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Digging in
Date of Scene: 06 July 2021
Location: April and Harley's Apartment.
Synopsis: April and Harley dig into what they retrieved from their warehouse raid and consider what next steps to take. But pork chops turn into the priority.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, April O'Neil

Harley Quinn has posed:
So it was that they had returned from their little exploration to a creepy warehouse on Gotham with a laptop and some papers. The laptop had been sent to one of April's friends to be hacked in, which had promptly brought up a comment from Harley. "Ya're a bigger criminal than I am! Knowin' all those hackers!" not that Harley didn't know a few! But no need to bring *that* up...

But now the laptop was back, unlocked, able to be explored. As for the papers? They were spread about the ground as they were ready to dig in and figure out more of the mystery around the Rat King and what they had discovered back at the warehouse...

Harley was taking a peek from afar, letting April do most of the investigation, it was her schtick after all! Being the investigative reporter. Harley was handling the drinks and hovering around April's shoulder like a clownette shadow of doom, ready to chime in as April needed..

A roaming Lou was sniffing at one of the papers spread on the ground, then looking at it as if contemplating a great mystery of the universe. Next step? It'd most likely start chewing on it.

April O'Neil has posed:
April doesn't have a work space in the apartment any more, her office had become Harley's bedroom. So her work had started on the living room sofa and coffee table, but once she started printing off so much stuff that she had to make stacks of things to set around on the table, it all bled over on to the floor.

This is where April is now. She's sitting on the floor with her legs apart and hte laptop between them, wearing a pair of white gym shorts, a black tanktop and her black large framed glasses that her hair is tied back from to stay out of the way. She's looking around the laptop and using a program she installed to search for keywords.

She occasionally reaches over to pick up the drink refill that Harley brings her, and takes a piece of paper away from Lou before he starts to eat it, then sets them back in their proper stack.

She grins at what Harley says. "Yeah well... the truth is what matters most. If I get thrown in jail and forced to wear a striped suit the rest of my days, it's okay, so long as I get the truth out." She grins up at the other woman before ruffling the top of the Hyena's head to know she's not mad at him when she takes the papers back from him!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Mmmm, have I evah told ya..." And Harley leans in behind April after bringing in the next round of drinks for them. Beer this time! because alcohol helps in any investigation. It's proven. Scientific studies and all that. ".... that I just looove dorky glasses like the ones ya got?" a bit wide grin as her face appears suddenly next to April while she was looking over some papers. Is she teasing though? Or maybe making fun of those large black glasses? Maybe both!? Considering it's Harley it may even be something totally different...

She sets the beer in front of April then brings her own to her lips, settling on the ground next to the other woman, legs crossed under her. "And don't worry..." she takes another long drink from her beer, "If ya get arrested I will pull you out.." and she most likely can considering her track record on evading prison! "We'll go Shawshank on theah asses..." a smirk.

The first lookover at the papers has been revealing some kind of connection between that warehouse and the Foot. Or remnants of it. The illusive clan that had assailed the turtles in the past. They did come across a few of them during their exploration but now they were getting confirmation on their involvement. How deep though? That was still to be discovered. But more troubling were the indications that the place was being used for nefarious purposes. Gene splicing, investigation. First look-in seems like someone was wanting to replicate what had happened with the Turtles.

April O'Neil has posed:
The bit about the glasses has April smiling while reading, she's a good multitasker after all. She shakes her head at the prison stuff though. "I'd prefer not to do any of that, but if it comes down to it... I mean, nobody can deny your ability to get out of jail free. You got the Monopoly game figured out, Harls."

The empty coffee mug is pushed aside, it's not morning anymore, not even afternoon anymore... so it's beer time. She picks up the bottle and takes a swig from it before she sets it down again and adjusts those glasses on her head once more, repositioning them on her nose. "I was told that if I wear glasses now, it'll save my eyes in the long run. But... that's probably fake like all the other news out there." She grins over at the other woman as she sits down beside her.

"Look." April says, picking up one of the pieces of paper and handing it to Harley. "I think they're trying to make their own version of the Turtles, in-house. I mean, we saw one of their experiments first hand, right? They're... fuckin' with people's genetics." She curses a lot more these days, thanks for that too, Harley!

Lou gets another head pet with her left hand as she scrolls down on her laptop and starts printing another several pages. "We've got the motherlode on these guys, I think, though. And there's probably more contacts we could look in to here too... if we felt like more B and Es." She smirks at that.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Mistah J always got mad when I won at Monopoly... sore loser!" So says the harlequin. It had been a while since she had talked about that guy and now it just comes out of the blue. Still Harley smiles and continues on looking at the papers and laptop screen, the two hyenas moving grumpily to settle down next to Harley now that they have been brushed away from eating paper! They'd probably thank April later for not being on a non-stop bathroom request or leaving presents around. But for now..., grumpy!

Harley leans over to take a look at the paper April shows, squinting her eyes, "Yea. .., seems as if someone was gettin' funded by the Foot ta lead whateva research they wanted. And in this case, against theah enemies. I wondah if that crocodile face guy and the Rat King came from the same kinda experiment. Maybe..." that makes her consider for a moment. "Why would the Rat King be targettin' the turtles in such a manner though? Some kind o' revenge?"

"Something just sounds weird heah..." Lou seems appeased by the head pats and starts getting less grumpy but is still eyeing the various research pages as if perhaps thinking he may get a bite on them afterwards.

Harley peeks back up at April. "Oh? Got a likin' into breaking into private places, did ya?! Ya criminal!" she laughs.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is sipping from her beer as she holds the paper up for Harley to read. She considers the Joker for a moment... she has questions about him she's never asked, but she still isn't comfortable asking them. He's a big deal to Harley and April can just feel it, so she leaves well enough alone.

"Well.." She grins as she sets the paper back down where it was from. "Admittedly, I was breaking in to places before we even met." She says with a grin at Harley, because she's being proud of her illegal ways now. "It got me in to some sticky situations, to be sure, but I always found a way out, somehow. Especially once I had the turtles backing me up some."

She lowers the bottle of beer down and reaches for another paper that is about the Leatherface monster. She hands it over to Harley. "I think they wanted to kill the turtles, or capture them, for help with their research. It seems like they might be having trouble boosting the intelligence of their creations, but it's hard to tell from this medical jargon. I'm no medical expert.... Though that's what my dad wish I would've become. God rest his soul, of course." She smirks grimly then.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Both April and Harley have been spending time studying those papers they retrieved from their foray, along with the computer, April printing some of the files so they can peruse and look into them. So far? Seems they have been playing with genetics, or fucking with genetics as April says. Trying to copy the turtles' formula? But what is the final goal?

"Ya know, don't those Foot got a hard-on against the turtles foh a while now? Maybe they awhe developpin' it? Or hired someone foh it?" she suggests, rubbing the back of her neck thoughtfully. Harley's blue gaze continues to search through the papers soon after, frowning a touch at something and lifting one of the papers up to April. "This name heah, Victor Falco. Rings a bell?"

It doesn't ring a bell for Harley but it might for April, a medical doctor involved in a scandal about inhumane treatment of patients. It was a prominent case on the news a while back. The man has been missing ever since.

"Seems like he's one of the doctahs that was doin' the research theah.." She then looking at April and about her father having wanted her to be a doctor, "Well, ya would had looked sexy in a labcoat! But on the downside, if anyone wanted ta play doctors with ya it'd be sort o' a literal thing and ...." she turns her nose a bit at it. Trade-offs!

April O'Neil has posed:
April's eyes are on her work but her ears are on Harley, she smiles at some of what she says and laughs softly at that last part before shaking her head. "Yeah, I don't want to live my life in a lab coat. They're not very comfortable." She's apparently worn them before! She adjusts her glasses over her face again before she picks up another couple pages and offers them to Harley. "I mean, the classics are developing a serum that can be sold for massive profits to foreign nations looking to beef up their armies, and so forth. I Mean, I don't know if you've noticed, but the turtles are kinda jacked. Big ol' muscles and such, for teenagers..."

April shakes her head and sighs audibly before she takes her glasses off and sets them on the ground beside her thigh. "We don't have enough to make any cops raid that place though, and they've probably beefed up security since our little... snoop-around." She glances at the Hyena beside her, then over to Harley. "It was a good lead though, it's just hard to figure out what they're planning..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I mean, suwah I saw they weah jacked..., just thought it was due to their pizza diet!" But Harley winks. She is just joking, as she often does. "And I mean, could be. But they went and attacked you guys in the sewers so ..., seems like somethin' a bit moouh personal than just profit."

Harley pulls her legs under her, sitting cross-legged on the floor now, "Maybe we should look into the names we find heah then.. Like this guy Falco." she points out, waving the paper at April and giving it to the reporter.

"If he is behind this research he may even know who those guys are, like the big croc and the rat king. Or even the Foot!" The hyena next to April looks up at the glance, then to the papers. Can Bud eat the papers now? He certainly hopes so! He edges in closer, grinning hyena-like and sniffing at some of the papers on the ground.

April O'Neil has posed:
"Yeah, I've been meaning to look that name up and out more about him." April replies about the name that Harley indicates. "We've got a lot of names here that might be worth digging in to, in fact." She leans over her laptop again and moves the mouse pointer around to a folder that she's storing the most promising files in and opens it up with a double click.

"It did seem a bit personal, that night. I remember it pretty well and it was... just pure kill or be killed." She replies with a light sigh before she glances over at Bud and puts her hand on his face, over his eyes. "No eating the papers." She tells him. "We got some porkchops in the freezer I've been meaning to thaw out. Two of them for the hyenas and two for us." She looks over at them and /glares/ "If they behave, that is." She says in an authoritative tone!

Oh no!

She reaches for her drink then and raises it up to sip from it. Her eyes go over to Harley and she stares at her for a second. "You wanna take the lead on the next one?" She asks. "If we have to interview a guy that is. You're probably a lot more convincing than I am even."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Mmmm, pork chops... Harley licks her lips at the same time that the two hyenas do so. Maybe they are in some kind of hive mind! Scary .... The clownette looks towards the kitchen, then back, grinning wide. "Behavin' uh? But now we know wheah you stashed the loot! Rookie mistake, April!"

So much for that authoritative tone! Not that they go and 'attack' the freezer, instead remaining by, behaving somewhat even!

As for that last question? That makes Harley blink. "Sure, I can do it.., are you gonna be the sexy secretary this time? But I suppose it depends on who we go talk to, I sorta stand out, so people may be recognizing me easily, but we'll see!" she then leaning closer to April, "Afraid we go talk with anotha Hannibal Lecter or somethin'" she laughing out at that, "That guy got so scared of you!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April flumps backwards against the sofa chair behind her, then picks up the laptop and sets it off to the side so whe can extend her legs out in front of her and wiggle her toes isnide the socks she's wearing. She laughs softly. "No eating frozen things out of the freezer either." She tells Harley and her hench-hyenas. "We'll thaw them and cook them like civilized criminals." She says with a grin shot over to her roomie and the two sets of eyes upon her from the four legged ones.

At the talk of the sexy secretary role and the creepy insane asylum man, April mutters. "He was terrifying." She says. "Last thing I want is to be remembered by a guy like that. I don't need to have him call me and ask me to come see him again or something." She says with a smirk.

April pulsl her legs up then, her knees rising and her feet going flat to the floor. "We'll have to find out about this next guy though, see what kind've approach would be best. Maybe we'll be Cheerleaders with pom poms, or show up in Hazmat suits, who knows what the best angle will be." She states with a grin as she picks her glasses up and puts them on her hairline over her forehead.

"Whatever it takes, Harley! To make sure the turtles are safe..." That's her motivation here, right?

Harley Quinn has posed:
"We make no promises if the food doesn't start gettin' ready soon..." Though as for being civilized criminals? "I see ya've finally accepted about bein' a criminal like the rest of us. I knew it! You love breaking and entering!" a triumphant grin on Harley's expression when she says that.

"He was scared of us.." She then finally points out, getting up to her feet and stretching, all the way up to her tiptoes, "He's just a little baby rat." she shakes her head a little, "And yea we will figure somethin' up, Hazmat suits sounds like fun. A bit stuffy to do on summer though." got to think about that comfort after all! "But maybe we can look into his family or somethin', we'll see!"

Though now she does appear sort of eager to go get those pork chops ready! "And don't worry, we will get to the end of this."

April O'Neil has posed:
April hears the protests from Harley and knows she's the mouth-piece of the Hyenas, she exhales so hard! "Fine fine." She states as she slips up on to the sofa chair and then stands up fully. "Come on then." She leaves the papers on the ground, which will probably be a huge mistake...

Once in the kitchen, she pulls the food out of the freezer and takes it to set them on a plate and put in the sink. "We probably have time to go on a walk with the boys, if you all are up for that." She tells Harley before going to the cabinets to get some stuff out to prepare for the meal in a bit.

"I'm excited about this lead though, all of this was a big win, I think. And yes... I do like breaking in to places." She announces! "If they /deserve it/." She adds though with a side-glare. "Some places really do deserve it too... with all this shady shit going on... it needs to be exposed, right?"

For truth and justice! Or just for the hrill maybe... April is a bit of a thrill chaser...