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Oodles of Noodles
Date of Scene: 31 March 2021
Location: Ramen Empire
Synopsis: Q and Ruth come to a decision and eat noodles.
Cast of Characters: Quentin Quire, Ruth Aldine

Quentin Quire has posed:
Q and Ruth arrive at the Ramen Empire with Q making a statement as usual, a pink and black leather jacket with a popped collar, mohawk at full spike and a t-shirt that reads ONE IN THE PINK. One can only guess what the back of the shirt says.

"This place is supposed to be authentic as fuck," he says to Ruth, 'I'm gettin' Tonkotsu cause I am a traditional old school mofo who occasionally likes to dabble in your basic bitch realness. And I already know what you want, but I'm going to let you order it yourself because I'm all about equal rights," he says, grabbing a Pepsi for him and a bottled water for Ruth from the drink case.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth made no statements. Just that she dressed raggedy. At least this time she saw to it to wash her hair and comb it appropriately, fitting it around sunglasses that block out the entire sides of her 'eyes' so that no one could see that she was truly a mutant. Black shirt, black washed ripped jeans, same ol' beat up converse shoes and a ruana that covers her shoulders to keep herself warm.

Not cute.

It was not a surprise that most telepaths who hang around each other a lot begin to mimic their tastes, as Ruth already wanting tonkotsu, unsure if that was because of Q or her own desires. But, Tonkotsu is the bomb. Everyone knows it.

"Yes, I will have the same." Q already knew, and already knew that she wanted water. Over the past few days, her diet consisted of nothing but sugary drinks, water was a good release.

"Equal rights do not exist." Ruth stated, which in essence, is true.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire slumps down in a booth while the ramen is being made, giving Ruth a telekinetic goose to urge her in his direction. Not that he needed to, he just liked doing it.

"Well, I was mostly talking out of my ass, as usual. You're right, of course. Equality is a myth. Everyone's different and some of us are just better, all around. Just have to figure out your place in the old hierarchy then, of course, scratch and claw to make everyone above you fall so you can stand on their face."

He takes a sip of his Pepsi and then gives a burp, "Not used to having this without whiskey. Feels wrong. I'm starting to feel weird hanging around the old school. I don't really belong there anymore. I'm just...not sure what else to do."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The goose to her rump causes her to jump and get moving, while her face remained bland, Q could tell that she was laughing on the inside. Cause it was funny. She takes a seat directly across from him in the booth, opening up her bottle of water to drink, tilting it all the way back enough that her ruana falls from her shoulders.

"Crab method, yes." Ruth says. "But what if someone, no, pulls me down. Sorry." She really wasn't sorry, force of habit, but the question or at least thought was put out there. "Then keep trying. You are motivational, Quentin Quire."

She places her bottle upon the table, now focused on the ruana, folding it upon her lap and leaving it there to catch any food that decidedly falls.

"It is isolating." Ruth confesses. "I feel as if I am back, yes, to being alone again when there was a time when I was not." She smiles sadly. "Do we both not fit? Pardon, do we both leave?" Her shoulders shrug, elbow now planted upon the table as she 'looks' off towards the side in thought. "I want to graduate early, yes. And leave. Where will we go. I am tired of being nothing, yes."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire puts up his feet on an extra chair on the side, "First of all, you're not nothing. You're my girlfriend, which would be an amazing achievement in and of itself, but you're also a fine specimen of mutantkind in your own right, so being associated with me is just a major enhancement but not the whole shebang. But I get it, we're both sort of outcasts among outcasts, not fitting into the chummy hero wannabe mold that leaves other people sniffing Cyclops' low-carb farts," he sighs.

"But leaving doesn't necessarily fix that either. We don't particularly have anywhere to go, except for on our own. Which isn't the worst thing, but sometimes it's good to have cannon fodder on hand if things get hot and heavy."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Amazing accomplishment, yes." Ruth compliments, then laughs for a portion of a second. She leans back now, twiddling her fingers, her mind working a mile a minute as he could see. She even channels it a little, which causes her to jerk her head a little downward and towards the side, soon dancing a little back and forth as if she were reading lines.

She wasn't looking at her future, she was looking at his.

"The Brotherhood." Ruth says. "I also want to find Emma."

There were two paths for them to take. Two options. Quentin was the more experienced fighter, and while she was learning from him and learned a bit from Mystique, he could take the path that would lead them anywhere.


Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire considers, "They've been laying low recently, since being pretty active a couple of months ago. Worth seeking out. At least they actively try to do things instead of just...reacting," he says. "The old school won't take it well, though. The oldies especially will get all grouch. Sad face emojis and condemnation and threats of detention."

"The Brotherhood's a good stop. I don't know if it's our final destination. I think we'll make our own thing, eventually, soon enough. But in the meantime, it would be a shame if we didn't round out our education."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth takes in a deep breath as she leans back against the seating, fingers flexing and soon pointing towards the food, which minds her to keep herself quiet until their plates were delivered. With Ruth not being a fan of chopsticks or her ability to fumble through it, she picks up a fork and begins to chop up her pork to mingle with the noodles.

"Yes." Ruth murmurs, then rests her hand upon her chin while futzing with her food. "It is why I will seek to graduate early." This would involve speaking with a counselor. "I need money."

Quentin would feel that immediate rejection, she would not take money from him.

"A new place to live."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire sighs, "You don't need money, but I get it, you want your own. I just can't imagine looking for a..." he takes a moment and gives a disgusted shudder, "job. But I'm sure we could figure out something. I'd suggest doing the professional psychic thing but I don't want to be demeaning. Although you'd look good in some of that witchy spooky hokum shit."

"An apartment would be a good idea. Someplace of our own. We can do some scouting, if you want," he says. Nothing is out of his price range, of course, both in reality and because, if it was, he'd just mindfuck the landlord into giving it to him at a discount. Or for free.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"I like the idea of free." Ruth points out.

But, she definitely couldn't depend on him forever. And she made that known subtly, they both can't all be in the same plaes all at once. Ruth finally begins to chow down upon her food, now resorting to mindspeak instead of talking. At least here, her thoughts become clearer and lack the nuance she does in her regular speaking voice.

*~We can look later for apartments. Today I just want to go back to the mansion and take Mackey for a walk. You can come if you want. Totally up to you!~*

Yes. Adult talk. Ruth likes this.

*~As for jobs, I have to get used to doing -something- with my time. I don't want to tell peoples futures if I could help it, it makes me sad.~*

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire takes a long twirl of his noodles, sucking them up with a quick noise and then sitting back, "I might pass on the dog walking. He and I have differing opinions about what makes an interesting view," he says with amusement.

<<There you go, caring too much about people again. It's an endearing and attractive trait, but it makes me want to swat people because they make you sad. And I'm very prone to swatting, when I'm in my moods.>> he sends. <<I'll start compiling apartment openings and put together a calculation to find the optimum place. If there are any amenities in particular you want to emphasize, let me know.>>

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth makes a little growl in the form of a 'hmm', not disregarding his comments about caring, but taking it all into consideration. She was busy chewing, after all.

*~I really can't help what I see, sometimes it just happens.~*

Invitation declined, Ruth shrugs her shoulders, then finishes off the rest of her noodles (that were on the fork) and allows it to rest into the bowl. *~Somewhere tall, so I can pretend that I can fly.~*

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire finishes his food. <<I know. I wish I could help you. Maybe I can. But your precognitive abilities are one of the few things I don't really understand. It's not a probability thing, it's something...other. Like magic. Fucking magic. I've thought about learning magic, but it feels like it'd be a betrayal of science. Not that I'm against a good betrayal now and then. Not you, though, you're good, baby.>> he winks.