshoot from SHIELD, are rounding up doppelgangers and sending them back. They're also distributing the cure to ZZGU's mind control to the Amazons on the other side who are then distributing them world wide. I imagine at some point when they can make the cure themselves, the doorway will be closed forever."

Diana Prince has posed:
When they start to walk again, Diana falls back in to the same psotion on the other side of Arrow's head. She lets the visualization of the 'other world' play out inside of her head while listening to Kara's words.

The bit about Pegasus makes her laugh lightly again as she reaches over to touch her horse's side again. "Do not get jealous." She says to Arrow who whuffs and snorts as he walks with the two women, talking about other horses Diana wants to spend time with!

The Princess' hand drops again and she turns her eyes to look to Kara once more. "What you did for that world cannot be understated. You have given them peace again, when it sounds like all hope had been lost." She lets a brief pause go there. "If I had retreated to Themyscira, then that likely means I could do nothing more for the rest of the world. Which is... a chilling thought." Diana says these words in a calm, but sincerely concerned voice.

"A cure has been found though, for that world, the intruders to ours are being swept up and sent back. You, and the others, have done so very well with it all." She shows a smile to Kara then. "And I am sure that your alter self from that reality, will recover in time too."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nods her head, "She was.. very different to me. From what I gather she never left Krypton. She stayed in Argo City and the city survived the destruction of the planet. As they flew through space she became an apprentice to Dru-Zod.. of all people. By the time I met her she had been infected by ZZGU. I... think she may have murdered my.. her parents. When Zod betrayed her to help Siobhan escape, she killed him too."

    She grimaces a touch and adds, "That planet.. the Amazons over there are saving it now. I can't think of anyone better. When ZZGU fell the false love he was giving everyone fell with him. The people started a world wide nuclear war. There aren't many people left compared to our Earth and then several of them fled the world to ours instead of staying to help rebuild."

    She shudders and says, "I was so exhausted, so was Power Girl, that we couldn't do anything more - the other me? she was SO strong. It took both of us to beat her. I think the difference was her will to do harm. She had no cares at all about using her powers.. me.. sometimes I still get nightmares about the day I arrived on Earth."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes are a bit distance as they walk together with the waves lapping at the shores to the east. She does glance up though and looks to the northwest when she sees the banners of a pair of Amazon riders on patrol along the main road that sweeps past the hillsides up there.

But the story of the alternate world's plight are drawing her in and making her think of it in relation to what they do to protect this world every day. She looks back to Kara when the other mentions the nightmares though, a mild look of worry on her face for the other woman.

She takes a second to mull those admissions over and looks forward again. "When I was in the coma, after facing Cassandra from that world, my 'dreams' were wavering between happy moments, sad moments, and everything in between. It was like reliving all the major events in my life, and many of the small ones too." She looks back to Kara then. "They're all important, even if hard to relive in a dream. All of our emotions are important to embrace."

She lets her thought trail off there though and after a second she adds further. "I would like to go to the alternate reality where everything is perfect." She shows a slight grin. "But imagine that... it would mean we would never have met. Nor Kal, nor so many others we care for, love and enjoy. Even tragedies can yield great things."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara nods to Diana. "I visited you in the hospital. Could you hear me? I have wondered..."

    She grins, "We'd meet. It's a place where everything is perfect. Krypton is there, we travel and make friends. We all meet, may be even decide to live on Earth or just commute a lot. Taking space road trips with my _younger_ cousin by my side. It'd be adorable." She smirks at this. Him being older than her now is never not a point of amusement to her.

    "Perhaps this is the best reality has to offer us anyway. As confusing and scary as it is, there's beauty everywhere and time to absorb it. There are things worth fighting for, and worth dying for. That's what I try to tell myself anyway." Especially when she wakes up in a cold sweat.

    Her eyes look up to the sun and says, "Hm. I must go talk to Troia. She's expecting to see me today. She said I've been hiding away too much - she just doesn't know where to look." The reins are offered back to Diana and she gently strokes the side of Arrow's head, "Thank you for walking with me Arrow. And Diana thank you too, it is always interesting talking with you."

    The sand beneath them jitters just a touch as her feet lift up off of the ground with an unfair ease. "I look forward to celebrating your birthday Diana. Here is a better setting than the moon."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes go back over to Kara whilst they walk and the other asks the questio nof whether or not Diana could hear Kara's voice whilst she was in her coma. She shows a growing soft smile to the other. "I believe I could, yes." She tells her. "I believe I was able to sense everyone who came to see me, and it contributed to the emotions, to the experiences, that I was having while in that state. The good moments." She shows another little grin and looks away from the sun shining down from that direction.

Another soft and little laugh comes from the Princess. "You are right, the truest definition of perfect would yield such a thing. Which is a very happy thought." And when Kara speaks highly of this world, and what they have here, Diana looks up to stare around their landscape, sharing in that belief as well without needing to verbalize it.

She looks back to Kara when she speaks of needing to go find Donna, and lifts up off of the sandy shores. Diana grins to her. "I very much am anticipating it. It is... wonderful to have you all here for it, as well. Go find Donna, have fun." The Princess says as she tugs lightly on Arrow's reigns then and moves to mount the horse's saddle again, to return to her riding... her favorite thing to do on the island.