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I never could get the hang of Thorsdays
Date of Scene: 01 April 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Front Yard
Synopsis: Doom breaks the enchantment on Mjolnir, splitting it into multiple hammers that can be wielded by anyone BUT Thor. Heather Danielson, Amora the Enchantress, and Golden Eagle gain the POWER OF THOR... for a while, anyway.
Cast of Characters: Thor, Steve Rogers, Heather Danielson, Amora, Yaretzi Acama

Thor has posed:
A sunny, cool afternoon in New York City: it's perfect for a picnic, a long walk through Central Park, sitting outside a bagel shop, or, if you happen to be the science-wizard despot of Latveria, assaulting Avengers Mansion. The metal-clad megalomaniac is perched astride a second-story dormer like a colossus, surrounded by bolts of energy and clouds of Kirby Krackle, hands curled into claws and thrust into the sky.

"COWER, AVENGERS! FLEE BEFORE THE MIGHT OF DOOM!" the diabolical doctor shouts. Inside, JARVIS is making dry suggestions that guests seek shelter and residents contact a roofing company. Outside, on the lawn, Thor Odinson has a better idea. He drops into a crouch, shouts, "Knave! Villain! Ya basic!" and flies up at him, Mjolnir extended to crack open the shell on Doom's armored face.

"ASGARDIAN FOOL! EXACTLY AS I HAD HOPED!" Doom retorts. As Thor flies at him, he suddenly slows, and the energies around the Latverian collapse into a mighty, glowing anvil. Doom raises a crackling hammer of light and energy, shouts, "NOW, THE POWERS OF MJOLNIR WILL BE MINE!" and brings it down on Thor's signature weapon.

The entire world feels like it goes sideways, and there's a tremendous boom, like ground level thunder. Mjolnir flies out of Thor's grasp, but not in a single direction: in every direction. Mjolnirs, plural, split from Doom's sorcerous anvil and scatter across the lawn, the sidewalk, the street, just waiting, tempting passers-by to try their luck at lifting the hammer only gifted to the worthy.

In one upraised gauntlet, Doom holds a hammer of his own, and lightning arcs down from the sky to meet it. It seems the definition of worthiness is currently a bit looser than usual.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The roar of a motorcycle coming down the street outside the mansion can be heard, the gates already swinging open as JARVIS clears a path for the new arrival. Captain America zooms in through the gate. "Not so long as there is an Avenger left to stop you," he calls out to the attacking villain.

The rain of hammers catches Steve by surprise, the costumed hero dodging a couple and knocking one out of the way with his shield.

"What the-"

He doesn't complete the thought though. Instead he steers the motorcycle for a spot the landscaping leaves him a little ramp-like rise. Captain America guns the engine, the bike accelerating rapidly and hitting that sloped earth and catching air. Steve grabs the handles of the bike beneath him and then pivots, somersaulting to air-throw the entire bike towards Doctor Doom.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Perhaps the copies did not copy the enchantment about worthiness. Or perhaps it was tied to the wielder's faith in him or herself. If one truly believed themselves worthy, would that count? I mean Doom likely believes himself worthy of having his backside sham-wowed by angels or some such.
    Either way, flying Mjolnirs aren't exactly commonplace.. most days. Today, Heather was in town on Titans business. But that was concluded... namely, she was delivering a prisoner to the NYPD. She'd stepped out of the nearby precinct, stopped to grab a hot dog from a food truck that does a good business by being near the police station... and looked across the street at the Avengers compound.
    Taking a bite of her dog, she pondered taking the tour or some such when Doom's voice echoed over the area. Scarfing down the rest of her dog, she started walking towards the Mansion when.. a hammer flew out, bashed through the fence-walls and smashed right into her face.
    It bounced off and landed beside her... while she lay in the street, hot dog half-chewed and forgotten after that impact. "Ow." she mutters afterwards and as she sits up, she reaches to feel for what hit her. She didn't really see it of course. But her hand wraps about the haft of the Xer-olnir. And as she does so, she inclines her head, "What the actual..." *FWOOM!* Power rushes through and over her...

Amora has posed:
If Thor doesn't come to the Asgardian Embassy then the Embassy comes at him. Not literally of course! But Amora was on her way to actually knock on the front lawn of the Avengers Mansion. She is perhaps fuming a bit because hey, there ARE duties to attend to, specially if one is a Prince. No skipping duty! It's like these two brothers need special management. Hmph!

So she is just stepping out of her sports car when she sees it. Of course. Here is Thor *playing* with a villain instead of being at the Embassy. Typical! And with Doom! Pfffttt. Is that even a real doctor?

But what the heck? There are hammers all around? And ..., why did one just land atop her brand new sports car, smashing it? She shudders furiously before letting out a, "This is coming out of your monthly allowance, Thor Odinson!" because of course Odin is generous enough to provide.

And without thinking she reaches to take that hammer in her hand and toss it away from the car ....

Thor has posed:
Thor collapses into a red-caped heap on the grounds, deaf even to Amora's chiding, and Doctor Doom begins to laugh as only Doctor Doom can, when reveling in his moment of ultimate triumph. Huge, booming guffaws, echoing through his resonant helmet, build to a mighty crescendo as he throws his head back, basking in the warm embrace of his brilliance, his might, his own infallible wickedness. The lightning and thunder are always keen to cooperate with Doom at moments like these, but never more so than now: behind him, a weathercock that some idiot stuck on the mansion in a fit of rural self-deprecation vaporizes under the force of a direct lightning hit.

His green cape develops a fur lining in the flickering light from the sky, his helmet suddenly augmented by angled, stylized wings. A scale pattern etches its way across the armor he already wraps himself in, and great big rivets spring into being on his chestplate, echoing the ones on his shoulders. He raises his hammer skyward, ready for the whirlwind to sweep him into the air.

And then a motorcycle hits him in the face.

DocThor Doom leaves a streak of destruction across the lawn as the bike's momentum drags him backward through the dirt. Colossal divots are upended, landing among the Mjolnirs and bursting into clods. He's rising soon enough, but slowly, with the patience of mountains being raised from the firmament.

Amora's hammer, cast casually aside, leaves a massive dent in a tractor trailer that honks by, eager to escape the superbattle before it can provide any more colorful background destruction. There's another Mjolnir by her boot, though, if she wants it. Heather's magical girl transformation will be brief but dramatic as the storm's power rages through her. Cap, for his part, is down a bike. The insurance company will be neither amused nor, if we're being honest, all that surprised.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    As someone who was already fairly superhuman, Heather feels the energy flowing through her veins and she lets out a long breath. "This... I... holy thunderbolts!" And then she remembers that she'd heard Doom's voice. Though she doesn't know Doom's voice... she knows that the voice was a gloating villain thing.
    And then there is Cap doing his amazeballs thing with a shield and a bike. And one step, two steps... three steps, and Heather leaps into action... not sure how she's doing it, but somehow coming down to land in the yard with an eruption of lightning power. She turns to face the enemy and blanches, "Oh... Doom!" she calls out before she shakes her head, "Okay. This doesn't belong to me." She turns and rushes over to the red-caped prone Thunder god. "Hey big guy, I think you dropped this." she says as she holds the hammer out his way.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Captain America doesn't slow his assault on DocThor Doom, even though seeing the plethora of hammers and the effects they have had on those who picks them up would be enough to give anyone pause.

Steve hurls his shield, bouncing it off the wall around the mansion grounds, the ricochet sending it right at Doom. It clips him in the back of the head before the shield frisbees back over to Captain America where he catches it.

Doom lifts his hammer and calls down lightning, releasing it at Captain America. Steve pulls up his shield but the lightning hits with a thunderclap, blowing Steve backwards and through one of the glass windows into the mansion.

Amora has posed:
Hol' up. Did Amora just *pick* up that hammer and tossed it? Without being worthy? Because damn right she *knows* she isn't worthy. All sin on this woman. So her lips twist into what is a positively machiavelic smile. Soooo, she leans down to get that hammer on the ground by her foot, those little flutters of antcipation rushing through her. Oh yes, this is happening. To me, my power!

She grips the hammer hard, bringing it up and above her head, "Ahahaha! I have got the power!" Oh yes, she is going drunk with power! The transformation is swift for her too. No blue though, she doesn't like the color, instead the green of her clothes just glows brighter even as thunder amasses around the hammer. "Now time to take out this fake Doct--"

One of the bikes tires that flew off when it impacted with Doom hits Amora squarely, sending her flying across the sidewalk. Ugh..

Thor has posed:
Thor lurches upward to a kneel as Heather offers him Mjolnir. "My thanks, young lady," he answers her, reaching out to take the hammer from her. He doesn't notice, for the moment, that she's dodging past more hammers to get to him. When his hand wraps around the handle, though, something unexpected happens: something that hasn't happened for years. Instead of springing to the ready in his grasp, eager for battle at his side, Mjolnir plummets to the ground, dragging his hand with it. It hits the earth with a clang -- which makes no sense, as the ground is grassy -- and sticks there stubbornly.

"What in all the realms?" he blusters, crouching to peer at the hammer's inscription, which glows up at him, gloating as it often does for those it deems unworthy. There's a nasty scratch where Doom hit the hammer, like a lesser artisan tried to stamp over the enchantment. "Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be wy thor...?" he reads, scowling at the Uru metal. He gives it another couple of yanks, but the hammer won't budge.

"UNDONE BY A SIMPLE ANAGRAM, EH, ASGARDIAN? WHY THOR, INDEED?" Doom gloats as he strides over, his impassive mask now bedecked in art deco geometry.

Unbowed, Thor shouts right back at him, "Obviously you didn't get your doctorate in spelling!" Unbowed, but very quickly bowled -- end over end, that is, as Doom smacks him aside with the WHUNG of a mystical hammer impact. The altered Mjolnir sits in the grass where Thor left it. Doom stares at Heather, his blue eyes icy behind their mask. "STAND ASIDE IF YOU WISH TO KEEP STANDING, //NEW YORKER//," he hisses at her. Amora is still out in traffic, but while she can doubtless shrug off a tire impact even on her worst day, she is feeling a distinct rumble of Thor energy. Like getting hit in the face with a tire is an insult that she should shout, bluster, and crack some skulls to avenge. It's kind of thrilling, in a kind of stupid way.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Something you should know about me." Heather says up to Doom. Her hand reaches down and wraps about the hammer that -she- was apparently worthy of wielding. "I live in Metropolis!" She exclaims as she surges to her feet, swinging that hammer in a wide arc. An arc designed to make Doom evade her. It's telegraphed to all hell. But she follows it up with a far more powerful karate kick than any she has ever launched... strong enough to knock even Doc Thunderdoom here back a bit.. before she herself hurls that hammer at him... throwing it so hard that she grunts with the effort.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Yaretzi's walking along a sidewalk a block over, as many New Yorkers do... and, as happens to be the case, in the wrong place at the wrong time... or is it the right place at the right time?

In any case, she's walking along when a nearby car parked along the side of the street gets smashed by a Mjolnir that falls from the sky -- after having smashed into and bounced off the trailer of big-rig, after having been tossed aside by Amora.

The teenager yelps and jumps to the side and falls to her knees. When she looks up, the Mjolnir that crushed the car is sitting, head down, on the sidewalk right in front of her.

"Holy moley!", Yaretzi says as she views the weapon. "Is that Thor's hammer?", she wonders aloud as she looks over in the direction from which it came, already wondering if she should transform into Golden Eagle and fly over to help -- obviously, if someone knocked his hammer away to her, Thor might need help!

"... but if someone -that- strong's over there, will I even be able to help?", she wonders, this time to herself, as she reaches out to wrap her fingers around the hammer's grip. She -is- a fangirl, after all... a chance to lift up Thor's hammer, even if she fails at it... it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Amora has posed:
"Okay, now I am angry." And they won't like it when Amora's angry. She brushes the tire aside, those energies running through her and having her grin deeply just before her feet create a 'crack' on the sidewalk and she launches up at full speed flying, over the lawn and towards the Doctor. It's not really her M.O. Diving in like this, or going for a frontal assault. But this hammer appears to call for it, wanting her to go head on towards danger, smack some people and takes names while doing it.

Admittedly she is quite elated at it all, the power, the rush and ..., she does a small flyby on that hammer she had tossed so casually, picking it up. Because dual wield is a thing....

And it's telling that Amora is *never* satisfied with just one. Got to have mooooore! Such a gold-digger.

RAAAAA, she is charging in right after that kick from Heather!

Thor has posed:
"AS IF DOOM WOULD DEIGN TO NOTE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR TIRESOME AMERICAN MEGALOPOLES," Doom snaps. When Heather lifts the hammer, his stance changes: suddenly wary, calculating. Still, his monologuing doesn't skip a beat. "ALL PALE IN COMPARISON TO THE MARVEL THAT IS LATVERIA." He scoffs a little as he easily dodges her telegraphed swing, already dropping into the easy assumption that the model-perfect woman //would// be a laughably incompetent fighter, hammer of Thor or no. "YOU SHOULD ST--"

He's cut off by the terrific impact of her boot, and is sent lurching back, smacking a silhouette into the brickwork. His mask tilts downward menacingly. "CLEVER," he allows. "I WILL NOT BE SO EASILY DUPED AG--"

He's cut off, again, a double swing from Amora sending him skidding across more brickwork and then flying off the corner of the house. JARVIS adds a professional mason to his dry list of needed maintenance services.

Electricity arcs and crackles off of Doom; Amthora's dual hammers are like supercharged poles of a battery, lightning eagerly dancing between them, ready to be unleashed. Heathor, for her part, is finding her usual might only enhanced further by Thor's strength and endurance. Thoretzi might be familiar with the feeling of mythic energies flowing through her, but Thor is something specific: pugilistic, crackling, bull-headed. All three are finding themselves eager to fight.

And Doom? In spite of what he might protest, Doom is no different. Instead of monologuing again, he stands and simply snarls inarticulately at the sky. At his call, a mighty cascade of lightning bolts drop into his hammer, and he flings all of them, combined, at the assembled Thor Force.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Yaretzi's transformation leaves her wearing Asgardian-style armor, wielding Mjolnir... her eyes wide in surprise, which gives way to a look of worry as she hears, now, the sounds of combat over in that direction -- if she's got Thor's powers, all of a sudden, what in the heck is going on?

Of course, she also doesn't really know how to use Thor's powers, but she's seen him 'in action' in various clips on TV and on the internet... so she does her best to mimic what she's seen. She swings her Mjolnir around, its strap on her wrist, and flings it up into the air as she grabs the handle... and with a surprised yelp, gets pulled up into the air after the hammer.

"Ohcrapohcrapohcrap!", the girl says as she's pulled through the air, unable to control where she's going. Then the though hits her: Golden Eagle can fly on her own. "Cuatli!", she calls out... and there's a sudden clap of thunder, as a lightning bolt literally streaks out of the sky to strike the Mjolnir she's carrying, and there's a blinding flash of light.

When the flash fades, Golden Eagle hovers, with Mjolnir in one hand... and wearing a golden suit of armor, very much Asgardian in nature, but with a long, flowing cape of white with golden trim, and with a very 'eagle' sort of motif to the armor, including a helmet that comes complete with a beak in front. "Well... this is new", she comments, looking down at herself for a moment.

Temporary as the union of Thunder God and Spirit of Eagle might be, she turns and eyes the battle between various versions of Thor and Doctor Doom. Her Mjolnir crackling with lightning, she flies that way to join in, extending her own weapon... her goal being to swoop by and catch and redirect Doom's bolts of lighting into the sky, away from those he's attacking.

Amora has posed:
"So ..., I come here to tell you that you are needed at the embassy and here you are playing with false Doctors..?" A bit of a flippant tone to Amthora's tone, chin up in that arrogant manner of hers, icy blue eyes taking in their opponent. Oh yes, she was worthy and worst of all she *knew* it. That bastard.

And like Yaretzi she knows how Thor battles. She has also had quite a *few* centuries to study it, both as a foe or as an ally. She has always been mercurial where it comes to that. So with lightning being sent their way?

She prepares a defense, crossing both hammers in front of her just before she spots the flying Thoreagle coming for the rescue and running intercept..

"Time to fly.." She tells Thor, a smirk. She starts swinging the hammer in one hand, "Hold on to it when I throw it, Odinson.." and then she lets go! The hammer starts flying directly at Doctor Doom.

With hopefully a Thor attached. (The real one).

Thor has posed:
Thorden Eagle (yes, I can make these up all night, if necessary) takes Doom by surprise, riding into the path of his lightning barrage from out of nowhere and redirecting a significant chunk of it harmlessly into the sky. Unfortunately, less lightning is still a heck of a lot of lightning, and the othors (I should stop) will still have their hands full.

The expression that greets Amora when Thor regains enough of his senses to recognize her is a guarded one, to be sure. Still, this plan of hers, with Thor riding a hammer into combat against a vastly better-prepared foe, meets with his approval. It's practically his own plan, as she well knows, one of maybe four he has ever had in his entire centuries-long life. When she flings her hammer, he catches it, gritting teeth against the wrench to his shoulder, and is drawn along on a collision course with the pretender. The despot sees this attack coming and swats Thor aside at the last second, plowing him down into the dirt in a spectacular crater.

"ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE," Doom shouts. His hammer circles above his head, drawing down a whirlwind from the dark, crackling clouds that their combat has drawn together overhead. Unlike the more restrained Odinson, Doom makes no effort to limit the destructive power of his tempest: a full-fledged tornado is dropping toward him, shying away from neighboring skyscrapers for now, but ready to carve a path of chaos and death through Manhattan at the whim of the Latverian monarch.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "The problem, you reject from a seventies fashion show... yes, I mean you Doom.. is we can all swing these around, but it's not like any of us are going to really have any effect on each other."
    To demonstrate, she just stands there and lets lightning strike her... it cascades about her, coalescing over the hammer before she points the hammer at him and fires it back his way, "See?" she asks.
    "Now, the only way that you won't have a zillion Thor-folks coming to flatten your Latveria fortress is if you reverse whatever it was that you did to -cause- this situation. Do you get me?" she asks as she stalks forward, hammer spinning casually in her hand.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
The armored Golden Eagle (perhaps Thunderbird?) watches as the storm brews up. She narrows her eyes as she peers through the helmet's eyes at Doctor Doom... and the lightning crackling over the head of her own Mjolnir sweeps over... and seemingly into... her body.

Just as Mjolnir enhances Thor's own powers, this copy of it is enhancing Golden Eagle's powers, enhancing everything she already has... but she doesn't have weather control powers. Instead, and she's aware of it, the change has greatly enhanced her speed -- she's as fast as lightning now, perhaps literally, and her strength is increased, probably to nearly as much as Thor normally has, himself.

With that knowledge of how to use this temporary powerup, and while, perhaps, the jibes of others have the villain distracted, she seems to simply blur away from her current location... aiming to get herself right into Doom's face with her newfound Lightning Speed, a two-handed smash of her hammer aimed at the villain's gut.

Amora has posed:
Well. There goes a Prince being swatted away. Ah, well.. But that's why she is the BRAINS. She still has another hammer. So she moves in, taking in the lightning crackling above, then the man. "The young girl is correct. You are woefully outmatched, even if I understand you wanting to smash things up a bit.." because who wouldn't want to smash the Avengers a little from time to time, right?

Yet it's all just talk aimed at having her get closer. When she notes the Eagle stepping so fast she takes that chance to use her own magicks in combination with the hammer. Her form flickers and she teleports /behind/ the man, hoping to take advantage and deliver a swing on the man's back.

It's sort of a backstab. But with a hammer.

Thor has posed:
Heather has a point; lightning will not win this fight for either side. But the bolt that she sends back at him, he catches and flings into the side of the mansion, gouging another crater into the facade and igniting a small fire. Just a small one: the building is heavily reinforced and well protected, but Doom is more making a point than anything. The heroes' lightning can't damage anything Doom cares about, which is to say: Doom. But Doom can cause havoc in New York if he chooses.

The standoff doesn't last long before the others jump into action. With her speed, Thunderbird strikes true, and Doom buckles with the force of the hit, staggering back -- but here, the villainous Doctor's preparation puts her at a disadvantage. The protective capabilities of Doom's armor are legendary, and have not been diminished by his Thor empowerment. The titanic force of the hit transfers like a tackle, and his feet skid backward, tearing grooves in the grass -- but if she was hoping to knock the wind out of him with a targeted strike, she will be disappointed. Doom is not exactly expressive, but he does look a bit smug-by-default as he straightens again.

Just in time to catch the business end of Amora's remaining hammer. The one-two tag team strike lifts the Latverian dramatically into the air with a thunderous crack, where he catches the point of the tornado funnel above and is lifted into the sky in an uncontrolled, dizzying spiral. He is drawn away rapidly, and those on the ground can actually hear an unsteady, all-caps wail as he is spun into the storm gathering overhead.

But that's not the last they'll hear of Doom; his face-off with Heather has simply forced him to adjust his approach. Lightning starts to fork down from on high, cratering intersections as thunder splits open windows. Gale-force winds rush through the steel canyons of the city. If Doom can't defeat the heroes in direct combat, he'll take his frustrations out on the city.

Groaning, Thor -- the original flavor -- rocks up into a crouch from the crater where he landed. He's in a three-point pose, but mainly because he's too unsteady for two legs alone. "The enchantment," he murmurs, blood pounding in his temples with a thunder all its own. "He broke the enchantment. You need to--" He waves a hand vaguely at the trio of new Thors before him, at a loss for words. He never did have the proper vocabulary for magic.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Okay! You guys take him down! I'll focus on countering that other bullcrap!" calls out Heather as she lifts the hammer into the air... she even crouches down to pick up the hammer that -had- carried Thor to his interception with Doom's backhand.
    Then she lifts that hammer also and focuses on the weather. She furrows her brow and bends her will towards one thing... undoing and preventing any of Doom's weather effects from striking the city or whatnot. "So much power.." she mutters as energy courses up her arms and out of each hammer... pouring into the sky to work their magic... literally.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Looking up at the tornadoed-away Doom, then over at Thor as he speaks, Golden Eagle says, "I know it's got to do with magic... but I don't -do- magic!", as she looks up and around. "I don't know -how-!", she adds. "Somehow, I know exactly how to use the extra power I've gotten from Mjolnir... but I don't have a -clue- how or what to do about a broken enchantment...", she concludes, pointing up at the tornadic lightning storm with the hammer she holds in one hand as she hovers in place near Amora.

When Heather starts actually manipulating the weather using Mjolnirs, she purses her lips... "I totally didn't think of trying that... -can- I do that, too?", she wonders, musing aloud as she wonders, to herself, if she should even try... after all, she doesn't seem to intuitively just know how to do that, like she knew immediately how to use the extra strength and speed.

Amora has posed:
Well, Thor *does* have a good plan or two from time to time. There's even a little sense of pride from AmThora. *sniff*

And where it comes to magic, that's her field. She nods at the man. " -- restore the enchantment." yes, she finishes the man's sentence. She does that all the time too. Infuriating.

She glances at the other two with her, one taking care of the storms, the other not too knowledgeable about magic. "The same way you know how to use the power you also know how to speak Asgardian. And the runes." she says, gesturing to the hammer the girl carries.

And since she doesn't trust herself to do the right thing where it comes to restoring Thor's powers (because she'd like to keep that hammer!) she turns to instructing Golden Eagle, tossing her own hammer to the ground. "Look at the inscription on the side, there, that rune." she points to the one that was *supposed* to make it so Thor was the worthy one to wield the hammer. "It's scrambled, right it up. You will know how."

This will be Amora's good deed of the .., decade.

Steve Rogers has posed:
From the roof of the Avenger's Mansion, a loud noise comes, if not as loud as the peals of thunder booming around the city from the weather phenomena going on. The whine of a jet engine presages a quinjet climbing into the sky.

"I'll try to give you cover," a voice says over a speaker outside of the plane as Steve Roger pivots the hovering craft towards Doom.

Missiles drop out of the underside of the craft and rocket towards the Latverian monarch, after which Steve climbs the plane to get more altitude. He engages the ships cloak, fading its visible image into the background image of the sky and city skyline, hoping to help limit how easily Doom can target the aircraft.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
Golden Eagle lands next to where Thor is, and frowns under the stylized eagle-form helmet she currently wears, her long, black hair spilling out the back of it and down her back. She holds her Mjolnir in front of herself in her right hand, eyes on what's written on it.

"That's wierd", she says, pointing at the inscription with an extended finger of her left hand. "That's not what it's supposed to say...", she adds, touching that fingertip to the hammer's surface. "This is supposed to say 'worthy'... this letter's supposed to be over here...", she says, tracing from the letter 'y' to after 'thor'.

Thor has posed:
Doom is a mighty magician in his own domain, but his powers are based on planning and preparation, while Thor's are... decidedly not that. Much pride as he might take in his wizardly cunning, Doom's raw power over the storm is no greater than anyone else's among this group. Heather's counterprogramming against his century storm isn't enough to pluck him free from the winds that hold him aloft, but the destruction raining down on New York abates into... normal rain, at least. Lightning still crackles, but it's held in check for now.

It's certainly no protection from incoming missiles; those Doom will have to swat out of the sky personally, wielding magical constructs, bolts of energy, and (when the Norse battle song is simply too strong in his mind) swatting them aside with the hammer itself. Captain America will keep the despot occupied, giving the others time to devise a solution. They'd better hurry, though: Doom will soon enough turn his attention to the source of those missiles, and then Cap will really be in trouble. Thor versus aircraft rarely ends well for the aircraft.

Even as Golden Eagle says she is incapable of magic, the storm in Mjolnir itself calls out to her. If she is chosen, she has the power. The storm will answer her call. Thor is no sorcerer, but his powers include a sort of magic. His knowledge of rightness and wrongness, his manipulation of the energies of the tempest. He is, after a fashion, a god; the power in Mjolnir is a storm, and the enchantment a storm given specific shape.

Amora's guidance is true, even if her habit of filling in words for the less erudite can be an irritant. The energy caught in those runes is clear to both of them, and the scar in Odin's decree calls out to be righted like a vacuum in the atmosphere itself.

Amora has posed:
Impromptu sorcerer's apprentice. But at least the girl seems to get right to it. Good, Amora hates indecisiveness. So when she gets to correct the enchantment on the hammer there is a nod that might even be of approval. (She will deny fully later).

Yet with the winds picking up she looks up, both at the aircraft and then at Doom. She feels the change in the flow of magic, the right of a wrong. The enchantment starting to go back to it's proper position. For even if she would like nothing more than to wield this power she certainly will feel a lot more satisfied when that power is off the hands of some mortal. Or whatever Doom is!

"Time to do your magic, Odinson." She tells the Asgardian once the runes have been righted. She takes a step to the side, not wanting to get blasted by lightning when Thor finally claims the hammer back. "And remember to go by the Embassy later!" because of course she had to remind him of *that*.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
It turns out that, under her fingertip, each letter Golden Eagle touches on the hammer's surface crackles with electricity... and moves as she drags her finger along. "I've got it!", she says, smiling... and starts re-arranging 'wy thor' to 'worthy' by moving the letters into the correct order. Eventually, she has the wording on the hammer reading 'Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor', and she smiles and holds the hammer up in both hands. "Done!", she gladly exclaims before turning and offering the weapon over to Thor himself.

Thor has posed:
For all that the hammer itself has multiplied, there is, by definition, only one Mother of all Storms caught inside. As Golden Eagle rights the pattern of the runic enchantment in her own hammer, the change is reflected in all. All across a large swath of the island, hammers roll across pavement and parkland, drop out of hands, whiz through the air, gathering together with the one Eagle holds, as if called to action -- because that's exactly what is happening.

Moments later, there is only one hammer. Were there ever really more? It glitters with power, an arc of lightning playing across the glinting inscription, and then the Odinson lifts a hand and the hammer again heeds his call, the handle dropping into his palm with a satisfying whap.

Up above, the tempest parts and begins to dissipate. A distant voice bellows: "RICHARDS! I KNOW THIS WAS SOMEHOW YOUR DOING...!" But there's a crackle of actinic light and Doom himself is gone, teleported back to his stronghold by his own sorcery.

Painfully, Thor gets back to his feet, still looking at his restored weapon, as if seeing an old friend in a new light. "My thanks to you all," he says, his eyes connecting with Heather, Amora, then finally Yaretzi. He finishes decisively: "Friends, I owe you all a debt." He takes that sort of thing seriously; if the others ever need his help, he'll do what he can to be there. And, yes, he'll make it out to the embassy soon, if the abashed look he turns to Amora is any indication.

Yaretzi Acama has posed:
As soon as the womans's hands leave the hammer, there's a golden flash of light, centered on her... and when it fades away, she's standing there in her usual superheroic costume. The Asgardian/Eagle armor is gone, and so are the power boosts that came with it.

Lifting her hands, Golden Eagle balls them into fists a couple of times, she says, "Wow... that's a -really- heady feeling, having that much power. I don't think I'm ready for that kinda juice, yet, but I'm glad I was able to help get it back where it belongs! You don't owe me anything, Thor. You've protected the city I call home so many times, just take this as my paying you back a little bit for all those times, okay?"