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  Kid Omega  
Quentin Quire (Scenesys ID: 2185)
Name: Quintavius Quirinius Quire
Superalias: Kid Omega
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Mutant Activist/X-Person
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Xavier's School for the Gifted
Education: Hypercognitive Genius
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 17 Sep 1997 Played By
Height: 5'8" Weight: 129
Hair Color: Brown (dyed pink) Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Childish Gambino - Sweatpants

Character Info


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Among mutants, Quentin Quire is probably best known for starting a massive riot when he was a teenager, after making a bunch of humans beat the hell out of each other with telepathy. He was yeeted off to Genosha, and for a while was presumed dead. At least until later that year when he decided to light his brain up and attract the X-Men, bored of making anti-mutant politicians shit themselves on live TV or breaking up human supremacist marriages. Now he wants to find a sense of belonging, and perhaps find a new way to contribute to mutantkind, even if he might be kind of an asshole about it.


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* 1997: Quentin is born and put up for adoption.

* 2001: Quentin is unaware that he's adopted. His parents are kind of shitty.

* 2013: Quentin begins to display rather extreme mutant abilities. His parents send him off to private school just to get him away, and on his birthday called to tell him he was adopted. He pretty quickly destabilized and cut his hair in the style of an old newspaper depiction of a stereotypical mutant.

* 2015: When mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation was murdered, Quinten and some like-minded students dressed in the classic stereotypical depiction of the 'mutant overlord', based on one of Jumbo Carnation's designs. They went on a drug-fueled delinquency spree, and even attacked and brutally maimed a gang. Quentin then pressed his powers incredibly hard during a school open house, and caused a violent riot entirely aimed at hurting as many humans as possible.

-He was finally subdued by residents of Genosha, when the cops were helpless against him, and he was taken back to the island to be educated and disciplined.

* 2017: After two years in Genosha, Quentin contributed to the engineering of devices to help various mutants with their powers, but he still pretty frequently got into trouble, questioned authority, rebelled.

* 2020: Genosha is destroyed, and Quentin Quire is assumed to be among the millions dead. He survives through an extreme use of his telekinesis to protect himself. He never knew the X-Men, but he knew their reputation and had no desire to work with them. He wanted revenge for Genosha, but there was no one to truly lash out against when it was all over, so he hid his telepathic presence and quietly escaped the island.

-He spends the year continuing to hide his survival, and travels the country systematically ruining the lives of human supremacists, both low level politicians and just random people he happened to find online, telepathically compelling them to reveal embarrassing secrets, or confess their hidden anti-mutant sentiments. But after a while it all starts to feel empty, and he decides he misses the sense of family he got from Genosha, even though he'd never admit it. So he blasts his telepathic presence through the roof to attract the X-Men, and gets taken back to Xavier's Mansion to explain himself.

IC Journal

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With his level of power and intelligence, one could say that Quentin is beyond gifted. But his gifts haven't remotely made him humble, as he knows what he is, who he is, and expects other people to as well. He fully believes in himself and his abilities, or, at least when it comes to academia and his powers. In truth, on a personal level, his arrogance tends to tear down when one actually penetrates his tough exterior and gets through to the Quentin who desires companionship, and family.

Quentin is a hypercognitive, so it can lead to him being generally bored and uninterested in most things and people. Even the call to adventure often isn't enough to get him excited. Oddly enough, he can sometimes be more excited by his interpersonal relationships than fighting a giant alien monster, but it really depends on the day and his mood. He's usually finding something to occupy himself. Books, games, thinking of ways to become rich.

He can be a bit of a jerk. The barrier he keeps up, his general air of arrogance, the occasional stand-offishness, it's no surprise that he isn't a universally beloved figure. But he's at least a helpful jerk, and he's a jerk that people know has a heart, and will try to be there for them even if he can be an asshole about it.

That companionship and family that Quentin desires are things he regular seeks out, but rarely admits to desiring. Much of the barrier he's built around himself is simply the result of so many personal betrayals by people he felt he could trust, like his very parents. But he truly is dedicated to protecting any family and friends he finds himself with, not wanting to go back to the entirely self-destructive path of his teens, even if he's still kind of an asshole.

Much like a Wolverine and other questionable X-People like him, Quentin sits in a moral position of questioning the necessity of sternly following the moral framework of Charles Xavier. While he certainly makes the effort, mostly for the sake of everyone else, he isn't against rebelling and skirting on the edges of morality if he thinks it's the better path. When you can think a million brilliant thoughts in a second, it's not too hard to justify a darker path.

Quentin knows of and wants the Phoenix Force. He fully believes that it's within his power to control, so he basically fully embraces the idea of eating the thing at the first opportunity.

Character Sheet


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Quentin's hypercognition allows him to use both his telepathy and telekinesis in the rather unique and detailed ways that he can often be seen using them in, as demonstrated in their respective entries. The hypercognition itself allows him to think in thousands to sometimes millions of intelligent thoughts per second, which is why he's able to do many of the things that he's capable of.

With time he can work out brilliant inventions and very quickly learn a number of skills and knowledge, though a large limiter on this is that he tends to be selective about how he applies himself, and while he often learns and studies things out of boredom, he doesn't really go out of his way to learn absolutely everything.

Often what he learns is focused on his particular interests, often things in the realm of technology, business, philosophy, politics, and social issues.

He has full control of his mind, able to create elaborate fully functional mental worlds with A.I, physics simulations, and other processes that he can manually think about and then shove into his subconscious a bit. Though he can only do one at a time, because such a thing requires so much overwhelming mental capacity. But essentially, his mind is like a super computer and he's fully capable of using it in extremely deep ways.

Though he will lose control over such a complex construct over time, since he does have some mental health issues that can disrupt such a process over time. And if he has people trapped in it, their memories begin to influence the construct beyond his ability to fully recognize and control aspects of it, despite being in his own mind.

His hypercognition will be referenced and elaborated on in various entries, since it affects most of his skills and abilities, but this main entry is primarily to illustrate its existence.

Quentin's omega level telekinesis gives him a range of telekinetic abilities from finely controlled to being pure, raw power.

* Telekinesis: He can use normal telekinesis, though it is both powerful and very fine controlled. He can lift half a dozen cars, trucks, and buses with no effort, and it takes many times that much for him to begin straining. He can do fine control things like repair a wall brick by brick, or simultaneously stop and dismantle a truck down to its individual parts at a ridiculously fast speed, fast enough to save someone from being hit. He can also very casually stop bullets in the air, unleash large bursts of telekinetic energy, and stop his own bleeding.

Though he can't heal himself under normal circumstances, with extreme strain and an upper tier use of his power, he is capable of a feat like reconstructing his body if it's been destroyed and his brain is intact. Though this will leave him ridiculously drained and vulnerable, and is a feat that stretches his telekinesis so far that it isn't something he casually does or relies on.

* Flight: Quentin can fly at supersonic speeds, and obviously levitate.

* Shields: He can form various shields that can expand out in a solid 30 foot radius dome, or smaller more controlled and refined shields. They can stand up to pretty heavy damage, but require more energy the more damage they take, so they're only as impenetrable as his mind can hold up. It takes an exceptionally large blast to fully take his shields down in one go, though he doesn't typically keep his larger shields up when he's also on the attack, so he has to choose a bit what he wants to focus the most energy on. He can also cover his body in a thin layer of telekinetic energy that functions as body armor. This is less effective than full blown shields, but enough to keep him from being instantly murdered by super powered people in combat.

Quentin can manipulate the human mind like clay on multiple levels without much effort. He has enough omega level telepathic power to brute force his telepathy against other telepaths. He can generally see through most psychic illusions, or deconstruct more complex psychic phenomena if he has time to pick it apart, such as mental psychic barriers, (if they weren't made in such a particular way that he can't figure it out). On the scale of mutants, his telepathy is only second to Jean Grey.

* Telepathic Manipulation: He can manipulate memories, enter people's minds or pull them into his mind to look at and walk around in physical representations of their thoughts, and manipulate those thoughts. He can heal and destroy things within people's minds and even implant subtle thoughts without people realizing that they've been manipulated, using his hypercognition to plan micro-manipulations that can lead to a larger result, or just outright dominate someone's mind with mind control.

His mental manipulation is far deeper and more detailed against one or two people, but his control of a large group of people lacks the subtle and fine manipulation of when he's only focused one one or two at a time. Large groups tend to be given one or two simple commands, unlike the vastly more detailed and controlled manipulations of a few.

He's also able to do things like mental loops, where one experiences the same few minutes of an event repeatedly, like Groundhog Day.

* Sensory Manipulation: He can control and dominate someone's senses. This can be used to create illusions, or do something like make himself invisible to them, and other such stunts involving the manipulation of senses.

* Telepathic Communication: A basic one. He can telepathically communicate with people.

Telepathic Blocking: He can block mutant telepaths from using telepathic abilities against himself, unless they use either an omega level telepathic effort, or they work as a group.

* Knowledge Osmosis: He can absorb knowledge and skills with telepathy from other people, but very rarely uses this ability in any notable way other than to supplement his current skills and knowledge, or in a very dire emergency, like if a plane pilot gets knocked out and he has to take over.

* Constructs: He can create telepathic constructs that can be things like fully functional guns, like handguns and shotguns, various melee weapons, thrown and wielded, and even grenades that explode with an equivalent telekinetic force to a real grenade. But these weapons don't physically harm people, they create psychic pain, which at extreme levels can cause unconsciousness or death.

He can alter this ability to work in a variety of ways, like when he needs to, say, knock out a powerful telepath, he'll shoot them in the head with a telekinetic bullet that won't necessarily cause them physical pain, but can create enough psychic trauma to knock them unconscious with more effectiveness than using his raw telepathy.

He can also do things like create antennas to scan for and listen to minds with more precision than normal, at about the range of the X-Mansion. And he can create helmet constructs to protect people from telepathy.


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Quentin not only sees himself as a future revolutionary, but he sees himself as a future rich man, so he aggressively studies and absorbs business knowledge from any book and source he can find.

Quentin is an expert combatant due to having absorbed a few people's skills, though he doesn't have nearly the hand to hand combat //experience// of many mutants his age, given his over- dependence on his powers.

Thanks to hypercognition, he's learned to create fairly advanced inventions, though he normally puts his effort into inventing things that will help mutants manage their abilities.

Having read a considerable amount of literature on the topics, Quentin is very well-versed in politics, social issues, philosophical schools of thought, and yeah, just pretty much mentally enriching things like this. He often perceives himself as a future revolutionary, even though for right now he's at least functioning as what he sees as an activist, still occasionally making a politician with bad opinions crap themselves on TV. That's his interaction with philosophy in a nutshell.

Quentin's hypercognition allows him great tactical and strategic skill. He can think through plans down to the level of considering how to plan for actions by the minute. It's not a perfect skill, but the point is that his plans tend to be pretty detailed, even if he occasionally gets kind of lazy on them at some point through making it.


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It's not too hard to appeal to his arrogance, base emotions, or any of his other number of flaws, vices, and insecurities to break through all the omega mutant power. If one can figure him out and are willing to use that against him, he's definitely at a disadvantage.

Quentin's hypercognition burns through calories at a rapid pace, so he often eats foods with a high concentration of calories, which typically means they're full of sugar or oil, and usually eats larger meals overall. Due to the frequency at which he needs to eat, it can lead to some inconsistencies in his power level. Some days are better than others. (This is a way of explaining why he doesn't just completely unleash omega level mutant power in every scene)

Combat Inexperience:
His inexperience in combat is probably his largest weakness. Despite being able to brute force his power against another omega telepath for example, he doesn't have the same real world combat experience and tends to do things in the easiest way, pursuing the path of least resistance and relying on his raw power more than anything in most situations. So his raw power can typically be trumped by tactics and taking advantage of his overall arrogance.

While he has to do his share of X-training, he isn't the most dedicated or even good at it. He might be adept at agility-based athletics, but if he's caught off guard he can be pretty easily wounded and beaten down.



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Quentin Quire has 18 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Oodles of Noodles March 31st, 2021 Q and Ruth come to a decision and eat noodles.
Brisket Night! March 13th, 2021 Friday Brisket happens at Xavier's. Everyone comes to eat and to meet the new kid. Plans are made to do this again.
Stolen Trinkets: Quentin Quire March 6th, 2021 Quentin and Ruth take a trip to the future and see themselves as older adults.
Following Tensions Rising, (Scene 5205) February 20th, 2021 Cable wakes up in a closet with a blind girl, and then gets David Spaded by Quentin.
Tensions Rising February 15th, 2021 Violence sparks at the Mutant Care Center and a skirmish errupts between Friends of Humanity and mutants. When police get involved, Magneto appears to prevent the hostilities getting further out of hand than they already were.
Full of Regret and marshmallows February 11th, 2021 Talia Emma Kitty Quentin and Henry catch up about how crazy things are in the kitchen.
Retaliation February 9th, 2021 Anti-mutant protestors come to a high school fundraiser in Mutant Town and things get blown out of preportion.
Peaceful Protests February 5th, 2021 At a Senator Kelly rally, a riot breaks out.. and the brotherhood of mutants make their presence known.
Only Best Buds Execute Mutants In Unison February 5th, 2021 Cable shoots at mutant power thieves, others think he's shooting mutants. Danger Close.
Hackey Sack February 4th, 2021 Q and Ruth get a little closer and her aunt gets some hacked surprises
A Plan for Mayhem January 25th, 2021 Quentin makes lunch plans with Ruth. Food. Training. Mayhem.
Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters January 23rd, 2021 The First Annual Talent Show For Gifted Youngsters (presented by Jubilation Lee) is a success! Hank, Ruth, Paige, Sam, Quentin, and Bobby put on some great acts, but the panel of judges -- Emma, Kitty, Jean, and Rogue -- gave the nod to Hank for his tribute to Rocky Horror! Cameos by Professor Xavier and Illy. Day saved by Noriko. Donation money successfully embezzled. Promotional consideration provided by �chr�BURGER JOINT.�c/�
Lady Sings the Blues January 11th, 2021 Quentin and Ruth bond over metal. Metalocalypse!!
An Unexpected Visitor January 9th, 2021 With a large group present in the Rec Room, Kitty's father, believed dead for the past year, shows up unexpectedly.
Ruth Wants to Hurt Someone. We Oblidge. January 8th, 2021 No one knows how to fight, Warren gets mad Emma expected they could. Ruth beats up Nori, Nori zaps Warren, Jubilee drags Bird-o to the medbay.
Mindscapes November 25th, 2020 Quentin decides to go on a magical journey inside Mori's brain.
Quentin AcQuired November 24th, 2020 Quentin does weird stuff. Emma, Noriko, and Gabby frown. They all come to an agreement.
The Brotherhood of Evil Doughnuts November 24th, 2020 Mystique hunts down Quentin Quire, Quentin Quire reveals he knew she'd probably come, she reveals that she knew he knew she'd come, and they come to an understanding.


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Quentin Quire has 18 finished logs.

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