6436/Basic Maintenance Day

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Basic Maintenance Day
Date of Scene: 03 June 2021
Location: Garage / Stables
Synopsis: Remy, and Rogue are cleaning the Garage, Ororo is supervising. Hijinks ensue.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Ororo Munroe

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It's not a pleasant thing, but it's a thing that must be done. The garage gets a 'hoseing down' roughly twice a year. Once at the beginning of summer and again when winter starts to roll in.

    It's likely one of Remy's least favorite days to be at the mansion and the man has for the longest streak has been able to avoid actually working on this day, and yet...

    "Dis sucks!" The cajun calls as he has his hand in a lawn care glove and has a pile of filthy leaves in his hand that transfer the leaves into the bucket to his right, dangling by the handle, on a hook on the ladder he's climbed up on.

    Seems Remy has been roped into gutter duty as punishment for always skipping the day. "Ah ain't evah comin' back, Ah swears on my mother's grave." Not that he knows his mother.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is in the garage helping to sort things out in the drawers and cabinets. It's a fancy garage, so the work isn't as bad as Remy making it out to be. She can hear him whining, again, and it has her grinning.

"Oh suck it up. You're gettin' paid." She tells the man just outside the door to her left.

She steps over to one of the cabinets and starts to push the sorted drawers shut again, having refilled them with supplies she'd picke dup in town earlier. Car parts, car tools, etc.

She shuts the cabinet up and then pushes the sleeves on her hoodie up to her elbows. Her bare hands go up behind her head to tieher hair back as she walks toward the open door to check on him in that area between the garage and the backyard.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
It may not be immediately evident that Ororo is even there. She is hovering in the air a short distance from the garage, watching Remy actually doing work, and grinning, the African woman is grinning broadly at this. His complaints only seem to cause her to smile more broadly.

Quite suddenly she swoops down to hover near Remy, "You poor thing. Does manual labor hurt?" She offers him a smirk, then goes further down and into the garage itself. Landing gently she walks toward Rogue, "Would you like another pair of hands?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah could die up here, yeah it 'urts." Remy says with a glance to Ororo after she swoops down to hover next to him.

    "Ah mean you two could fly an' use a broom on dis t'ing, Ah'm stuck up here and-" The cajun cuts himself off as the sound of the gutter rattles briefly and it would be easy enough to see that he's clutched onto the roof with both his gloved hands and is legitimately scared.

    "Ah don' get paid enough fo' dis ANNA MARIE!" He says, rolling his head back and shouting her name up into the skies but never letting go of the gutter out of his instinctual fears.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue folds her arms over her hoodie, which is half zipped up over a white tank top, blue jeans and simple green and yellow jogging shoes. She looks up to storm and smiles at her arrival. "We had a buncha hands here earlier. But they were the little kind, the kind connected t'people even more whiny than..." She motions to Remy who is now hanging from the gutter.

She sighs and walks over toward him to stand close to where he'd fall if he let go. "I can do the gutter, I told ya that. You said 'But Mon Chere, I am more agile than you give me credit foh.'" She immitates his accent, and does a pretty remarkable job of it too. But then again, she speaks French..

"Let go, I'll catch ya." She says, holding her hands out. "A game of trust." She says with a grin up toward him and Storm.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo folds her arms lightly across herself, listening to Remy whine and bitch as she looks to Rogue, "It this as entertaining for you as it is for me?" She asks even as she is making Remy a little lighter for the fall so he will practically drift down like a feather into Rogue's waiting arms. They would both feel the winds around him, almost cuddling and supporting him before he was safe and they merely dissipate away.

"It is probably better that you give him an 'on the ground' job."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's eyes are closed and he's mouthing a prayer to himself as he tries to psyche himself up to let go, as very few of the people here know of his crippling fear of heights.

    The Cajun is starting to mumble when he feels that wind wrapping around him and he looks down to Rogue already standing below him and so he takes a deep breath and yet his lips keep moving in mubbleland. He lets go and starts to fall with his eyes held as tightly shut as he can, and the fall feels like it's taking forever, like that time he jumped off a building in New York the other week. ... Stupid. That's how he felt.

    Then there's a beautiful girl with him in her arms. "Come 'ere often?" Remy asks, looking as casual as he ever has and with that goofy cocky grin he wears. Then he faces the Ebony Goddess, "Thank's 'Ro."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over to see Storm summoning up the winds to help Remy fall safely which has her grinning ear to ear, showing off her pearly whites. That big smile is present when Remy comes down in to her embrace and she just exhales. "See?" She asks. "It's like ya had some kinda cheat code turned on or somethin'." She says to him as she leans up and pecks a kiss to his cheek.

How? Well, she's been training on that, previously with Emma's help when she was at the school, and now with Jean's who's helped refine the switch. Of course, Rogue is still a bit worried about using it, and... there might be side effects she's not really told anyone about yet either too.

"There, we're all good now." She says with a ruffle to the Cajun's nice hair. Her eyes go back to Storm. "If ya'd like t'help you're more than welcome t'join in. We're just doin' some late Spring cleanin', but I think we're almos wrapped up. The kids all took off, as usual...."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo offers Remy a nod along with a smile, "Just doing my part to keep healthy. I cannot add happy or wise yet, you were not happy, and wise, well... " she cants her head slightly, attempting to be joking about the whole thing... yes, she's joking. She looks back toward the garage, in part to conceal her surprise over Rogue's kissing Remy's cheek, but also offer a moment of private for it if wanted.

"Cleaning is always a hard task, but requires. I am more than willing to help out."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "T'ank's shugah." Remy says as he lowers his feet out of Rogue's big muscular strapping arms. "Ah'll start sweepin' an' moppin'." The cajun reports before he steps in front of Ororo and steals/gives her a quick hug. "Ah'm scared'a heights. Please don't let me evah go back onna ladder." The cajun whispers into Ororo's ears before he sneaks away.

    He leaves a moment or two to find a smaller broom, and the shuffling sound of the bristles on the concrete can be heard in the back as he's starting in the back and will be working his way forwards, doing this work with a bit of logic. At least.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smiles at Ororo as Remy passes on in to do the floor sweeping. "I got him o nthe payrole for this job and he's still hatin' every minute of it." She says looking over her shoulder at him. "Never worked a honest job in his whole liiiiife." She teases the Cajun with a snicker before she turns around and jams a hand down in to her jeans pocket. She reaches fo rher cell phone and pulls it out, then flips it on.

As she walks back in to the garage she starts to tap away at the screen. "I'll order us some pizzas though." She tells them both. "If ya wanna stick around and eat with us, STorm, up tya, Sugah." She says playfully back to the woman while she finds aplace to park herself, sittin gon the edge of Scott's car's trun, with her right leg up.

Tap tap tap tap tap tappitay tappity tap.

"We're almost done anyway. We just gotta move those boxes out to the street." She says, referring to a stack of them by one of the garage doors in this fancy fancy posh garage.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo blinks and looks over at Rogue, then back to Remy, wondering if he was in fact serious and if Rogue knew. Fears and phobia's weren't something to be played with, nor used to 'feel brave' while pushing at the boundaries of. If someone told her to enter a cave, she'd have a number of choice words to share about how that wasn't happening.

No entirely certain where she can help, she will start hauling out any garbage that might be bagged, or moving garbage into bags. "You are most welcome, Remy," she does offer, still not certain if he was serious or not.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy plays it off as if he's as cool as a cucumber and always has been. Maybe that's why he's staying in the back, behind several cars and not readily visibel by the two x-women.

    Bristle bristle bristle, Remy's sweeping and being useful.

    His brown peacoat is folded up and left on the FRUNK of the green Porsche and the button up shirt he's wearing now has the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and is a clean shade of baby blue, looking almost old fashioned and dapper with his attire today.

    "An' of course, she's busy on 'er phone instead-a workin'! Remy calls out from the back with a laugh following his words, and if he could see her, she could bet she'd suddenly have a playing card land almost perfectly in her hair.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue senses Ororo moving past her and hears her gathering up the bags to take out to the trash bins just outside the garage doors. She smirks when she hears REmy chiding her for being on her phone.

"I'm orderin' dinner.... god." She replies. Once she has the order placed for delivery, she puts her phone away in to her hoodie and stands up again with a heavy huff and a stomp of her feet on the marble floor inside the garage.

"Okay, so these have gotta go.." She says to the boxes, pulling them away from the wall. She looks around inside of them. "The kids were supposed t'put the old car and motorbike parts in these..." She takes out some parts that are not old, and sets them aside, then picks up two of the boxes underher arms and holds them against her sides.

"Back in a jiff!" The Belle says, lifting up off of the ground and shooting out to the drive way with her hair flowing behind her, likely losing any playing cards that may have been nestled in amongst the locks....

Ororo Munroe has posed:
With the first set of bags removes, Ororo sets to bagging more items, listening to the two of them 'playing' with each other. The next set of bags are her next target, two at a time they are lifted and hauled out.

"You two are entertaining," she offers as she moves the bags. "It this sort of nit-picking common?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy watches Rogue zip out of the garage with her powers making the whole idea of chores something Remy is envious of. I mean, if you can fly and move quickly, wouldn't that mean chores could be done faster? Or so the Cajun presumes.

    "We're very entertainin' dear Ororo, but dang if she doesn't pick on me for not keeping up with her. She just does thin's dat takes mah breath away, and yet, it's all almost boring for her, y'know. Ah love her, Ah really do." It feels like he's about to say but, but he simply doesn't.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shoots down the driveway, flying so fast that the trees near the circle drive are left blowing in her wake! The little leaves twitch and flutter, rustle and bustle, as she zips down toward the gate.
She's out there, in the far off distance, going over the gate and setting the boxes down on the pick-up spot that is just beneath the round plaque with the Xavier's School logo set in to the bronze.

Then she soars back up and over the gate, only going way higher this time that leads her in an arch up up up, and down down down.

Her feet touche down on the driveway and she huffs out a heavy exhale, walking the rest of the 10 feet toward the open garage door. Her hands pull her hoodie and tank top back down over her waist line.

"Ya'll were talkin' about me, weren't ya?" She asks with a grin as she returns.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo pauses in what she's doing to look at Remy, then sets the bag down for a moment to around around the cars to where he is. "You know you can trust me right? You can tell me anything and I will not repeat it. Speak your mind before she gets back." She will wait for him to either speak or not, counting moments until Rogues return.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy gives a smile to Ororo as he leans the broom against Scott's car and walks up beside Ororo as they watch Rogue drop down from the sky, "Ah might, but when it comes t'er... She knows she's de light of mah life. She's got ma 'eart." Remy explains and bumps Ororo's hip with his own in jest. "We need t'get you a man, or woman, no judgement's from me." He winks and then steps away and out of the garage to intercept Rogue.

    "You know we were, saying how if ya keep breakin' the sound barrier near de mansion, we're all gonna get in a heap of trouble." Remy says, as he holds his arms out to wrap up Rogue in a hug if she'll let him.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo Munroe smirks at Remy as he gets all friendly, and clearly hasn't been around to hear the recent gossip. Her eyes shift to watch Rogue return, "Why yes, we were talking about you. Did you not tell Remy about Hank and I? I thought it was a school bulletin for over a week."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at the Cajun as he comes out with his arms wide open, like a Creed song.

"Uh huh." She says softly as she walks toward him like she's gonna hug him back, but at the last moment she ducks unde rhis arms and moves around behind him wher eshe slaps him on the tuckus with a loud *fwap!*

She laughs and starts to dart in to the garage then, because hey, she's still young and silly herself. Even if she's not a student here no more! "Pizza's on the way. Should go get some drinks and eat out here somewhere, now that the place is all presentable'n'shit." She says once back inside the garage.

She grins at Storm and pushes her sleeves on her hoodie back up to her elbows. "I got a Hawaiian Pizza. Pineapples... mmmm!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy misses the hug and gets a swat with a shake of his head and defeat in the way he drops his arms to his side. "Low blow Anna." Remy retorts.

    Moving back into the garage, Remy pauses at the door and looks at Ororo with a very VERY confused look across his face. "Wait wait wait." He demands.

    "We have a bulletin board?" The cajun asks, as if /that/ was the news to be worried about.

    Then his smile breaks and he nods towards Ororo, "You an' Hank huh... Ah'm sure Rogue'll ask details and she'll share your pillow talk durin' our pillow talk... dats how dat works, right?" The thief asks, sounding like an absolute novice.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo actually stares at Remy for a moment, something between not believing he said that and a desire to strike him with lightning... yes, somewhere between those. She slowly looks over to Rogue, so as /not/ to strike him with lightning. "You will not be hearing anything relating to pillow talk."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue walks over to where Remy is and she pokes him in the stomach. "Don't tease her. I think the two'a them is about as perfect of a couple as the world can put together." She says with a soft grin. Her eyes go over to Storm then and she gives the woman a big smile.

"If ya blast'im with lightning, he'll be whinin' all night long. Though he might get hair t'match mine. Then we can look like one'a those creepy brotheer-sister coupples ya see where you're like peerin' at them and... wonderin'."

The Belle leans back against Scott's car then and folds her arms over her stomach. "Who wants t'tip the pizza guy when he gets here. Or gal. could be agal!" She looks between the two of them. "Anyone wanna place a bet on if it's a girl or a guy?"