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Thor's Day Off
Date of Scene: 07 June 2021
Location: The Wick
Synopsis: Kaida gets to visit the Embassy! And eat for free!
Cast of Characters: Thor, Kaida Connolly

Thor has posed:
It's not even 10am. The Regular crowd has NOT shuffled in. But, there is Thor, Prince of Asgard, God of Thunder, sitting at the bar. He has a full tankard of something in front of him, as well as a couple of empty glasses. He leans in a little conspiratorially and says to the bartender, "You know, I picked the location of the Asgardian Embassy specifically because this bar opens at the proper time for drinking during the day." He takes a swig -- or, more -- and wipes his face with the back of his hand, grinning.

"Why is this place so empty?" He asks, jovially. The bartender -- on the early shift -- glares at the Asgardian a bit and replies, "It's 9:45 in the morning, that's why. Not even tourists are up yet." "Bah. *buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp* They'll learn."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
When you are a mouse girl with a metabolism that would make full size human Olympic athletes stare and a stomach that may literally be a magical blackhole, any port in a storm will do. So, after stopping a a robbery not far from here, Kaida needed food. Not wanted. Needed. As such when she saw the bar and sniffed the air, she reasoned they would have food. Having recently been given some money, Kaida is ready to try the proper way.

"One large pretzel and dip, please!" A small but strangely loud voice calls for Thor's right. The incredibly fast and silent mouse hopped on to the bar, unrolled the twenty she had strapped to her back and lays it on the counter before putting her hands on her hips. She then looks to the bartender with a wide smile and nods. Then she pauses. She blinks slowly and looks to her left and stares. She then stares more and then gasps and points, "HolyCrapYou'reThor!"

Thor has posed:
The loud voice coming from next to him gets Thor to look around a little confusedly, before he spots the mouse climbing up onto the bar. He stares at Kaida, then at his drink, and then at Kaida again, before he turns his gaze to the bartender, "When, exactly did you change your recipe to include hallucinogens?" he asks calmly, before the mouse creature turns and points at him. He narrows his gaze and leans in to inspect the creature before he replies, "I am known by that name, yes."

The bartender on the other hand -- a veteran of many, MANY health inspections from the Board of Health -- does not take the arrival of a mouse like person in his tavern all that well. "Hey get outta here! Shoo!" he shouts, going to find a copy of the Post to roll up and smack the girl with. Thor actually seems relieved at this, as it confirms he's probably NOT having some sort of mental break, and works to ward off the blows of the Post at the mouse girl. "Stop! Stop! I don't think this is your average street rat!"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Ack!" Kaida let's out a surprise and prepares by going into a fighting stance before looking to Thor and then zipping behind his large mug, "I am a paying mouse! Not a rat!" She then zips out briefly (a rather fast movement given the bit of a blur in her step), "And I should not be shoo'd or swatted at! I have money!" She points at the 20 and then huffs, preparing to take refuge once more behind the mug if need be.

"He nerve! I have fought Dr Doom," added quieter," 's bot" and then back to normal voice, "Ya know! I am a great hero!"

Thor has posed:
"Yes, this...creature has fought a Doom...bot.." Thor adds to the Bartender, who has stopped swatting for a moment. "Look..buddy...I just work here but the Board of Health aint big on rodents hanging around somewhere serving food and drink. You want to have a conversation with Gadget here, you gotta take it outside."

At this Thor looks a little aghast, he would have to stop drinking before noon. On his day off! The indignity. He hrmphs, and then downs the remainder of his tankard in a series of mighty gulps. "Fine. I will go and find out if my mead shipment has arrived. But, you will be hearing from me...later..." he says, standing from his seat and looking down at the mouse girl before he holds out his hand for her to climb up on, "You should meet a friend of mine, the Ant-Man isn't as sad or pathetic as everyone makes him out to be."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
An absolutely taken aback huff comes from Kaida and she grabs her money and rolls it up before putting it to her back and shaking her head. She then leaps to Thor's hand and turn back to the bartender.

"I'm probably cleaner den any of da people ye 'Ave in here normally!" She points at him and nods, a great deal of Irish brogue jumping into her voice before she huffs again and then looks to Thor. She blinks before nodding her head.

" You mean Dr. Pym? He is cool! I met him once. He was there when I faced off against my greatest foe." She nods and then looks forward and frowns, "Uh, sorry about ruinin' your day off."

Thor has posed:
"The mead shipment should have arrived by now at the Embassy, and if not, I will simply take the Bifrost to Asgard and drink it there directly." Thor says, perhaps grumbling a bit more than he intended. He then laughs at the question about 'Dr. Pym', "I do not believe that is the name he is going by currently. Though, maybe he stole Dr. Pym's identity...it would...explain...a lot actually.." He ponders that for a moment as he walks across the street -- ignoring the NYC traffic as he does -- before he asks, "What is your greatest enemy? A particularly high ledge?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Oh, judge me by my size, you do." Kaida nods and points at him, "I did fight a Doombot, ya know!" She nods her head, "And the Punisher!" She nods again and crosses her arms, "As for Antman, do you mean that other guy who isn't Dr Pym?" She asks and shakes her head, "Don't know him." She then considers as she casually attempts to leap to his shoulder and sit down cross-legged.

"Asgard? Can I go?" She asks and peers at him. She leans a little toward his face, "I don't want mead but seeing that sounds super cool!"

Thor has posed:
Thor Odinson pushes the door to the Asgardian Embassy open and shakes his head, "No. You cannot go to Asgard. Not unless you are an...exceptional mortal. Which, as of yet, you do not appear to be." He then starts to walk up the well appointed stairs, heading for the second floor mead hall. He hmms quietly and goes back to the mention of the Punisher, "I cannot say I am aware of this person. What is it the Punisher has done to earn your ire?" As he asks this, he pushes into the mead hall, and then starts over to the bar. "A mead! And..whatever it is my mouse friend wants. Try and stop me New York City Board of Health."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A gasp and she stares, "I am a mouse person! Totally exceptional!" She is then distracted by them walking into the embassy. She stares around in surprise at how it looks and mouths out 'Wow' as they go. She grins a little stupidly till Thor speaks again and she flips off his shoulder to. land on the bar.

"Excepti-urgh" Her stomach groans and she flops on to her butt with a sigh, "So hungry! I haven't eaten in over an hour!" Kaida grumbles and then smiles at Thor's taunt of the board of health, "Here here! Bring me a plate of meats and cheeses." She then points, "And not a tiny one! A full sized one. I want all the meats and cheeses." She nods sagely.

Thor has posed:
"Possibly exceptional. The people of Midgard do not generally travel to our realm." Thor replies, "Unless there is a very good reason for it." Or, they have a spaceship that lets them do it.

He calls to the barmaid, "Wench! Bring my friend all the finest Asgardian meats and cheese they can eat! Your Prince demands it!" "I've told you a thousand times Odinson, my name is Inkeri!" The barmaid calls back, before she sighs and goes to fill Thor's order. When she returns she sets the plate in front of Kaida, and says, "A plate fit for a king," and then aside to Thor, "Not that you'd ever notice."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Totally exceptional and I have a good reason!" She nods her head, "Because it'd be cool!" She nods once more before. smiling at the interaction and eagerly awaiting her meal. Once it arrives, she grins wide and leaps up eagerly.

"Just a moment." Kaida then proceeds to grab some meat and cheese and then she is a near literal blur. Within seconds a good tenth of what was on the plate is going missing and she is standing beside it, sighing happily and licking her lips. She takes another piece of cheese and sits back down to idly eat it while conversing.

"Anyway, this is at least top five of my coolest days ever list."

Thor has posed:
The Asgardian watches in fascination as the mouse girl eats a significant portion of the meat and cheese. "That...is impressive," he concedes. He downs his tankard -- perhaps to make sure he's keeping up with mouse girl -- before he sets it down on the bar top, and then frowns, "That mead...was not the new mead. Barmaid! Has the new mead arrived from Asgard?"


"I, must sadly, take care of something. Apparently Aesir is sleeping on the job again." He stands up, and strides to an open bit of floor, and says, "Stay as long as you wish Mouse girl, just..don't fall in with Loki and his schemes. I will be back, sometime." And then, the hammer is thrust upwards, and a rainbow beam falls from the sky, to take him back to Asgard. It's pretty neat.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A smile is given to him as she takes another bite of cheese. She then pauses a moment as Thor gets upset about the mead and then she looks to the barmaid who yells and then back to Thor, "Aww, that's sad! I'll be sure to not help Loki or whatever!" She then waves a small hand at him as he goes before she sighs and shakes her head, "I'm gonna go to Asgard." She nods and sticks her tongue out at where he was before calling out, "Can I get some water?!"