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Call Me Bakeneko
Date of Scene: 27 March 2021
Location: Warehouses
Synopsis: At last, Katsumi attempts to hone self-control through underground fighting and adopts the name Bakeneko for the first time. It sees some mixed results, but fortunately no one dies. Scratch that, three people die. But at least she isn't the one who killed them! Dark Caliber just happens to have some work to take care of, don't worry about it.
Cast of Characters: Katsumi Oshiro, Tynan Ireton

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Night has fallen over Manhattan, and in the Tenderloin district, that's when things get interesting. Telltale lights flicker on, and like cockroaches, shady customers begin making the rounds. Organizations with something to hide open their doors and hold congregation. It only gets worse the further into the district's fringes one travels off the beaten path.

Not everyone out here is bad. Some just need a getaway. Or perhaps they need perspective. Maybe a bit of both. But for Katsumi Oshiro, it's a lesson in self-control. She no longer has a ring to work in. She doesn't trust herself to not cause problems in the public eye. And though she's been given offers with training equipment, it just isn't the same without a crowd. And God, how she's missed having a crowd.

It's loud in here. It smells like sweat. The warehouse is packed along the perimeter with people in dirty street clothes shoulder to shoulder with weasly men and hissing women in business attire. Money flows like water from a spring, all pooled in the grubby hands of a bookie. Dominating the center of the space is a spacious platform surrounded by the chain links of a cage. There's only one way in, and subsequently, only one way out. The announcer is sure to make that clear every time a fight is about to begin.

A fortune could be made here. Or lost. Lives, too, if one isn't careful. The only thing you can count on is that no one seen nothin', copper.

"Name?," asks the bookie.

Katsumi's attention snaps back to the man, briefly distracted by the surroundings. Surprising as it may be, given her perpensity for random brawls, she's never been in what's actually a for-real underground fighting pit. "Huh?," she asks.

"Name," repeats the man with growing impatience.

She can't give her actual name. That would be stupid, right? Especially if her powers flared up. And just calling herself 'Kat' would be equally moronic. She's not exactly in disguise, either, wearing a shapeless black hoodie. "Uh..." Her brow knits, suddenly very aware of her inhumanly-hued magenta gaze. People keep insisting she not think of herself as a monster, but those eyes... these powers... knowing that some /thing/ out there is causing it, making her not human.

They may not want her to call herself a monster, and it may not be wise to call herself Kat, but she can split the difference. She can be a monster cat.

The man is about to wave her away when she suddenly looks back to him. "Call me Bakeneko."

She likes that. That has style. And just when she's starting to settle into it, he yanks her right back out of her reverie with, "How the hell do you spell that?"

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    The job is simple. Some people needed some money to pay off a bookie. So they offered her a job in an underground fighting arena. Ty took the job on the condition that she got 20 percent of the winnings. So with an agreement, Ty went to the arena. Its not long before the woman is brought into the arena where she hears the guy ask how to spell the name. "B. A. K. E. N. E. K. O. Its japanese for a two tailed cat. Sopposedly a good yokai, if I'm not mistaken.", she says. Ty gives a brief smile, as she in just a tank top and cargo pants. The woman carries a irish brouge, but looks fairly asian.

    Ty stretches her arms a bit. "I go by the title of Dark Caliber. A play on a sword from my father's home land in Ireland.", she says. The woman isn't trying to hide or anything. The crowd starts to get rowdy as Ty plays it up a little bit. Apparently this isn't her first time in a cage. "For the Irish in the crowd tonight! HANG'EM HIGH!", she yells out. The woman looks to be fairly athletic, and settles into a relaxed combat stance. Looks to be very highly trained.

    "We playing by mutant rules, or human rules?", she asks the ref. "Like powers fully allowed, or we limited to just fist to fist?", she asks.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro is right about to answer, deflated by the question, when another voice kicks in. She turns, peering at Tynan through a few obstructing bangs of blueblack hair. "I think it translates into 'change cat'. They just happen to- nevermind. Not important!" Her mystique is being killed, dangit!

Noting how this new girl - 'Dark Caliber', it seems - is going right into the ring and stancing up, she can't help but snicker. She has showmanship! That could be fun! She wasn't sure how dour everyone might be out here, but she intended to try to work the crowd anyway. It's a sort of personal therapy for her. The whitenoise thrum of a crowd is like a nice, warm, fuzzy blanket. A snuggy, but in audio form.

"That's you. You're in. Get up there."

"What? Now? Like immediately?"

The bookie gives her an incredulous look. "Yeah. Right now."

Katsumi makes a surprised sound and hurries up the steps onto the platform, and steps into the ring. Just then, she realizes she's still wearing the hoodie.

"TONIGHT, we have some new blood in the ring!," calls a man with a profoundly loud voice. "We have on this side! Dark Caliber!"

The crowd is already roaring and making bets. For all intents and purposes, Tynan looks a little bigger and insofar, more confident.

"And on this side! A girl known only as Bakeneko!"

During this time, Katsumi had been tugging off the hoodie to cast into the corner of the ring. She came dressed to fight as much as she did with style. A high-cropped fishnet top worn over a studded black halter, a pair of cargos ending in a pair of boots. Her typical choker is worn, along with a pair of fingerless gloves. When her alias is called, she steps forward and throws her right fist into the air with a smirk, back arched.

"Caliber had a question!," continues the man. "Do we wanna play it safe!? Or do we want full! Total! Brutality!?"

The audience's rising crescendo is pretty clear answer.

Katsumi's arm flops to her side, eyes widened. She shoots an uncertain look to Tynan. "Y-you're a mutant?," she asks, voice raised just enough to be heard.

"I think the answer's pretty clear! Use what you've got! Fight it out!" The 'announcer' makes his way to the cage door. "Only one way in!"

"ONE WAY OUT!," replies the crowd.

"Get those bets in!"

An officiator steps into into the cage, pulling it closed behind him until it latches.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty looks at the other woman, and shakes her head a bit. "A lass whose never really fought in this stuff before, eh?", she asks. The young mercenary shakes her head a bit. "Played these games back in Madripoor. Its all noise and hype. Mix in a bit of blood and danger, and the crowd starts putting in loads of money.", she tells. The woman starts her first rush. Its a couple of left jabs, with a right hook. Nothing fancy.

    "Just don't go overboard if you got a projectile power. Killing the crowd kinda gets this stuff shut down, and I like getting paid after this.", she tells.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro still has questions! She's not worried about launching fireballs, she's worried about getting hit by them! And if this other chick is a mutant, she may well do that! "No, it's not- I don't- I'm aski-"

Her jumbled thoughts are interrupted by Ty's rush. Her cheek is tagged with a jab, the first hit coming as a surprise and causing her face to turn, the second pressuring her back a step. But the hook is cleanly ducked, Katsumi bobbing up again at Tynan's side and moving back several steps. "I'm used to fighting, but not like Street Fighter!," she replies, hands raised and fingers splayed as if to ward her back. "I'm not used to people throwing f***ing hadoukens!"

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty moves quickly. Its clear that this isn't her first time. And the look on her face is cold, calculating. Somebody whose seasoned. The woman increases the pressure, moving in quickly. She throws a leg kick, going for the knee, then she steps with the kicking leg to try to trap Kats retreat. The woman tries to throw a wicked knee into Kat's stomach. There's a call over the PA systems, with some laughter.

    "Well, it looks like we need to change Ba Key Neko's name to Scaredy Cat! Need some milk to get going, Darling?", the announcer teases. Ty shakes her head a little bit, and tries to stay in Dirty boxing range.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro seems to be playing pure defense right now, rattled at the idea of fighting someone who could potentially just end her in a moment's notice! The kick pressures her back another step, only for the knee to seemingly stop her retreat! It nails her exposed stomach, and the audience gets to watch the raven-haired girl lurch forward.

The hit would've felt solid. By all intents and purposes, it was a good hit. And Katsumi's skin certainly isn't like The Thing, or Colossus; there's some softness to it before muscle intervenes. But in truth, everything that's happened so far has been mostly reactive. She's hit in the face, her face flinches to the side. She takes a knee to the gut, she protectively doubles over. But it's alarming how much it /doesn't/ hurt. The stinging remark and jeers hurt more than the hits she's endured. It's not something she's had any kind of chance to get used to. And she was certainly tough before these powers kicked in, but she's used to getting beaten up in the ring. This is different. Very different.

Katsumi's arms huddle around her middle, her face veiled by a curtain of silky hair. She stares at the toes of her boots, processing. She needs to be in control of herself. If she's going to ever throw a counter or fight back, she needs to know she's not going to break this other girl. If not just for 'Dark Caliber's sake, for her own - to not give herself away.

Granted, all this introspection isn't doing her much good. For all intents and purposes, the Japanese diva remains doubled over in front of her opponent and stunned.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty takes a deep breath as she tries to bring her arm around Kat's head. She tries to underhook Kat's arm as she falls backwards in a half guard position. As she goes down, there's no impact into the ground. There's still a loud thwack, but Kats likely would notice that Ty is trying to keep Kat's head from hitting the ground. And that while Ty is flexing her muscles, she's not trying to choke Kats. There's a bit of show going on here. Ty gets close to Kats ear.

    "Listen Lass. If you don't do something soon, the crowd is going to get very pissed, and you're going to get very dead. Stop being a f**king princess. If it makes you feel better, I'm a mercenary. I kill for money.", she says in Kats ear. "I might not be the one that kills you if you don't wake up. And yes, I fought people stronger then me, faster then me. Even fought a guy who breathes fire, and roasted people in a tank.", she whispers.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro is brought to attention when her head is snagged. Her hands instinctively move to Tynan's waist, but one arm is hooked, and in short order, Katsumi is yanked down. Superhuman levels of strength? Superhuman levels of endurance and durability? Why, sure! But superhuman gravity? No, she still weighs the same as she ever has, so being tipped over with leverage clearly used against her doesn't give her much of a defense. Not without strongarming her attacker off of her.

Which she doesn't.

Because she's very much not used to being /exponentially/ stronger than human capability.

Whump. There's a loud sound as what is assumed to be Katsumi's head hits the ring. But even with her toughness, she can tell when something is hitting her or not. And this, this wasn't a hit. She faked it!

Why would she fake it?

Oh, Hell, this chick had to go and be nice.

Wait, did she just say she kills people?!

Katsumi seems to startle to life! Legs push off from the platform in an acrobatic little half-flip, landing in an arched position. But she's quickly twisting to the side, and reaching to reciprocate the grapple, no longer retreating. And if all goes well, she'll be pulling her opponent up to her feet with her to try and create an opening between them - which can be exploited with Katsumi's first attempt at hitting while holding back her strength.

A simple, low right hook to the stomach.

Should she be able to turn the situation around enough to land that hit, she'll see a modicum of success. The strike is deft, snappy, but would carry the force of a haymaker.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty blinks a little bit. This woman is strong, and trained in something. The punch hits square, and knocks Ty back quite a bit. She coughs a few times, and some spittle comes out. The merc takes a moment to collect herself a bit. So, likely super strength with acrobatic training? Ty's brain is already going to work on things. The hits from earlier, her brain is starting to think there was no damage. This a bit more of a dangerious opponent then Ty thought was sopposed to be here tonight.

    The crowd starts to get louder now that the littler girl is now starting to fight back. Ty moves back a bit, keeping her guard up. "Neko hime finally brought her claws out!", she yells out to the crowd. There's some laughing, and bets are starting to go wild now.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
The moment the two have disengaged, Katsumi glances at her fist, then to Tynan. Little too rough? It might've been. That didn't seem subtle. But the other girl is still on her feet, so she can't have been too hard with it, right? Maybe that's a good sign - a mark to aim for, in terms of pressure and force. As with all new things, it'll take more testing.

Those magenta eyes shift sidelong to the audience, then back to Tynan. In a normal match, she'd bide her time with retorts. She's coming in from behind on this one, so it's more impactful if she waits. So that's what she'll do! At least as far as the audience's awareness goes. Tynan, however, gets a subtle but meaningful squint.

Suddenly she's in motion, taking the initiative and going on the offensive! Her left hand lashes out to snag the back of her opponent's head, while the right arm raises poised to begin drilling her cheek with stiff punches! It would look to the crowd like Katsumi has gotten fired up from the hits she's taken and sass she's endured, and finally cut loose in a somewhat barbaric way. But those punches are reined in significantly as Katsumi tries to find that safe area of 'actually hitting but not turning a face into hamburger meat'. She starts with a hit that's just a little gentler than the hook she threw before, and progressively eases up the more she's allowed to throw in, trying to adjust on the fly with the other's physical responses.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty gets grabbed, and takes the first couple of shots. Holy crap those hurt! Yeah, definitly super strength on some level. The merc shots her arms up, in a boxing/muy thai block that sits on the inside of Kats elbows. The arm that takes the punches is starting to really bruise up just form the impacts. After a few more shots, Ty yells out, and kicks her leg out in a pump kick towards Kats' stomach/chest. The woman hopes she gets some distance cause little kitten has some power behind those hits.

    Ty dances back a little bit, and starts shaking her arm out. She shakes her head a little bit to get the fuzzies out as well. The merc still has a solid guard up, ready for any attack. Ty decides it might be best to mess with the other's head a little bit. "HA! DO!", she says, bringing her hands behind her...

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro is doing her absolute best to not go overboard! And while the audience may think she's going ham on Ty, the exact opposite is the truth! She can't quite see the bruising happening on the arm, though. That revelation will have to come later. For now, a boot shoves into Katsumi's solar plexus, thrusting her back firmly. Distance is gained, and the monstercat seems to lose her balance in the backwards momentum! She slips, curls in, and flows with the momentum into a smooth backroll terminating in what can only be described as classic hero-landing-pose; crouched on one knee, forearm atop the other, the other hand on the ground, and gaze affixed to Tynan.

That is, Tynan who is theatrically preparing a hadouken.

So here's the thing. For as slick as Katsumi's tumble was just now, and sharpened though it was through years of tumbling training, still much of that on-the-fly reaction was governed by supernatural grace. This is not an aloof Katsumi. So when the very real (presumably!) threat of a fireball is brought to the fore, she panics. And with panic comes a slip of her self-control. In an effort to interrupt the charging of an ultimate attack, Katsumi blazes forward to meet her opponent. While not a literal blur, the distance is covered in a flash, a surge of motion that took her from that crouched position to her diving tackle aimed to catch Tynan's midsection with her shoulder and bear her down to the mat.

Those in the biz' would call that a spear.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    And Ty feels stupid! Fancy gimmicks aside, Ty has no offensive super powers. And super strength applies to all muscles, not just arms. She gets hit, and hit HARD. The merc barely sees it coming, and jumps just enough that Kats doesn't go through her ribcage, but its enough that force enough has Ty coughing up blood on impact. Then the slam into the ground, and her head cracks back. The woman blacks out. The crowd goes silent for a moment, waiting. Yeah, Ty isn't on this side of the concious right now. Leave a message.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner. Ba Key Nay ko!", he shouts out. Yeah, going to be butchering that name for awhile. The crowd erupts in a massive cheer for Kats. Meanwhile the bookie and a couple of strongarms are dragging Ty's body out of the cage. There isn't exactly any doctors around, and they don't look to be dragging her fairly nicely...

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro immediately feels the impact when it happens, and she finds herself hoping desperately that the girl has superhuman durability. She didn't feel bones break or anything! Was she actually going to cook her? It was self-defense! But that doesn't make her feel /better/ about this! She's a professional! She knows to hold back! Even before she had powers!

If she saw the blood on impact, she would've panicked far worse. But as it is now, Katsumi is leaned over Tynan's limp form, left hand on her bicep, the right hand on her waist. Eyes resting open on an unmoving person - that's not something she's ever seen in real life. And looking at it now, it's... horrifying.

"Ohf***ohf***ohf***," she whispers, moving the hand from her waist to lightly tap her cheek. "Don't be dead, don't be dead, don't be dead..."

The announcer's voice causes her to bristle, snapping her to attention. Tynan said they'd kill her. She has to put on a show. She needs to maintain the illusion, especially if she's going to ever come back and continue refining herself. She lingers just a second longer, staring hard at those blank eyes, silently pleading them to spark to life again. Nothing. She has to perform.


She springs back to her feet and turns to the crowd. She cocks her hips to the side, plants a fist against it, and flashes a V-for-victory with the other hand, all while sporting a cocky, sarcastic smirk. "What's the rule, everyone?!," she shouts to the crowd. The poise is broken as she approaches the cage and whaps her fist against the metal to punctuate the words: "TALK S***!"


"THAT'S RIGHT!" Katsumi gives the cage another whap for good measure before backing up a few steps and thrusting her fists into the air, soaking in the roar of the audience. But as she stands awash in something she desperately wishes she could enjoy, she steals a peek aside to spot the people dragging Tynan out. Clothing, facial features, it's all noted; and somehow, she doubts these people are going to worry too much about the girl's safety.

The problem is, she has to play it safe. So when she exits the cage, given a fistful of winnings (she was the underdog tonight!), she pauses only long enough to take her hoodie and begin weaving through the crowd to follow the group closely. If nothing else, she needs to know she's okay, or at least gets the help she needs!

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    They drag her body behind a building. Kats probably sees it, but after a few seconds, there's the sound of a muffled gunshots. The crowd doesn't really hear it, as they're all cheering, and rejoicing. A lot of people made quite a bit of money tonight. And not that anyone is going to notice a knocked out woman suddenly disappearing. Let alone a body the next day. Or so one would think. If Kats runs behind the building, she'll see Ty with a gun aimed at the bookie. The two men who were dragging her are already dead.

    "Not how I wanted tonight to go, Lad, but I got a job to do. Now, we're going to settle up some debts. Make the calls, and clear these two of their debts.", she says. The woman tosses a piece of paper down to the bookie. "You never told anyone that you drugged the competition the night of that fight, killed him, and then cut the body before tossing it into the ocean.", she says. Unlike what was going on in the cage, this Ty...is very dangerious, but where the hell did she get a gun at? Also, Ty looks a bit unsteady, and holding her stomach.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro is absolutely sticking close to the group! As close as she can without drawing attention to herself. This means having to pause and accept pats and fond wishes from a number of sleazy people, as well as more than her fair share of propositions; some for jobs. Others for... well, not jobs. Everything is turned down, some a little more sharply than others. By the time she's clear, she can only surmise where the group vanished to. She hustles towards the building, not at all liking that it's there they're taking her. It seems shady!

Gunshots freeze her in her tracks. Her breath catches in her throat, and she plants a palm to the side of the building to steady herself. They didn't. They couldn't have. They were only supposed to be like that towards the loser if they angered the crowd! Dark Caliber didn't do that! They were responding to her!

Fearful and expecting the worst, Katsumi peeks her head around the corner only to find Tynan on her feet and standing off with the bookie. And she looks hurt. But she can figure why, as far as that goes.

Still, Katsumi doesn't interrupt immediately. She's just trying to process what she's seeing, and guns are still very, very frightening. She does /not/ want that pointed at her.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    The bookie makes the phone calls, and clears the debts. There's a hiss under his breath. "You know that you're going to....", he starts before Ty finishes her job with a pull of the trigger. She pulls out a phone, and dails a number. "Aye, its Caliber. You've been cleared. Yeah, he's not going to go back on his word. Thats been taken care of.", she says. The woman hangs up the phone, and plans to toss it into the ocean some point tonight. First though....the woman leans over, and vomits. "Damn that lass hits hard.", she says. The woman is touching her ribs. "At least there's none broken.", she mutters.

    Ty stands up, and she holds the gun up a little bit. She shakes her head as the gun disappears. The merc is walking very unsteadily as she heads over to where Kats is. "Either way, I need a pint and a doc. And I need to find that lass before she ends up on this side of the tracks. Princesses don't need to be on this side.", she mutters.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro watches, tense... right up until the next gunshot. She jumps, then immediately pivots to press her back against the wall of the building as flat as she can. Her heart is officially in her throat, eyes wide with fear, chest heaving with each rapid breath. She needs to do something! Call someone! Cops!

She can't! She's here illegally! Technically everyone is here illegally! And what she just did was illegal! Maybe she should tell an official? No, she just killed a lot of officials! Should she just shout it? Should she-

Tynan rounds the corner. Time's up.

Katsumi hops back, this time gracelessly falling onto her rear. She scrambles to pick herself up again, one hand once again setting to the wall. "D-don't shoot me!," she squeaks. And just that quickly, she notices the gun is missing. Where would she be hiding that..?

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty blinks a few times, and then takes a step back, looks around the corner. She loks back at Kats, then the corner, then Kats...And starts laughing. "Well, the cats out of the bag there.", she says, shaking her head. The young merc reaches over. "Lass, I'm not going to shoot you. Name's Tynan. You already know my mercenary name.", she tells. "And you look like you need a hot meal, a warm bed, and a place to process what the f*** just happend. And I need a pint.", she tells. "Nobody enters those cages unless they're willing to bet their life or desperate.", she says.

    "And don't worry. I don't kill innocents. Only bastards that need to be dealt with.", she says. The woman motions at the corner. "Can you hold me up, and get me to me bike?", Ty asks. "I feel a little dizzy, and about to throw up again. You really did a number on me, Lass."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro doesn't look less mortified by the admission. She just witnessed a murder! Or a hit! Nessa was /so/ right about not doing this, it was so dumb! Here she is in the middle of gangland and people are getting popped, or capped, or capping pops, or whatever the vernacular is, she doesn't know right now, she's foreign and scared!

"I-i-innocents?," Katsumi asks. To a girl with severe self-loathing issues, that's poor comfort. She put a girl in the hospital by accident; possibly even ruined her career. That's not very innocent! Did Tynan get in the ring to kill her? Is she also a target?

Katsumi swallows hard. She at least knows the complaint about her being hurt isn't faked. She knows what selling looks like. That didn't look like selling to her. That was the stiffest hit she's ever given someone. She inches closer to her. "D-don't puke on me, p-promise?"

Gingerly, Katsumi reaches forward with her right arm. There's a visible tremble in the limb. But if uninterrupted, it settles very gently around Tynan's waist, while the other hand reaches for her arm to drape over her neck. "S-shouldn't let other people see this.. they'll think you faked it. But, um, where's your bike?"

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty shakes her head a bit. "Innocent. A person who hasn't killed or likly going to kill without reason. Its a military term for people who don't fight back. Its a sin to kill one.", she tells Katsumi. "And can't exactly promise on the puking thing. You probably tore something inside me.", she tells. "Its the street fighter thats behind the next warehouse.", she tells. "And I'm going to assume that you don't have a place to stay, and the money was for food, isn't it?", she asks. The woman winces a bit.

    "I have a place thats safe, secured, and people won't bother you if you don't bother them.", she says. "And it has food. That is if you don't mind staying in a place with somebody who came into the country on a russian tanker, and has no papers.", she says.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
She just had to word it that way. Given what they talked about before, and how she was winding up for a hadouken, it might be the worst coincidentally named vehicle possible. "I swear to god," Katsumi murmurs, "When we get there, it better not be Chun-f***ing-Li..."

She begins tugging Tynan along, her gaze trained mostly on the ground for now. She doesn't want to look and see the dead people they're about to pass, or she might puke, herself. Thankfully, Tynan provides her with a distraction.

"I have a place. Sort'a. I wasn't fighting for food." She glances aside to Tynan, then back down to her feet. "Sorry I hurt you. Believe it or not, I was trying to /avoid/ doing that... and f*** you for starting to throw a fireball at me. You deserved that spear."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty starts to laugh a little bit before wincing a bit. "Oy Lass, don't make me laugh. It hurts too much.", she says. Then they com around the corner, and there's a ducati motorcycle there. Kats would see...on the bike itself, there's a decal. Street Fighter V4. And Ducati on it. Ty shakes her head a little bit as she looks at Kats.

    "If I was going to throw a fireball, which I can't, I would have done it at the beginning when you were scared crapless.", she tells. "I don't have any offensive mutant powers. They're all support based powers.", the merc tells. "So basically, you were fighting a powerless wittle mutant in there.", Ty teases.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro pauses when they come into view of the shiny, shiny motorcycle. She turns a deadpanned expression to Tynan, sorely tempted to jostle her for her ironic word choice. She doesn't! But she's tempted.

As she resumes slow-hobbling the other female to the bike, she sighs. Of course she's a mutant. She's a killer, after all. That's what they do, isn't it? "Yeah, well," she says quietly by way of mental filler, unsure how to respond at first. "...I came out here to learn /not/ to kill people."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty shakes her head a little bit. "Nah. If that was the case, you would have gone to Xaiver's, or the Avengers. Somplace similar to that. Not out here. You needed the crowd and the blood. The spotlight. You're probably some actress of some sort, or a MMA fighter. I'm guessing your powers just kinda woke up in a fight, and you don't know what to make of it.", the merc says.

    "I've seen it once on the battlefield where a guy didn't know he was a mutant, and the stress caused him to start breathing fire inside a tank. Cooked his whole team inside the tank. I'm thinking something like that happend to you. You were fighting, and it just all clicked.", she says.

    "Before you start worrying about how not to kill people, you need to learn how strong you are, and what your powers are, unrestrained. You try to contain them now, and when instinct takes over, you'll unleashed without thought.", she tells.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Oh, is that what you think?," asks Katsumi, a little more boldly as she peers back to Tynan. This time, she can't resist the temptation. Her free hand sneaks over to - delicately, mind you! - prod her ribs. "That I'll unleash without thought? Like, say, if some jackass is acting like she's gonna throw a fireball at me?"

She stops at the bike and looks at it, then Tynan, still supporting her weight. "I'm not a superhero, and I dunno who Xavier is. I'm just someone going through something. And you," she redirects, "probably can't drive this thing in your condition. You need a cab."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty blinks a little bit, before laughing a bit more. "I thought you would freak out, and run away.", she teases back. "And I'm no hero either, but I've been there. If you're worried about killing somebody, then its going to happen. Or rather, you're going to get killed. You hit somebody too lightly, and they'll just snap you. Or you hit somebody so hard they snap, and you lose it.", she says. "I can call people, and have they talk to ya.", she says.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro squints at Tynan, practically face to face with her due to bodily carrying her. But squint, she does regardless!

"I don't accept that. I'm gonna get better. I need to be able to fight without killing people. And /hey/, I didn't kill you." Nevermind that she was very, very worried that she might've. "I held back and you lived! And you also didn't kill me! And also! We were in a cage match! There was nowhere for me to run to! It was either poke-interrupt you or just roast, and I dunno, my brain went with Goldberg."

She doesn't comment on the people Tynan knows. Katsumi already knows people. Things are already in motion. The fight is just something she needed. Still needs, in fact!