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Strix (Scenesys ID: 1588)
Name: Mary Turner
Superalias: Strix
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Assassin
Citizenship: none
Residence: Gotham
Education: Fourth grade
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 85 Actual Age: 85
Date of Birth 28 Aug 1934 Played By Zendaya
Height: 5' 6" Weight: 125 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Strix is a Talon from the Court of Owls. Left scarred and mute from a stray bomb, Strix was picked up as a child to be trained by the Court and to do their bidding. Long lived and hard to kill, she has spent the majority of her life either in a state of hibernation, or performing her duties as a master assassin. Currently, she has been posted in Gotham, for reasons unknown.


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* 1934: Born in Portland Oregon to parents Jacob and Josephine
* 1944: Bombs attached to paper balloons are released in Japan to ride the jetstream to America. One falls on Mary's family, killing her parents, her little brother, and horribly disfiguring her. She is later picked up by a travelling circus.
* 1946: The circus owner sells Mary to the Court of Owls which trains and turns her into one of their Talons, the process of which granting her immortality.
* 1947-2019: Mary serves the Court as one of it's master assassins.
* 2020: Mary arrives at Gotham.

IC Journal

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Strix never got the chance to mature once she joined the Court of Owls, so she longs for the kind of normal things a child would like and do.

Paradoxically, Strix has shown a great deal of empathy towards people that are in a similar situations to herself. This is her saving grace that shows that she can be more than just an assassin.

Grey Morality:
After decades of being an assassin, the line between good and bad hasn't so much as be blurred but erased. She just doesn't understand the value of human life beyond her immediate circles.

Strix doesn't have much in the way of a complicated personality. She doesn't scheme or plot. Her wants and needs are very simple.

Character Sheet


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Peak Human Ability:
Strix's training has left her at the peak of human ability. She's as strong, as fast, as dexterous as any human could rationally be, and then maybe a bit beyond that due to the process by which the Court of Owls make their Talons.

Due to the synthesized electrum in her blood, Strix is able to regenerate at an amazing rate. It's been shown that she was able to heal a broken leg in under a minute, for example.


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Even before she was picked up by the Court of Owls, Strix had shown herself to be a talented aerialist, and with her training that has gotten even better over time. After decades of use and training she could easily score perfect tens at the Olymmpics if she ever competed.

Master Assassin:
Strix knows all the techniques used in assassinating somebody, from physical weapons, to hand to hand, to poisons, and many other things.

Master Martial Artist:
Strix has had literal decades to refine her martial art skills, making her one of the best, most dangerous martial artists on the planet.


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Court of Owls:
Strix has the support of the Court of Owls at her disposal. This includes access to quite a bit of money, vehicles, and hardware.

Talon Gear:
Standard talon kit includes two medium length swords, claws, and goggles.


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Strix's greatest weakness is cold. It significantly slows down her regenerative capabilities, and should it get cold enough, put her into a kind of hibernation.

Strix was caught by a bomb, which horribly disfigured her. She's covered head to toe with scars, which gives her something of a scary appearance. When she's out of her Talon gear, she typically wears bandages around her head to hide them.

For a Talon, this is a weakness. She has a lot of empathy for abused, or missing children, which remind her of herself, and of elderly women who remind her of her grandmother, specifically.

Strix was rendered mute due to the explosion that horribly disfigured her, and killed her parents. She primarily "talks" via a notepad and pen, or by scratching out messages with her claws.

Strix never finished grade school. She was just a child when she was picked up by the Court, and they never trained her beyond the basics. She knows simple arithmatic, and can read and write at about a 4th grade level.



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Strix has 40 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
When We Last Left Our Intrepid Adventurers... October 31st, 2021 The Outsiders come together for a special Halloween edition of a long-standing (and long-paused) D&D campaign. New members are initiated to the party, a haunted manse is explored, and ultimately the great, terrible beast lurking in the attic is slain. The group earns some experience points and a haunted orchestra of mechanical instruments. Plans are put in place for more meetings around the gaming table in the future.
The Problem With China: Resolution October 5th, 2021 The mutant children of Tibet have been freed, sent on to Genosha to live free lives.
Strix, spies a night owl. September 22nd, 2021 Owlman murders a gang leader, and the batfam investigate.
Come Home to Roost September 11th, 2021 Strix is officially welcomed to her new home at the Roost. With pastries!
Word of the Day September 8th, 2021 Arachnids of unusual size go on the attack in the Narrows. Alternatively: AHHHHHHH SPIDERS ALKSJDFSDF
Dose-Response Relationship August 29th, 2021 An emergency broadcast signal prompts a group into a horrific expedition down into the depths of Gotham, where they discover the grotesque altar to some sort of mechanized deity.
Without A Trace August 15th, 2021 A group of very committed postal workers track down a gathering of young costumed vigilantes atop Gotham's roofs to deliver a message.
1000 Faces: Reaper Man August 3rd, 2021 The theft of a mask is successful, but at what cost?
Storm of the Century July 24th, 2021 The Outsiders are called to a hostage situation on the high seas! Yes, technically they fight pirates, and there are enough ninja-types on the team for the makings of a joke. Pretend there's one here.
Shock to the System July 18th, 2021 While a heat wave sweeping across the coast puts the city's electrical grid under massive strain, mercenaries take over a power station in Gotham, but a team of local vigilantes kicks them right out. It leads into an impromptu Outsiders gathering.
Owl and the Pussycat July 11th, 2021 No description
Don't mug a talon! July 10th, 2021 Strix gets mugged! Poor muggers. Then Satana comes by for a snack.
Journey to the Onion Maiden June 17th, 2021 Outsiders, Assemble! (At the vegan hard-rock themed food truck!). Cheetahs are disgussed.
House Visit From an Owl. June 14th, 2021 Strix and Scott catch up. Strix brings presents for Scott and Cassie, and they teach her the power of NOOGIES.
Owl bait May 19th, 2021 Owlnapped
A Hooting Good Time At Hot Dumplings May 6th, 2021 The Bats take Strix to Hot Dumpling now that she's able to go mingle with people.
Fun with Concussions May 5th, 2021 Please delete. Failed scene
Catching up Cass April 8th, 2021 Cassandra pays Strix a visit and gets all caught up on the current events with the court.
Court of Owls: The Fall of the Court March 22nd, 2021 It's time. The Court of Owls /must/ fall. Months have been spent in preparation for this final act and this time Batman and his colleagues will be victorious.
Trees know secrets. March 18th, 2021 An owl finds new prey in a most unexpected place and the hunt begins!
Court of Owls: Plan of Attack March 11th, 2021 The Bat-clan gather at Strix's safehouse for a presentation of the Court of Owls. Much needed information was divulged by the mute assassin, priming them to take out the Court once and for all.
The History of Owls March 5th, 2021 Nightwing visits Strix and brings over art supplies, and asks about her past. Strix gets her Bob Ross on and gives him a slideshow.
Gliding Is For The Bats March 1st, 2021 Batgirl is out on patrol and gaining experience with her gliding cape, when others drop in on her rooftop. First Nightwing, then Orphan, finally Strix.
A Strix and Balm February 28th, 2021 Ordinarily you don't have to protect the muggers from their victim...
An Unusual Houseguest February 8th, 2021 Later that night after Strix takes Irina home, they get to some talking. Strix learns some very disturbing things about the raccoon girl, and vows to free her of her masters.
Owl vs. Raccoon .... FIGHT! February 4th, 2021 Irina challenges Strix to a fight to the pain, which Strix accepts. Things don't go so well for Irina, but in the end, Strix brings home a new companion.
An Owl's Cry for Help February 2nd, 2021 Strix hunts down Batman to ask him a very important question: Will he help her leave the Court of Owls? Batman agrees and sets her up into a safehouse.
Ill Advised Career Counseling. January 27th, 2021 Strix goes to Deadpool to get some advice. Shenanigans happen.
Getting Strix with the Spidey January 25th, 2021 Spider meets Owl.
Christmas Crash Course January 1st, 2021 It's Christmastime at Scott Lang's house with Cassie, a mute ninja, an awkward pro-wrestler, and throwing knives.
How the Talon Stole Christmas December 22nd, 2020 Strix mistakenly thinks a shrunken Scott and his car to be a toy, only to find out that it is, in fact, a very nice man who invites her over for Christmas.
Cross My Heart and Hope to Fries December 2nd, 2020 Having left the Talons, Strix goes dumpster diving for food. Luckily, Misfit is there to save the day!
It always ends in fire November 10th, 2020 Hercules goes to the docks to rescue a distant relative from the mob, but Strix manages to murder them before Herc gets a chance to.
A Girl's Best Friend October 22nd, 2020 Crooks try to rob the Gotham Diamond Exchange and are stopped by Orphan and Spoiler, with the Talon Strix helping them out and taking bullets for Cass. Bart zooms through and helps them so fast no one could see him. Meanwhile Felicia Hardy helps but uses it as a diversion for her own theft.
An Assassin Hunts an Assassin Who Gets Killed By An Assassin October 6th, 2020 Wade Wilson kills an assassin who tries to assassinate him, Strix is hunting that assassin and instead tries to assassinate Wade Wilson. He gets her into a stalemate and convinces her to eat snacks and watch the Rush Hour series. He has likely made an enemy of the Court of Owls without even realizing it.
A Tale of Two Assassins September 26th, 2020 Bullseye and Strix happen upon each other when they're both after the same mark. A fight ensues and much blood is spilled.
The dark side of success September 1st, 2020 A meeting between the Court of Owls and the Family of Bats ends with mercy. Something important begins.
Strangers in the Night August 27th, 2020 No description
Court of Owls: Patrol August 7th, 2020 Strix, one of the Talons, takes a target of opportunity. Red Robin does not come out better for it.
Court of Owls: Prologue - In The Grip of Talons July 12th, 2020 Some curiosity on the part of Bruce Wayne leads him to a vicious battle against mysterious new...or perhaps very old...foes.


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Strix has 40 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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