5883/Catching up Cass

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Catching up Cass
Date of Scene: 08 April 2021
Location: Strix's Safehouse
Synopsis: Cassandra pays Strix a visit and gets all caught up on the current events with the court.
Cast of Characters: Cassandra Cain, Strix

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Why is always so dark in this city? You can't tell one building from the other. If you were inside, in a safehouse for example, you'd not even know if there were anyone around.

Boring places, safehouses. They have amenities, but they feel like prisons. Because they are prisons. Prisons with padded seats. Prisons with scented soaps. Prisons with...

Cassandra dangles upside-down outside the window of the safehouse Strix is inside, looking in and taking inventory. She has a full boxed set of that show Stephanie watches, looks like. Clothing on the floor, looks like the fridge has an ice dispenser.

She frowns, adjusting her grip. It makes her swing a bit, her silhouette moving back and forth. Wonder how long it'll take for someone to notice that I'm here. Oh hey, she got cookies. And fish! I could eat.

It's dark.

Strix has posed:
Strix has never had to take care of herself for an extended period of time before. Before being kidnapped by the Court, she was just your average child, being taken care of by her parents. Then the bomb happened and she was taken to the circus who took care of her. Then the Court which consisted of nearly non stop training until she was ready, and then being frozen for decades at a time. All this to say that her room is a bit messy.

Adorning the walls of the apartment are various art projects that she's worked on. One can tell that she's made significant progress, as the first ones she had put up are drawn with a childlike hand, and they slowly get better and better as the later ones got put up.

Strix herself is in the kitchen, cooking herself some fishsticks, and snacking on a box of cookies. Movement catches the corner of her eye, and she whips around with throwing daggers suddenly appearing in her hand. But it's only Cass, so the daggers disappear again into her overalls. With a huge grin she goes over to the window and slides it open, an invitation for Cassandra to come in.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
The daggers appearing make Cassandra quirk an eyebrow. It's not that she thinks that Strix wouldn't throw them. She knows that was the intention, actually. She just reads the moment when recognition hits, and doesn't need to dodge.

The window opens and Cassandra takes a moment to sniff. She pauses, frowning, and tilts her head. Then and only then, after she's made this commentary, does she slither in to the room. It appears that she may think that there are more reasons to not stay cooped up too long.

None of that is evident when she lands though, and she only throws a half-hearted punch at Strix's temple. More to steal a fish stick than anything, it's so obviously playfighting it's silly.

Strix has posed:
Strix easily parries the punch, and retaliates by throwing herself at Cass to gather her up into a big ole hug. Clearly she's glad to see her. She motions for Cass to come join her in the kitchen and sets out the box of cookies and plate of fishsticks between them before going into the fridge to pull out some ketchup.

Once she's sure that her friend is going to eat something her expression turns serious. She makes her way around to the dining table, where there's a stack of papers, and she rifles through them, pulling out a few and brings them back to the kitchen.

She holds up the first picture that she's drawn, and it's a simple white mask, with deep set holes for the eyes, and a pinched nose, giving it the air of an owl. Anybody who's been dealing with the Court will recognize this as their symbol.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra peels the junk off the outside of a fishstick as she finds herself welcomed, fed, and entertained. She apparently has all kinds of dietary issues, one of which is that breading is not food. She does sniff the ketchup a little, almost as if she's not had it before, but gets distracted by the return of Strix.

She looks at the mask. She looks at Strix. Her eyes flicker back to the picture once more, then she waits. And stuffs half a peeled fish stick into her mouth, kind of like eating a banana.

Girl's weird at times. But she's listening at least.

Strix has posed:
Strix isn't one to comment on weirdness, being quite weird herself. Then again, she isn't one to comment on anything being mute and all. She takes a fish stick herself and mimics Cass, peeling off the breading to try it the Cassandra way and chews thoughtfully, and decides it's good! Still could use some ketchup, though.

Once they're settled in, she starts the slideshow presentation of hand drawn illustrations. They're all nearly wordless, and details the location of the Court's lair, as well has how to get into it and what to expect. In the lair itself she details an intricate labyrinth that's designed to make whatever poor unfortunate soul gets trapped in there to go mad, and the safe path with which to get through. It also details a chamber that's contains chambers for roughly a dozen or Talons, and finally a boardroom.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
The two watch, with Cassandra glancing to Strix on occasion for color commentary. She actually gets a lot from the shifting of posture, the internal worry when things are worried about. Or when anger appears.

Cassandra glances at the window a moment, then back to Strix. Then at the pictures. She frowns, she steeples her fingers.

She points to the picture, then thumbs at the window. A question? A suggestion?

Strix has posed:
Strix shakes her head no, interpreting the thumbpoint as a call to action. She snags another fishstick and moves to the closet, opening it up and pulling out her Talon hood. She walks back to Cassandra, and points at her, and points at the hood, miming putting it on her friend, suggesting that Cassandra should put it on.

She, then, holds out a hand palm up, and mimes with her finger Cassandra running away from here. She pulls out the page where it details the chamber of talons, and points at them, mimes running again, and then points at Cassandra. She is to draw them away from the safehouse.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra is smiling.

She sits, her fish stick half-eaten, and watches Strix try to explain, when she understood the plan from the first glance. She pops the food into her mouth, deciding to take Strix out for some real sushi sometime, and then dusts her hands off.

And she holds them out then, starting to remove her shirt. She'll need help getting it all on right, after all. And she is apparently good to go.