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Dinner and a Show
Date of Scene: 21 February 2020
Location: Burger Joint
Synopsis: The Cajun and the Belle enjoy tiny burgers, onion rings, and life stories.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Their impromptu date night had gone well so far, although Remy had already gotten a little too mysterious for his own good. Upon finding the burger joint, he'd told Rogue he'd meet her inside and hurried off down the street. He'd only been gone five minutes when he returns, heavy coat drawn about him. He shoulders his way in through the door to the little restaurant, looks about for a moment and, spotting Rogue, moves towards the table. He slips in opposite her, tipping his sunglasses down a moment to smile at her wickedly from over the top of them.

"Ça me fait de la peine," he says quietly, leaning back in the chair and panting both his hands flat on the table before him, "You know dis place, cher?"

He doesn't wait for an answer, instead picking up the plastic-coated menu from the table and examines it critically. His face is half obscured by it as he speaks, voice partly muffled as he practically buries himself in it.

"Oh hey, onion rings."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue spent a few minutes wandering around the burger joint after she'd placed an order for food for them both. She'd wandered past the arcade machines and then finally to a table when the employee brought the trays of food to her, they weren't even normally a kind of place that brought your food to your table but the kid behind the counter made an exception for her, for whatever reason.

Rogue just grinned at them and then settled into the table before removing her coat and letting it hang back over the chair she's chosen beside a brick wall loaded up with pictures of Salem Center, Westchester and the vents and history of the place. Her eyes roamed it a moment before Gambit reappeared and she watched him sidle in at the table and zero in on those onion rings she'd ordered.

She smiles at him and leans forward on her forearms folded on the table's edge. "You're Miste'ah Mysterious, ya know that?" She says to him. "I meet ya in a card house in Manhattan, of all places, and I think you were cleanin' the place out of all its cash, yeah? Now you're here in Salem Center, t'see me? I'm just a nobody girl. Lotsa trouble comin' all the way up here just to eat onion rings with me." She reaches a gloved hand out to pluck one up herself and take a little nibbling bite from it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You're a somebody girl if I ever seen one," Remy says without skipping a beat, reaching out to lay his hands across Rogue's own in their protective gloves, "I t'ink 'she's somethin' special' when I see you in that bar. Far an' away de best lookin' catin in dere but all bundled up and keepin' her distance. I t'ink dere gotta be a story dere. An' then you go and disappear an' I t'ink: 'Well, ç'est la vie!'"

He takes a moment, lifting a hand from Rogue's to raise a finger in the air, "And den, she send me a message. I come see her, she tell me how she got de ... peau mortelle! Den she say she not interestin' an' she don't know what I see."

Then he leans back, leg shifting under the table to brush against the outside of her own, and gestures towards the window.

"Besides, dat's de benefit of not havin' a place to be. I go where I like."

Rogue has posed:
"Peau mortelle!" Rogue softly repeats to him with a slight smile on her red hued lips. Her gloves go all the way up to her elbows where they cut off and a bit of her arm's skin is visible across her bicep until her wine colored shirt sleeves take over, keeping her shoulders safely concealed. Around her neck she has a scarf wrapped with the dangle-y bits draping down the low-scooped neckline to drape across her chest. She bounces her leg lightly back against his as he touches hers under the table.

"I was wanderin' like that for the last two years." She tells him. Her smile fades away. "I did a bad thing back then." She glances down at the food between them then. She'd ordered a basket of mini-burgers of various types, and a basket of onion rings and fries, so they had an assortment of food to share. Rogue's eyes look back up to his then. "Ever heard'a the super hero Carol Danvers?" She asks, but doesn't wait for a reply. "I attacked her, and I used my touch to..." Her words trail off as a chubby kid runs past their table toward the arcade machines. His family is filtering into the burger joint and moving to the counter across the room to order while the chubster kid is staring wildly at the games back behind Rogue down a few tables.

She smirks at Remy, then continues with a soft voice. "My touch doesn't just put ya in a coma. It drains your... everythin', outta ya. Your memories, your personality, your mutation - if ya got one - and any thing else. I took all'a what Carol had. Her military training, her strength, her... her invulnerability. I can fly. I can push a train over onta its side, if I wanted to. I also put her in a coma for 12 months..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy absorbs the story, not speaking over it or even letting his eyes drift away from Rogue's. When the family and their enthusiastic kid enter the restaurant, he doesn't so much as turn his head to follow Rogue's gaze, instead watching her intently. Even the food doesn't distract him, as hungry as he is. It's only when she's finished that he reaches for one of the mini-burgers, clasping it in his hand and glancing out the window into the street.

"I could tell, y'know," he says, the corner of his mouth curling up into a lopsided grin, "I bump your arm, you don't so much as move an' inch. I ain't de strongest of de strong, but nobody dat sturdy without somethin' else goin' for 'em."

He eats the mini-burger in one bite, cheeks swollen like a covetous squirrel, and he can't help but grin at her as he's momentarily silenced by the big mouthful. When he's swallowed it down, he continues on. Beneath the table he tilts his leg to the side, gently tapping the inside of his knee against the outside of Rogue's own.

"We all got t'ings we done wrong, mon catin. I done bad t'ings, too. Stole. Cheat at cards a l'il - maybe a lot. You gotta make a place for yourself in dis world. Maybe you make mistakes doin' it, but at de end of de day, you're alive."

Rogue has posed:
There's a flashed grin at his words and also at the touch of his knee down below the table against her own. She bounces hers back at his, and now that he mentions it she lightens up on her durability and lets him easily move her leg around as if she weren't super strength enhanced at all... she can fake it, if she's aware of it.

"Yeah, I had a feelin' you might understand some'a what I was goin' through. A... questionable past, maybe." She grins at him, but breaks her stare and drops her pale green gaze back down to the table and the food. She reaches out for another onion ring and takes a moment to enjoy it.

But she continues a few moments after that. "Its just weird, ya know. Havin' this much power. I could..." She glances around again, but they're still relatively alone in a darker corner of the Joint. "I could tear this entire city apart, and its unlikely anyone could do anything t'stop me." She says this in a near-whisper level of voice, her eyes back up on him with an almost seductive stare being sent his way. "Its excitin', and its scary." She takes another bite of the onion ring and then a sip of her tea.

"But that thing you did with the cigarette. How'd you learn how t'control that? I imagine you can... do quite a lot with that? Not just dispose of cigarette butts in an environmentally friendly way." And she shows him a little grin then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Real excitin', mon catin," Remy agrees, a broad grin spreading over his face, "I never known a genuine super woman before. If I weren't already convinced, I t'ink dat'd be more than enough to make me follow you 'round like de chiot perdu."

He finishes with the food for the moment, reaching out his hands to clasp her about the forearms. He draws his thumbs up and down over the fabric of her gloves, squeezing her gently and once more tipping his sunglasses forward to look her over curiously. Almost as though he's testing whether she is really there or not.

The question about the cigarette catches him a little off-guard, and his grip on her forearms slackens completely. He raises his eyebrows and shrugs his shoulders, letting one hand trail away from Rogue so he can pick up an onion ring and spin it lazily on the tip of his finger.

"I learn," he tells her, "Had a ... teacher. Once 'pon a time. An' deres more I can do, yeah. Make things go boom. Make 'em cut t'rough t'ings. Maybe we go for a drive out a' town and show each other what we can do, non?"

Rogue has posed:
That last line from him makes her crack a big grin and she looks away for a moment, but not for long before sending her eyes back across the table at him. "Sounds like it could be fun." She replies to his last comment. "Course, I was alwasy told not t'get inta car rides with strangers, they might take advantage'a me and try'n do creepy creepster things... guess my... situation prevents that from happenin' too though, huh? I'd be a Creeper's worst nightmare. Maybe I should get a job with the FBI." She's still got that lingering grin then as takes another sip from her tea.

"How about we settle on a movie for tonight though? There's that one with the hedgehog that looked like a nightmare in its first trailer, till all the people complained about it online and they changed it." She snickers. "You wanna watch movie about a hedgehog that runs really fast, Mister Mysterious?" She says in a teasing voice toward him.

"If its lame, we could always skip out on it too. Then maybe go do that car ride." But now that she thinks of it, she glances outside and then back to him. "Do you have a car?" She asks then, having not seen it yet if he did, but how else did he get up here? He doesn't scream 'uber type' after all!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hedgehog movie, hein?" Remy appears to give that some deep though, but the way he smiles suggests he made up his mind when they first met up in the park, "Sounds good. Maybe de magic blue hedgehog teach you some new tricks, hop? You be strong, fly, run real fast. Turn blue?"

It seems as though Rogue's plan sits well with him, and he leans back casually in the seat. The mini-burgers are almost gone now, the Cajun having really tucked into them. He picks up the second-last one before he pushes the basket across for Rogue to finish it off, popping it in his mouth and chewing on it.

"Yeah, I got a car for now."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the basket get pushed toward her and she's barely eaten anything but she's always been a light eater. She uses a napkin to pick one of the last little burgers and pulls her phone out with her other hand to check something on it. The time, likely. Once she puts it away she smiles over at him across from her. "I've told ya all'a this and ya haven't gotten up and gone to wherever this car'a yours is and driven off. I'm impressed. Why the last guy I told this stuff too, he pretended like he remembered he head t'get up for work early the next morning and I never heard from him again." She pauses to take a sip from her drink. "Course I was homeless then, probably looked like a real street rat."

Once the food is finished up, she slides the baskets together and then sips the tea once more before moving to stand up. "Wanna walk t'the theater then, Mystère Mister? Its just a block over. Still gettin' used t'this town, but its not all that big once ya figure out the layout. I'll tell ya all about this place I'm livin' at on the way there too. Just t'bore ya with my new life's details."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"The stuff you've said," Remy tells her, rising to his feet once the food is finished, "It's a lot a' t'ings, cher, but borin' is about as far from de word I'd use to describe it as any I can t'ink of."

He steps around now to Rogue's side of the booth, standing there in his best approximation of chivalry as he waits for her to stand up and step out alongside him. Once she has he loops his arm through hers again, his right hand still clasping something against his side beneath the heavy brown coat he wears.

"C'mon den," he tells her, moving towards the door with Rogue on his arm should she deign to go with him, "You tell me everyt'ing about you."