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Cassandra Cain (Scenesys ID: 457)
Name: Cassandra Cain
Superalias: Orphan
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Vigilante
Citizenship: Chinese/American
Residence: Bloodhaven
Education: Homeschooled
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Bat Family
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 26 Jan 2002 Played By Yanin Vismitananda
Height: 5'5" Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: black Eye Color: brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Cassandra Cain is a female martial artist with no other hobbies. She is, therefore, very good at what she does. She wears no mask and goes by the name Orphan. Not Batgirl. When looking at you she reads your actions, not your words, and will not be responding to what's spoken.


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* 2002: Born in Tibet, to David Cain and Sandra Wu-San.
* 2003: Received her first martial arts lesson. Already walking.
* 2006: Witnessed her first murder. Many were to follow.
* 2012: Asked to murder her first opponent. Began learning speech.
* 2014: Fighting in underground combat against anyone who could be brought to the ring. Considered to be unbeatable.
* 2016: Revealed to the supervillain 'Mother'. Rejected as flawed. Training continues by David Cain, now including superhuman and robotic opponents. Took to the addition well.
* 2018: Sent on first assassination. Unable to complete, escaped the Nursery, found Batman. Revealed Mother's plans to him. Given instructions on how to contact Bat Family if ever in need.
* 2019: In need.
* 2020: Present Day. Codename: Orphan. Status: Pending.

IC Journal

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The outside appearance of Ms Cain is likely misleading. She seems bored, robotic almost. In reality she IS bored in most situations; a normal fight is so easy to do that she is able to dawdle and still blitz it with minimal effort. Similarly though, she's been taught to hide her responses to gain an advantage against more challenging opponents! Thus, she generally doesn't show her true self much at all. Only when there's real trust.

It's almost expected in a Bat. There is no free time, and you must become perfection. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, Cass was raised to have such high standards for herself that even SHE can't match them. And when she fails, it burns. Deep inside where it's hidden, she lashes herself. She hates. She is, after all, only human.

This is first. It may not seem appropriate; it's not the thing you think of when talking to her. But Cassandra Cain has a deep, powerful reservoir of need in her. She needs to be forgiven, to love, and to trust. Needs it so badly it leaves her open, and she cares far too much.

Character Sheet


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Body Reading:
Ms Cain was raised an experiment: what happens if you re-wire the human brain, to use the language centre to read the body, not speech? Cassandra Cain is able to notice the subtle cues of movement which predict action, sometimes up to several seconds before they actually act. She is able to read body language AS speech, eliminating the need to actually speak a person's verbal language of choice. It is, essentially, reading a poker player's 'tells' taken to its ultimate level, and she is the grandmaster in the world at the talent.

Cassandra Cain's training is unique. While all of her individual moves are within human parameters, her aggregate speed is actually higher than what is considered possible. She can perform at her maximum potential in all areas at once, which is generally considered to be beyond what the human mind can do. She has no dominant school of martial arts, pulling from all fields, and learns at a phenomenal rate when exposed to new combat information.


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Cassandra is more than adept at acrobatics. She is a natural athlete who has trained that natural talent to its absolute peak, able to pull off feats which would amaze even professional Parkour artists. Her balance is effectively perfect, though as this is not her personal focus, she can be surpassed by true artists of the field. This is however, one of the few things that she finds to be fun in life.

'Trained from Birth' is generally a misnomer. In this case, David Cain gave Cassandra the first day off: she'd had a hard day. From that point she was training, and she has learned every weak point on the human body, every way to attack it, and is able to do so from any angle, wounded or healthy, and is always her first instinct to perform in a fight. This includes but is not limited to: hand to hand, weapons, ranged, poisons, exhaustion, and any move which will cripple a stronger opponent to make them vulnerable.

Cassandra has been taught escape artistry. She can get out of nearly any knot, handcuffs, zip ties, and as noted in another skill, locks are also not an issue.

Falling Leaf:
Cass is one of the few grandmasters of nerve strikes on Earth. She is able to deaden nerves with a pinch, knock any standard opponent out with a single strike, and severely cripple much stronger ones with similar speed. She is not only educated on these tactics, she can read a person's body to know without doubt which will be most effective before she tries them. Nerve strikes are always temporary, though an unconscious opponent is usually pretty vulnerable to other more direct forms of combat.

David Cain, with the most up to date technology and sytems, trained Cassandra to penetrate any facility. She can pick pockets of key cards with ease, use pre-programmed gear to override computers, physically rewire circuitry on the fly, slip past or rewire cameras, open any lock, and is at a level that David Cain could not create a system that she couldn't get past.

Martial Arts:
Having chosen to live a life without murder, Cassandra has picked up and mastered all of the arts performed by the Batman, along with those of her many opponents. She often uses her body reading and instinctive grasp of martial arts as a whole to be able to pick up new styles, and is constantly growing and adapting her own personal art form to become a better fighter. All in all, Cassandra Cain is a martial arts specific supergenius, and has the potential to be the best fighter on earth. Someday.

Pain Resist:
Cassandra Cain's pain threshold is just short of 100%. She has been shot while faking death and not flinched. Torture is not a thing that works on her and she has to be tied up or unconscious to be kept down in a fight.

Cassandra has been taught to use any ranged weapon which could be used to assassinate someone. She isn't just good, she's master-level with them, but prefers to only used thrown weaponry. She can also catch them with relative ease, with her body reading assisting her incredible reflexes.

Cassandra is obliteratingly good at hiding from people. She can read a person's moves, predicting which way people will turn and look before they do it. Her step is so silent it often doesn't register on computerized detection systems, and she has been taught about every type of intrusion. The shadows are her home, and she is unbelievable in them.


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Cassandra's outfit is a composite of armors and flexibility. The portions which are needed to be soft and flexible are formed of an advanced kevlar substitute which moves like silk but stops peneration without being of any use against blunt damage. Her primary organs are covered with a rigid bulletproof material which costs more than most people's house, per plate, and absorbs impact as well as the best full armor. Her elbows and knees are similarly protected, along with her shins, allowing her to strike at full force with no fear of damaging her own bones.

Cassandra has access to nearly any tool known to man. She keeps miniaturized oxygen gear, nose plugs, eye protection, and communications gear on her at all times. Other gear is generally arranged as needed, and her wrists contain blades for throwing which do not in fact look like batarangs.


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Cassandra is VERy arrogant and sure of herself. She can come across in her posturing and body language as somewhat of a prima donna at times. She loves to show off her skills, it's something that she finds amusing in a world that's, to be fair, kind of predictable and boring.

Cassandra writes at a kindergartener's level and finds reading to be a chore at best. In every real sense she's functionally illiterate. She can recognize enough of a computer's screen to spot certain target programs she's been trained to use but in those cases it's more pattern recognition than actually taking in the data offered.

Mom and Dad:
David Cain and Lady Shiva. There's really not a lot more to say here: having two supervillains as your parents is story enough. They expect the best out of their child, and both have body counts numbering in the hundreds.

While Cassandra can, technically, speak, she actually has a functioning library of words you can measure on both hands, not counting your thumbs. She was raised without verbal speech and began lessons on them very late in life, and never took to using them with any type of interest. She can speak, but it would take a major catastrophe for her to say a sentence. Even a word, any word, is a bit of an epic moment, and she considers speech to be annoying at best.



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Cassandra Cain has 94 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. To Run January 5th, 2022 The Outsiders and their allies return to the Roost to retrieve Red Robin's stash of kryptonite ahead of the final confrontation with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to rescue their friends and teammates. The N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents left lying in wait for their return were not prepared. NOTE: This scene is forward-dated to some point in the future to avoid scene-lock. Date of Scene will be updated at the conclusion of the arc!
A Lovely Odor from the Kitchen January 4th, 2022 Vegan chili and meaty conversation at the Roost
Roy Harper Got Hurt And Everyone Thinks He's Using Again December 25th, 2021 Phoebe, with the very capable assistance of Cassandra and Jonathan, averts a medical crisis with Roy. Apparently playing with space bugs is a bad idea.
Different times December 22nd, 2021 A bar fight in Gotham. How cliche. A fully armoured knight in a bar fight in gotham? LESS CLICHE!
Castle Amethyst: Prelude to Rebellion December 21st, 2021 Our heroes meet Citrina and Granch, gain some items, discuss the current situation... and oh yeah Cass got broken, oops.
Arsenault December 16th, 2021 A group of all-female assassins cause Arsenal to step in to save someone. Who is it? What's going on? Sorry, no answers are forthcoming.
Overture December 12th, 2021 Cassandra Cain takes up Ballet at the FyreMuse Studio under Miss Alexis Carr and her assistant, Sam Guthrie!
There's Ivy On My Mind December 6th, 2021 A misunderstanding! It's books, and shoppers, and ...I can't really explain. But if Cass tackles someone they're evil, right?
Rebel Rescue October 26th, 2021 Five Gemworld rebels are rescued from a secret level below Belle Reve prison. Amanda Waller has a new crystal grotto. And there are Gnolls in Space! Don't ask. It's all classified.
Nanana Caveroom October 25th, 2021 Bart finds Cassandra dragging her furniture out of her new room. They redecorate together! Now it looks like a jungle gym.
Rebel Recruitment October 11th, 2021 A host of valiant adventurers answer the call of Gemworld's floundering rebellion.
Moving October 9th, 2021 Cassandra moves into a room in the mansion. She doesn't like it. Expect to see her sleeping on the floor. Also, Tim and Steph!
Keep Arms and Legs Inside the Gondola at All Times October 5th, 2021 Orphan and Bluebird have another team up. This time its Cass who was about to be overwhelmed when Harper shows up. Her presence tips the tide back in the martial artist's favor and she's able to rescue the two children who had been being attacked by Agressive Hyena-faced Acrobats.
The Birthday Party September 28th, 2021 Everyone shows up to celebrate Bruce Wayne turning 43. Beware strangers bearing gifts in salmon pantsuits.
The Problem With China September 26th, 2021 Diplomacy will be offered by the Justice League and SHIELD in an attempt to get China to treat their mutants better. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood and new allies will go in to get the children out safely.
Let Sleeping Bats Lie September 19th, 2021 Cassandra sleeps on top of the refrigerator. Then her and Tim sleep together. There are bat-fangies involved, and it's a huge thing. Except that most of that is untrue.
Don't Blink September 17th, 2021 Bluebird takes on a group of bad people doing bad things. Other bad things happen, and Orphan steps in as backup.
Orphan: The Silo September 16th, 2021 Detectives decide to find out where Orphan gets her gear, and set out on a quest to track her to her base. Explosions, defusing bombs, secret hideouts, milkshakes! And baby pictures!
Attack of the Snow-Women September 10th, 2021 Michael comes across a strange being apparently made of snow! It is not, but hey, got to have fun with things.
Labor Day Festival at Union Square Park September 6th, 2021 A Labor Day festival is held in Union Square Park. Mark, Rex and Eve show up, and run into Clint, Melina, Helena Bertinelli and Cassandra Cain.
Gotham Knights vs Starling City Stags September 1st, 2021 The football season begins in Gotham, and a microcosm of the city's night-dwelling citizens comes out to either cheer for the Knights or consume fried goods while pretending to cheer for the Knights. A suspicious transaction involving a stoat and a gold coin happens under the cover of SPORTSBALL. Alternatively: people gather around a television for the first game of the Gotham Knights. It's a football team, people! Read a book.
Accidental Samurai August 31st, 2021 Helena meets a mute girl at the fair. They tell each other nothing, but somehow, everything.
Karaoke Night August 28th, 2021 The Outsiders meet for sushi and karaoke. Scout the dalmation is the goodest boy, Cassandra is the breakout star of the night, and Gabby is appointed a full member of the team. Then everyone sang Bohemian Rhapsody, the end.
Deathtrap in Black August 21st, 2021 Truly a work of art, the Batman himself showcases his ability to escape a deathtrap! Orphan learns a few things in the process.
Happy Clone Day! August 20th, 2021 Gabby has a birthday party with a range of guests that may sometimes be at odds with one another. It goes surprisingly well.
PoP: A Walk at Knight August 18th, 2021 Phoebe is surprised by Cassandra Cain in Hell's Kitchen. The duo take a walk, and get to meet and fight by SIR THEOME OF ULLPOOL.

Luckily, things are already weird around Hell's Kitchen, so when a few ne'er do wells want the helm of a most noble knight, Phoebe and Cass step in to save the day.

PoP: Murder in the Streets August 14th, 2021 A map pings trouble, John answers the call and finds a lot more than he bargained for - fortunately help shows itself in some unfamiliar faces. It's a win in his book, until someone tries to separate him from Meggan when he knows she needs him most. Chas winds up with unexpected house guests.
Your Daily Dose August 13th, 2021 An unknown contagion sweeps through the attendees of the 23rd annual Conference on Innovation in Neurocognitive Therapies, held at the Gotham Royal Hotel. A team of Bats and their allies manage to subdue most of those affected, but find little answers to the root cause of the chaos.
A Night at the Ballet 2 July 22nd, 2021 Phoebe and Cassandra are forced to delay their theatre night to deal with a kidnapper. But not all is lost! They do finally return to their fun, if perhaps a bit stranger than when it started.
A Night at the Ballet July 17th, 2021 Phoebe and Cassandra go to the ballet. It's all going well, when Phoebe spots something in the lobby. What could it be? Scene 1 of 2.
Mayan Horrorscope Finale July 17th, 2021 Bane and his men take out much of the opposition, but nearly get the Mirror of Stars only to be told by the Gods to stop...and given a token of their approval that will lead to chaos going forward. The heroes otherwise retrieve the other lost talismans, many of which are returned to the Nazca. Jovian pushes his power to the limit and is kidnapped by the Cult of Benevolence.
Dangerous to go alone - Take Cass July 14th, 2021 When Hair causes someone to go out on a limb, Phoebe gets very confused, and someone has to explain oreos. Next stop: ... a ballet?
Best Pastrami In Town! June 10th, 2021 Jason and Amy eat pastrami, while Amy meets Cassie!
Catch! June 10th, 2021 Orphan falls from a plane, plummeting to her doom! She puts out a call hoping someone can get there in time. But for a Flash, there is no such issue as 'distance'.
Come Sail Away May 20th, 2021 Dick and Stephanie take Cassandra out sailing on the Atlantic
Microwaveable Hot Fudge May 12th, 2021 Stephanie introduces Cassandra to hot fudge sundaes
Fun with Concussions May 5th, 2021 Please delete. Failed scene
Mutes Can Still Gossip April 12th, 2021 Stephanie comes home to find her closet in disarray thanks to Cassandra. The two catch up.
Catching up Cass April 8th, 2021 Cassandra pays Strix a visit and gets all caught up on the current events with the court.
April Showers to bring May's Flowers April 7th, 2021 Cassandra comes accross Phoebe gardening on the Monarch Theater roof. They share a few moments, but realize teh City comes first.
A Very Wayne Birthday March 31st, 2021 Bruce Wayne's birthday brings out his family and friends for a quiet celebration. The cake was a hit. Dick got an unexpected cupcake. Bruce's heart grew three sizes that day. But then he put it in the dryer to shrink it back down.
A Chance To Have a Childhood March 22nd, 2021 Plans finally come to fruition. The most amazing toy room and immense dollhouse give Cassandra Cain a chance to find a bit of the childhood that she never was allowed to have.
Court of Owls: The Fall of the Court March 22nd, 2021 It's time. The Court of Owls /must/ fall. Months have been spent in preparation for this final act and this time Batman and his colleagues will be victorious.
Museum Oddnesses March 8th, 2021 No description
The Beast: Out of the Shadows March 6th, 2021 The leader of the Beast's Paw is revealed with explosive results. With their true target finally established the bat Family and their allies will need to put an end to the Beast's activities before he plunges all of Gotham into an underworld war.
Gliding Is For The Bats March 1st, 2021 Batgirl is out on patrol and gaining experience with her gliding cape, when others drop in on her rooftop. First Nightwing, then Orphan, finally Strix.
Forgotten Children February 17th, 2021 Hero rescue children that were being auction off. Cinque stole financial and information from their servers.
When Justice Attacks February 16th, 2021 Felix Faust makes a play, stealing away Professor Amos Fortune right under the Justice League's nose. And what the hell is Bruce going to tell Barbara about what he did with her ward?
Shine: Up on the Roof January 31st, 2021 Working out some anxiety on the rooftop with Scout, Conner makes sure Phoebe's head doesn't get too cold. Misfit comes up in conversation, and Cassandra is introduced to refined sugar.

We're all doomed.

A Signal About Monsters January 22nd, 2021 Commissioner Gordon sets off the Batsignal, summoning Batgirl and Orphan to hear about a murder and abductions by monster hunters seeking Ariah.
A Path to Choose December 30th, 2020 A training session in the Clocktower turns into falling practice, and a bit of a test for Charlie. She passes very well, showing spirit more than actual skill. Hush, she's a good kid.
Cass Meet Cass December 12th, 2020 Cassie gets kidnapped (probably not for the last time.) Fortunately she gets mentored by an overqualified assassin and learns to choke out her first victim. Scott is also present and has no idea what's going on.
Birds of Prey: Flock Together November 17th, 2020 The Birds of Prey raid Consolidated Shipping and find evidence of private military contractors overseas, electronics fabrication and body armor research. They also find a surprisingly powerful computer the company was trying to reverse engineer, and take it with them.
Legacies November 14th, 2020 Barbara and Bruce surprise Stephanie with a Batgirl costume, and trusting her with Barbara's legacy. Cass speaks!
Cavern Musings October 28th, 2020 Bruce gets a chance to get an update from Stephanie and Cassandra. There is much bleeding on things.
A Girl's Best Friend October 22nd, 2020 Crooks try to rob the Gotham Diamond Exchange and are stopped by Orphan and Spoiler, with the Talon Strix helping them out and taking bullets for Cass. Bart zooms through and helps them so fast no one could see him. Meanwhile Felicia Hardy helps but uses it as a diversion for her own theft.
Zombie Jamboree October 22nd, 2020 It was a zombie jamboree, took place in a New York cemetery. DJ Necromancer summons hundreds of thousands of undead from their eternal rest to have a really amazing party. Local college students and one dog are held hostage for eventual dark deeds but the NYPD holds the line while brave heroes dash into danger to see this dance of the dead halted before the rest of the city is brought to dance until they drop!
A Jewel Heist! October 5th, 2020 And so The Penguin has escaped! But little does he knowthe tracker placed on him by Spoiler or the card he unluckily left! The heroes have a clue to where he'll be next! What is happening at Haverford's Freezer Warehouse? What did The Penguin Mean by turning Gotham into a glacier? Find out next time!
Dolls and Guys September 30th, 2020 Stephanie's pain from breaking up with Roberto leads her to home, where an unexpected visitor is playing with her doll collection. Combat is entirely within the realm of ponies and stuffed playthings.
Of Toys and Orphans and Spiders September 29th, 2020 No description
Mortal Wombat September 23rd, 2020 Charlie gets a serious Training session from Orphan and Batgirl. School of Hard Knocks.
Step one:Never have your hand in the cookie jar. September 20th, 2020 A group of idio...criminals try to rob a record store. Emphasis on try. Emphasis on fail. Mania and Orphan are both waiting outside when they emerge.
It Returned To The Deep: Fish & Ships September 19th, 2020 Spoiler and Orphan hop in Batsub and accompany Wonder Woman and Aquaman into the briny deep to recover the artifact knocked away from Cheetah during an illicit auction
Getting to know one another. September 18th, 2020 And a nice
What's In A Glance September 18th, 2020 And lo, did Thor meet with Orphan. And they did end up on tv together, and then spoke at length about...just kidding, they beat on each other like adults.
A Visit Home September 16th, 2020 Orphan (Cassandra Cain) investigates a teammate's home turf for security concerns, ends up getting a lesson on where peas come from, and gets to put a flower crown on an old dog.
A Swing And A Mis September 14th, 2020 Misfit stops a bank robbery! Mostly. At least thirty percent of an armed robbery. Spoiler and Orphan might have helped though. A bit.
Old Furniture Is Still New Furniture September 8th, 2020 Cassandra parachutes into Stephanie's apartment (don't ask) and Barbara joins them to watch Dirty Dancing, compare wounds and talk about men
Beacon and Cain September 2nd, 2020 Cassandra Cain and Phoebe Beacon encounter one another in the midst of a deadly feline attack. Phoebe heals Cass's injuries, Cassandra uses 1/3 her spoken vocabulary and gets tea.
The dark side of success September 1st, 2020 A meeting between the Court of Owls and the Family of Bats ends with mercy. Something important begins.
A Long Flowing Conversation August 23rd, 2020 Conversations about many topics.
Surprise Training August 22nd, 2020 Cass the Ambusher attacks again and tries to get Conner and Hope to learn some moves with mixed success.
Movie Night August 20th, 2020 Movie night! Friends! Fun! Opsec failures! And some gentle mindwiping.
Night Sisters August 16th, 2020 With an ambush, a fight, and a thrown ice cream cone, three sisters unite! Well, sort of. They had to meet sometime.
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
A Long Walk August 8th, 2020 Cassandra runs into Wanda in Central Park. Pretzels are eaten, and a bit of magic enhances a wish made at a fountain.
A Totally-Not-Surprise Bat-Birthday Party! August 7th, 2020 Damian Wayne celebrates his 15th Birtday! There's Ox-Blood Soup, Assorted Swords, Cute Animals...and only one stabbing!
Of Irishmen and Autoparts August 4th, 2020 Heroes raid a warehouse owned by the Irish Mob
Teaming Up Is Hard To Do August 1st, 2020 The new members of the Outsiders are introduced. Shenanigans and a new kitten!
Fireside in Gotham July 30th, 2020 A dance between warriors ends up with a desperate wish...not to dance. It makes sense damnit.
Showing Up is Ninety Percent July 18th, 2020 Peter gets called to the boss to explain himself...while someone uses the pool in a non-traditional way. It's that kind of night.
Duck! in any other language... July 16th, 2020 Mori Merritt fights a Joker knockoff. Tis scary. Tis dark. She has help.
Batkids and Friends June 21st, 2020 Dumplings and drama, Bat Family, clean up on aisle 14.
Hospitality June 18th, 2020 Cassandra draw a line and Ted respects it for once. Ted gets to live.
Following The Cat To Their Home May 19th, 2020 Thomas Blake is rudely awoken by his phone. His morning takes an even stranger turn after hanging up.
Dockers Never Go Out Of Style April 18th, 2020 The Bats raid smugglers bringing in cargo at the Gotham docks.
The Knights Table April 2nd, 2020 Cass, Carrie, Stephanie and Roberto hit a Gotham Knights sports bar during the draft.
The Cat and the Cassandra March 27th, 2020 Our mismatched pair get away.
Shadows in the Night March 27th, 2020 Chizue is in ninja pants, and meets another in similar. But less chatty.
Original Boy Wonder Turns 26 March 22nd, 2020 Dick Grayson's birthday sees the Batfamily head out to Harlem's Paradise to celebrate.
A Case of the Cackles March 16th, 2020 Cackler tries a strongarm robbery in Gotham and bites off more than he can chew when the BatFam shows up.
Troubled Waters March 9th, 2020 Kyani manages a delivery, even though accosted from the shadows!
On the Hunt March 6th, 2020 Batgirl and Orphan investigate the supposed headquarters of the new gang cutting down the mafiosos of Gotham. Turns out it's a short kid, oh and he may be Batman's son.
A quiet night in Gotham February 28th, 2020 Driver and Cassie have a lovely time in Gotham.


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Cassandra Cain has 94 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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