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  Kaida Connolly  
Kaida Connolly (Scenesys ID: 321)
Name: Kaida Connolly
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Metropolis
Education: High School and some college
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 16 Aug 2001 Played By
Height: 6" Weight: 2 lbs
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A mouse girl, basically. She's small, only half a foot tall, and weighs in at a whopping two lbs. That and she shares a great many features with a mouse except she prefers two legs, has opposable thumbs, a bit more human face and overall is much more talkative and animated. A girl who used to be part of a big science project and had a future who was seemingly killed in a lab accident. She is now working on her own version of education and working to protect those around her.


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* 2001: Kaida Connolly is born to Sakura and Shaemus Connolly.

* 2006: Kaida's father starts to encourage her in martial arts and even starts training her what he knew of sword play, he also signs her up for fencing lessons once a week.

* 2011: By this time, Kaida is fluent in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Gaelic at this point. Her mother keeps pushing her to learn.

* 2012: Kaida starts High School three years early, having skipped a couple of grades.

* 2014: Kaida loses her mother to a rare heart condition. Her father starts to slip into alcoholism.

* 2016: Kaida graduates from High School while having also taken some college work. A project she was working on garners the interest of a group working in biochemistry and who has an interesting subject. When she arrives, she is initially simply treated as an intern, given limited access to materials.

* 2017: Kaida begins to work more closely with the scientists while working in college and discovers that the whole project, seems strangely focused on rodents. As she works, strange dreams begin. Later that same year, after a particularly strange dream, she finds a room similar to what she dreamed and slips inside only to find one particular mouse sitting in its own glass cage in the center of the room. Slipping closer, she has her first encounter with the Mouse Woman. A strange mouse with opposable thumbs who simply watches her as she watches back. Before any more can happen, she has to slip out as a scientist returns. Before much more can happen, however, what seems to be an accident takes place at the lab. She can't remember all the details but when she awakens, she's no longer herself. She's vastly smaller and much more...mouse like.

* 2018: Kaida, after having establishing herself a sort of base among some homeless folks, she attempts to reach out to her father. She finds out he has slipped further into depression and attacks her on sight, assuming her to be a halucination.

* Present Day: Kaida continues to operate quietly among the homeless of Metropolis (and elsewhere when it suits her) and offer them her protection.

IC Journal

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Kind, fierce, cocky, spunky, and add a dash of melancholy all are a good description for Kaida. Like many people, she's a mixture of all of it. She's a girl who seems to have lost everything who has chosen to make the best out of a bad situation. Partially out of not knowing what else to do and partially to completely avoid the fear that has settled into her since her father attacked her. She was raised to help people and so she is protective of her new home. It might be an abandoned building but the people there care for her and she cares for them as such. She cares for family and wants to be helpful. She wants to learn and grow and become and yet she worries she'll never become much due to her changes. Further, she continuously avoids her father because she's worried about what might come of them meeting again.

Despite all this conflict, she puts on a brave front most days. Spunky, talkitive to those who will listen and take her seriously. She tries to spend her days smiling and treating people well. Helping where she can and keeping busy. Those that know her would think she's happy as can be at her size and shape but secretly she kinda wants to just be back to normal and go home to her dad. For now, she's doing what she can.

Character Sheet


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She's far more flexible than most any not just in the idea that she can do the splits. Given her mousey demeanor, she can actually fit into basically any space that she can get her head into.

Physical Enhancement:
Despite her size, she can actually lift right around 20 lbs, is incredibly tough for her size, capable of withstanding upwards of 15 to 20 tons of force, and is incredibly agile to the point where she can easily dodge low speed projectiles. She's actually fast enough to dodge someone firing a gun if she's capable of seeing the shooter and the gun. In small bursts and in straight lines she can hit speeds that fall just short of the speed of sound (500 to 600 mph). She can actually maintain a fairly impressive speed of around 50 to 60 mph. For her, moving at that speed is similar to someone doing a solid run. She can maintain it without hestiation for up to 30 minutes but mainly cause she needs to eat. Due to her enhanced speed, agility and strength, she can jump far greater distances than even a normal human can, capable of clearing 15 feet in a straight up leap without even a running start.

One last strange thing is her digestive system. It's like she's a blackhole for food. She seems capable of packing away more food than her body has any business doing, capable of eating over half her bodyweight in food without stopping.

Her sense of smell and hearing are enhanced greatly, as powerful as a mouse's sense of smell and hearing. She can pick out scents across an entire room and use scent to find someone or something as easily as someone might use sight. Her hearing is not simply enhanced as far as distance goes (capable of hearing most sounds throughout an entire house) but her frequency range is greatly increased to hear from 1000 hertz all the way up to 90,000 hertz. As such she can not only hear at a distance but pick out very quiet sounds as well as incredibly high pitched ones.

Teeth and Claws:
Ok, her claws won't be doing anyone any real damage as they are far too small for that but they do give her an uncanny climbing ability to the point where she can climb basically any surface that isn't sheer (such as glass or metal) by grasping any tiny imperfection in the surface and scrambling up. Her teeth, while not built for damage are incredibly sharp and not anything that you'd want chomping into your flesh, especially with a bite force that can exceed 13 kg over a very tiny area.

Being small has its advantages. At only 15 cm tall, she can slip into many places that people can't and easily slip by people that might otherwise see someone of normal size. Further she's just generally a harder target to hit due to size alone. Not to say being small doesn't come with its weaknesses, but the advantages are there and she takes them.


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She's been focusing much of her time to increasing her knowledge in biochemistry by sneaking into more advanced classes and learning what she can. She has a strong knowledge of biochemistry, already having been through many required classes before she left high school and would probably have started work on her Masters within a year if not for the accident. She has worked to keep up even though she can't be graded or anything of the like.

She has a great deal of basic knowledge of fencing and traditional sword fighting. She has also been taught to throw basic kicks and punches. She hasn't been in very many real sword fights outside of practice and a couple of tournaments. She has used her skills to fight some street riff raff but has no real experience. She also has started to learn how to use her speed and agility along with her durable form to not just cut but also simply slam into people. Overall, she's a skilled novice but learning in the area of combat.

While by no means a super genius, she's a very smart girl. She skipped many grades to go into high school early and took a great deal of college credits while in high school. She was accepted into an internship right out of high school and was showing a great deal of promise in the field of biochemistry prior to the accident that put her life on a different track.

She is fluent in English, Gaelic, Mandarin, and Japanese. She has a beginning understanding of Spanish, French, and German though she never got far with any of them. She has a natural talent for languages, picking them up much faster than most and able to swap between them quickly.

While she has no formal training in stealth, between necessity, her size, and abilities, she has an incredible talent for stealth. Most already don't look down to begin with but her abilities further enhance things. Due to her speed and agility she can move between hiding spots fast enough to likely not even be noticed. Her size allows her to find more places to hide and move locations to move through than most could.


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Custom Pack & Clothes:
A sweet older homeless woman was able to sneak a bit of cloth and string and fashioned her a little backpack. It's big enough that she can pack in quite a bit of food into it and yet it still sits on her well enough to not get too much in the way when she's running. A custom backpack for a mouse girl. Further, she made a nice little cloak, shirt, and pants for the girl out of available scraps.

Thanks to a kind hearted young man, she has a sword that is fairly unique. It looks like nothing much more than a simple piece of metal that has been fashioned into a blade and with a grip wrapped in a thin strip of leather. The blade itself is incredibly tough, the young man fashioning it out of a piece of tempered steel. He worked hard on it and between the material and its size, it is very tough piece of metal.


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This is a bad thing for her. She's a tough little thing and can do more damage than most people ten times her size but she is still very tiny and very weak comparitively. She is beyond brave and it can get her into many situations that are far over her head.

She eats...a lot. Mice eat a lot during a day and she's amplified in that respect. She eats upwards of four to five lbs. of food a day and sometimes more if she's using her powers actively. She gets hungry fast and typically eats hourly, often keeping snacks nearby or with her so she can always have something to gnaw on. If she goes too long without food she can start to get exhausted fast if she is actively using her powers to move quickly. Her powers convert food quickly in her stomach to stored energy that is pushed into her very dense form, giving her the ability to eat far more than her size should allow.

Her Father:
Her Father is still out there, wishing his daughter wasn't lost to him in an accident and in a lot of ways she wishes she could go home to him. Frankly, in many ways she could but she is afraid to even try. Will she make things worse? Will he hate her? Blame her? Be terrified? Be broken by knowing the truth? It's just unclear to her and the thought of it haunts her.

She's insanely tough against impact forces and frankly, while she's not gonna be getting any papercuts or anything, she is far less resistant to being shot and even cut than her toughness belies. She can take being thrown or smashed against things but she's by no means built to withstand getting, for example, shot.

Her most obvious flaw is her size. Being only 15 cm tall means she simply can't do what larger people can do. She can lift twenty lbs. but anything larger is beyond her. She has to jump up or climb up to places that a normal person could just lean on. Everything around her is huge and nothing is really built for her size.

Seemingly, Kaida is stuck as a mouse girl. She isn't really sure how to turn back or even if she can ever turn back. As such she is very small (as mentioned in another weakness) and stuck looking like an anthromorphic mouse. She has made the best of the situation but it has been a rather guiding point in her life. She would like to pretend she has accepted her fate but a part of her really would like to get back to normal.



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Kaida Connolly has 48 finished logs.

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Kaida Connolly has 48 finished logs.

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