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Date of Scene: 05 May 2021
Location: Ellie's Room
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Yukio, Negasonic, Gabby Kinney

Yukio has posed:
It has taken a day or so since that incident on the roof, but having had the time to mull it over, Yukio decides that ultimately it's on her to apologize for the misunderstanding. At least now that she picked up on the fact that most students are mutants, and some mutants get more than just a special ability for their gift as it were.

So there's a knock on Ellie's door, and if she'll open it, she'll find Yukio bowing on the otherside. "Me is bery sori fo yoru furendo. Taria-san."

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie had all but forgotten about the incident, even if she hadn't forgotten the student. She's laying on her bed with her head dangling off one side with her feet up on the other. Toes wiggling in her black socks to the music playing in her headphones. No makeup yet, it's too early for that, but her head is freshly shaved.

When there's a knock at the door she rolls backwards and clatters to the floor moments before pulling it open with one eye squinting. Jack off Jill t-shirt hanging off her left shoulder and gray sweat pants.

"Huh... oh... TJ? Yeah, she was pretty miffed about that, but.. it's cool. I mean I don't care. You didn't say it to me." Glancing around, "I don't get a lot of visitors, I'm not sure what to do now."

Yukio has posed:
It's only after Ellie more or less acknowledged her apology, ina roundabout, totally not having acknowledged it kind of way, that Yukio straightens from her bow. She offers a shy smile to Ellie and points at her nose, "I is, am, Yukio, what is yanki-garu naimu?" She asks, before her eyes catches sight of the kitten shooting lasers at people poster that Gabby put up and squees, "Kawaii!!!" But she does keep from rushing inside for a closer look, staying politely outside.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie is just about to answer the question when Yukio is literally squeeling over the kitten poster, which forestalls her introduction in favor of the deepest of all frowns. She's still standing in the doorway, if pushed aside by a rushing Japanese girl, wearing an off the shoulder band shirt, sweat pants, and socks... Her hair is recently shaved.

"Yeah, it's kind of okay, but don't let Gabby ever hear that I said that."

She should have looked over both shoulders probably.

Gabby is the drop bear.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Too late. Gabby has heard as she comes down the hall approaching the room herself. A broad grin creeps over her face at this and she lets out a booming, "Kawaii desu ne, yeah? You didn't tell me we were going to have company, Ellie!" With that she scootches in close to Yukio's side, still all grins. "I'm Gabby! Come on in, I was just grabbing some snacks for us," she announces while holding up to display a bag of Doritos she'd purloined from the kitchen. "I got more posters than that, but --" A glance is cast toward Ellie as she pauses and alters her statement perhaps in deference of her roommae's choices, "We didn't want to crowd the walls." Not 'Ellie disapproved.'

Yukio has posed:
The bits of Japanese she overhears has Yukio whirling around in surprise, staring at Gabby in awe, "nihongo hanasemasuka?" She asks Gabby if she can speak her language, kinda stunned anyone at all can speak any of it in this huge house, well, Mansion. "Tank you, tank you," Yukio is all smiles at being invited into someone's room and she follows Gabby inside, "Yukio desu," she tells her before murmuring, "nisu to meet Gabby-san and..." she looks expectantly at Ellie, having missed her introduction, if it did happen, she was all kind of distracted by Gabby's arrival and uttering of Japanese.

Negasonic has posed:
"Negasonic Teenage Warhead." Ellie fills in the silence of Yukio looking her way. It's rare she uses the full weight of her name as an introduction, but often done when she's annoyed and wants to voice it without saying something annoyed. Standing there with her arms crossed, lips pursed, glowering. Not at anyone, persay, so much as the whole situation. Specifically Gabby having possibly, probably, heard she doesn't hate the poster.

To say Ellie is a creature consistency is an understatement.

But there's doritos, so she snatches at the bag as compensation.


Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney holds up her hand displaying thumb and forefinger close together. "Just a little bit. My friend Noriko is Japanese, too. You'll like her, she's great!" Gabby assures even though she hardly knows Yukio yet either yet she's already assuming she is a woman of excellent taste. Who could NOT like such a cute poster? There's a pause as she gazes off into space thinking a moment. "I think Logan knows Japanese, too. I remember hearing stories of him living there for awhile... But he doesn't talk about his past much." It's shrugged off and she doesn't seem to be upset about Ellie yoinking the bag of Doritos away. Instead she heads over to her side of the room to fish under the bed and pull out some cans of soda. "It's warm, but do you want one? I've got Coke and Dr. Pepper."

Yukio has posed:
Yukio stares at Ellie in awe when she states her name, "heeee? Kakkoii!" Whatever that is, Yukio is no doubt highly impressed by Ellie's impressive introduction. It's like Ellie is the coolest girl in the coolest movie that Yukio ever saw. "That so yanki!" But then she totally misunderstands the 'yoink' and immediately corrects Ellie, "no! No! No! Not Yo-In-Ku, it is Yu-Ki-O! Understand?"

"Oh oh oh oh oh!?" Yukio gasps out excitedly at Gabby's news, "Noriko-san? You more Japanese students!? Yes! Make easy transrate, betta rearn too, yes! Gabi make introduce Yukio to Noriko-san, yes?"

"Hai, hai, Rogan-san is speciaru furendo!" Yukio sage nods at Gabby's suggestion of Logan.

"Koku," Yukio raises her hand when Gabby offers a drink.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie lifts her hand inviting one of the sodas with the open bag of doritos balanced in the palm of the other as she makes her way to her bed where she'd left her phone laying ontop of the sheets. Her own side of the room is sparcely decorated, mostly vinyl records of bands nobody really thinks are that great, but she does because she hates people enough to like things that they hate so she can hate them for not liking them.

She's very dedicated to her craft.

"Right, what you said." Pointing a pinky at Yukio, grinning dispite herself.

She must be unaware of this rogue expression.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney hands a Coke over to Yukio, and then one for Ellie leaving her empty handed again. At least until she fishes out another for herself. No one ever took the Dr. Pepper it seemed. Satisfied with this she plops down to sit cross legged on the floor in front of her bed leaning back against it. "Of course I'll introduce you! The more friends the better!" The can of soda is cracked open with a fingernail and she tips her head to the side curiously. "You now Logan? He's kind of my dad. I got similar abilities to him. What can you do? Ellie," she adds tipping her soda toward her roommate and friend (deny it all you want!) offers up, "Has some pretty awesome powers too."

Yukio has posed:
"Yesu! What I say, saido," Yukio seems pleased enough that Ellie stands corrected, even if she totally missed out on what actually happened. But now she's made a new friend, or friends, and learned there's another Japanese student about. Maybe things won't be as lonely as her birthday after all, "so..." Yukio states, and with a fluid motion, that very same Aya Shirabe from the other day pops loose from her wide sleeve and lands in the palm of her hand, "we share otanjoubi treat?" She pauses a moment, and corrects herself, "share Yuki-birthhhhoday, turito?" A quick motion with her free hand, and suddenly she's twirling a kunai blade that was nowhere to be seen a moment ago. Turns out Yukio has her own share of cool skills.

Yukio grabs the can of coke with the hand holding the kunai, only now the kunai shifted to be pressed between her middle and index finger, to leave her hand open to take the can.

Then super news drops, and Yukio stares at Gabby in shock, "eh!? Rogan you dad? Ahhh!" She is all kind of stunned. "Wow! Kakkoii dad you have!"

"Powah...?" Yukio looks a bit less cool about discussing that bit, but seeing the tid bit she heard, she looks from Gabby to Ellie, "Gabi to Negasoniku all have the powah? What powah?" Apparently she'll share if others share first.

Negasonic has posed:
"I blow shit up." Ellie says of her powers, not really making a big deal out of it. Sort of just whatever, with a whatever shrug. She's sitting with her legs in a lotus position ontop of her bed with her can of warm coke nestle in the nest between them. The bag of tatter chips rests against her right thigh.

"No, seriously. You enjoy your birthday treat." Said to Yukio, shaking her head. "I was just fucking with you the other night about eating it. Consent is very improtant."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The reaction from Yukio just causes Gabby to grin more as she rocks back to rest her shoulderblades into the cushion of the bed behind her. Lounging around without a care in the world. "Yeah, he's pretty great." Her eyes glimmer with a hint of amusement as she looks toward Ellie as well wondering if she realized how much she was getting gushed about, too. The distraction of the birthday treat being brought out along with a kunai earns a gasp and clap from Gabby. "Yes, please! Happy birthday! I haven't had one yet myself but I want to this year and wow you're really good with that kunai! I'm better with guns, but I've got my own knives kind of." So saying she holds up a fist letting a single thick bone claw pop out the back of her hand. It was great for looking like she was flipping people off. Unlike Logan though, it wasn't encased in metal. "I got this and I can heal and I don't feel pain either but that's just a side effect of something else."

Yukio has posed:
"Eeeexxxxxpuuulooooshion!!!!" Yukio announces while spreading her arms wide, grinning at Negasonic, "bakuretsu, bakuretsu, la! la! la!" She giggles, giving Ellie a thumbs up, before letting the coke can slip into her wide sleeve, before opening up her gorgeously wrapped Aya Shirabe. "We share," she insists, and then twirls her kunai between her fingers once again, before making three lightning quick cuts of her confectionary, leaving 3 evenly sized pieces. "Douzo," she extends her hand first to Negasonic and then to Gabby, "one each, yes?"

"It is a ritteru remony," she explains, "chotto bitteru, but sweet too!"

"Thank you, thank you," Yukio says to Gabby with a beaming smile, pleased to be congratulated for her birthday. The compliments for her kunai handling, along with Gabby actually knowing it's a kunai, gets another squeeing reaction from Yukio. "you know kunai!!!" It's a high pitched excited shriek accompanied by flailing of hands and pink hair, "you kunoichi? Erm...garu ninja? Yes?"

The displayed popping claw from Gabby gets an excited "sugoii!"

She then offers, "want me introduce in song?"