6095/A Visit With Emma

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A Visit With Emma
Date of Scene: 01 May 2021
Location: The Centinel Hotel - Mutant Town
Synopsis: Magneto visits the Centinel and offers Emma's new team assistance. There is discord over the thought of a new Cerebro.
Cast of Characters: Erik Lensherr, Emma Frost

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto (yes, he's in the outfit, with helmet, as he's not entirely sure of his welcome) walks into the lobby, the doors opening of their own accord for him. Looking around with a slightly raised eyebrow, he moves over to the reception desk. The concierge watches him come over with slightly widened eyes, because, well... Magneto. The man usually doesn't just pay social calls, or so the news would portray.

Reaching the counter, he looks at the slightly cowed employee and smiles pleasantly, asking "Would Ms. Frost be around? I'd like to speak with her if at all possible. Let her know Mr. Lensherr is here to see her, if you would?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    The woman at the desk is startled, but she remains calm as she nods once towards the master of magnetism and takes a deep breath before forcing it down in a swallow. "Ms. Frost is up stairs in her office, yes, I can ring her and bring down the elevator in short order for you sir if you'd just wait." The woman's name tag declares her as Rebekka, and she seems to be nervous based on the beads of sweat at her temples.

    Emma is aware of the sudden change in moods downstairs and the telepath takes no pause in using her abilities to find out who's down stairs and so, as she's seated at her large desk, the former White Queen doesn't wait for the elevator to be called by the receptionist, she has it sent immediately, and as soon as Rebekka mentions it, the doors part open, waiting, inviting Erik within, and Emma will be waiting at the top, arms crossed in a charcoal suit with ivory accents today and a cream blouse beneath, and the pumps clicking against the tile floor as she waits for Erik's arrival at the top.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
With a nod of his head, Magneto replies, "Thank you Rebekka, that will be just fine." He runs his gaze around the lobby as he waits, then when the elevator dings open, he walks over and enters, pressing the button to bring him up to Emma's office. When the doors part at the top, he is standing framed in them, arms crossed on his chest.

Stepping out of the elevator, he smiles and extends his hand to Emma, "So nice to see you again, Ms. Frost. I do hope this is not an imposition on your time, but I thought we might talk for a bit now that you find yourself out on your own." He gestures around with his other hand, "Quite an impressive structure you've managed to get built here. It suits you."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma steps up to the door and lowers her arms to her sides and gives Erik a polite smile as she steps aside and allows him into the room. "Not an imposition at all Erik." Emma guides Erik towards her large glass desk with rather posh but comfortable looking chairs on opposite sides. "I'm open to listening to any ideas you might have." The former white queen acknowledges and invites Erik to take a seat as she claims her own, elbows on the table and fingers lacing between themselves before her face as she waits for his thoughts to find words.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik shrugs and allows Emma to show him to a seat. Settling himself in, he steeples his fingers and looks across the desk at her. "Well, given that you seem to be on your own at the moment, I was interested to find out how you're doing. Last time I saw you was at Charles', as I recall, and now you're here on your own. I guess I was just wondering what your plans are."

He looks around, "I mean, it's very nice here, but most of mutant town is still what one might term a slum, and you know I always have an interest in the well being of our brothers and sisters." He tilts his head a bit, "So, where do you stand these days?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I am out on my own, but I'm also not as alone as some might think." Emma says as she leans forward and squints at Erik for a brief moment before leaning back into her chair, breaking her laced fingers and placing them upon her lap. Leaning back and grinning a coy smirk towards the fellow mutant. "Where do I stand? I am standing on top of the hotel that's planned to be the launch pad for a new mutant revolution." Emma says, smirking, "I have further plans." The White Queen lifts an eyebrow, meaning that there are more plans than she's willing to openly state just yet.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
With a chuckle, Erik nods and says, "It's good to have friends, seen and unseen both. And I hardly expected someone like you to be totally bereft of allies, you're far too canny for that." Upon her declaration regarding a mutant revolution, he quirks an eyebrow upwards and replies, "Now it sounds like you've been reading my speeches. If you really mean that, perhaps we can collaborate at times."

He lowers his hands to the arms of the chair in a relaxed manner, "I've come to realize that my old methods will not really work in the modern world. It's hard to hold an armed insurrection with people like the Kryptonians around. We need new methods, so if you have ideas, I would be quite interested to hear them. I do, after all, have quite a number of resources myself. It's very possible we could aid one another."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I'm not opposed to collaboration Erik, I don't want you to get me wrong, but yes, you and Charles both have very outdated ideas, or you had poor ideas for the futures of mutant kind." Emma explains. She's not saying he was wrong, but saying that he and Charles need some tweeking of their methods.

    "I'm actually taking a few plays from you and Charles' play books. I'm starting my own team, but we have a focus on being a team first, and being less of a strike force and more of something akin to the Justice League or the Avengers, but for mutants." Emma says with a blink towards the windows but then back to Erik, to gague his reaction to her ideas.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik considers for a moment, "So, something like Charles' X-Men, but more open and visible, you mean? Trying to convince the humans of our good intentions through openly aiding them rather than sneaking around in the shadows. Interesting. I'm keen to see how the small minded mutant hate groups react to it. Being open like this, as I assume you mean to base them out of this hotel, gives them a very obvious target."

He looks over at her, "You realize you are fighting an uphill battle, yes? Those groups you mention did not have sign waving protesters marching against their very existence as we do. Still, if I can aid you, it seems a worthy attempt." A thin metal card rises from his pocket and floats over to deposit itself on the desk in front of her. "If you call that number, you can reach me or one of my people if I am not around."

"While I do not intend to wage a campaign of terror any more, my Brotherhood and I will still take action to defend mutants from attack and exploitation. Hopefully, you will not be using your team to assist that sort of person, so we will have no problems. If it were someone other than you, I would suggest you always look carefully at the people you intend to help, but I imagine your background provides more than enough paranoia to be certain of that."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "The battle ahead is not only uphill against the sign waving protesters, but also against those in power not wanting to see the status quo shaken, but also against our own people who will not want such drastic changes that a hotel like this, a team like this. This is more than a struggle for mutants, this is a struggle for true progress." Emma says with a nod as if she's already considered all these things.

    "I don't expect you to sit on your hands Erik, and I don't expect the same from Charles' team, what I expect is that we all work together for a more unified goal in moving forward when we run into each other in the field." Emma says, looking back at Erik and shakes her head, "I intend to help all of us, not just the ones that could pass as humans, or benefit my own goals. I have ideals to help us all."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik shrugs, "And when have I ever discriminated among mutants? We should not _have_ to pass as human. My lovely Mystique, for instance, is far more beautiful in her true form than in any human form she chooses to wear. I do expect your team will include at least one or two obvious mutants to get the sheep used to seeing us in all our beauty and grandeur."

"As for mutants who stand against your idea... I will speak to them. There is no harm I can see in this attempt. If it works, it will improve things for all of our brothers and sisters. Should it fail, well, I will always be around to pick up the pieces. And perhaps some of your team, or even you yourself, will join me in that unhappy eventuality."

Another wave of the hand dismisses thoughts of failure for the moment, "But I would rather wish you well than speak of possible failure. Anything that benefits all mutants is something that I fully support. I would appreciate if you keep me informed of your efforts, I might find places I can assist you that you have not thought of."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Actually." Emma says, looking down at the glass of her table, and then lowers her voice into a husky tone as she leans a bit forward, pressing against her desk in a way of showing she's trying to say something of some deep secretive meaning.

    "I'd like you to look over my cerebro."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik chuckles, "So, stealing more than just the idea of a team, are we? You play a dangerous game." He considers the young woman for a long moment before saying, "I don't know that I'm entirely comfortable with that idea. I know Charles will never abuse the power the Cerebro gives him. Your track record is, let us say, not quite as pristine. Not as bad as mine, mind you, but still, you've made some questionable decisions."

He shakes his head, "No. Supporting your team is one thing. Giving you personally that kind of power boost and ability is another. Cerebro is far too dangerous in the wrong hands. Whatever else I think of Charles, I know his heart. He could kill every person on earth with it, but he never would."

"I don't know you well enough to help give you that power."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I wasn't interested in your blessing, I was interested in your knowledge of the subject, but your conclusion of my character is exactly that Erik. Your own." Emma says with a smile as she looks sharply into Erik's eyes, her own icy blue orbs unfaltering in her conviction. "I didn't steal it either, Charles and I came to this conclusion and compromise on our own. I felt he was too restricted and too out of the loop of the every day struggle our people deal with, so I relocated and am taking active steps to better myself and my kind instead of sitting as the mutant's watchmen." Emma feels very strongly about this it seams, but she doesn't allow that to really break down her facade. She's as cool and calculating as ever. The woman is resolute and cool as a cucumber.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik meets her gaze calmly, "I didn't think you wanted my blessing. And I agree with you about Charles, and Lord knows I've been advocating active steps to improve the status of mutants for many years before you were born. So you need not lecture me about that. But to give a young woman like you the ability to read every mind on earth at will? To be able to sit in your basement and snuff out any mind you can reach? That is a power you are not ready for. You forget, I too was a part of the Inner Circle, I know the position you held. Power is not something Charles has ever reached for. You have, and likely will again."

He stands, "My offer to help your team still stands, but I will not assist in the creation of another Cerebro. If you choose to dismiss my help because of that, it is your loss. But if you are planning what you say you are, you do not need a Cerebro. You are running a superhero team, not searching for mutants to collect and teach." He nods to her politely and heads for the elevator. "I'm certain we will talk again, and I regret I cannot help you as you wish."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I am not dismissing your offer for assistance Erik, in fact, I am embracing it, I'd like to extend to you a room and board in the hotel, but that is as long as you agree to follow the rules of the Centinel." Emma remarks casually, and then she smiles and stands to give Erik his parting as he leaves. "Nice to see you again, and I look forward to our future interactions. It's going to be a fun ride." She says with a teasing sort of wink before she sits back down and begins to type away at the keyboard to her side, looking at the computer screen, setting up another deal or a meeting of some sort surely.