6167/Stopping for a burger.

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Stopping for a burger.
Date of Scene: 09 May 2021
Location: Burger Joint
Synopsis: Jacen ran into Rogue for dinner and a robbery tried to break out.
Cast of Characters: Jacen Knight, Rogue

Jacen Knight has posed:
It's taken him a little time to get settled and find a routine, but eventually Jacen has a job and a "normal" starts to find its way into his life. Not that normal really applies to him and his life,"A good burger." he muses softly as he settles in,"Third best thing goin' in th' world." He walks to a table near the back and away from the doors and settles.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drives a red Ford Ranger that the school paid for her to have for her job at the school. Her job being 'errand bitch' -- or at least thats what she calls it. She likes it though, a lot, it gives her a reason to get out and go do stuff.

It takes her a minute or so to get out of the truck after it pulls up outside, but when she does she shuts the door behind her and raises her aviator sunglasses up to her white hairline where she leaves them to rest while she slips her phone in to her grey hoodie pocket and then zips it up to her stomach. Jeans and a dark green tanktop make up the rest of her attire as she strides around the vehicle and toward the restaurant.

She knows the place well, Jubilee worked here after all, though she's not on shift today.

The front door opens and Rogue steps inside, she sweeps her green eyes around, then runs a gloved hand through her two-toned hair before walking toward the counter..

Jacen Knight has posed:
Once he gets good and settled, he reaches up and pushes his hat back from his face a bit. When she enters he smirks a little. No way he forgot that one. He leans on the table a little and raises a hand to wave,"Marie." he calls out politely. A mixture of polite greeting and a gesture to the table to offer a seat if she is of a mind.

Pretty much casual redneck look at ususal. He doesn't go in for much flash or designer wear. Of course he sticks out the proverbial sore thumb every where he goes in New York and the surrounding areas, but that doesn't seem to bother him too much.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's attention was directed at the counter to see which of the employees WERE on shift today since she knows most of them, but as she's walking toward them she hears one of her many names get calle dout so she looks over tosee the man in the hat from the bar. "Oh hey." Rogue states back at him, showing a half-cocked grin as she turns to face him and starts to walk toward his table.

She approaches him and keeps that pleased look on her face as she does so. "So you're still around here, huh?" She asks in good humor, taking her sunglasses off of her forehead to hold them in her black gloved hands. "You decide t'stick around then? Took us up on our advice?" She grins softly.

Jacen Knight has posed:
It's an unusual behavior these days, but when she approaches the table he actually stands up. It might seem strange to some, but she probably understands it. He finally nods and replies,"Yeah I d'cided ta have a look around. Found a place not too far fr'm th' cityu, but clear of th' major settled areas." A little cryptic.

He nods,"Reckon when th' right sorts imply it's a good idea ta hang around it's a good idea ta take their advice." If she sits he will as well, otherwise they can stand and visit for the moment,"Been thinkin' I oughta find me a good burger so I ain' gotta raise m' own."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins at his manners offered of standing up, it being true that you don't see that sort of thing very often around here, or anywhere anymore. she doesn't make him stay up though since he was seated, so she sits down with a bit of a grin so that he can do the same.

She puts her sunglasses down o nthe table and leans back in the chair at the table's side. "Well, these burgers are pretty good, though I dunno if I'd say they're hte best around." She holds her grin at him. "Glad ya felt good enough about the place t'try'n settle here. And ya found a place already too? That's pretty great. Sometimes it's a pain in the butt t'find a place that works."

Her slim pointed chin bounces once i na nod then. "So what's next on the Jacen Knight's agenda around these parts?" She asks next, as she pulls her gloves off of her hands one after the other. It's not exactly glove weather outside anymore, and she hadn't told him about that side of her life story yet, so it might be a bit odd, if he takes not eof it.

Jacen Knight has posed:
Once she is settled he returns to his seat as well. I really good mannered sort would take off his hat too, but he still lacks in a few places or maybe he's just really attached to that hat,"Pretty good's a start I reckon." he replies,"Maybe somebody'll point me t'wards th' best sorts some o' these days."

He smiles a little more, less smirk and tells her,"I gotta place ta sleep'n new job at a local hospital that appears as though is gonna be non stop meat grinder action. It's a livin' I suppose." He might or might not have noticed the glove situation, but regardless he doesn't say anything about it. Instead he just plows on in true redneck nature,"Maybe look f'r someone ta spend some time with on th' rare occasion I'll have free time. I did meat someone a few days ago, really seem ta like her company." He's nothing if not honest.

Rogue has posed:
The southern belle isn't about to question the hat, she has some like it back in her room at the school. She relaxes a bit in the chair across from him now and keeps her attention on him, nodding her head gently a couple times as he talks, and stroking some of those white bangs out of her face when the loose strands always tickling her skin when they get a mind of their own to harrass her as such.

She shows a slip of a grin at his bit about meeting someone and then smiles at him softly. "Well that sounds like a good starting lead at least." She tells him.

"And a hospital job, no less?" She asks. A glance is given out the front window, she figuring he means the hospital her ein town. "Seems like a big place, but then again they always got a packed parkin' lot, so I guess they're rakin' in the money. You'll have t'let me know if there's any shady stuff goin' on in there, once ya dig in and get all the scoops on the joint."

"But yeah, I'm glad yua got it all worked out." She adds with another soft smile. "Now yo ucan start lookin' for jeans ads t'land." She teases a bit, because its her nature.

Jacen Knight has posed:
"No sense sittin' back'n not seein' life ta th' fullest." he admits. Someone notes them and will likely be along to take an order in a minute. He doesn't really notice them either because he's too busy paying attention to her. He takes a card from his pocket and shows her,"Jacen Knight. Retired rodeo rider'n current Paramedic'n th' state o' Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas'n on my way ta addin' New York an' New Jersey. Seems like I gotta collection started."

The card has his face and id's him as a licensed medic in Missouri, the rest probably still in his pocket. He rests his arm on the table again and laughs, shaking his head inspite of himself,"Yeah. I dunno 'bout all that. Thinkin' my advertisin' days're over." He pauses in that thought and the smirk crosses his lips again,"Course I might be able ta getta 'nother contract f'r two if ya think ya might wanna take a stab at it too." He gives as good as he gets,"I mean y'r friend done her turn after all."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens to that last bit and starts to laugh softly as she glances outside again. She leans forward on her elbows on thet able for a moment before sitting back straight in her chair again. "Jean has the mentality for modelin', I think." She says. "I mean, besides the looks. I... don't think I could sit still and let people bark at me on how t'pose and what t'do." She grins for a second. "I do have a instagram though that I put some pics up, all kinds. MOstly of my dog lately, but yeah, bein' that I've done some hero-work in the city, I've gotten a bit of a followin' online. I like t'keep them updated, like a fanbase, or somethin', I dunno. Seems kinda conceited when ya say it outloud." She glances toward the employees of the place before looking back at him. "I'm not a Youtuber though, like more than half our damn school's student body. Maybe that makes me the dumb one though.."

Rogue holds her grin across the table at him. Her eyes glance at the card again before going back up at him. "I'm just a lowly errand girl at the school though, while I work on college. NOthin' as fancy as a medical career, but if I can hammer out this college crap, maybe I can be a teacher. Goals, and all, yeah?" She shows another light grin at him.

"So did you eat already, or am I interruptin' ya?"

Jacen Knight has posed:
"I dunno. I think ya might have that it factor folks're lookin' for." he teases a little, but serious in his own way,"I get th' not taking seatin' orders though. I hated that crap. I w's glad ta be done with't an' ain' got no intentions of ever goin' back to it." Still smiling of course and there is the whole story about the road to Hell and intentions after all.

"Gotta say you're 'bout th' perttiest lowly errand girl I ever happened across. Kinda think I might like't 'round these parts." His face sobers just a little and he admits,"I ain' for th' talent for Youtube'r any of th' social meadia stuff. Too far over my head."

"I reckon there ain' too many other callin's higher'n a teacher. I dunno how folks do it. Too many students out there like I was. Not super bright, not too dumb, an' not interested in gettin' any better really. I made m' way without th' higher learnin' stuff, but I reckon I'm th' exception an' not th' rule." He smiles again and nods,"Goals're good an' I only got her a coupla minutes b'fore you. I w's jus' thinkin' I hate eatin' alone."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes go back to his across from her as he answers her question and adds one some compliments. She flashes a light grin at him and leans forward a little to fold her forearms on top of one another on the edge of the table. "Well, there's more country here than people might admit, so you've picked the right spot. Like last summer, there was a square dancin' night out in Apple Park over there." She nods outside the window across the street where a corner of the park is visible on the edge of the commercial street.

"Had good fun at it. The most fun though is in the fall when they get the Octoberfest stuff goin', and the fall festivals in general." Another smile is flashed at the man before she takes in a breath and leans back in her chair.

"I /probably/ should tell you though, that I'm in a bit of an on-again, off-again relationship with someone." She states with a slight smile sent his way over the table. "A guy that I'm pretty fond of, but... he's more than a little mysterious. Sometimes he's here, all about me, and other times I don't see him for weeks, maybe longer." She exhales then and adjusts her hoodie over her stomach, seeming to try to comfort herself a bit more about all of that. "But yeah, he's been back around lately, if he'll stay? Who knows." She shows another faint smile then.

She glances toward the employees again, the service in this place isn't the best, the work is all pretty young after all.

Jacen Knight has posed:
Jacen motions a waitress because he's impatient sometimes. His attention nack to her and he admits,"Sounds like there's some hope f'r these parts." he admits as she talks about the activities,"I ain' square danced'n a long time though. Octoberfest sounds good."

When she mentions that she is with someone he laughs softly and hangs his head a little bit,"Story o' my life I reckon. Finda beautiful woman that really does strike m' fancy'n she already has a somebody. Th' torment won' ever end." He sighs and though still mostly light hearted he admits,"A man has a lady like you oughta never be any question'n her mind where he stands though. Cain' say I'm th' greatest of companions, but at least there's no question where I stand."

Finally the waitress appears and he offers a smirk to you before looking to the waitress and ordering the basics for himself. Burgers, fries, cherry pies...should be a song or something.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue releases a light laugh at the square dance part and she has to nod her head to him. "To be perfectly honest, I didn' thave the foggiest idea how t'do a square dance prior to last summah's event." She smiles sweetly at that before she glances toward the waitress who comes over toward them.

Before she gets here though, Rogue flashes him a grin. "You'r sweet." She says at him. "I don't figure you'll have trouble findin' someone single." She holds her small smile. "That redhead I was with is single, I'd tell ya t'go after her, but she's a bit of a well... ya know... firebrand. Redheads." She holds her grin then before glancing down and over to the waitress when she arrives.

"I'll just take a couple of the sliders and some onion rings, small order. One'a those strawberry milkshakes too, also small." She places her order and then glances back over at the cowboy. "There's plenty'a horses and ranches around here too. Hell the School I live and work at has a horse stables. Love the horses we got. Had some one my aunt's farm back in Mississippi... they are just fun t'be around."

Jacen Knight has posed:
"I said I could do it, didn' say I w's very good at it." he admits in regards to the square dancing. He listens to what she says about finding someone and finally nods,"Yup. Always another out there an' I gotta say th' redhead's quite pretty. Maybe I'll take m' chances some time." Something in his tone almost makes it sound like he's settling for second though. He's kinda good that way,"I like them with a bit o' fire though."

He's quiet for a time and lets her order. Once she is done he adds,"Yeah th' place I found's a decent sized ranch. It's a bit of a drive." He considers and adds,"Maybe you'n th' redhead can come up'n see th' place? I mean I'd be glad f'r a few friends'n th's place f'r sure."

Rogue has posed:
Once her order is placed she grins over at him then and nods her head. "I'd like t'see this new place'a yours now. So yeah, I'd like to tryn'n get her outta the school t'come see it too. She doesn't get out enough."

Another glance is given toward the waitress before Rogue looks back over at him and shows a larger smile. "A boyfriend isn't the only unappealin' thing about me anyhow." She tells him then as she grabs up the gloves that were under har arms and holds them in her left hand as she turns her hand over to show them off.

"I uh..." She glances outside to her left then back over at him. "Can't touch anyone." She bluntly lays it out there. "I mean, like. My skin. I'm, a mutant." She shuffles her booted feet under the table and crosses her legs at the ankles. Her eyes glance down at her gloves as her right hand goes up to brush some of that pure white hair back behind one of her ears.

She puts her eyes back up on him then. "When I touch someone, they get hurt. They fall asleep, inta a coma. Can last for hours, weeks, or, forever, based on how long I hold the touch." She watches his reaction to this before softly adding in a calm voice. "Makes me a little less appealin', I imagine."

Jacen Knight has posed:
Curious. It's a dangerous problem he has. He leans on the table to listen to what she says, a smile of course when she says she would like to come to his place,"Ya got m' number'n th' door's always open." he assures her. When she talks about the boyfriend thing he shrugs at first,"Cain' win'em all."

When she starts to talk about her power though he gets quiet, listening and taking it all in. He's still just as playful in nature as he's been and doesn't seem too put off at any rate. He lets her finish her story before he speaks again,"So ya cain' touch nobody'n nobody c'n touch you?" he asks thoughtfully,"Reckon that makes y'r power a blessin' and a curse. Trapped'n your own skin." He's a little too good at the obvious,"I reckon if I go through another bout o' insomnia I c'n call?" So, his sense of humor is a little deranged, but it is there. He isn't making fun, just trying to get things sorted out in his head,"That said there's nothin' more appealin' than forbidden fruit darlin'. Don' ever f'rget that."

Rogue has posed:
When their drinks are brought over to them, Rogue sits back to give the waitress time to set them down on their table. She smiles at her because she knows the girl a little bit, then waits for her to clear so she can reach for it (the skin thing obviously).

Once she's gone, Rogue is taking her straw to unwrap it and put it in to the lid of the cup. She shows off her pearly whites witha fairly big smile at his sleep joke. "Yeah, I'm the best dose a Nyquil ya could ever ask for." She jokes back at him, able to make self deprecating jokes so it seems!

She raises the drink up to her lips and enjoys some of the srawberry milkshake through the straw before she sets it down again. "I don't hate my ... situation, as much as I used to. I've come to get a lot out of it, literally, I guess." She waits a second before detailing. "I take things from people too. LIke... their memories, their personality traits, and well... like, any mutations they may have too. They all linger in me like the coma, based on how long I touch a person. My super strength and all'a that hero stuff I use, is, well... I took it from someone. I wasn't always a good person. I did some bad stuff when I was in my teens. I hurt someone, and have t'live with that guilt now, even though she's recovered and forgiven me for it."

Jacen Knight has posed:
A nod to the waitress who brings the drinks. He does note way Rogue stays clear of touch now. Probably he didn't notice before, but he sees it now. He takes a drink of the iced tea he ordered and shakes his head. Never right. A sigh and he drinks it anyway.

A smirk and he replies,"I'll keep that'n mind. Th' Nyquil thing I mean." When she mentions the memories and such and then the part where she wasn't always good and he shrugs,"Maybe ya don' wanna see what's rollin' around in my head then. It wasn't always so great on my end either. Made plenty o' bad choices. Ya might not like me no more if ya saw that." He nods and admits,"Guilt follows us, even when they don' carry it anymore."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shoots him a smile then and shakes her head. "Ah, I doubt it." She replies to that last bit. "We all got some bad stuff in our hearts, and some odd things in our heads. I've come t'see that that's normal inside'a everyone. Course, I've touched some folks that are far far worse than others, but..." She flashes him a grin then. "Always eager t'get those ones outta my head, and that's one'a the reasons I ended up here in this area." She glances down at her milkshake then back up at him.

"There's people here, near here, who are good with people's heads. I came here'tget their help with all'a that. I was a mess when I first got here, had gone years absorbin' people and havin' them stuck inside'a my mind. Sometimes I felt like I was gettin' pushed outta my own head. Could lose hours, or days, t'someone else takin' control'a me."

She shakes her head then, dismissing all of that. "But yeah, I'm workin' on it all. Workin' on tricks that might even let me touch folks, but, it's still pretty risky."

She flashes a little smile then as their food is on the way now via the waitress.

Jacen Knight has posed:
"It ain' m' heart I worry about." he teases and lightly touches his temple with his forefinger. He nods and takes another drink of the tea,"I cain' imagine havin' someone stuck in m' head though. Bad enough th' animal spirits that play'n m' body an' how they kinda poke around in general."

He looks over the place again and sits back as the waitress makes her way with the food. Eyes back to Rogue and he nods,"It would be good ta not hafta worry 'bout that. Soun's like ya gotta plan'n that's half th' battle. Risk'n reward. Your risk's a lot higher'n most."

Rogue has posed:
The waitress brings Rogue a cup of water too, which gets a thanks from the Belle. She takes it and sips from it before the food is handed out. Once she's gone again, Rogue looks over at him once more.

"Everyone's got their demons, and everyone's got their sob stories." She says with a small grin for him. "We make do though, hopefully anyway." She takes a nibble on one of the onion rings and nods toward him then.

"I really am glad ya got settled in though, I hope ya do end up like'n it here. But if it sucks, that's cool too. We all got our different tastes and the like, after all." She affords him another soft smile. "So you gonna hit up Home Depot and get your house all done up nice and pretty then?" She asks, grinning once again as she samples her food.

Jacen Knight has posed:
Jacen thanks the waitress softly and listens to what Rogue tells him. He takes a few fries and pops them into his mouth, chewing them and nodding approvingly. There is a nod and agrees,"Demons're everywhere, sure enough. Sob stories tend ta all sound th' same no matter who's tellin' it."

He smiles again, pouring mustard on the plate for his fries and then some more for his burger. Setting the mustard on the table again and motions it to her if she wants it,"I reckon I'm gonna sit f'r a while. I liked it, put th' down payment on it, an' it's mine now. Th' place's mostly well set up, but there's a few things I wanna do ta it ta make it more mine." He finally takes a bite from the burger, nodding with approval.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets a bit of the condaments for her own food and does the same as him on her plate. She seems to enjoy the onion rings more than the mini burgers though, as she has them dwindling faster.

"I've always wanted a house'a my own. Like my aunt's house. Back in Miss." She flashes him a little smile as she dabs at her lips with a npakin. "I didn't realize how much I liked it until I didn't live there anymore... funny how that stuff works. "

She takes a sip of the water and then glances back up at him. "She had one'a those farm houses with the wrap around porches, and a big red barn for the horses and hickens." She grins at him, like a little kid with those thoughts. "I hated the place back then, cause I was mad about my parents. They... died, or somethin', when I was real little. Took me awhile t'get over it." She probably isn't over it yet.

"But yeah, place like that is my idea'a heaven on Earth."

Jacen Knight has posed:
"It's nice ta have a place." he agrees,"It's been a while since I had one ta call mine too. It's true ya don' know what ya got til it's gone." He us quiet for a few moments when something touches him as well. A long moment of consideration and he raises his glass towards her,"Parents goin' b'fore y'r grown sucks." he mutters at last.

He does consider the rest,"It is heaven though. Land as far's you c'n see'n soon ta be filled with horses'n cattle ta take care of. You'n red are welcome anytime." The wise guy settles a little at the mention of lost parents. It does strike a chord even if he's shaking it off.

Rogue has posed:
The Belle enjoys her food while she listens to him and watches him, not quite picking up on the bit where he seems to react to the parents part, but she may just be keeping it to herself for now. She's not one to pry after all.

She dabs with the napkin again before she smiles at him. "Would be happy t'stop by and see the place. You'll have t'text me when ya got it all ready." She grins for a second then. "And hey, maybe throw a house warmin' party once ya make a few more frineds around town. I imagine there's a lotta good people workin' at the hospital. Nurses and such. Doctors are all crabby weirdos." She holds her grin again before glancing down at her mostly finished plate now.

"You'll have t'get a dog or two too, if ya got this fancy new place with land an' all. There's a pet store near here, they usually got all kindsa cute puppies. It's how I got suckered inta one."

Jacen Knight has posed:
"Be glad ta have ya." he replies and takes another drink before getting more of his food. He doesn't change his expression as three men come into the restaurant, but he does ask softly,"Any chance you are really fast or something?" he comment curiously as he watches.

He blinks and looks at her, not staring,"We used ta raise dobermans when I w's a kid. I miss dogs. I'd be glad ta have 'bout any breed though. A good idea."

Rogue has posed:
The Belle's eyes are down at her food when he asks her that question so it causes her to look up at him first, then over her shoulder at the men who came in. She smiles at them before she looks back to the man in the hat across from her. She grins at him. "Why? You wantin' t'ditch out on the check?" She says with a big grin as she puts half a onion right in to her mouth and bites down on it, her eyse dropping down to her finished milkshake then.

"I'm pretty fast, but only if I'm flyin'g." She can fly?

"I can't run much faster than a track star, I guess. But I can fly faster than some planes." She says it very non-chalantly. Her eyes going back up to him.

Jacen Knight has posed:
"It's chilly out, but it ain' long trenchcoat cold by any means." he mutters softly. Sure enough all three are starting to move through the restaurant separate and they have something under the coat. He smirks,"I the check run does appeal sometimes, but let's play straight. I think somethin' else's 'bout ta go down. Bullet proof?"

He looks past each one, not staring and not lingering his gaze. He shifts a little in the booth,"I wish I'd taken time ta learn th' spirit speed. Not th' first time I've wished it either."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has the napkin in her hands and is wiping at her fingers as he makes this observation and it has her glancing back over to the men who are separting. It makes her furrow her dark eyebrows a bit before she looks back at him. Her hand reaches for her glass of water and she raises it up to sip form it.

She shakes her head gently from side to side. "Don't fret on it, Sugah." She tells Jacen with a smile on her lips. "If they even consider somethin' like that, then they'll be in for a sore surprise."


Before he can interject, the Belle is up off of the chair and taking her milkshake up to the counter. She moves fast enough to get to it just before the men who'd come in can.

"Steeeevie." Rogue calls over the counter, leaning on it now. "Can I get another small milkshake for the road?' She asks in a sultry flirty voice, one that sounds real nice to most men's ears. Steve, of course, is one to enjoy it and he stammer sout a reply.

Rogue looks ove rher shoulders then and turns around to lean back against the counter and put her hands on either sides of her hips, she smiles at thethree men. "Well heya. Did I cut in line? I didn't mean ta, I'm sorry, boys." She says, flirty at them now too, her green eyes dancing from one of them to the other.

Jacen Knight has posed:
The plans he might have had change when she tells him not to fret. Of course he's going to fret, but before he can say anything she stands and heads towards the counter. It's difficult to miss the fact the southern temptress in her natural habitat. He didn't check her out as she walked away either. Not at all.

His attention moves to each of the men in turn. The wheels are spinning in his head as he watches her. A fast runner himself, he still isn't going to be much help against the hot lead,"I need a beer." he mutters mostly to himself.

The men are a little startled by the now moving Belle and they pause. Jacen stands and digs into his pocket like he's getting money to pay. The other hand touches something in the medicine pouch on his waist. He notes the one closest to him and the fact that Rogue has his attention. All three hesitate for a second and then the would be leader finally yells and snatches a shotgun from his coat and the other two do as well.

Rogue has posed:
It's a hell of a thing to literally have a fierce crime just come to where you are in life and trigger your need to step in and do something about it. But such is a thing for Rogue, it happens in her life. Salem Center is supposed to be a sleepy little fancy town, but crime comes its way too, clearly.

The Belle leans there on the counter as the men draw their guns and Stevie drops the milkshake as he dives down behind the ice cream machine.

The three men might expect Rogue to turn in to a whimpering mess at this, but she doesn't. She just leans back on the counter, almost like she's presented in a vulnerable sort've damsel way. But her eyes just go from one of the men tot he other.

"Wow." She says with a soft laugh. "Those are nice guns." Her eyes scanning them over. "I mean, jeeze..."

She glances at the cash register beside her. "Is this what ya'll came in here for?" She asks them. "Boy you over estimate how much money this place pulls in." She tells them then, following it with another little laugh. "But here, take it--"

Rogue picks up the register and pulls it off of the counter like it weighs literally nothing. She throws it at the one man on her left, just tossing it to him like it were a lampshade. In a haste, the Belle darts forward then and reaches out to the guns in the other two men's hands, trying to grab the barrels, aim them upwards and crush them in her hands at the same time!

Jacen Knight has posed:
Hate to be bored. At least that never happens since he's moved to the east coast. He takes a deep breath and exhales. The fact she wipes out the one with a cash register and wrestles the guns up into the air,"All th' good ones're taken." he mutters and moves towards the one closest to him.

He's not super fast, but he played football and it is clear on two fronts. First he moves very fast, second he tackles the man with a devastating hit. Devastating is another sense as the man's legs both crack loudly when he hits, tib/fib fractures just below each knee. He's a lot stronger than he lets on.

The cash register man crumples on impact and isn't much threat. The one she still has is clearly at a disadvantage when she ends his weapon. His eyes get real big from fear and maybe a little disgust at the sound of the breaking bones. The tackled man screams...a lot.

Rogue has posed:
When your training happens inside of an alien-tech-powered giant metal dome called the 'Danger Room' you're surely prepared to fight 3 shlubs in a burger joint. She's been fighting rooms filled with all kinds of killer robots and giant aliens for years now... sometimes in the Danger Room and sometimes in reality...

The one that she destroys the gun of, she just rips it out of his hands and then tosses it behind the counter over her shoulder, it's ruined anyway.

Rogue glares up at the man in the long coat and just reaches her hands out to shove him like a basketball. Her intentions are to send him head over heels over the tables and in to the corner of the restaurant!

She looks over to see Jacen has joined the fight and she nods once to him and his ability before she turns towar dthe third one she threw the register at. "This was a dumb idea, huh?" The Belle says in that sultry voice as she walks toward him with even a bit of a sway to her denim covered hips.

"Cops are comin' now. You're gonna be in cuffs and flirtin' with some toothless meth head in jail in no time." She grins at him. "Better sit down on the ground and get ready for it. Less ya go an' get me real mad..."

Rogue looks back over her shoulder toward Jacen. "You doin' all right back there, cowboy?" She asks her partner in this fight.

Jacen Knight has posed:
While there is temptation to do more, Jacen throws one punch in the mouth. The other guy goes out and Jacen stands up, dusting off a little,"Y'all screwed up m' hat." he mutters darkly and reshapes it a little with a sigh. Since he knows she ad the other two mostly down before be even moved he isn't concerned there. He looks to Rogue and winks,"It ain' pretty, but it's effective."

He peels off a few bills for the meals and then a few more for the damage and slides it over the counter. He looks back at the trio that are bound for the nearest jail,"I dunno, but maybe we oughta take off b'fore th' cops get here? I don' mind answerin' questions, but I'd rather not have to 'r put you'n a spot ta have to."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just stands there now with her hands at her sides. She knows Stevie called the cops with his phone, she can hear the sirens down the street. Her eyes look over to Jacen then and she shows him a quick smile after he asks that last question. "I better stayn' make sure it goes over smoothly. I don't want these guys pullin' any tricks, haven't searche'edm yet for example." She looks down at the one she threw the register at. "Ya better not pull a knife or a pistol either. Actin' like this around a girl like me? It's so damn ungentlemanly of ya'll."

The Belle shakes her head in disappointment as the cops are just about there outside. She looks up to the window sthen back to Jacen. "If ya wanna bail though, I won't blame ya." She says, flashing him a soft smile. "I'm used t'this part'a the game though."

Jacen Knight has posed:
Who says chivalry is dead. Jacen crosses his arms to settle in and wait. He leans on the counter and makes it clear he's not going anywhere without her. He looks at the ones on the ground and shakes his head,"Y'all best be listenin' to th' lady. She might not be so forgivin'."

The three are in various stages of consciousness. None seem to interested in trying to get up. So the police arrive and Jacen settles in to let them do what they do. Ask questions, take up time, keep the stories straight. One of them recognizes him and that's always fun in no way. So a promise later for autograph and the like.

Rogue has posed:
The Belle is of course appreciative of him staying to help backup her story on all of this that goes down, but most of the cops in this town know who she is by name too. In fac,t he probably hears them call her Rogue, or MIghty Woman, here and there too, though the latter is usually said in jest while the former is said like its her actual name... which might be a bit odd to hear at first.

She sticks around with them, does all the standard stuff and says she'll even go to the court date if needs be for all of them. She's being a responsible citizen after all, and they know what she's capable of... clearly.

When its said and done though, Rogue is walking back toward Jacen with her arms crosed over her stomach and her sunglasses back up in her hair line. "Well that was fun." She says with a grin toward him. "Thanks for payin' for me too." She shows another grin toward him.

"Never a dull moment around here, huh?" She adds as she looks over her shoulder then back at him.

Jacen Knight has posed:
He listens to what is said and does catch on to the Rogue comment. He smirks just a little and nods about something. He does take care of what is promised and then goes back to waiting for her. If court appearance is needed he also agrees to appear.

Once they are gone he shakes his head,"Hate ta be bored." he replies and adds,"Glad ta buy th' meal. Thanks f'r havin' dinner with me so I didn' hafta eat alone." There is a chirp from his phone and he reads it,"And...off ta cover someone's shift. It's official, I'm a salaried employee again."

He gets ready to go and pauses to look at her. He winks and tells you,"Glad ta meet ya Rogue." He isn't teasing so much as recognizing her name.