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  Golden Eagle  
Yaretzi Acama (Scenesys ID: 2139)
Name: Yartezi Acama
Superalias: Golden Eagle
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: H.S. Student
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Residence: East Harlem, NYC
Education: still in High School
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 22 Jul 2004 Played By Eiza Gonzalez (Yaretzi: https://tinyurl.com/y4lwaldj) and Morena Baccarin (Golden Eagle:


Height: 5'4" Weight: 103 lb
Hair Color: blonde Eye Color: brown
Theme Song: None Yet (player will happily entertain suggestions!)

Character Info


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Golden Eagle is a 'new' female superhero in New York City. (People with knowledge of 'Golden Age' heroes from the World War II era could place a male hero, 'El Augila Dorado', who was mostly active in Mexico and Central America during that time, who had identical powers and a virtually identical costume appearance.) She's a 'flying brick' sort of superhero, strong, quick, an, of course, able to fly.

Yaretzi Acama is a fairly average young latina woman living in East Harlem (aka 'Spanish Harlem'). She's a gamer-geek, and a superhero fan-girl. Her family is firmly lower-middle class.


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2004: Yaretzi Acama was born in East Harlem (also known as Spanish Harlem) in New York City. Raised by parents as only child, with great-grandfather as a part of the family. Joaquin (great- grandfather) told her stories of the great Latino superhero known as "El Augila Dorado" (translates directly as "The Golden Eagle") as bedtime stories and as rewards for good behavior; he also told her stories about other 'Golden Age' superheroes who were active in the WW2 era, such as Captain America, The Human Torch, Namor, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

2010: In the first grade, because of the 'hero' mentality gained from listening to great-grandfather's stories, reported a bully to her school's principal. Became target of bullying, afterwards, but always stood up for herself. She avoided actual fighting, until junior high, at which point she was forced to fight (a few times) to defend herself -- not always successfully. The bullies did eventually leave her alone, because she never backed down or 'gave in' to the bullying.

2012: Became a fan-girl of Superman immediately upon the formation of the Justice League. Her "hero-worship" of Wonder Woman is rekindled when the heroine great-grandfather told her about is suddenly in the world, once more.

2017: Developed 'instant crush' on Captain America when he was thawed out, remembering stories told by great-grandfather.

2018: Didn't manage to make it to Superman's funeral, but did visit his monument in Centennial Park (in Metropolis) later in the year. During this time, after Loki's attack on New York City, left her house against the insistence of her parents -- to act as a volunteer in the city-wide cleanup/rescue efforts. Very briefly 'met' Captain America during this time (she was across the street when he walked by and waved at the group of people of which she was a part).

2020: Mid-summer, Joaquin Acama is hospitalized then returns home, to peacefully pass away in his sleep two weeks later. Before his death, he called Yaretzi to him, and told her his secret: he was The Golden Eagle, the superhero of whom he'd always been telling her stories. She didn't believe him, until he told her the word of power "Cuatli", held her hand, and said it in time with her -- and she transformed into a female version of the superhero. "You have greatness inside you, and a heroic nature. I can't think of a better person to whom I should pass on this gift of power", he said to her. With the knowledge of how to use the powers of The Golden Eagle simply in her mind, and the ability to transform back and forth into the superheroine by simply saying "Cuatli", Yaretzi would later vow, at her great-grandfather's grave, to make him proud and to be the best Golden Eagle she can be.

IC Journal

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Fan Girl:
Having grown up on stories of heroes, mostly those from the World War II era, Yaretzi has always been a superhero 'fan girl'. She didn't really gush over any hero in particular until the Justice League was formed, however, when she pretty well 'instantly' developed a fan-girl crush on Superman, and gushed over Wonder Woman, recognizing the heroine from her great-grandfather's Golden Age stories. She experienced a great loss at Superman's death, of course, and was overjoyed when he finally did return. Captain America, too, is a subject of her 'fan-girl crushing', as he's yet another hero from the stories she grew up with, apparently back from the dead. While she's a fan of superheroes in general, it's these three who are her favorites. She won't shirk from, as Yaretzi, asking any well-known superhero/ine for an autograph or a selfie, and she may yet develop new favorites as she gets to know other heroes as a result of her own heroics as Golden Eagle.

Yaretzi grew up on stories of superheroes, and of heroes in general, thanks to her great -grandfather. She believes in the ideals of 'the superhero', and has since she was quite young -- thus her 'snitching' on bullies when she was in grade school, and standing up to them (including a few fistfights she was part of, in junior high school) throughout her life. In her mind, villains are just the logical extension of grade school bullies -- people who are 'stronger' than others, for whatever reason, and use that to take advantage of those others. She'll put herself in harm's way for others, especially those she calls friends and family, but she is willing to help a complete stranger, too -- if she is able to do so.

Honest To a Fault:
Yaretzi is a very honest person. She tends to follow the rules, unless it'd cause someone harm to do so. She doesn't lie, unless it's a 'little while lie', such as hiding a surprise birthday party, or the lie is necessary for what she feels is the greater good. With having butted heads with bullies throughout her school years, she also has a tendency to just speak the truth immediately, often before thinking about the impact of her words on the feelings of others.

Sense of Duty:
Yaretzi made a vow over her great-grandfather's grave to be the best Golden Eagle she can be. To her, this means that she'll stand up for what's right all the time, such as being honest, not allowing innocent people to be hurt by others -- to maintain an heroic nature, to the best of her abilities. 'El Augila Dorado', as she came to know Golden Eagle from her great-grandfather's stories, was courageous, selfless (to a point), and a defender of the innocent more than he was about law and justice -- he was a hero for the people, not a hero for the nation/state in which the people lived. While she's able to transform herself, her personal oath is with her all the time.

Character Sheet


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Divine Health:
Golden Eagle is unaffected by toxins and illnesses of all forms. Toxins and/or diseases to which Golden Eagle has been exposed are completely filtered away by the transformation back into Yaretzi, protecting Golden Eagle's 'host' from such direct exposure -- but this wouldn't protect Yaretzi from being immediately exposed if those things are extant in the immediate vicinity.

Golden Eagle can fly through the air by simple act of will. Her control of her movements when doing so is as acute and controlled as when she's standing on the ground. Her top speed is just shy of the speed of sound, and she's unable to move faster than this through use of her own abilities.

Golden Eagle regenerates from injury very quickly and completely. A broken bone, for example, will be fully mended within a few hours' time. A lost body part will be completely restored within a one to a few days -- depending on the size of the part that was lost. This 'healing factor' is NOT always active, however -- it is only active when Yaretzi is NOT in the form of Golden Eagle. If Golden Eagle is injured, those injuries remain on her body until she's spent enough time in the form of Yaretzi for the healing to happen. If not enough time has passed for an injury to fully heal, and Yaretzi transforms into Golden Eagle, the heroine appears with the injury on person as if it had just happened -- the time spent healing is completely wasted and must be begun anew. Time spent as Golden Eagle, likewise, puts a stop to any healing of Yaretzi's own body -- but the transformation doesn't 'erase' any healing that has occured for Yaretzi; this 'erasing' only affects Golden Eagle.

Golden Eagle is ageless. She is completely unaffected by the passage of time, and by any outside effect that would cause her body to age. While Yaretzi will certainly grow, age, and change as time passes, Golden Eagle herself will always have a youthful appearance. More importantly, Golden Eagle is, herself, immortal. If outright killed, she will fall to the ground and transform back into Yaretzi (who will appear in Golden Eagle's place unhurt, but unconscious) after about a minute. Yaretzi, even after waking, will be unable to transform into Golden Eagle for a full ten days afterwards, while the heroine's body fully repairs and heals from such trauma.

Superhuman Reflexes:
Golden Eagle posesses reflexes, manual dexterity, and agility beyond those of mortal man. When she moves as quickly as she's able, she will seem to 'blur' to normal human eyesight; recording devices capable of high-speed video capture are able to follow her motions. This also lets her run very quickly, up to about forty miles per hour with average exertion (up to about fifty if she really pushes herself, risking possible injury). Her ability to perceive and react to the world around herself matches her ability to move quickly. She's able to dodge objects thrown or propelled towards her, such as arrows, knives, rocks, and the like. While she can perceive the motion of bullets fired at her, such high speed projectiles move too quickly for her to simply dodge at will -- with that she's proof against small-arms fire, however, she's more likely to put herself in the way of gunfire to protect someone else. If she's focused on it, she could even interpose parts of her body to 'block' incoming gunfire, provided it's from a single semi-automatic weapon (or of a lesser rate of fire); a greater rate of fire would have her successfully blocking only a fraction of the gunfire. This power could be summed up as 'low-end Superspeed'.

Superhuman Stamina:
Golden Eagle, quite simply put, never tires from physical exertion. Additionally, her body is proof against the impact from small-arms fire. In short, unless it's a very heavy weapon, or munitions specifically designed to counter such superhuman durability, bullets bounce off of her. Explosions, depending on how powerful they are, may not break her skin -- but they'll still batter and knock her about. She can also hold her breath for hours at a time, even during periods of strenuous exertion, such as combat.

Superhuman Strength:
Golden Eagle is able to lift, on average, 50 tons. Given extreme circumstances, she could push herself to the point of lifting half-again that much (up to 75 tons), but would be risking self- injury from overtaxing herself.

Superhuman Vision:
Golden Eagle can see for great distances. She can, for example, read two-inch tall letters up to ten miles away without assistance. Additionally, she cannot be blinded by any sort of light-based effects.

Yaretzi is able to transform herself into Golden Eagle by speaking the power word 'Cuatli'; she is able to transform from Golden Eagle back into Yaretzi by the same means. She's discovered that she must speak it in at least a 'conversational volume' -- whispering it won't do. Also, when the transformation happens, the area around her is momentarily filled with ghostly energy that seems to mimic the flow of electicity through the air. The effect is purely visual, causes no harm to any person/object in the area, and has no audible component. It -is-, however, a magical/mystical effect, and can be noticed by those able to sense such things. This power is the only one Yaretzi and Golden Eagle are both able to make use of; all the other powers are possessed, and useable, only by Golden Eagle. What is actually happening, here, is that 'the spirit of the Eagle' is lending its power to a chosen mortal. Anything Yaretzi is wearing/carrying at the time of the transformation into Golden Eagle vanishes completely, only to return as it was when she transforms back into herself. If Golden Eagle, however, is carrying something at the time of transformation, it will end up carried by Yaretzi.


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Computer Gaming:
Yaretzi is very much a 'gamer-geek'. She loves playing computer games, in her spare time, and is a big fan of MMOs, team-based MOBAs, and co-op games she can play alongside friends. She has at least basic knowledge of the various technologies involved in playing such games, including the various peripherals used by both computers and gaming consoles.

Computer Technology:
While she's really just starting to truly study it in depth, Yaretzi knows a bit more than most folks do about computers. While not a programmer, she's self-taught on how to build a computer from separate parts, maintain software and hardware for a computer system, and even knows the basics of network administration. When her school's gaming clubs need help setting up LAN networks, or the like, she's one of the first ones they get in touch with. Even the faculty of her school tends to ask her for help first, rather than involve the disctrict's IT Department right away.

Yaretzi knows common skills 'known by every man' who has grown up as she has. She knows how to drive (but has yet to acquire her driver's license), knows how to operate common electronic devices (including computers, smartphones, etc.), is literate, can easily perform simple math, etc, etc.

New Knowledge:
Golden Eagle possesses all the skills possessed by Yaretzi, as it is Yaretzi's mind in the superheroic body. The only 'new' knowledge Yaretzi gained when her powers were passed on to her by her great-grandfather is the knowledge of what Golden Eagle's powers are and how to use them. She also knows, because of what her great-grandfather told her, that Golden Eagle -can- develop new powers, or improve/expand on those the hero possesses, as time passes -- based mostly on the imagination of 'the host' (i.e. Yaretzi, in this case). However, her great-grandfather did tell her that while he did 'serve' long enough as Golden Eagle to see the hero's strength increase, somewhat, that was the only change Joaquin, himself, was able to make happen for Golden Eagle's powers.

Superhero Lore:
Yaretzi, mostly thanks to her growing up to be a superhero fan-girl, knows quite about about superheroes in general, and knows anecdotal bits of information about her favorite heroes: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America -- including anecdotal information that only someone who was alive during World War II would know (thanks to having been told such things by her great-grandfather), but only about superheroes who were active during that period of time (i.e. Wonder Woman, Captain America). She knows other little things about other heroes also, of course, having grown up in New York City -- she's heard of them, seen them on the news, seen them flying/running/swinging/driving by. While not encyclopedic in her knowledge of superheroes, she probably can speak more about superheroes, their powers, their motivations, etc, than most normal folks could.


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Lower-Middle Class:
Yaretzi's parents are firmly in what most people would call 'the lower-middle class', in terms of wealth. As their only child, Yaretzi's been given a good and happy family life, so far, and truly wants for nothing -- but true luxiries are sometimes out of reach for the family. Yaretzi, in addition to enough money to feed herself at school, -sometimes- receives a modest allowance each month. Still, she's managed to save up her allowance money to order parts from the internet to build her own computer, and her parents pay for her cellphone. Simply put, Yaretzi is, herself, usually broke, or possessing very little in the way of cash, and certainly doesn't have a credit card, or her own car, or her own home, etc.


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The source of Golden Eagle's powers is 'the spirit of the Eagle'. This is a uniquely Earthbound idea/source. While Golden Eagle -can- operate outside the confines of Earth's atmosphere (for short periods of time, holding her breath -- or given an artificial respiration system of some sort), if she were to travel farther away than about twice the orbit of the Moon, her powers would vanish and she'd transform immediately back into Yaretzi, unable to become Golden Eagle once again until returned to Earth -- in this case, it would be as if Golden Eagle had died, but would also require that Yaretzi be full -on- Earth (within the atmosphere at least) for the full ten days required for Golden Eagle to be revived.

Mystical Powers:
All of Golden Eagle's powers, including the ability to transform between Yaretzi and her superheroic form, are mystical in nature. As such, they can be so identified by persons/devices/etc that are able to sense such things, if they take the time to try to do so. The only time there's an outward emanation of these mystical energies, that might be simply 'noticed', is during the transformation between forms. Additionally, effects/abilities that can dampen or nullify specificallhy mystical powers would normally so affect Golden Eagle's powers (except for her Healing and Immortality).

Power Word:
In order to transform, either to or from Golden Eagle, Yaretzi *must* speak the power word 'Cuatli' in at least a 'conversational' level of volume. Whispering the power word will NOT trigger the transformation. Also, a zone of silence, a gag or hand over her mouth... such things can prevent her from being able to speak. Simply being underwater may muffle/deaden the sound -- but she'd still be able to -speak- the word. Oddly enough, being in the vaccuum of space would NOT prevent her from being able to transform, despite the lack of 'volume' in that case, as long as she spoke the power word with enough force that it would've been clearly heard in an Earth-normal atmosphere.

Secret Identity:
The fact that she is also Golden Eagle is now one of Yaretzi's greatest secret. She knows without a doubt that, for the safety of her parents (Michael and Josefina Acama), she can't let that secret out. Also, that knowledge could also endanger her classmates and teachers at school, and could have a huge impact on the rest of her life.

Unknown Source:
Yaretzi doesn't know the source of the powers her great-grandfather passed on to her. She has no clue that they're mystical in origin, or even that it's actually 'the spirit of the Eagle' that infuses her when she speaks the power word to transform. Other than improvements, within reason, to Golden Eagle's powers, Yaretzi will be unable to gain new powers without some kind of outside assistance.



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Yaretzi Acama has 13 finished logs.

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Yaretzi Acama has 13 finished logs.

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