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Magneto (Scenesys ID: 284)
Name: Erik Lensherr / Max Eisenhardt
Superalias: Magneto
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Superior
Occupation: Mutant Liberator
Citizenship: Genoshan
Residence: Mobile
Education: Post-doctoral level
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 91 Actual Age: 91
Date of Birth 7 July 1929 Played By Charles Dance
Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 lbs
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The man known as Magneto has been a polarizing figure for the better part of the last century. Depending who you ask, he's either a bloodthirsty revolutionary or an inspirational freedom fighter.

What can't be debated is that Magneto is the most visible mutant leader on the planet, and his ability to control the Earth's magnetic fields has made him a major player in global politics despite commanding a relatively small paramilitary force.

After overthrowing the nation of Genosha, Magneto had been named its King. But after the destruction of Genosha, he is assumed dead. And the state of his crown is up in the air.


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*1929: Born to Jacob and Edie Eisenhardt. The watchmaker's son had a decent childhood until the Nazis rose to power.
*1935: The young Max and his family flee Germany to Poland to escape the rise of the Third Reich.
*1943: Max was sent to Auschwitz, becoming a Sonderkommando, and finding a young woman named Magda, falling in love in the most terrible of places.
*1944: Magda and Max escape Auschwitz during the revolt.
*1946: Max and Magda marry, the first daughter born 9 months later.
*1950: Following the death of his first daughter, Max adopts the name of Erik Lensherr, and begins to hunt Nazis all over the world. At the same time when their daughter dies, Magda leaves and disappears, pregnant at the time. Max believes her to be dead.
*1952: Erik becomes a member of Mossad; he is given the codename Magneto. He begins hunting Nazis in South America.
*1960: the CIA and other agencies started to recruit Nazi scientists, Erik kept hunting and killing them. So they turned against him and tried to murder him. They failed, but they killed a woman called Isabelle, also an agent, he was in a relationship with.
*1965: Erik meets Charles Xavier, the two build a friendship over the succession of the mutant race.
*1981: Realizes Magda may be alive still, begins hunting for his estranged wife.
*1987: After a long time coming, Erik breaks ties with Xavier to begin work on his vision, a mutant force dedicated to liberate mutants and fight for mutant rights. Both passively and actively.
*1988: Establishes Brotherhood
*1997: After an affair with Suzana Dane, Magneto cuts off ties with her.
*2000: Lorna accidentally kills her mother, Erik brings Mastermind in to wipe her toddler memories of the trauma and seals her powers.
*2005: Magneto reveals himself to his twins, having found them after years of searching. They promptly join his Brotherhood.
*2010: Acolytes established as a secondary group beside the Brotherhood, who worship Magneto and see his eventual martyrdom as saving the mutant race. Magneto laughs off their ?foolish religious bullshit? and decides to use them as pawns anyway.
*2010: Has fallout with the twins.
*2011: The Brotherhood starts beef with Xavier's X-Men.
*2011: Sends a medallion to Lorna, with the M for Magnus/Max/Magneto on it and a note ?for my North Star?. He is claiming her as his daughter though she does not realize that until later.
* 2015: Installed as ruler of Genosha after fighting against the mutant slavers there. Installs Mystique as the new leader of the Brotherhood and moves them to be his deniable Black Ops team.
*2016: Awakens Exodus with the Acolytes and accepts his fealty.
*2016: Lorna joins Magento in Genosha.
*2020: Died during the sentinel attack on Genosha.

IC Journal

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Erik is steadfast in his beliefs. They motivate his every move.

Erik is a chess master. He thinks multiple moves ahead, and he always plays the long game. It's quite possible that he tells the truth only when it suits him, and when it serves the greater purpose of furthering his plans.

It's hard for even his detractors to deny Magneto's charisma, his compelling confidence. It's also difficult to say whether he was a born leader, or one forged in the unspeakable tumult of his earliest years and subsequent survival, but whatever the truth the Master of Magnetism is one of the world's foremost cults of personality, drawing true believers and pragmatists alike to his causes... and leaving some measure of bitterness when those causes shift. He speaks eloquently, with both certitude and experience-- often from a position of authority, be it seized or offered freely. The man's own ego only fuels this, part of his utopian vision of meritocracy and evolution the obvious position of power he himself would hold at or near its head.

Magneto is a man of powerful convictions, and compelling trauma. He knows intimately the inhumanity man is capable of inflicting upon man, and nurses a deep paranoia that with how Homo Sapiens Sapiens treat themselves over everything from creed to land to color, they will have even less mercy for the mutant, for Homo Sapiens Superior-- for the -truly- different. He's taken from this a fervent drive to protect all those he identifies as 'his people', to stamp out corrupt authority and the atrocious wherever he finds them... ever teetering along the precipice of becoming nothing more than a tyrant himself.

Magneto's identity and extremism are inexorably linked to his earliest experiences, singled out as of interest to the Nazis and subject to horrible experimentations, unspeakable treatment, even as he was forced to dispose of the bodies of his fellow Jews... alongside other horrific sundries. One can never convince him that man does not hold the capacity to be monstrous, and his own capacity for such haunts him in his advancing years. If Magneto merely wanted to eradicate mankind, it would perhaps be an easier goal for a being of his power.

Rather, Erik is obsessed with evolution, common purpose, finding a better path forward, a new society forged of the enlightened, out of the next genetic step necessary for mankind's survival in a terrifying cosmos. He has no interest in coexisting with what he sees as malignant elements, nor sacrificing of himself to hope for society's good will. His focus is on those like him, protecting them-- gathering their strength. Unconditionally winning the war he's certain is coming-- yet another in a battle waged across history. This time, with the future of the species in the balance.

Magneto is not above using people or discarding them when necessary to pursue his aims, but the loss of life, violence itself, are not things he celebrates. They are, he believes, necessary tools in a great crusade, his own vision of the greater good and humanity's evoutionary destiny. Some report Magnus a terribly ally, selfish and dimissive-- while others laud his generosity and good will. He can be quick to judge people, but has a fierce sense of meritocracy. If paired with enough delusion to firmly believe such meritocracy places himself at the top.

Erik bared witness to some of humanity's worst of the worst. People motivated by a man against an entire race. Erik said never again, and he means never again.

Character Sheet


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Force Field:
Magneto can shift the magnetic fields in a way that can create a force field, which because of the shifting of magnetic poles, create lighting as they swirl and shift. Making the force fields visible and much more shocking.

Magnetic Control:
Magneto possesses strong, many would say dominant levels of psychic control over fields related to the electromagnetic spectrum-- a vast and diverse array of energies, the most iconic of which include electricity and magnetism. He can influence the course of massive objects or charged currents, bend and refract light both visible and non, and exerts control both fine and powerful enough to actively influence atomic structure itself, reshaping molecules through manipulation of their bonds.

True to his sobriquet, fields more closely related to magnetic wavelengths are easiest for him to manipulate, and he has a truly masterful dexterity when it comes to manipulating matter with magnetism and electricity, be it ferromagnetic or otherwise.

Some of his more common feats include the dissipation (or absconsion) of energy attacks such as lightning bolts or radiation, levitation (often with subsequent hurling), and the conjuration of force fields of all shapes and sizes. Some measure of his reputation for engineering and invention comes from this innate ability to construct and deconstruct objects on a macro or micro level, whether he understands them to begin with or not.

Magnetic Detection:
Magneto's traditional human senses are augmented by innate alertness and attunement to the energy that surrounds him. From the inherent background hum of a person's particular bioelectric signature to the charge of a certain type of molecule to the activity of the many technical devices humanity relies more and more upon, the Master of Magnetism perceives the world on an altogether different level than most.

Comparable to a peculiar sort of heightened senses, this provides Magneto with an awareness of his surroundings that often borders on precognition, and with focus allows him to accomplish feats similar to advanced sensors in spectrums such as infrared, or image spaces in a manner similar to an MRI. His finesse is such that it's given Magneto a reputation as something of a telepath-- not only are biological tells for many emotional states easy to read, bleeding edge technology reading images from brainwaves is something he's already worked at for years.

Magnetic Generation:
Magneto's very being is an electromagnetic capacitor, able to connect with and store energy from sources in his environment (most prominently Earth's own magnetosphere) alongside his body's own kinetic charge, and utilize both with astonishing efficiency. Magnetic power is the easiest for Magneto to summon forth, and converting that energy to electrified plasma a quick shunt of electrons away from that. When dealing with these forces, Magneto is eminently capable of feats such as moving or destroying sizable craft or structures, raising an entrenched submarine despite enormous pressure at the ocean floor, or generating electromagnetic pulses capable of causing destruction and disruption in an alarmingly widespread area.

Such fields are always suffusing him, granting Magneto not only uncanny access to his powers on demand, but gradual regenerative properties that allow him to recover from wounds more grievous than most humans would survive, and retard his aging, leaving him a man in his prime despite advancing age, with indefinite more prime years to go.

While producing energy to manifest other wavelengths such as light is vastly more taxing physically and mentally for the Master of Magnetism, some of the horrors in his past stand as stark testament to the dangerous levels of heat and radiation Magneto is also able to unleash.

Magnetic Virtuosity:
The Master of Magnetism isn't just a thing people call him, it's a fact. Magneto has honed his skills and mutant abilities for more decades than most have been alive. He's lived a lifetime full of more adversity and hardship than most will ever taste. Magneto's repository of experience is vast, and this cagey expertise born of hard lessons often gives him an advantage over his adversaries.

All the drama hasn't meant a shortage of sheer practice, however-- uncountable thousands upon thousands of hours have been spent by Magneto to master his powers, to learn the ins and outs of everything he's capable of. His life's knowledge, often directly and indirectly benefiting the application and understanding of his powers. It's pride, and it's responsibility-- out of control his powers could devastate the Earth.. or fail him at his moment of destined triumph.

Magneto controls and bends the magnetic fields of Earth to his will. He has the power to move the iron in Earth's crust, to raise an entire island into the sky. If it is made of metal, or contains it, he can move it. His master of magnetism does not just stop at moving metal. He can make metal melt without a forge, he has the ability to liquify it and forge it how he wants. He often does this to create a new helmet for himself, but he has removed the metal from the bones of Wolverine before.

Slowed Aging:
Unknown to many, Magneto appears to have not aged farther than a man in his mid-forties. He ages much slower than the rest of humanity, securing his place as leader of mutantkind for decades to come.


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Combat Veteran:
Apart from the lessons in his ruthless upbringing, Magnus has been trained in combat by the CIA, the IDF, and numerous notable individuals over his long and storied life. He's surprisingly lethal even when disarmed or denied his powers, and is or was at one time proficient with a vast array of weapons and improvised devices. While not his prefered methodology, even powerless Magneto is gifted with a lifetime of dangerous skills bound to his formidable wits and will.

Magneto has worked with heavy machinery since he was a lad. His powers inspired him to learn not just architecture, but electronic engineering as well. His list of technological accomplishments stretch from the fortress that is Xavier's School, to the infrastructure of an entire island nation, and even Cerebro itself, all designed by Magneto and brought to reality from his whim.

A native German speaker, Magneto is equally proficient in Polish and Hebrew. He also speaks Russian and English at a near-native level of proficiency, but a slight accent is detectable to the trained ear. Specifically when speaking English, he has a tendency to carefully over-enunciate and speak a bit stiffly.

Magneto's mind is valuable for more than the knowledge and experience stored within it. He's a bastion of will and defiant determination that's seldom exhausted, a visionary of things to come-- a man who can not only see the impossible, but make it manifest. At least, if said will is made manifest. He's cunning, adaptive, sharp as a razor on a Siberian night and equally cool under pressure.

While trained in adulthood to resist brainwashing and torture, and maintains a fastidious regimen due to his own paranoia over telepaths, it was already hardwired in...required learning in the brutality of his youth. Magneto is as difficult and deadly to manipulate or strong-arm as he is dangerously expert at both, extremely difficult to mind control or coerce even without his iconic helm.

A lifetime of hard work, study, and perpetual training have left Magneto with an impressive array of knowledge. He wields a honed intellect which competes with the world's top scientific geniuses, particularly in the fields of robotics, genetics, engineering, and theoretical physics. In addition to sciences, the Master of Magnetism has a keen grasp of history and philosophy, particularly that which relates to strategy, conflict, and human nature. On top of numerous rightfully earned degrees, Magnus is a chessmaster who's been trained by the government to be a ghost and infiltrator, a man who speaks at least nine languages fluently, can decrypt dead languages and military cryptographs, and grasps higher math galore.

War Strategem:
Magneto is someone who carries on many of his conversations over a chess board, a strategist with contingencies for his contingencies. He developed a keen analytical mind early in life as a matter of survival, and has become one of the preeminent paramilitary minds of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as a formidable field commander.

His tactical genius is unique, however, in that he is one of a handful of people who have a great deal of experience commanding powered individuals in a variety of field conditions. Put simply, he knows how to use the powers of individual mutants as force multipliers, maximizing the effectiveness of the unit as a whole.

World Citizen:
Having spent more than seventy years living among humans in various parts of the world, Magneto has built up a breadth and depth of cultural knowledge that is enviable. He comes across as cultured and urbane virtually wherever he is, and is as comfortable at a formal dress ball as he is in the office of a dignitary.


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Magneto turned a group of students and criminals into one of the world's most dangerous paramilitary groups. As disaffected Children of the Atom flocked to his banner, the Brotherhood of Mutants became the de facto symbol for the mutant resistance.

The Brotherhood was instrumental in overthrowing the oppressive anti-mutant government of Genosha, which allowed Magneto to seize control. Afterward, the group seemed to dissolve, with many former members taking prominent positions in the new Magneto-led Genoshan government.

In truth, however, the Brotherhood is still alive and well. Its days as an overt paramilitary force are largely behind it, at least for now, as it has morphed into a shadow network that spans the globe. Decentralized Brotherhood cells exist in nearly every country, making it difficult to for the intelligence community to determine how the group is funded, how the cells relate to each other. Now that Genosha and Magneto are gone...what happens to the Brotherhood?

After leading a bloody revolution, Magneto has seized control of the island nation of Genosha. In the process, he has freed roughly two million mutants from slavery. To say that he is considered a 'savior' by most of the island's inhabitants is perhaps an understatement.

With nearly unanimous support domestically, Magneto has been able to turn the country into a form of autocratic dictatorship with all the telltale signs of a cult of personality. So far, this has been enough to allow him to maintain control despite the fact that Genosha's economy is destroyed, its infrastructure is in ruins, and it has yet to attract any significant economic or agricultural development. The people are doing better than they were under the old regime, after all.

Still, new governments are expected to have a rough start, and Magneto has only been ruling Genosha for about two years. Already, there are signs that the situation on Genosha isn't as dire as it might appear at first glance. For starters, nearly every one of the citizens of Genosha are mutants, which has allowed the country to find creative ways around problems like disease or famine. Magneto's technological know-how is starting to pay dividends, as he works tirelessly to replace the ruined infrastructure with truly futuristic self-sustaining architecture.

After the attack on Genosha, the country is left fractured, this resource is the same thing. Which way does it go?

Magneto's expertly laundered wealth has been heavily invested into real estate. Carefully concealed safehouses dot the globe's scenic and reclusive locales, and Magneto's powers have allowed him to hollow out some truly formidable bunkers in some of the harshest environments on Earth. One such installation rests hidden amidst space junk in geosynchronous orbit over the Carpathian mountains, little more than a dead hunk of rock before the Master of Magnetism remodeled, crafting a true fortress of solitude.

It all started with a trove of Nazi gold taken from a HYDRA attack. Whether something snapped in Magnus that day, or he simply seized an opportunity, the fact is it's been part of his modus operandi ever since.

Stockpiling wealth and saleable goods from every nefarious figure he would run across for years to come (and Magneto would come across -many-), the Master of Magnetism has accrued an impressive allotment of wealth, from concealed valuables, military hardware, and cash to fiercely private foreign banking concerns. Magneto possesses wealth stockpies greater than the GDP of many small nations-- especially convenient now that he runs one.

Among Magneto's stockpiles are rations and tools to make the most stalwart apocalyptic survivalist blush, and many creative inventions and futuristic devices of his own creation. Even this says nothing of the multitude of advanced and outright alien devices stolen from his many enemies over the years.... and everything he took with him vacating Xavier's estate.

The most iconic elements of Magneto's unique style are his battle armor and helmet. The armor is composed of customized advanced alloys of Magneto's own design, generally holding up to small arms fire and penetration from any blade not specifically designed to punch through reinforced metal. It's deceptively lightweight, and worn or removed via Magneto's powers.

The Corinthian-style helm adds advanced electronics and field generation to all but inexorably drown out all but the most potent of telepathic talents.

Even when he is not wearing his full armor, Magneto's clothing is typically woven at least in part from fibers containing ample metallic reinforcement, making assassination more difficult... and giving the deadly mutant raw materials always at his grasp.

In his lifetime Magneto has dealt with a wide variety of people, in fields legit and very, very not. He knows bankers, black marketers, forgers, and philanthropists. He has history with any number of super-powered and otherwise important figures and groups in the world on all sides of the law, and nurtures an extensive intelligence network through underground operations benefiting mutants worldwide.


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Magneto has a purpose to serve, a key role to play in the world to come. He's one of the most powerful mutations ever charted, one of the keenest minds on Earth, and halfway to immortal. If anyone knows these things and believes them firmly, it's Magnus himself. This firm belief in his own prominence and importance is perhaps his fiercest fanaticism, and demanding to be in charge can definitely get in the way of progress. Particularly amongst entities equally stubborn and sure of themselves. To say that Magnus suffers a share of obstinacy is to vastly understate the issue.

Family Drama:
For some reason, Magneto thought it was a good idea to have kids when he was in the middle of a crusade to destroy humanity. And in his late sixties...

Magneto's family drama would make for excellent reality television if only he could get a deal with Mojo. There are toxic arguments, power struggles, and philosophical 'differences.' This is certainly not helped by Magneto's propensity to be as dictatorial when dealing with his family as he is when dealing with everyone else.

But no matter how strained his relationships with his children might grow, Magneto's obsession with his own legacy compels him to meddle in the lives of his offspring. He might not remember their birthdays, but he spends much of his time attempting to plan their lives for them.

It might shock many of the new members of the Brotherhood or the X-Men to know how close the leaders of these radically different organizations used to be. Between Magneto calling the X-Men traitors to the mutant race, and the X-Men occasionally trying to thwart his more extreme goals, one might think the two organizations had always been at war.

The truth, however, is a bit more complicated. Although Magneto currently finds himself in the middle of a cold war with Charles Xavier, he still very much wishes that things could be different. If anything, this makes it tougher for Magneto to carry out his crusade, as he's not entirely willing to follow a course of action that would lead to all-out bloodshed between the two groups.

It would be so much easier if they'd just admit he was right...

It's fair to say Magneto has plenty of stress and trauma, and perhaps a touch of mood disorder or two in his makeup. It's difficult to conjure the exact equation to diagnose or treat him, however, as combined with a violent life, one of his core means of survival-- his mastery of magnetism-- actually appears to fuel his paranoia and volatility.

The more Magneto uses his powers at a high intensity, the more it destabilizes the regions of his brain governing impulse control and conscience. It's a vicious cycle of over-reach and regret that Magnus has never been able to shake, walking a deadly tight-rope of maintaining his crusade and keeping himself in check.

The times he finds close camaraderie, family, true purpose, his extremes have threatened even those checks, leaving only a somewhat weary hindsight to contain his own demons. Left to his own devices Magnus is prone towards isolation and depression at the worst of times-- press him, and he becomes something else entirely.

While most might not think it, Magneto's heart has been broken many times, and he remembers each poignantly. Beyond the brutal life of Sonderkommando at Auschwitz, the loss of his wife Magda particularly haunts him, but every connection he's forged that's been severed in brutality, every betrayal and repudiating rejection that rung too true lingers in his mind. To wax poetic, in his very soul. He's keen to redeem himself in the eyes of some, and equally prone to resent continuing lack of understanding from others-- sometimes, these sentiments shift sharply. Magnus is, to some measure of irony, a man of a varied range of incredibly strong, human emotions. His guilt has a particularly weighty heft to it.

In a world populated with superhuman criminals and existential threats, Magneto has always managed to stay at the top of the 'Most Wanted' lists of most intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Officially, Magneto is a former terrorist and at worst, thought of as a despot. At best, he is a freedom fighter for mutant kind. This of course means that most legitimate governmental agencies have a warrant out for his arrest. Unofficially, many clandestine agencies have a 'shoot on sight' order, and Magneto has to deal with assassination attempts on a fairly regular basis.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Where the Savage Things Are June 22nd, 2024 A mixed group of heroes, Brothermood members, and others go to rescue a group of dinosaurs from a laboratory run by the whelps of the High Evolutionary. Everyone runs out riding cybernetic dinosaurs. For a time, all is awesome.
Sleeping Beauty June 6th, 2024 Paige gets an offer she can't refuse..
A Sort of Homecoming June 5th, 2024 The Master of Magnetism seeks an audience with Charles Xavier and discovers a grave threat lurking in the Institute's midst: Unlicensed Merchandising. Definitely nothing more nefarious than that; no mind control devices from the future to see here. Not anymore, at least.
Mutants and Master Molds - Survival of the Fittest June 3rd, 2024 When the Sentinels go on the march, it's up to the Brotherhood of Mutants and tagalongs from Xavier's School, Superman, and Shazam to save the day!
After action pancakes June 2nd, 2024 Stop me if you've heard this one. A Juggernaut and a Toad walk into a bar. The Toad is lamenting being left out of action while the Juggernaut humors him. When all of a sudden, the Boss walks in and over hears the Toad complaining. I don't remember the punchline, but it involves a Pop-tart.
Removing A Threat to Mutant Kind May 31st, 2024 The strike team assaults the Friend of Humanity's secret stolen Brainiac factory, taking out the guards and two working Sentinels before the entire location is blown to kingdom come.
The Return of Magneto May 28th, 2024 In following her weekly routine, Mystique enters the Inner Sanctum and finds someone waiting for her... Magneto has returned.
A Maximoff Birthday! October 12th, 2023 Pietro and Wanda's birthday goes off without a hitch...or well...almost!
Gardens Are Not the Best Place to Text September 23rd, 2023 Magneto and Negasonic have a talk about life, the universe, and everything.
Smoke and Mirrors September 9th, 2023 The X-Men do battle with Black Team 5 1, and the rest of his soldiers. The captives at the hidden lab are rescued after a gritty and violent battle. Magneto puts on one hell of a light show before fleeing in to the sunset, and Mr. Sinister offers an ominous fairwell.
Cellmates August 24th, 2023 Rogue and Magneto settle in together inside their not-so-comfy cell.
Magneto and the Train August 5th, 2023 The X-Men, along with Captain America, race to a remote farmland area to stop Magneto before violence can break out. Magneto is detained by the enigmatic Black Team 57 and it's cocky leader.
The Ohio Mutant Conspiracy July 14th, 2023 Charles' 88th birthday almost goes off without a hitch. But Jean just had to go and jinx it, didn't she!
A TIME TO ... Lose December 4th, 2022 The X-Men investigate missing mutants and discover technology and a portal from another time and place!
Amends August 10th, 2022 An old enemy turns over a new leaf. Doctor Grey demonstrates her Headmistress mettle!
The First Inaugural Atlantean Embassy Gala December 28th, 2021 Atlantis makes a sweeping return to the world stage with an offer to become the de facto homeland of all mutantkind. Brows furrow.
Arrival of Exodus December 4th, 2021 Bennet was discovered in Switzerland by Magneto and Blink, who take him back to Asteroid M to begin learning this new world.
Genoshan Embassy Winter Ball November 12th, 2021 Genosha is ready for international negotiations, the Winter Ball continued into the night with Random Acts of Chaos unique Heavy Metal stylings, right through the protests outside by human rights groups.
The Problem With China September 26th, 2021 Diplomacy will be offered by the Justice League and SHIELD in an attempt to get China to treat their mutants better. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood and new allies will go in to get the children out safely.
Missing In China September 21st, 2021 The Chinese Government will think twice before messing with mutants again. Rogue, Warpath, Blink, Spectra, Wolfsbane, Sabertooth, Toad and Magneto personally saw to the rescue of Mystique and a not to subtle note to never repeat their actions against mutants again.
Information is power August 2nd, 2021 Mystique and Blink inform Erik of the arrival of the Shi'ar
Time to Make a Change June 28th, 2021 One city block of Bushwick is rebuilt. Mystique was not arrested thanks to the X-Men, The Brotherhood, the Mutants of Bushwick, and one Barney Barton.
Lorna visits Asteroid M May 31st, 2021 Lorna and Erik talk. Erik does not get punched, and Genosha will get the help it needs.
The Brotherhood Patrols Bushwick May 31st, 2021 What should have been a simple patrol ends with a new friend, Haunt, on Asteroid M, drinks for everyone! And who should happen by? Lorna Dane and Magneto, now that's entertainment!
A Less Cordial Meeting May 30th, 2021 Erik has a talk with Emma. Emma reconsiders the phrase 'Erik doesn't terrify me'. Remy, Mystique and Blink are on hand to witness the discussion.
Outreach of another kind... May 25th, 2021 Erik, Mystique, and Emma come to an agreement in principle. Emma commits to an open-ended debt in exchange for Brotherhood protection and assistance. Much wine is consumed for 10AM.
A Visit With Emma May 1st, 2021 Magneto visits the Centinel and offers Emma's new team assistance. There is discord over the thought of a new Cerebro.
Tommy goes to Space April 25th, 2021 Tommy meets Magneto in Bushwick. After a few questions on Tommy's outlook on the 'system', Magneto extends him an invitation to the Brotherhood and a place to live.... IN SPACE.
Hellfire Club Spring Festival April 24th, 2021 The Hellfire Club has a cherry blossom festival to benefit charities. Expensive items are auctioned off to help an NYC foodbank.
An Unexpected Visit April 20th, 2021 Shannon meets Magneto and is recruited into the Brotherhood.
Friends in Red Places March 20th, 2021 Magneto meets with the Red Room to discuss the solution to a certain problem. Woe to Senator Kelly.
Someone has a Magnetic personality February 19th, 2021 Roberto and Paige chat with Magneto when Noriko arrives. Magneto and Noriko chat.
Good and bad are perspective February 19th, 2021 No description
Genoshan Dinner Parties February 19th, 2021 No description
Do you want to build ANOTHER Snowman February 18th, 2021 Snow Golems & Monopoly
Meet the grand parents February 18th, 2021 Magneto has a conversation with his granddaughter from the future.
Unexpected visitor February 17th, 2021 Magneto comes to the Mansion. James and Emma meet him at the gates and escort him to Charles' office. Nobody died.
Tensions Rising February 15th, 2021 Violence sparks at the Mutant Care Center and a skirmish errupts between Friends of Humanity and mutants. When police get involved, Magneto appears to prevent the hostilities getting further out of hand than they already were.
What Is Asteroid M October 10th, 2020 Power Girl makes her way to Asteroid M, to make sure that it is the utopia it could be.
Family Magnetics August 30th, 2020 Lorna, Gabby and the Cuckoos run into Magento at the Mansion.
Broken Veins August 19th, 2020 A protest in Bushwick becomes something much stranger ...
Reunion August 15th, 2020 Magneto outlines the true nature of his return to Lorna.
The Inner Circle Meets August 12th, 2020 The Inner Circle gathers and plots.
Genosha Burns: Resizing the People of Genosha August 9th, 2020 The heroes restore the people from Genosha's bottles... but at what cost?
Genosha Burns: Revenge of the Brainiac Phobiacs July 11th, 2020 The Titans, X-Men, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
Heir Apparent May 28th, 2020 Backdated to 2018: Magneto talks with his daughter after the festivities of naming her his heir apparent.


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