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Yukio (Scenesys ID: 2622)
Name: Yukio Momochi
Superalias: Kunoichi
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Kunoichi / Student
Citizenship: Japanese
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: Iga-ryu Kunoichi
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xaviers
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 24 April 2005 Played By Shiori Kutsuna
Height: 5'1" Weight: 110 lb
Hair Color: Pink (dyed) Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "NaiNaiNai" by Atarashii Gakko

Character Info


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There was a time when the name Momochi struck fear, but even during that time, that was mostly in Japan. Yukio is a scion of that lineage, an Iga-ryu line of ninjas that still operate like the old days with the select clients who actually know about them.

Unfortunately, during one of her missions, Yukio learned about jpop and all things kawaii, and decided she wanted to become an Idol! Her grandfather was so aghast, he called in a favor with an old friend to usher Yukio far away from jpop, in the hopes she could be snapped out of her Idol delusions with proper education at Xavier's School. Oh, it helps that she's also a mutant that actually could benefit from some training in use of her powers, she can be electrifying!


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* 2005: Yukio is born to a legit Iga lineage that survived the Raze of Iga by Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku Jidai, by fleeing to the mountains of Kii. Her clan is quite a storied one too, the Momochi, descendents of the famous Sandayu Momochi.

* 2008: As has always been in Iga tradition, Yukio did not have what most would call a childhood. She did not get to enjoy treats or toys, life was entirely dedicated to Iga-ryu art, and her training began as soon as she could walk.

* 2017: By the time she was 12 years old, Yukio earned her rightful place in her clan as a fully fledged kunoichi, attaining the rank of genin. She starts with missions where her young age allows her to infiltrate areas as a child, and catch targets in complete surprise.

* 2018: Yukio who excelled under the tutelage of her grandfather, was well on her way to become one of the youngest chunin, but unfortunately shortly after her 13th birthday, her powers emerge, and her lack of control made her an unreliable wildcard. She takes a year off to figure a way to control her powers.

* 2019: Using mystical ninja arts taught by her grandfather, Yukio is able to at least avoid random loss of control. She also learns how to channel her powers through her weapons and strikes to take down targets faster.

* 2020: Yukio's young age makes her perfect for a mission to assume the identity of a jpop idol and eliminating a dangerous stalker. It was during that mission Yukio got exposed to the world of jpop and kawaii culture. Enthralled, Yukio informs her grandfather she wants to become a jpop idol. This news is unacceptable and leads to arguments aplenty.

* 2021: Yukio's grandfather finds a solution, invoking a favor from an old friend, Logan, he has Yukio sent to Xavier's School in the USA. Yukio is told it's so she can learn top notch English and to better control her powers, and is sold on Xavier's drama and music classes. Meanwhile, her grandfather plans for Logan to shake the nonsense out of Yukio's head, and show her why the ninja's path or at least the warrior's path is the best.

IC Journal

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As a Kunoichi, Yukio is trained to infiltrate locations teeming with security, and take on high risk missions for her clan. She is strikingly calm in the face of big challenges with slim chance of success. She is very difficult to intimidate, she's willing to withstand pain, torture and death to protect her clan. But the most telling indicator of how fearless she is, was the fact she dared confront her grandfather to inform him she wishes to become a jpop idol.

During one of her missions in Tokyo, Yukio fell in love with JPop and Kawaii culture. She loves dressing and acting cute, she collects adorable nicknacks, toys and plushies. She loves to sing and dance cutely. She wants to become an idol one day, and her grandfather is very much against all that. Some people mistakenly disregard her as a threat because of her adorable mannerism. However, she's still an Iga-ryu Kunoichi, so such a mistake can be costly.

As an Iga-ryu trained Kunoichi, Yukio is quite methodical in her approach to objectives. She studies her targets, she studies the locations, and she thinks outside the box of multiple approaches, before selecting the one most likely to succeed, with least chance of detection. Achieving objective without detection is the ninja way. To attain the goal, Yukio has no qualms about killing, deceiving, manipulating, and assuming any identity necessary by disguise. It's not that she doesn't have a moral compass, it just never bothers her when something is in the way of completing her mission.

Thrill Seeker:
As one might expect, someone who grew up a scion of the Iga's Momochi Clan, Yukio was introduced to pushing oneself and adventure from a very young age. When she encounters something dangerous, she doesn't hesitate, but rather wonders 'how fun would it be to do it!' She enjoys the rush of adrenaline from taking risks, doing daredevil stunts, and taking on more than she can chew. This whole moving to a foreign country, to a school where she knows nobody is a pretty thrilling adventure in and of itself!

Yamato Nadeshiko:
As a daughter to a very traditional family who followed the ways of days long gone, Yukio was raised to be a Yamato Nadeshiko, the perfect example of a Japanese woman. At least according to old standards. She is always polite, she strives for dignity and caring for those around her. She is elegant. She expects everyone to do their best, and strives to do the same as well. She will avoid uncouth things, and will usually differ to men in all matters outside the household. It's possible her move to Xavier's School in the United States, and meeting American teenagers, may have a bad affect on her world perspective over time.

Character Sheet


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Yukio has the power to absorb, discharge and manipulate electricity.

Absorption: she constantly absorbs electricity from her surroundings to varying degrees, for the most part it's just low enough rate to not be notable. If she sets her mind to it, she could draw more power with concentration and drain battery charges, or draw from power grids and such. If an enemy strikes her with electric based attacks, they'll only serve to empower her abilities by charging her up.

Discharge: Yukio is able to discharge the power she collected with her charge, whether through shocking someone through touch like a taser, overloading an electronic system, or her favorite, channeling her an electric surge through her conductive weapons or her martial arts strikes to empower her damage. Nevermind feign mastery of untold mystical ninja arts.

Kuji Kiri:
The 9 Hand Seals, a mystical set of hand gestures used by the ninja to help them succeed on their missions. Using these mystical hand seals, Yukio is able to perform minor feats according to the seal she makes, and those are:

Rin: Power - Give herself a boost of strength to withstand feats she normally couldn't.

Pyo: Direction of Energy - Reduce her heartbeat to near stillness, and making her footfalls feather light (enough to beat nightingale flooring), to better avoid detection.

Toh: Harmony - Befriend animals in her surrounding so they see her as a friend, not alerting their masters or attacking her.

Sha: Healing - So long as she holds the gesture and enters a trance for several hours, she can double the rate of her healing.

Kai: Premonition - Increase the sharpness of her senses and get a feel for oncoming attacks or traps.

Jin: Knowing - Detect when she is lied to, or told the truth.

Restu: Dimension - Endure harsh conditions, surviving cold or hot climates, thirst and hunger, such as when hiding for prolonged time or when being imprisoned.

Zai: Creation - Create a spark of flame to start a fire, a gust of wind or ripple in water to distract a guard.

Zen: Enlightment - Yukio heard many wonders of this element, but has not trained long enough to know its true meaning. She mostly uses it to focus on her training for now.

OOC: These are minor feats harnessed through chi and hand seals, they are not powers, and are easily bested by powered individuals. All feats that deal with knowing intent or lie detection depend on OOC consent.


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Idol Skills:
Yukio's sudden passion for becoming an idol is what drove her grandfather to send her to Xavier's School. Over the last year she cheated a lot in her ninja training, and instead focused a lot on learning entire choreographies of jpop idols, she learned how to sing and dance, and little by little, coupled with her drive, gathered skillset sufficent to take the stage.

Iga-Ryu Skills:
As an Iga-ryu Kunoichi, Yukio has mastered a very specific set of skillset to allow her to perform her many varied tasks, as such she has attained expertise in:

* Martial Arts - Striking Arts.
* Martial Arts - Grappling Arts.
* Martial Arts Weaponry: staff, sword, 9 section whip, naginata, swords (long, short), spear, kusarigama, hand claws, fans, kunai, shuriken.

* Sabotage: explosives and traps.

* Stealth: getting in and out unnoticed, use of grappling hooks, clawed gloves and boots, silent movement, smoke/power bombs for disappearing.

* Disguise and Impersonation: adopting different appearances to blend in and better infiltrate a target area, approach a target.

* Concealment: How to hide in plain sight, melding with the environment, to escape the notice of those in pursuit.

Kunai Master:
The ninja throwing knives, the kunai, are mentioned separately because of the specific level of mastery Yukio had attained. Her clothes usually have multitudes of them sewen in, hidden, to provide her weapons at a moment's notice. She is able of holding one between each of her fingers, tossing 4 at a time, aimed at different targets, assuming they are standing in a reasonable positioning to allow the feat, as she's limited by a targetting cone according to where her hand points.

Weapons Expertise:
While clueless in modern firearms and such, Yukio has a trained expert in a numerous selection of Iga-ryu style weaponry. These are: staff, sword, 9 section whip, naginata, swords (long, short), spear, kusarigama, hand claws, fans, kunai, shuriken.

Yukio is proficent in all of these and similar type weapons. She is also very good employing mundance every day items as weapons, such as umbrellas and walking sticks.


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Cute Accessories:
To the chagrin of her grandfather, the ninja gear isn't Yukio's most prized possessions, that honor belongs solely to the adorable clothes, plushies and knickknacks that Yukio amassed since falling into kawaii culture.

Ninja Gear:
Unlike most teenagers, Yukio has many things hidden in her room, namely the gear she would use to keep her skills sharp, and perhaps take the occasional ninja mission with. She has all manner of weapons and tools, such as nine section whip, sword, smoke bombs and power bombs, fans, grappling hooks, etc' that nobody would suspects a girl her age would have.

Xavier School:
There are certain facilities and equipment Xavier School provides for the students, and Yukio gets to enjoy those, for instance, pool access!!!


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Culture Clash:
Being from a more rural area of Japan, Yukio grew up with a very different culture and expectations compared to many people in Western countries, particularly the United States. Many things that are normal to most, might be shocking to her, and many of her behaviours may seem odd to others. There's a set of societal awareness and understanding of what to do and what not to do, that is very different, potentially jarring, and could lead to all manners of confusions and misunderstandings.

Iga-Ryu Lineage:
Yukio comes from the venerable Momochi lineage of Iga-ryu, she's one of a select few that still practice the very same arts made famous by the ninjas during the Sengoku era in Japan's history. Her skills are exceptional and deadly. While most think real ninjas are extinct, there are the likes of The Hand, Yakuza, Triads, Hydra, and various other nefarious organizations that are well aware of her lineage, and may be very interested in recruiting or hiring her to their cause. It could garner Yukio unwanted attention, and potentially put her and her friends in danger.

Old World Education:
Yukio has received very specific set of training and education from her grandfather as well as her parents, but it is old world, and much of it is focused on ninja teaching of survival, stealth, infiltration, fighting and so on. But as far as modern world is concerned, as far as science is concerned, math...other essential skills, Yukio's education is somewhat lacking, and she may even appear unintelligent to some. Hopefully Xavier School can repair that over time.

Teenagers by their nature are much more confident than they ought to be, couple that with actual impressive abilities that Yukio has over years of harsh training, and that belief in infallibility and invulnerability grows ten fold. She's a thrill seeker, and would love the chance to take on any exciting endeavor, regardless of how much serious danger to her life it may actually hold. She could get in situations over her head, nevermind fall into a trap specifically made to lure her into rushing headlong onto danger.



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Yukio has 28 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Snack Time October 18th, 2023 Yukio bumps into Rogue while making a snack and discovers new plans: destination Mall!
The Grind in Bushwick is Harsh September 2nd, 2023 Joshua and friends run afoul of people looking for Shield Maiden and are rescued by Yuriko. Introductions are made!
The Ninja and the Arrogant August 6th, 2023 M and Yukio chat. What's respect got to do with it?
A Visit to Logan's Dojo July 16th, 2023 Yukio attends Wolverine's Dojo and makes a new friend.
AVENGERS FOREVER: The Wake of Tempus Khan June 25th, 2023 The X-Men travel to Korea to save a very special mutant and encounter a rift in the very fabric of time!
MEIYA NO SAIKEN: Shinya no Kessen May 5th, 2023 In the dead of night, sinister figures invade the school in search of the Wolverine! Battle ensues!
Laura Unlocks: FRIEND FOR LIFE April 30th, 2023 Laura drops off a belated birthday gift for Yukio. Let the mansion tremble as a kunoichi wired on sugar is unleashed upon the school.
Cultures Meet and Lessons are Learned April 8th, 2023 Yukio has questions for Lorna which end up being epiphanies.
Secrets don't thrive in the light of day. April 7th, 2023 Laura and Yukio get some sparring practise in. Talk about being an ex-assassin and how it sucks. Laura also finds out people might think she's a little distant. Who'd have guessed.
we'll get you that 1up April 5th, 2023 Yukio and Lorna come by the studio... Yukio sings and everyoneg gets very emotional...
The Fortune in the cards February 23rd, 2022 Yukio meets Remy and he tells her some unfortunate fortune truths.
Streaming Content February 1st, 2022 Survining horde mode danger room sims. It can be very exhausting!
A Ninja Comes To Visit December 22nd, 2021 Yukio follows June to Elektra's den and is confronted by the Hand assassin. A bargain is struck and Yukio will join June in her teachings.
Snapshots Of Exploration December 2nd, 2021 No description
I'm On A Boat! November 7th, 2021 Yukio and Ellie are on a boat MFer! Never forget!
Make Hamburger Country! October 20th, 2021 Big Hamburger!
As Tears Go By September 29th, 2021 No description
The Quest for Cool: Jacketto September 28th, 2021 The quest didn't go as planned, but in the end, Yukio got the prized Yanki Gal Jacketto! Cool stuff! Also Ellie is now her best friend ever.
The Quest for Cool September 21st, 2021 Yukio manages to end Ellie's blackmail with the power of adorable! Up next, a yanki jacketto on the quest for cool!
Asking The Question September 2nd, 2021 No description
Karoke! August 15th, 2021 No description
Nyuyoku no Ninja August 10th, 2021 Yukio comes across another ninja! A foreign ninja? Weird!
Old Favors July 9th, 2021 No description
It Is For A Good Cause June 27th, 2021 A Mutant Town fire station holds a BBQ fundraiser to buy new equipment.
Itsu namu: Haori. June 8th, 2021 Manga is found, friendship is formed. Roadtrip pending?
Nihonjin Futari AKA Not The Only Japanese May 14th, 2021 Yukio makes new discoveries at Xavier's Mansion. Like secret passage to the laundry room!
Gomenasai May 5th, 2021 No description
A Tribute to Demons on A Birthday Abroad April 27th, 2021 Yukio just arrived in a foreign land, to a foreign school, she struggles with the language, and took a moment to enjoy a rather lonely 16th birthday. Then Ellie happened. Then Talia happened. Culture Clash ensues. Thank god for Sultry Aussie Translator.


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Yukio has 28 finished logs.

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