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Nighttime Trouble.
Date of Scene: 19 April 2021
Location: Chinatown
Synopsis: There is a skirmish in Chinatown. It's Remy no Joan, no Re- SOMETHING to the rescue!
Cast of Characters: Joan Wright, Remy LeBeau

Joan Wright has posed:
Why is it that bad guys wait until the evening to cause problems? This is the question Joan's been asking herself the past week. During the day, it's been reasonably quiet but when she's supposedly in her off time. Her phone goes off and she has to head into work. Case in point. Confucius Plaza says that a load bearing wall was busted in an altercation between two supers. So. Boom. Joan's here to make sure the place doesn't collapse on itself. Wham bam. Wall up, Thank you Ma- Oh hey, there's that dumpling place from the food festival. Alright guys, you got it from here. BYE!

The door to the dumpling shopt chimes as Joan exits. In her hands a brown bag containing her reward for disrupted evening. Well tonight can only get better from here, right?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    There's a scuffle up top, above Joan, and the sound of a paper wall and the latice breaking as something heavy makes contact with it, then it gets worse as a man's voice cries out in surprise and worry as he is sent over the balcony of the third floor.

    The body in a brown coat and with black sleeves and pants falls through the air quickly, a shout of fear as he falls, but hits the awning and crashes through it, slowing down his falls severely with him landing more on his legs than he would have if the tressel wasn't there.

    Remy lays on the sidewalk for a moment, dizzy and sore, "Alright fellas, Ah'll leave." He says, holding up a hand, the wrist up covered in a compression sleeve until it disappears under the brown pea coat sleeve that was rolled up near his elbow.

    A man peeks his head over in a hurry and points down, <He's not dead that stupid son of a-> and quickly disappears back over the rail and inside. Seems likely he's not through with the cajun.

Joan Wright has posed:
The sounds of scuffle causes for the architect to give pause in Joan's forward motion. Stopping the woman's head tilts up towards the sound , eyes widening at the view of a body falling down. Eep. She takes several steps back out of precaution before the awning rips, depositing the cajun at her feet.

The impending sound of assailent coming down to finish off whatever they started is not a welcome addition to the scene. "Oh no..." She mumbles, shifting her meal over to one hand to help pull the man on the ground up. "You better move." She'd rather not witness a murder tonight.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's head pops up and looks over towards Joan with a grunt as she is trying to pull him to his feet, allowing him to get his other hand under his side and slowly pushes himself up with his legs scrambling to get a foot under his body. "T'anks fo' de'elp." Remy says, the cajun still scrambling, the dead leg is incredible and his shoulder his throbbing.

    From the door beneath the awning, a smaller, five foot nothing Asian man bursts through the door and is throwing a sword around above his head and screaming in a war cry as he rushes to the spot Remy had been. Obviously he wasn't expecting the cajun to be helped, but he is, and is standing near the curb, trying to move Joan behind his back. "It's ova, you gotcha money, leave us."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan arches a brow, opening her moutha moment to protest the 'us' but upon catching a glimpse of the sword she bites back the comment. Ok stranger between her and sword. That's fine. But if the guy DOES get a sword in the chest, he's probably not going to stop there...

She glances over towards Confucius Plaza. In particular that lovely wall she just put back together. The architect gives a light tug, trying to urge Remy to back closer to that wall.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks over his shoulder for a brief moment towards Joan as she tugs at his tuxedo tailed brown coat and he looks back at the swordsman quickly, backing up, holding up his bare palms towards the man. "Ah don' wanna fightchu, now le's go our separate ways an' no' worry abou' one anoder, non?" Remy says, though he can't help himself and winks and gives a kissy face towards the swordsman.

    He doesn't take it well, and primes the sword for a stabbing, holding it parallel with the ground, even with his eyes and rushes towards Remy with a screaming shout, "Aaaaah!" The cajun doesn't wait, "Go. Go gogogogogo!" He says, turning, and turning Joan and making the move to run.

Joan Wright has posed:
"EEE-" With the sort of head start, Joan darts over towards the wall she was tugging Remy towards. Upon going a bit past it, she spins around to make sure the cajun was following. Her eyes glance over to the swordsman. Upon that man reaching the spot she desired, She lifts up an open palm, making a slapping motion. A torrent of bricks fly out from the wall, returning to where they once were, smacking the swordsman.

The hand shifts, making a finger gun gesture to point back to the wall, returning the bricks before the building can notice. The dumbfounded look of one of the construction workers is another matter. Well, that'll be an interesting story at the office...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Whoa." Remy says, pressing himself flat against the wall as the bricks start zooming past and effectively punching the man in the face, like he was a Wet Bandit, though it takes a few to finally strike him, he was so fast with that sword that a brick or two got deflected by the sword in hand. He drops the blade after his hand is hit and then a brick to the face causes him to go tumbling down to the ground like a sack of, bricks.

    Remy blinks and presses tighter against the wall when the bricks start to go back to their tetris like spots and the cajun is left dumb founded. "Okay, dat was some Skywalker stuff I didn't expect to see tonight." The gambler notes as he looks from the goon and back to Joan with a surpised look on his face, then back to the goon as he approaches the squirming man and bends down to pick up the sword. "Dis is dangerous mon amie." Remy then allows the blade to point at the ground as he dangles it between his finger and thumb, turning towards Joan with it, "A gift of dat time we were brought togetha by fate."

Joan Wright has posed:
"Just good timing for you." Joan replies, l "Any other day, that wall wouldn't have done that." Her eyes look to the sword being offered to her. "Oh no... That's probably evidence in some crime somewhere and I'd rather not be in posession of it. Um, just do me a favor and don't kill him and we'll be good."

She smiles, backing away as she looks to the to go order in her other hand. "I should get going. Dinner's getting cold. Uh. Try not to get into any more trouble tonight."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy crunches his eyebrows over his nose as he looks almost appalled. "Ah ain' gonna kill 'em. Gross." The cajun says and then motions for her to take the sword again, "Well, at leas' put in behind them bricks before you walk away, don't wan' anyone playin' wit' dis no more." He tugs at his lapells and shrugs, hoping she'll help a little.

    The man still on his back, with bruises on his face already swelling from the pummelling he just took groans sorrowfully and painful as he writhes on the ground. "Ah mean, he ain' gonna be fightin' any time soon." Remy notes as he wants to walk over and look down on the guy, but he doesn't, he's waiting for Joan to be a bit more help.

Joan Wright has posed:
"Oh no." Joan replies, shaking her head, "If I take that wall apart again the workers on the other side are going to ask even more questions."

She looks down to her bag again. "And ... good on the not killing. Um Can you just get rid of that sword instead?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy rolls his eyes, "They're already askin' question- Ah, whatevers." Remy says, taking the sword in his hand fully and starts to look at it closer, carefully examining the hilt and the tang. "Hope dis ain' somethin' special." The cajun says, giving the goon a shove of his ribs by the cajun's foot on his way into the middle of the street.

    The blade begins to hum softly and glows a faint purple-ish hue before Remy rears back, bending his elbow and wrist to put the blade behind him and aims skyward between the buildings and tosses the thing hard and high into the air where it pops in a purple cloud of dust and particles. Too tiny to actually do any damage on the way down though.

    Remy pops his neck with a twist and then nods towards Joan, "Enjoy your dinner ma'am."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan's eyes are wide as she watches the sword get blasted to dust. She glances down before any of it can get into her eyes. "Uh. Right. You too- uh not the dinner part but the- Good night!"

Turning, the architect heads off to the nearest subway entrance.