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Jacen Knight (Scenesys ID: 2635)
Name: Jacen James Knight
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Bull Rider/EMT-Paramedic
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Kansas City, Missouri area
Education: High School/Trade School
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 15 Dec 2000 Played By "Cowboy" James Storm
Height: 6'0" Weight: 230 lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Longnecks and Rednecks

Character Info


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A country boy at heart and a cowboy through and through. His family lineage grants him the power to

touch the wild and draw it into him. He is a standout athlete in several disciplines, but an expert bull rider with a world championship to prove it. Lastly, he has a knack for making things work that shouldn't and combining things together the average person would never know about to result to his benefit.


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*2000: Born and raised in rural Missouri.
*2005: Sent to live with grandfather on a family ranch when parents die in a plane crash.
*2006: Discovers his first love: junior Rodeo.
*2010: Started wrestling and playing football in junior leagues. Begins the Scouts (Cub, Boy, and Eagle Scouts in turn)
*2012: Grandfather begins to teach him the "family magic" that focuses magics into the user through animal totems. His grandfather forbids him to use them for anything until told otherwise. He does try, usually.
*2015: Discovered a talent in sciences, but not outstanding anywhere else academically. Chemistry and Physics become a hobby and learns to do things with it that the teacher never meant to be done.
*2018: High school star athlete: Wrestling, Football, and Rodeo. College recruiters for wrestling.
*2019: Graduates high school. Chooses trade school for fire fighter and paramedicine over college life. After going up through the rodeo ranks from junior league to high school, he chooses to go pro bull rider. Beating the odds, he makes his way to the National Finals Rodeo his rookie year and wins the title of Bull Riding Champion.
*2020: Spends the year working with hospitals and emergency services. In what little spare time he has left he does a fairly lucrative ad campaign for Wrangler jeans as the champion. Investments with the rodeo winnings and ad campaign helped to elevate his financials status, working extra hours and days on end overtime helped as well. He isn't rich enough to retire, but he can live comfortably between job when need be.
*2021: Temporarily dispatched to the east coast for a time to help under-staffed hospitals, but he plans to return to Missouri as soon as possible.

IC Journal

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Jacen is a charmer. He thinks so anyway. If there is a typical attribute to a cowboy it is never ending charm. Typically more people are inclined to like him than hate him, but he has a handful of people that aren't fond of him. Everyone does.

Jacen doesn't have trouble talking to people and if there isn't anyone around he's been known to talk to himself. Anything but shy, Jacen has never met a stranger.

To those that matter, Jacen is loyal to a fault. To those that don't aren't important to him...it gets sketchy.

Character Sheet


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Jacen is able to draw upon the ancient magics of his tribe. He uses the power of totem animals to enhance/stengthen his senses and physical attributes. A focus for each ability is helpful, but he can use the power without them at a cost of duration and potency.

Vision: Distance, clarity, and nightvision. (focus: eagle feather)

Hearing: Enhanced auditory range in distance/volume. (focus: bat leather medicine pouch)

Smell: Enhanced for tracking and analyzing scent. (wolfskin leather bracer)

Strength: Natural strength tripled. (focus: necklace of bear claws)

Speed: Enhanced running speed. (focus: piece pronghorn antler)

Durability: Thickening skin that turns most projectiles or blades. (focus: badger skin belt)

Reflexes: Enhanced reflexes/reactions. (focus: rattlesnake skin hatband)

(OOC) He will gradually learn new powers along the way, not starting with all listed. The sensory powers would be similar to Warpath and his physical attributes would rival, but not match SpiderMan.


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A natural athlete in the best of crowds, Jacen was offered a scholarship to a local university for wrestling and football. Instead he opted to be a bull rider. He is in peak physical condition and stronger than average. His center of gravity is exceptional and his balance is nearly impossible to break.

Common Sense:
A super power all it's own, Jacen is exceptional in life experience. He might not know why he understands certain things, but he does. He'll never be Einstein or president, but he knows how to survive in the real world and that's more than many can claim.

If it has hair and four legs he can ride it. Jacen is a natural horseman and a world champion bull rider.

While he is far from an adept student, Jacen did find one subject of expertise. Nobody, including him, could understand how the academically barely there was able to grasp Chemistry and Physics, but they both came easy to him. Practical application of the two became a hobby frowned upon by most as it usually involved explosions, smoke, fire or jury rigged mechanisms of suspect quality that always seemed to work just long enough.

A standout wrestler in high school, Jacen made a mark in the state, though he never made the championship level. That said he is difficult to take off his feet and very good and taking people off theirs, keeping them there as long as he wants to.


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Advertisement Campaign:
The world championship opened him up to an opportunity to do an advertisement campaign with Wrangler jeans. He invested those proceeds after a few personal spends and thus draws residuals.

Emergency Medicine:
Everybody has to have a day to day source of income and rather than go to college he atteded tech school. In the end he graduated as a Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic. State to state he has to take exams to qualify for the state's requirements, but is capable of passing without much trouble.

Jacen is a world champion bull rider. He ended up on everyone else's television when he did the campaign with Wrangler jeans company. That doesn't mean everyone knows who is, but a lot of people walk by and give him the "I've seen you before." look.

World Champion:
Jacen is a one time, National Finals Rodeo Bull Riding Champion. There he won a large cash prize in the process. A few smart investments at the instruction of an old friend and he has a little bit of residual income to live on.


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Jacen isn't the typical deifinition of an alcoholic. He can put it down when he wants to, but he tends to drink at least two or three daily. Occasionally he will drink in excess and pay for it the same way anyone else does.

Jacen graduated from high school though his marks weren't very impressive. He managed to graduate in the bottom of the top half of the class...barely. Aside from a few science classes he is an average student at best.

Impulse Control:
Jacen has a bad case of "knee jerk reaction" that comes on suddenly and can lead to trouble, hilarity, or general stupidity.

Over Confident:
In the immortal words of another hero: Confidence is good, cockiness will kill you. That is one of the troubles of being a minor celebrity in certain circles and very good at too many things. This gets into his life in many instances and can be detrimental at times.



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Jacen Knight has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Local Bar in Brooklyn May 23rd, 2021 April and Jacen share a few drinks and shoot the breeze in a bar in Brooklyn
Walking is the real Punishment May 16th, 2021 April meets the cowboy medic Jacen who helps her get her bike back after Punisher through her in the van and then dumped her off in a random part of the city.
Three's A Crowd May 16th, 2021 Noriko Ashida comes by Burger Joint at the end of Jubilee's shift, but the pair are caught in a comedy of errors. Jubilee accidentally agrees to a date with Bjorn Knutsen...right in front of Nori! Meanwhile, Jacen Knight's burger never comes. Bad service at Burger Joint.
Monsters Beneath May 9th, 2021 Spitfire finds herself beneath Manhattan, walking into a den of demonic dogs. Fortunately, Jacen Knight and Nazo Sarwani are along to help.
Stopping for a burger. May 9th, 2021 Jacen ran into Rogue for dinner and a robbery tried to break out.
Confused scum May 3rd, 2021 A few anti mutant bigots results in a fight gets a cowboy free beer. Does it get any better than that? Jacen and Shazam got some throw down time and Johnny pitched clean up, poking fun of the situation.
Longnecks and Rednecks May 2nd, 2021 New kid in town wanders into the path of Rogue and Jean Grey. Casual convo and beer drinking to follow.
New guy May 1st, 2021 6099 Jacen and Kaida had a tussel with some thugs.


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Jacen Knight has 8 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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