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A bio night out.
Date of Scene: 13 April 2021
Location: ArcTerra Biodome Cafe
Synopsis: Bart, Vivi and Madi all meet up.
Cast of Characters: Bart Allen, Madigan Belle, Vivian Vision

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen called Madigan and asked if she wanted to hang out a bit, He heard about this place, and remembers Madigan's interest in science, thought she might enjoy it. He offered to pick her up or meet her there which ever she prefers.

Madigan Belle has posed:
Meeting there was what Madigan had selected of the options and was in a conversation at GIRL with Vivian. About what? Probably cooking, and probably from Madigan coming in and bugging the woman in the place she found last. Then posited some questions, then interacted more, then got the call, "Oh? Yeah, that place sounds cool. I'll meet you there!"

Then back to Vivian, "Hey, lady bot. I could use some help getting to Gotham. You want to go? Can I tempt you with some more conversation? I know I can." She grins big and pulls one of those looped arm type things that social butterfly types do to drag someone along, to the hyperloop and off to Gotham - unless Vivian has a faster way.

If being social isn't enough of a draw, Madigan teases Vivian by saying she's off to provide minors alcohol, drugs, and pornography! Gasp! and only the robot woman of truth and virtue can stop her!

Vivian Vision has posed:
Alas most of the faster means of travel available to Vivian involve borrowing an AI jet and people tend to want you to ask first before you take a ride in one. Or meddling with forces better left untouched in a Pym lab and potentially winding up in a bizarro world filled with murderbots.

And unlike most members of GIRL Viv actually prefers to leave those sort of portals alone if she can. Once was enough.

"I should note that I find the term 'bot' to be highly offensive. In the same way you wouldn't appreciate being referred to as a baboon." Despite this she does opt to tag along. Because providing help for other members of GIRL is what Viv feels she should do.

The risk of minors being corrupted is taken less seriously. If Viv found that worrying she'd have to spend twenty four hours a day keeping Janet van Dyne out of trouble.

Besides almost everything is a drug in the right amounts, the socially accepted minimum age for drinking varies a lot around the world and humans have filled the internet with lewd content....

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen is waiting in his civilian clothes, a pair of jeans and a retro burger time t-shirt. He is waiting trying not to tap his foot or be impatient. He knows he could have went and got her quicker, but he is working on the whole going at the speed of others.

Madigan Belle has posed:
"I dunno, being referenced as a baboon isn't bad at all. They've got teeth, tear one another apart, and work well as pets for the Chimpanzee." Madi defends as she takes her seat and zoom zoom zooms through the train. Much of the trip being about baboons now that her mind has been distracted. Then as they pop out, she wonders, while moving along with her crutch and leg braces, "What -do- you prefer to be referred to as? I mean, I should probably try and know. Right? As cool as I think Lady Bot is, you clearly don't like it, and I'd not want to risk our devoted and honest relationship as great friends, over a preference."

And then she's entering the establishment where Bart had invited her. A great merging of science, tea, coffee, and now a red head with a Vivian next to her. "Can I call you Vivi? Like Vee Vee, or hmmm. I dunno. I'm outta ideas." Then her eyes light up and get big, "Wait, no, no, yes? no, maybe?" Facial expressions quickly going between confused, sad, happy, upset, frowning, then back to grinning big with teeth, "Oooh oooh. How about V-de hot b... no, darn it. Your nickname is going to be tough. Serious Vee. It works, it just, not great." Slumping her shoulders she huffs out a big breath of momentary defeat.

Eventually spotting Bart, though, she points, "Hey, that's the guy I'm here to meet. Come on, come on. Let's gooooooo!" Though she's the one holding everything up.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Most people find it easiest to call me Viv although I do not mind other contractions of my name. The term robot is drawn from an old Church Slavonic word, robota, for servitude, forced labor or drudgery," Vivian explains as they go. Having thankfully been able to take some time saving measures to stop poor Bart waiting too long, like planning the route in advance, pre-buying tickets if needed and booking reputable cabs to collect them. "So lady bot is in essence suggesting I exist to perform menial labour."

She glances around at the various sights and scenary. It never hurts to learn more about biodomes if you're planning a deep space trip. You never know when you might have to grow plants as part of an unplanned extentension to your stay..

"It's odd but ever since I joined the Titans trip to Themyscira plants in North America have seen a little mundane.. Still it will be interesting to view some more tropical plants."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen smiles and then blinks a moment surprised. Madigan may catch it, Viv maybe but Bart he does recover quick "Hey Madigan, you know Vivian?" He asks a bit surprised at this. I thought you might like to check it out, I know we have did the pizza place already and thought, this might be something else that would interest you." He tries to wait till Viv is looking at him, and Madigan is not, and mouths <She knows I have powers, but not that I am Impulse> for Viv's benefit.

Madigan Belle has posed:
There's a snort, huff, and a giggle that all come out of Madi in rapid succession, interrupting the last, "Viv? That's so lame though." And she shakes her head, and then ohhhhhhhs as the explanation of the word comes out, "Got it. So, only okay to use that one in private." A few nods of her head, "I mean, advanced chemistry is menial labor -to me-. It is a perspective, kind of word. Ya know? But, sure, I won't call you -that word-."

It's a bit of a finish to a previous conversation, that she has even once Bart is present. She smiles back to him and nods her head, "Yeah, uh, she's like in my science friends group. GIRL. She bakes, doesn't like to be called old slavonic words, and threatens me with Captain America... regularly."

It isn't hard to find a situation in which Madi's attention is ... elsewhere, it is in fact hard to determine a time when she's 'focused'.

"So, clearly you know her as well. An Ex? Oooh ooh, no, maybe uh, a big sister type, no, hmmm. How -do- you two know one another?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Bart used to attend the same high school I currently attend," Vivian explains with a shrug. It's true after all. And Madigan isn't someone she'd be revealing secret identities to just yet. Or indeed probably ever! "Given I am not even three years old I would hardly qualify as a big sister."

"I hope I am not interupting a date you two had planned? I just did not think it would be wise allowing Madigan to travel to Gotham by herself. Not because she is incapable but.. it's /Gotham/."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods, and says "And my cousin runs around with them some too." He says, as yes Bart can think really fast, but sadly he can talk almost as fast as he can think. " Bart does not want to sound like a jerk or anything so he says "We were just hanging out, you can hang out if you want to, it is a neat place one of my other friends told me a bit about it

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Whaaaat, why did you ever go to high school? I didn't." Madi lets out and shakes her head, "That'd be dumb. I was home schooled, nothing in a public education setting would've been able to keep up." She offers and then shrugs, "I dunno, we were, but why would that mean you can't be here? Is there a problem with more people on a date than less? I think it's great that you tagged along. And even better if you stay and add your perspective." A few nods of her head, Madigan just speaks out.

Smiling she's turning back in the direction of Bart, and leans forward with a hand up that splits her mouth from view from Vivian but she makes no attempt to be quiet, "Gotham? She thinks Gotham and me aren't like, BFFs." And then looking around she nods her head a few times, "This place is great though. I'm picking up on so many interesting smells." Her eyes are darting around a little bit, as she tracks insects that are flying about, her eyes a bit wider than normal as she's ogling insects.

A pause, then she asks, as she's still entertaining herself with flying buzzing insects, "What's it like to go to high school and have to like, try and fit in while... you know, being cooler than all the other kids?" This directed to perhaps both people present.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I /still/ go to high school," Vivian points out with a roll of her eyes. "Because no other AI get the oppertunity to. We don't even have basic legal rights yet. So by attending a school I can show that AI aren't always a world destroying threat and that we can co-exist together."

She makes a small shrug, then frowns at Magidan. "If you are on a date it... is generally considered awkward to have a 'third wheel' along. Besides I don't really know anything about dating you couldn't learn through the media." Certainly she /is/ making note that this would make a nice date location, but perhaps not with a crowd along.

"Up until recently Happy Harbour had a no public use of powers policy which has finally ended. So super-students no longer need to deceive their classmates, which is nice."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods, and says "And I went there as I have been going to public schools since middle school making friends, getting to see how the world is for other people, and learning what it is to be part of mankind in general

Madigan Belle has posed:
"Wow. You two sound perfect for one another." Madigan mentions, with a big grin as she looks around, chuckling a little, "You both don't like showcasing the fact that you are better. So you can learn what the 'normal' people like to do, and limit yourselves to that. That's so weird." She offers as she oooohs and sticks out a finger to let a butterfly land on it. Then she opens her mouth and moves forward slowly before wiggling her finger to make it fly away.

Just pretending to move in and eat such a pretty insect. "I guess, if AIs are illegal, than be a criminal. If a school won't let you be you, blow it up. I dunno." She offers with a bit of a shrug, as she makes her way toward a table and some chairs in the cafe island. "It just seems like being held back by the strictures of some archaic ruling body developed by those who have always held power, economic or political and often both, for the purpose of keeping that power by preventing people from feeling okay with expressing their true selves. I just can't stand behind that. Or support it, even mildly. Home schooling for the win, on this one."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I mean no offense but Bart is very far from my type," Vivian notes matter of factly. "And I don't go to school to learn anything or to limit myself. Except perhaps people skills. I am there for the experience and to act as an ambassador of AI kind." She tilts her head. "We're not illegal. We simply have no rights. Legally speaking I'm considered Janet van Dynes property."

"The school itself has no problem with my being there. Probably quite the opposite now that Nadia's father Doctor Pym, who is my Great grandfather, is a teacher there."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen 's phone beeps as he starts to say something. He pulls it out and looks at it "Dang, it Jim called in sick, and looks like I am being called into work. Please give me a rain check Madi." He steps in hugs her, and waves to Vivian, and then he is off like a.. flash.

Madigan Belle has posed:
A hug in response, as Bart goes zipping off, and then Madigan shrugs in the direction of Vivian, "Why have 1 type? I think that would be very much like, not liking broccoli. Or choosing a particular sweet you enjoy. It's a limitation. I don't want limits... and yet, the irony..." She waves in the direction of Bart, "Can't zip away, or" waving back to Vivian, "be a walking amazingly complicated person. Who just so happens to be an AI."

A furrow of her brows, and she kind of frowns, "A person who thinks it is not okay to call her 'bot' but finds it quite acceptable to participate in a social caste system? That just seems so intriguing to me." Offers Madigan, as she oohs and turns her head to watch a bug zip on by, much quicker than the butterfly but likely super slow-mo to Madi.

"You are fascinating. I mean it, really. Not that I'd wish I could be you, but you're a close 3rd or 4th place."

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision gives Bart a friendly wave as he sets off. Although if she manages it in time before he super speeds who can say!

"Why have one type? Because I don't get a choice in the matter..? I didn't go through a list of tick boxes selecting my romantic preferences like I was carrying out a data processing task. I simply have them like any normal human."

She shakes her head.

"If you are attracted to men and women equally that's fine. I am only attracted to women and I'm perfectly happy that way." There's a beats pause. "Social caste system? I'm not entirely sure what you mean." She twirls her hair around her finger. "I'm not in a position to dictate terms to the United States Government. And while I could in theory heavily influence an election to push for an AI rights agenda that would bring me into conflict with various superhero teams."

She takes a seat at the table and then adds "Sometimes a person has to work with a system they dislike to improve upon it."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"So says the victim of injustice." Madi mentions as she works her way to her own seat. It takes her quite a bit longer to settle than Vivian, for sure, and she rolls her eyes, "Humans, aliens, mutants, men, women, non-binary, who cares? When there's something to explore I'm curious. The less human, the better, really..." A pause and her eyes get wide, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to say anything to offend. What with the injustice comment, or whatever, I was just... being snarky. And it just sort of came out."

Eyes wide for a moment longer as she works through her own guilt over the comment in super speed, and then she's smiling again, "I mean, I just... that's what I meant. Like, you could fix this. The problem. You don't. I'm inclined to believe that's a limitation. A limitation of morals, maybe, strife against others, maybe, but can you really call them super heroes when they have the power to change whether or not you are seen as someone's property or as a person? And, they choose not to do so?"

A shake of her head, "That's not right. Any system that dictates a full... probably more than full, person ought to remain a slave for their safety is a system that can't be improved." A little shrug, and Madi finally leans back in her seat and looks up, she stretches some with her arms then keeps in her slumped kind of seat. "I dunno. You seem like you could keep up with my brain. Not a lot of people can. Do the math, subtract the ability to live forever seeing as if you are being heroic, you won't, add in the speed of which change occurs. Include the likelihood of yet another dangerous AI, or machine person, coming to Earth and causing problems, limiting your progression, and then the need for more AIs. I mean, the likelihood of you dying before the world changes its mind is high, while the likelihood of your single acts of goodness changing the world's disposition against AI given... history, I would say is pretty low."

A pause and she waves a hand in Vivian's direction, "I know I know, you hang around with that Captain America guy, and he speaks a good game. Really, he probably even believes it. The problem? Not a lot of others do, and definitely not as sincerely." A pause and she nods her head a few times, "I get it though. Why rock the boat?"

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I could /try/ to fix it," Vivian corrects. "Humans are irrational beings and, unfortunately thanks to alien AI like Brainiac, have good reason to fear us. Pushing too hard could have the opposite effect. And there are limits to what superheroes can and should do. If some Kryptonian decides that changes are not progressing in a way they like or at a rate they want should they just inflict their beliefs on everyone? It's not as if anyone could stop them."

The synthezoid raises an eyebrow.

"Actually given the right planning I can engage in whatever heroics I wish and still survive. I make regular backups of my mind and so long as a few key individuals, all of whom are extremely resilient to harm, survive I can simply be restored."

There's a flash of a grin. "Besides my Grandfather tried be pro-active and change the world directly. And it did not turn out well for him." She blinks a few times. "You are aware that miss van Dyne is only my owner in writing? My organic family treat me as one of them."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"You come up with a lot of excuses." Madi mentions and quirks her mouth to the side. "Your organic family treats you as one of them. Their choice, not yours. From the way you are speaking about your rights and how willing you are to exist within their confines." Then she shrugs a little, "If a kryptonian decided that they wanted to make the world a different place, then they win. It doesn't matter if they should, right or wrong are just a concept that were created to keep order. The lion doesn't care about the feelings of the deer. A virus doesn't care about the feelings of its host. Both have a biological imperative to not simply wipe out their prey, sure, but neither one realizes that and both strive to consume all they can before they die. I don't begrudge them that."

A pause, "You might argue that incredibly intelligent life forms, you, me, Braniac, have some sense of realization that there's a kind of balance that has to be maintained. Though the results of said thoughtfulness are varied, meaning there's no clear objective answer to should or shouldn't. Only could or couldn't. That's a problem for the moral argument."

Madi quirks her mouth to the side, and she smiles big, "You think that your copy is you? Just because you don't have a body doesn't mean you don't have experiences. The copy is instantly not you upon being copied. As you never had the experience of being copied, that time, and they did. If you copy it back to enjoy that experience, the copied version has only 1 layer of copy, you've now had 2. Let alone the quantum problem. Different flowing of times, even minutely, different experience. No gravity is the same in all locations, thus no time is the same. The problem you face is that you are more assured of your copied self being you, likely due to your exactness of memory, and you can likely merge data to make it feel even more real. And yet, a copy is still, by all measures, that. A different you. The same as an exact DNA replica of myself."

A little shrug and a bit of a quirkish smile, "You are irreplaceable Vivi. That's what I'm trying to say, and it is part of being alive, absence from eternity. But your choice, really. Believe yourself the eternal machine, or take ownership of the special-ness of you and be alive. You should do the latter, but can you? Dunno."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"And you think on a timescale and a scope that are both very human. Which... I do not mean to be rude but is a very small scale. Trying to change something as complex as a whole society in a way that improves it for myself and at the very least does not harm the humans living within that society takes vast amounts of data, planning and careful implimentation," Vivian explains earnestly. "I have the luxury of a situation in which I have time to plan. So I intend to use that time to my advantage."

Her head tilts to one side.

"I don't think you understand how my thought processes work. Or else you wouldn't try tell me how copies of my mind work." Vivs mouth quirks into an amused grin. "The copies are not being 'run' outside of my body. The hardware isn't capable of it. Nor is the copying process something that is experienced. I would lose experiences, that's unavoidable, but it still beats the alternative of final death."

The last part elicits a laugh. "By many measures I am more alive than most humans are. I've been further into space than most humans would dream of going, to magical forests that most believe are a myth and to secret cold war bunkers where I've fought evil spies. Not to mention how many books, movies and songs I go through every day." She brushes her hair back behind her ear. "In terms of pure experience I have done more in two years than many humans will do in their whole lifetimes."

Madigan Belle has posed:
"You are fun to talk to." Madi mentions, as she offers a big smile and lots of teeth. "I hope we get to talk again." And she offers out a look around, before she mentions, "Maybe next time we can talk about, I dunno, the best skirts? Or pants to go with leg braces? I always need advice in that. Anyhow. I gotta go stuff my face full of tons of food, now, and then go shopping... maybe visit some Gotham friends." A shrug, as she makes her way to her feet again, and waves to Vivian, "Enjoy your night."