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Just a Bit Outside
Date of Scene: 24 June 2021
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: Remy has a bet with Rogue and looses IMMEDIATELY.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It's a beautiful day with immaculate weather and with the temperature just a bit too hot but the constant breeze being JUST right.

    Remy steps outside wearing the Yankee's infamous away jersey, plain grey with navy blue lettering on the front that reads "New York" with white boarder, and none of the buttons done up, so the jersey is like a jacket over a black under shirt, and a pair of simple pants.

    The cajun has a glove on one hand with a gathering of baseballs in the pocket and a bat in the other hand resting on his shoulder. "You throwin' firs' o' me? Cause Ah t'ink Ah can take ya yard, and to spice thin's up lets put a bet on it." The cajun winks.

    "Looser, 'as to clean an' mop... Cerebro. Cause you an' I bot' know 'Wheels' ain't keepin' up on his chores."

Rogue has posed:
It had been on the jobs board this morning, for Rogue, to mop not just Cerebro but most of the base down beneath the school. She'd been with REmy when she'd found the posting and just groaned at it, and now they're here.

A playful bet!

Rogue is wearing jeans shorts and her red Cardinals jersey with a red hat on her head her hair tied back in to a ponytail. She's got her hands on her hisp as she snickers at the Cajun. "Ain't no way I can lose this, ya know?" She asks him.

"Just gotta make sure ya know that." She adds as she dorps her hands from her hips and walks over toward the baseballs. She picks up some of them, three in total and spins around around in her hands. Her eyes go over to him then.

"You gonna bat first?" She asks him. "We need a catcher, who would be brave enough for that though?" She holds a grin as her white bangs flow around her face in the summer wind out from under her St Louis themed hat.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah been t'inkin' about dat for a loong while now amour." The cajun says, rolling the bat off his shoulder to use more like a cane as he shows off his big brain for Rogue and then points with his glove, before shaking it off and tossing it towards Rogue, at a contraption he must have spent some time setting up.

    "It's a big stop... Ah went to home depot and got a whole buncha wood and stuff and made a ... well a big catchers mitt to catch whatever stupid heat you feel like throwin' at me."

    Remy pushes off the bat and moves over to stand in front of the big wall of foam and plywood and who knows what else, but it's just a big block of material expected to stop Rogue's fast ball.

    Swinging his bat slowly and practicing as he takes his spot, Remy goes over the rules, "Three strikes is an out. If you hit the ball and it stays in front of the pitcher, that's an out. After each out we switch batter and pitcher. Each hit over or past the pitcher is a run. Who ever has the most runs after two at bats, wins. Got it?"

    The cajun hopes that explains enough as he widens his stance and sets the bat behind his head, ready to try this outrageous and stupid idea of his.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks at the contraption that he built. "I didn't know you knew how t'use tools..." She says with a sly grin on her lips. "Well this changes everythin' about our relationship, now I know who t'go to t'make me things."

At his rules, the Belle softly shakes her head side to side. "I din't listen to a word'a that, I'll admit it." She teases him as she takes hold of the balls and carries them off away from him quite a distance.

When she sets them down again she turns back to face him and tosses two of the three she had back in to the pile of others. "I'm not gonna try'n throw'em too face, I don't want them goin' through your squishy soft body!" She calls out across the space between them over the green grass.

Of course there are some other students outside watching from the balcony patio back at the school, and more off walking around the lake area too, but most are inside with the air conditioning and video games...

Rogue rolls the baseball around in her bare hands and throws it up in the air a few times before catching it. She looks over at him and adjusts her hat to block out the sun, then shouts out. "Here comes!"

A second later and she's pitching a fast ball at him! It's real fast too, because even at her trying not to be fast, it's still gonna be pro-baseball speeds!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy lifts his front leg to get some momentum behind his swing, the motion of his leg going down, and his hips twisting, and his arms dragging would get a as much power behind the barrel of the bat as he can muster.


    Remy blinks once and starts to put his foot back down, and lower the bat. He's looking towards Rogue as he does this, but then he turns his head and there's a large white marble on the ground next to his feet and a small dent in the plywood behind his head. He looks back to Rogue and shakes his head, "I t'ought you said you weren't throwin them too fast..."

    Shaking his head some more to get the fear out of his brain, he brings the bat back up and gets ready again to swing at what she's throwing at him. "Do that again..." He requests.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue winces at the wild ball and she holds her hands up over her hat for a second. "Okay, well..." She hears him calling back to her...

"I haven't had a chance t'warm up!" She defends herself. "Maybe you should get a helmet?" She asks him then and points toward the garage around the pathway to the west where the backdoors to the garage lead inside it.

"There's football helmets in there, they might help keep ya safer?" But she's walking over to the balls again to grab another one. "How much did all'a this cost?!" She shouts, not reallye xpecting an answer.

With one more ball in hand now, Rogue plucks her sunglasses up out of her tanktop's hem from under her jersey and puts them on to further block otu the light rays. She walks back toward him then and bites down on her bottom lip for a second.

"This one will be slower!" She shouts before winding up again and, using her left leg to help balance her motion and make it smooth and on target, right down the 'plate'.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The cajun lowers the bat as she's talking and he's about to respond, when he simply shakes his head, "Ah t'ink a helmet would be worse... Ya'd make a dent and Ah'd be dying slowly because of it insteada you just killing me quickly." The cajun winks.

    Was he playing or was that serious?

    "Right down the middle ya pansy." He says, getting into the spirit and readying his bat over his shoulder again.

    This time he can get into the swing, but it's still faster than most anyone else here. Maybe a good 80+ MPH.

    She's got a cannon!

    The cajun takes a HUGE rip of his bat, but the only sound is the wind off his wood and her pitch cracking against the large wooden brace. Surprisingly doing a good job of catching the pitches from the Mighty Woman.

    "Damn. ... 2 Strikes... C'mon, lets see your high heat."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches him swing and miss which has her grinning. "I mean, ya got pretty close that time." She tells him then from across the distance between them. She's got her sunglasses on now and her eyes go up to the balcony.

"Hambone!" She sees him up there. "Put down the M&Ms and go get Remy one'a those foozeball helmets from the garage? They're hanging up on the hooks by the door."

The portley student grumbles but stops leaning on the railing and goes to jiggle-jog his way down the stairs and around the pathway to the garage, one of the other kids following him because they all run together like thieves around here.

Rogue grabs another ball then and paces back to her spot where she's pitching from, a small shoe laying there from one of the younger students who must've left it outside. She kicks the shoe a few feet back and then steps around behind it and lines up for another pitch...


The Belle's body winds up and tosses the ball again!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah told ya Ah Ain't Wearin' A 'Elmet." The cajun notes as he rolls his eyes, and even at this distance and even with his mutation of nearly all black eyes, it's STILL visible.

    The man looks behind himself and points at the kid and shouts, "You get a helmet and you'll have to dust the stairs!"

    Then he turns his attention back to Rogue and the subject at hand. Kickin' her -


    The cajun shakes his head and takes a deep breath. He didn't realize his fingers were holding the bat so tightly. He releases his grip and his knuckles start to get some blood in them again.

    "... Ah know you're still holdin' back Anna." Remy says as he starts to walk out towards where she's pitching from. Seems he's conceeding the at bat to her. "Struck me out, now it's my turn." The cajun notes as he holds out the bat to Rogue, "Next inning, cause Ah know Ah'm gonna strike you out, you have to really throw the damn ball. Ah didn't build that t'ing for you to NOT use it." He says with a swat of his hand before slipping the one glove they have off her hand and walking away to the 'pitchers mound'.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue relinquishes the gloves to Remy with a smile and reaches up to boop his nose with her right forefinger. A quick touch, nothing dangeorus! Switch or not. She takes the bat too and starts to walk toward the batting area, her eyes on the catching box that he built. "Gotta say, this thin is pretty nice. So long as I don't throw too wild past it, or. well, you too. The balls will end up in the lawn mower then." She says as she reaches the batting plate and turns around to face him.

She tests the bat in he rhands, holding it low down by the end of it. "I've never done this before, so don't judge me." She tells him from over the distance.

A single practice swing is taken, slowly, just feeling it, followed by two more....

She bites her bottom lip again and shakes her head side to side. "Okay, I'm ready!"

Hambone reappears beside Remy, running toward him with the helmet. He holds it out for Remy. "Here." He says breathlessly, but drops it just before Remy could reach out to take it. Because... well, he's a jerk that way.

Hambone cackles and runs back toward the patio stares with his friends.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy walks to the 'mound' as designated by a shoe... of all things, and he scuffs at the grass with his shoe, looking down, and speaking to himself. It's visible that he's doing so because his mouth is moving. He's holding a ball in the pocket of the glove and working on his grip, hiding it from the opponent. Rogue.

    Remy is snapped out of his trance by Hambone and he kicks at the kid as the little dude drops the helmet and runs away. "Ya turd!" Remy calls out.

    A few moments are taken to get him back into the mindset and he's watching the spot where he wants to put the ball.

    "'Ere it comes!" He calls a warning before his foot lifts and swings out towards Rogue-The Batter. The front foot starts to drop as his body twists and tenses, gaining momentum from the foot, up his leg, through his core and to the awkward sort of twist of his arm to the tip of his finger as he lets the ball go to the space just beside Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs at Hambone's antics and shouts after him. "You're the worst!" She teases the chubby kid as he boudns back toward the patio area to watch them from the area above the yard.

She looks back at Remy then and waits for him to get ready once more before she holds the bat over her right shoulder and stares off to her left... waiting for it.

When the ball comes, Rogue swings and connects!

The crack echoes out across the yard getting everyone to look their way, and some even can see the ball get sent flying. The kids all gawk and some say 'Wow." and the ball? Well it's just gone...

Not completely out of sight, it can be seen falling back amongst the Breakstone forest trees out to the west of the lake. Good luck ever finding it again, tha twould've left Yankees stadium!

Rogue, smiling ear to ear, just bounce sup and down on her heels a couple times, before she bows for the audience watching them.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's foot hits the grass and he has his head down and is about to drop when he hears that crack. That beautiful, hated, loved, revered, loathed crack. The hit was nearly pefect as she could have done it.

    Remy looks up quickly, to try and catch sight of the ball because this is special. This moment, there's power in it.

    But try as he might, he simply can't catch up and find the ball in the sky.

    Remy's jaw drops, and then the glove falls off his hand, and flops on the grass. The helmet is still rocking upside down, not settled yet, and Remy is dumb founded and in awe.

    "That's it. Get ove' here. You throw a ball at that as fast as you can. Ah'll stay right here behind ya..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is beaming with happiness over that hit as some of the kids from the patio are still cheering, telling her to do it again!

Remy's words has her eyes go to him and she smiles at him now. At least until he wants her to throw one at the top speed she can. "REally?" She asks. "You give up already?" She teases.

The bat comes down off of her shoulder and she walks toward him, swimging it at her side as she goes....

When she reache shim she smiles up at him and picks up one of the balls. "You want me t'throw this at my stop speed?" She asks him, making sure she understand him right. Her covered eyes look at the 'catcher' he built and she considers it. "I guess I can. The foam should absorbed it and it'll just bounce around in there... I assume. I don't even know what my top speed would be. We need one'a those speed-o-meter gun things..."

She hands him the bat then... and moves to prepare another throw.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm not spending a heck of a lot of money on building this thing for you, only for you to not use it." Remy says with a grin as he takes the bat and takes a step back.

    "Ah wanna know if this was the dumbest gamble I've ever made in my life." The cajun looks over his shoulder, half expecting to hear the ball drop into the trees, but he knows that ball will never be found again. "You're amazin' Anna."

Rogue has posed:
"Amazin' Anna would've been superior to Mighty Woman even." Rogue mutters with a smile on he rlips still as she prepares her throw.

When she tosses the ball, it's fast, really fast and it hits the back of the catchers box with a thud thump!!

The box itself is lifted up just a little before it flops back down on the ground and the ball comes bouncing back out of it on to the grass where it rolls halfway back tothem before stopping.

"Hey, it worked." Rogue says as she looks back to Remy and adjusts her hat again on her head. She is still smiling of course. "You took this bet cause ya knew I'd win." She says at him then stepping toward him and up close to him, smiling up at him. "You're butterin' me up, Mistah LeBeau." The Belle says in a sexy voice, even sexier than her normal voice!

Since they're up close and personal now, the kids on the patio start booing them. "Hit another one!" Hambone shouts.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm always butterin' you up." Remy says, lowering his voice to a drawl thick whisper as he pulls her that little bit closer, if she'll allow, she's the one wearing the super pants in this relationship anyways.

    "Ah tend t'know the vegas odds of any gamble Ah sign up for, dats true." He chuckles again and reaches up, maybe he's going to take a hold of her face and give her that passionate kiss, but he instead grips the brim of her cap and adjusts it on her forehead again before he steps away and marches towards the box he made to catch her pitches.

    "Help me put this thin' in the garage, or somewhere, we're gonna need it later."

    Hambone gets ZERO response from Remy.

Rogue has posed:
The smiling from the Belle continues up at the taller man as he adjusts her hat for her which ahs her falling back on to the heels of her tennis shoes. She smirks at him as he walks away from her then and her eyes look over to the kids on the patio. She waves at them. "I won our bet, we'll do more some other time. Before summer is out. Ya'll need t'come down her eand give it some swings yourselves. Put the damn phoens down!"

More booing from the cheap seats.

Rogue waves a hand at them and carries the bag of balls over to where the catching box is and she dumps them insid eit before getting the one that was on the grass. She joins Remy then. "Ya did good with this thing though, but I bet it gets broken down for partrs cause people thin kit's a shippin' crate for some kinda exercise machine or somethin'"

She'll of course help him drag it toward the garage if that's his goal!