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Katsumi Oshiro (Scenesys ID: 1939)
Name: Katsumi Oshiro
Superalias: Bakeneko
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Superheroine / Pro Wrestler
Citizenship: Japan
Residence: Osaka
Education: Some University
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 07 Aug 1998 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 124 lb
Hair Color: Blue Black Eye Color: Magenta
Theme Song: Dj CUTMAN, Popcorn Kid! - Samurai

Character Info


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Katsumi Oshiro is a somewhat popular, if arguably villainous, Japanese professional wrestler. Aside from an impressive in-ring skill and talent, she's known for the contrast of her girlish demeanor and irreverent attitude. Mix in a dash of rule-bending and sass, and she's effectively earned the nickname "Punk Princess." But outside of shows, she's known to be playful and personable towards fans.

Bakeneko, on the other hand, is a rather unknown entity. A vivacious new heroine with supernatural physical prowess and easy charisma.


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* Dawn of the Edo Period, ~1603: A remote fishing village loses its samurai leadership and descends into paranoid, murderous chaos. Elders cry to the heavens for deliverence, and the voice of Makai-no-Yomorinushi, Lord Protector of the Night and god of yokai, responds. They are instructed to build a shrine and conduct a specific ritual. Before it could be carried out, the daimyo's army arrived and destroyed the entire village, leaving no survivors. The village's name, location, and history has been stricken from records, but the shrine remains.

* 1998: Katsumi is born and immediately orphaned.
* 2011: Katsumi is adopted by the Oshiros, a proud and prestigious family. She is a bright-eyed teen with a passion for music, albeit rough around the edges.
* 2013: The Oshiros discover Katsumi adores the garish affair of professional wrestling. So begins the desperate attempts to curb her fascination and growing uncouth behavior. And reactively, Katsumi begins rebelling.
* 2016: Katsumi begins university. She majors in music, focusing on vocals and guitar, with a minor in sound engineering. A local federation holds "tryouts" as a publicity stunt, and Katsumi volunteers. Impressed with her aptitude and base knowledge, she is offered training.
* 2017: Grades slip from top tier student. Begins making a name for herself in the ring as a cocky young upstart with something to prove. Training rapidly emerges as top priority.
* 2018: Offered double position at a much larger and nationally renowned organization, the Neon League Wrestling Federation; as wrestler and dancer. Katsumi drops out of university to pursue it wholeheartedly. A lackluster dance performance lands her back in only wrestler status. She decides against re- enrolling, and instead focuses on wrestling.
* 2019: Katsumi breaks the news to her parents. They immediately disown her. She dedicates herself fully to her wrestling career. At this point, she is a well-established figure in Japanese professional wrestling, reffered to as the "Punk Princess."
* 2020: Katsumi is mostly living her dream life; rising fame, fans, cameras, action, and the sport itself, all while remaining dedicated to honing her ability.
* Katsumi is billed to appear in an international special in the United States, the Four Corners of the World Championship. Following a botched promo set amidst village ruins, Katsumi rescues a cat from tormentors. It scratches her, resulting in blood touching a shrine. She blacks out, but later insists she's well and catches her plane to America.
* Herukage awakens.

IC Journal

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Despite the trashtalk and tossing tough-girl shade, Katsumi does not have a particularly high opinion of herself; and she projects that onto everyone around her. Due to her birth parents abandoning her, her adoptive parents disowning her, and her constant struggle to forge and maintain relationships, Katsumi has come to the conclusion that there's something inherently wrong with her. This leaves her fairly sensitive to certain kinds of remark.

It has also lead to a constant need to prove herself. Whether it's in fights, to people who might be friends, in petty competition, it doesn't really matter. Subconsciously, Katsumi needs others to see her as a person with value. Fortunately her foray into the world of superheroics has started to help, but she still sees herself as damaged, or less than ideal. So she continues to meet challenges head-on.

It's Complikatted:
Katsumi Oshiro, the "Punk Princess," is a girl with a personality easily twice her size. She's energetic, snarky, and ultimately complicated. And depending on one's position when dealing with her, she can be either fun, entertaining, or frustrating.

What people don't see from her ring performance is the impact her puckish behavior has on her personal life. It's left her isolated, having a difficult time connecting with people, or finding anyone who can really put up with her. She's tried modifying her behavior to be less jabby, but remaining on guard that much tends to stress her out to the point where she slips, apologizes, and winds up feeling bad regardless. The end result is a desperately lonely Katsumi who genuinely regrets upsetting people, but can't seem to help herself.

A facet of her in-ring behavior that carries over to her actual self is the showmanship. Katsumi has the heart of a performer and she feeds off of an audience. It doesn't really matter what she's doing - she's a crowd pleaser. Granted, during her in-ring appearances, she's vastly more used to getting boos than cheers. But it makes no difference. When she has eyes and attention, the energy is palpable.

That said, now that she's begun a new facet of her life as a superheroine, she's getting considerably better reception from audiences. It's elating, and slowly pushing her to try to be more the hero people want to see.

Troll Irl:
Most know her for her performances in the world of professional wrestling. What some might not realize is that the real Katsumi isn't very different from what they see in the ring. She's a lifelong agitator and punk who loves taking jabs at people. If there's a button to be pushed, she's likely to find it and keep needling at it while having tremendous fun in the process. However for Katsumi, it's all in good fun. There's rarely any real venom behind the antics.

Underlying Warmth:
Even before Katsumi gained powers, there were some redeeming qualities that fans didn't miss. In the ring, the Punk Princess is a rascally opportunist who may not go into a match intending to cheat, but won't think twice about bending the rules and testing a referee's patience. Outside of the ring, she's much more personable and eager to interact with fans. When it comes to younger fans, she goes out of her way to attempt to be a positive role model to younger viewers, including self- censorship on her otherwise abrasive language and avoiding tobacco or alcohol. This certainly has carried over to her work as Bakeneko when engaging the public.

Undying Passion:
It's worth noting that, despite what it's cost her, professional wrestling is her life's passion and nothing is likely to ever replace that. She idolized it as a child, grew up fantasizing about it, and chased her dream into adulthood. The fact that life has given her this incredible curveball doesn't change anything - it only opens more windows, and lets her experience what it's like to be the face, rather than heel or tweener. Or more aptly, villain or anti-hero.

Character Sheet


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Boss Monster:
While the Yokai Soul is active, Katsumi's endurance and durability are also strengthened to superhuman levels, though the inconsistent nature of the power warrants some deeper explanation.

When under the effects of the Yokai Soul, Katsumi's physical durability and stamina is extremely potent, as if wearing Kevlar armor, or made of bulletproof glass, and she bounces back from things that manage to hurt her notably quickly. As such, she's capable of shrugging off the sting of small arms fire, but a larger caliber can be more impacting and to compounding effect.

The trick is that, though the level of durability, resilience, and recovery is profound, it's temporary. The advanced healing afforded her by the supernatural power is only half as effective as normal (as it's only active at night). Any injury she carries with her into the night will not magically go away, and will continue to handicap her. But her ability to tough it out and fight through it will be greatly improved, in line with her supernatural durability. The flip is also true, however: any injuries aggravated through the night may not seem like much in the moment, but she'll definitely be feeling it in the morning.

Yokai Soul:
The source of Bakeneko's power is a magical gift called the Yokai Soul - an ethereal force which bestows upon her the full power of the champion of yokai. In practical terms, Katsumi's strength, speed, agility, endurance, and durability (See 'Boss Monster') are enhanced to supernatural and inhuman levels. She's capable of lifting up to 25 tons at a maximum, hit a top running speed of 45 MPH, and tightly evade gunfire if she can see it coming, depending on the rate of fire. She won't be bobbing and weaving fully automatic fire.

The Yokai Soul begins to awaken as the sun sets and is in full swing through the night, only to ebb back at dawn. The only time the Yokai Soul is active during the day is during an eclipse or if someone has created a magical facsimile to the night. Simple darkness (such as hiding away in a closet) won't do.


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Get Hype:
Katsumi has always had a strong personality. Despite her abrasive manner, the girl has an effortless, even accidental charisma. She's a perplexing combination of dominant and girlish, cute and confident. She does what she wants, has fun doing it, and invites others to join along. And though it plays well with an audience, that aforementioned abrasive manner tends to keep it from helping her make easy friends.

Practical Pro Wrestling:
Though unexpected, the devotion and diligence she put into her training as a professional wrestler serves her well beyond electrifying audiences in the ring. A combination of keen physical awareness, nimble acrobatics and reversals, mixed martial arts, shoot fighting, and a mastery of grappling and wrestling techniques all results in an unorthodox but effectively dynamic fighting style - if entertaining to see.

Professional Athlete:
Even without the Yokai Soul's help, Katsumi's training and experience has made her a physically impressive specimen. She boasts a remarkable strength for a girl her size, has strong endurance and cardio, surprisingly tough for taking consistent beatings, and possesses excellent agility as an aerialist. She's a professional athlete and it shows.

Surprise Songbird:
Katsumi is a naturally talented musician and singer. Prior to her foray into professional wrestling, it consumed much of her life. All the way through university, Katsumi trained instrumentally, vocally, and in audio engineering. At this point, she's a skilled pianist, violinist, guitarist, and drummer, with the technical savvy to manage audio systems and mixers.


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When the Yokai Soul was transferred from the shrine to an unsuspecting Katsumi, it awoke an ancient guardian bound to its power. Herukage, a spirit in animal form, has spent four centuries sealed in stone, but he knows his purpose - to ensure the Yokai Soul is used as the gift was intended. He did not anticipate having such a frustrating holder of said power.

Being what he is, Herukage has a couple useful abilities. The chiefest among them is the ability to speak Earthen languages (provided they were in circulation during the Edo period, ~1603), and the sentience for complex thought to go with it. His only other ability is that, being a spirit in physical form, he's essentially immortal. He can be killed with the ease one might have of destroying any other pedestrian feline, but with the rise of the next moon, he manifests in physical form in Katsumi's vicinity again. It's possible that magic could interfere with this process.

His function to Katsumi is largely that of frustrated advisor, though he's capable of performing tasks that a pair of paws might facilitate.

It's Still Real To Me!:
For better or worse, Katsumi has some level of fame following her. Aside from some international specials and promotions, her time in the limelight has been mostly focused in Japan. But through the magic of Youtube, wrestling enthusiasts, and television subscriptions, she's reached a much broader audience.

Though she has a long way to go until she can be considered a household name, she may be able to leverage her fame for favors or perks. Or it might blow up in her face, due to generally falling under the 'villain' category, and others who may more vocally decry wrestling as fake. So it's an advantage sometimes.


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And the Beat Goes On:
If you thought villains had a habit of monologuing...

Katsumi has the heart of a showman, and it doesn't look like that's going away any time soon. If she's facing off with anyone (or even when the mood takes her) she has a tendency to engage them in wordplay, taunts, or what might best be described as cutting a promo. While this may have the benefit of distracting an enemy or even intimidating them, discretion is often the better part of valor.

While she isn't suicidally stupid about it, Katsumi will often forego tactical advantage in favor of a direct and verbal engagement. And if there happens to be a microphone nearby, forget about it.

Broken Mirror:
Despite having a fan following and her successful career in the ring, Katsumi has had some considerable and heartbreaking negative feedback. From being abandoned as a child and her adoptive parents disowning her, to her struggle to make and keep any actual friends, Katsumi is convinced there's something very wrong with her on a fundamental level.

It's not entirely undeserving. Though her smacktalk ability is good for an audience, she's aware that she eventually rubs people the wrong way. And try as she might to control it, the moment she allows herself to relax, she's back to teasing and verbal prods. The very act of trying to suppress her natural urge is stressful, and she knows eventually she'll slip and drive the person away. She doesn't fault them for it. She takes those lashes, herself.

She's put up a strong loner front to cover herself, but she is sensitive about the idea of being simply unlovable.

The Yokai Soul is a powerful blessing bestowed upon the champion of the beasts, demons, and spirits who are shunned by mankind, who skulk in the darkness and lurk in the night. The daylight is for humanity. The night is for monsters.

As such, the Yokai Soul lies dormant during the day. Katsumi is effectively her regular, unpowered self. But as the sun begins to set, the Yokai Soul stirs and its powers begin to manifest. It's fully active through the night, and begins to wane again as the sun rises.

In other words, Katsumi's power is completely dependent upon the sun and moon cycle. In most circumstances, it lies dormant for 12-14 hours out of the day. The only exceptions are during an eclipse, or in the presence of a sufficiently powerful magical facsimile of the night. Simply surrounding herself in darkness isn't enough to awaken the Yokai Soul; hiding in a closet won't cut it.

Draw Heat:
The flip side of Katsumi's natural and effervescent charisma is the incurable need to pick and taunt at others. Even though she rarely means the casual insults she flings, it makes it exceptionally hard for her to create and maintain interpersonal connections. She rarely realizes it as it happens, and is often taken by surprise and upset when she discovers she's genuinely insulted someone. And yet, the jabs and teases never really end. Trolling and sass is her native tongue.

On the upside, Katsumi can often drop an insult with surgical precision. It's one of the things she's most known for in her wrestling career, and can potentially throw an attacker off- balance. On the same token, however, she could make herself the prime target in a group, or make lasting personal enemies.

Let's Settle This:
True to her nature as a professional wrestler, it doesn't take much to goad Katsumi into action. Be it through a direct challenge, threat, or taunt, Katsumi is typically quick to answer the call. While it could be for the sake of doing the right thing, it could just as easily be to prove herself.

Sometimes it's better to walk away. Katsumi doesn't roll like that.

Might and Magic:
The Yokai Soul is not a spell cast on Katsumi, but rather is a mystical blessing bestowed by a higher power. That said, the blessing is still magical in nature. This means that it's possible, with however much difficulty and care, to suppress or otherwise hinder the Yokai Soul through magical means.



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Katsumi Oshiro has 48 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Superhero Curves May 17th, 2021 At last, Herukage convinces Katsumi to begin training in earnest. The Avengers HQ is the venue.
Don't You Give Up On Me April 30th, 2021 (Scene follows: Family Matters) The trio return to Katsumi's hotel room. Nessa is let in on what's happening, and determinations are made to find a solution to this bizarre turn.
Family Matters April 28th, 2021 At last, the lingering question of where Nessa had gone for the past two months is finally answered. And it begins with a surprise phonecall...
His Divine Wrath April 16th, 2021 Jennifer Walters and Scott Lang visit Katsumi Oshiro, who is trying to be fine with having weird powers. The party is crashed by the appearance of an ancient kami, come to explain the origins of her new abilities and her place in the world - whether she likes it or not.
New York Ninja Night April 9th, 2021 Bakeneko makes a second appearance as an underground cage fighter. A tapout leads to a rather sore loser who prefers to settle differences with firearms. Fortunately, there's a dramatic ninja lurking nearby to run interference!
Hello, Fellow Youths! April 5th, 2021 Katsumi and Jennifer go shopping like normal people, but talk about very abnormal issues. Ash Williams, professional chainsaw-handed guy, makes a business pitch!
Chats and snacks at the Shack March 31st, 2021 katsumi and Atlin meet Lydia at the Shake Shack and try to have a conversation, but it doesn't go well at all.
A tour of the Mansion March 29th, 2021 Jen brings Katsumi to the Mansion to show her around and to meet some of her fellow Avengers. They meet Hank, which is close enough, and his friend Mike. They talk about Katsumi's powers and give a couple of things a try, but don't come any closer to understanding the mystery.
Call Me Bakeneko March 27th, 2021 At last, Katsumi attempts to hone self-control through underground fighting and adopts the name Bakeneko for the first time. It sees some mixed results, but fortunately no one dies. Scratch that, three people die. But at least she isn't the one who killed them! Dark Caliber just happens to have some work to take care of, don't worry about it.
Copperpots! March 25th, 2021 Alison seems to have been bitten by a wrestlebug! Katsumi's there to save the day! Or perhaps more likely, feed into it!
Renaming Shenanigans February 15th, 2021 No description
Stare Into the Orb February 13th, 2021 Jennifer invites Dr. Druid over to help figure out what's going on with Katsumi.
Wrestling Wonderous Women February 6th, 2021 No description
An Interesting Thread February 4th, 2021 Shaw offers Katsumi some support in these trying times. For a price.
A Taste of Normal February 1st, 2021 Katsumi asks Nessa out on a date. You know, like normal people.
Matches and meetings! January 28th, 2021 Food! Videos! Shared stories! Embarassment! Plans for the future!
Let the Right One In January 26th, 2021 Via mystical measures, Nessa tracks down Katsumi. Despite an odd debate in which each tries to take the blame for causing the rift, both seem to agree they don't want to be without the other.
One Cold January Night.. January 25th, 2021 No description
Non-Violent Heroics January 25th, 2021 Katsumi reaches the end of her rope and realizes she's found herself in a dark place. She reaches out to Jennifer for help. But this isn't the kind of problem that can be punched away.
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right January 24th, 2021 Katsumi comes to collect her suitcase from Nessa's apartment. Everything goes wrong in an attempt to make right.
One-Two Knockout January 24th, 2021 Katsumi drags Nessa out to try to learn what triggers her bizarre powers. In the process, a lot of things get pulverized.
Kat as Catch Can January 22nd, 2021 Spider-Man has a little chat with the Punk Princess, post-Origin.
Crossroads January 19th, 2021 PANIC! The NLWF is leaving for Japan in an hour! Katsumi calls Nessa and finds herself at a crossroad with a very difficult choice to make.
The Great Stressing Bake-Off January 18th, 2021 Nessa tries to cheer Kat up with some baked goods, but it ends up being something unexpected that cheers her up instead.
The Path to Normal January 18th, 2021 Following the horrible mishap at the Four Corners event, Jennifer Walters pays Katsumi a visit and offers a badly needed uplifting word.
Four Corners of the World! January 15th, 2021 The time has finally come! The long-awaited Four Corners of the World professional wrestling event is underway! VIPs enjoy craft services while watching the action and getting to know the talent. Meanwhile, things in the ring heat up! Until something goes horribly, horribly wrong.
Training Montage! January 11th, 2021 Katsumi teaches Jennifer the basics of officiating a wrestling match, and tries very much to not be intimidated by her.
A scene! January 11th, 2021 No description
On the Horizon January 5th, 2021 Katsumi Oshiro and Nessa Donovan get together to enjoy a little downtime together while trying not to think too much about Katsumi's inevitable and impending departure from the country...
Christmas Crash Course January 1st, 2021 It's Christmastime at Scott Lang's house with Cassie, a mute ninja, an awkward pro-wrestler, and throwing knives.
The Talent December 31st, 2020 With She-Hulk getting involved, Mr. Delaney decides to involve a little extra insurance against metahuman threats or organized crime. Millicent finds her hands full just trying to keep the Punk Princess out of trouble!
Promotion One-Upmanship December 30th, 2020 Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, is looking to get involved with the Four Corners of the World event. Through some wordplay, she wound up landing the job of referee for the main event. Whoops?
Country Song Christmas KFC December 26th, 2020 Katsumi engages in the holiday tradition of eating KFC alone. Peter Parker happens by, and she dares him to engage in a little make-believe.
A Haunted Toy Story December 22nd, 2020 A wrecked toy store, rumors of ghostly villains, weeping female Japanese pro wrestlers waking up in the backseat of a car with a man they don't know. Just your usual tale.
Late Nights on the Booze December 19th, 2020 No description
Interview with a Bakaneko November 18th, 2020 The Bugle's photographer gets into the ring with the Punk Princess.
Shenanigans! November 17th, 2020 No description
A Night Out November 7th, 2020 No description
Thursday at Chikara Dojo October 29th, 2020 Colleen gets unexpected visitors and may be a new teacher to help with the kids classes.
Not A Drunk Text September 29th, 2020 Nessa sends Kat some weird texts. Or rather, a bunny does?
It's a Liability Thing September 23rd, 2020 It's an autograph signing event in Central Park, and none other than Starfire makes an appearance! As it turns out, she's a big fan of Katsumi's. The two very nearly schedule a charity match, but Katsumi can't bring herself to tell her how wrestling really works. It ends on a bittersweet note.
Wrestling Ain't Fake September 22nd, 2020 Aimee thought she was safe to walk home. She was wrong. Professional wrestling saves the day. Surprising as it is, Katsumi finds a lot of familiarity in the younger American.
Meeting in the Octogon September 21st, 2020 Katsumi and Anya meet in the octagon. Wrestling occurs! Also one serious b..londe lady. It's training!
Heartache Hotel September 20th, 2020 Katsumi's relocated away from the rest of her team for their sake. She reaches out to Nessa, the one person she considers a friend. They talk about (allegedly real) boys, Disney princesses, superhero costumes, and hope.
White Eyes, Bakeneko September 18th, 2020 Courtney and Sarah meet Katsumi and try to reassure and destress her. It doesn't go well.
Pretty Woman September 17th, 2020 After a doctor's appointment, Nessa convinces Katsumi to help her find an impressive dress so she can have a Pretty Woman moment.
Ichi! Ni! San! Shi! September 14th, 2020 Team Japan is training for the upcoming event, and Nessa Donovan is delivering food! As it turns out, she has Elsa powers. And only just after coming to terms with that, it's revealed that Katsumi's condition hasn't improved.
It Starts With A Stumble September 13th, 2020 Katsumi arrives in the United States and is found by Nessa Donovan. Things seem fine, until the grappler's legs give out from beneath her in a bizarre and concerning way. Is it jetlag? Is it stress? Or is it connected to a recent blackout?


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Katsumi Oshiro has 48 finished logs.

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