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It's A Training Montage
Date of Scene: 22 July 2021
Location: Workout Room
Synopsis: James Proudstar and Rogue visit the Workout Room, where Jubilation Lee is training for a fight. Cameo by Noriko Ashida. The gang discusses their feelings about the recent visitors from the Brotherhood.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Rogue, James Proudstar, Noriko Ashida

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    When you consider her storied life and devotion to that 'sugar as a food group' lifestyle, it could be easy to forget that Jubilation Lee was originally a U.S. Olympic team hopeful. Her sport? Gymnastics. It has certainly informed her fighting style, but today, it has taken over the workout room. Any hope for a traditional workout has been clobbered by Jubilee's latest nonsense. The different workout machines and mats and things have been arranged to form what could only be described as an obstacle course. There's an obvious path in the madness and anyone entering would see Jubilation Lee currently doing her best to navigate the iron jungle, dressed in the tightest, skimpiest workout outfit that could still be considered an outfit.

    Jubilee leaps, both hands out, from a pummel horse and grabs hold of a pull-up bar. She uses her momentum to flip over it and land gracefully on the seat for a chest press machine. At the end of the obstacle course? A punching bag with a head that has been painted purple. In Jubilee's teeth? A s'more.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wasn't aware of the Jubilee Workout Montage that was going on in the large basement workout room. Once used for storage of all manner of things the room was renovated a number of times to bring it up to a modern gym level of standards for the students at Xavier's. There's another gym in the X-Men base but its a bit more clinical in design and less relaxing / comforting as this more posh style of design yields.

Dressed in a sports bra with a tanktop over it, a pair of gym shorts with tennis shows on, Rogue strides in to the work out room tying her hair back in to a bun on the crown of her head. She pauses when she sees the activity in the room and just shows a big amused smirk as she finishes tying her hair back.

"Push it to the limit!" Rogue shouts toward Jubilation.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar wanders in sniffing the air, looking perplexed. He isn't dressed to work out any more or less than he usually is. Wearing light cargo shorts, with a woven belt, a pair of sneakers in a style usually reserved for trail running and a solid navy blue pocket tee in a size that probably has a Tyranosaurus in front of the X but still seems tight on his extremely muscled frame. "I have been smelling s'mores and it has to be coming from this room... " He waves absently to the ladies, until he spies the S'more. "Ah-Hah!"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation looks over her shoulder at James and his interest in the s'more. A faint growl putters from inside her throat. "Fineeeeee," she drones before pulling the s'more out of her mouth. She's about to give it to James but... wipes some of the stickiness against her neck, just near her ear. Then, and only then, is it offered for James to take. She looks from Rogue, to James, to Rogue, to James. "What?" she demands. After just a moment, Jubes shrugs. "It's like perfume in case she comes down."

    "Okay, so, here's what you do..." she begins explaining, assuming that James and Rogue are here to take part in the Iron Jungle. "You start /there/ and you gotta get through the whole thing... all the way over to /there/ without touching the floor. Standard floor is hot lava stuff. And then, at the end..." Jubes points to the punching bag with the purple face. "You go totally sickhouse on /her/."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hadn't noticed the S'mores scent. She doens't have a super powered nose. She looks over to James as he moves in behind her to the gym and she grins at him. "There? Oh." Rogue notices just as Jubilee is putting the... what is she doing?

"I'm startin' t'wonder if Youtube is effectin' the student body a little too much." The Belle says, figuring this is some kinda 'challenge' as seen on the popular website... it usually is that! Or Tik Tok these days!

As she walks toward the near-Olympian, Rogue folds her arms over her stomach and stares. "You did all this?" She asks, looking at the obstacle course. "Am I allowed t'fly?" She asks as she notes the purple hair on the punching bag. "You really don't like her that much?" She asks. "I don't think I've heard the full story on that..."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar watches the s'more then looks from Jubilee to Rogue, then shrugs and takes the s'mores, "As weird goes, not even a blip." Jim nods taking in the out lay of effort, with a pair of raised eyebrows. "Yeah... you have a lot of free time... " He takes a bite of the s'mores and chews thoughtfully, then nods and talks through a full mouth, "I mean I'm not a fan, but she did get hurt helping to free those kids from Hydra." Shrugs, finishes his s'more and walks towards the beginning with a shrug, "I'm in, that was good."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Rogue's comment about YouTube earns a good-natured eyeroll. "Look, Marie, you're not stupid. I'm not stupid. I'm going to assume you /know/ and have known for a while but haven't had the guts to ask me about it," Jubilee starts. "So, I'm just going to tell you that it's /true/ and it's /awesome/." She shrugs her shoulders and reaches up to smear the s'more goo into her skin. "And, you know, I'm hot and everything, probably the hottest, but there's no shame in fixing the race a little."

    Jubilee hops off the chest press machine and walks over to the punching bag. She reaches out with both hands and shakes it, testing to see if it'll hold up to punishment. "I don't care," Jubes answers simply, totally nonplussed about the comment about Hydra. "The Brotherhood ruined my life. If they hadn't been in DC, none of that stuff would've happened." She stares at the purple punching bag and suddenly jams a fist into it. And then another. She steps away from the bag and glances over at James. "Don't annihilate it until I've had a chance," Jubes adds while making her way back to the start of the course. "And no flying!"

    Jubes folds her arms across her chest. "I don't see why they need to be here. I don't know why we're letting them around the kids. I don't trust them," she says. "Around all those impressionable kids, too! I mean, not everyone is as smart as me!" She reaches up and rubs more of the s'mores goo into her skin.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her hands on her hips as she hears Jubilee respond to her, then hears James' bit to Jubes back. She looks between the two of them but ultimately grins at the S'mores stuff. Her hands come up to hold them out defensively. "Hey. I don't pry inta people's things." She says. "You wanna share, I'll always listen, but I don't pry and I don't judge." She holds a grin then.

She watches the eccentric Senior-to-be go to lay in to the punching bag and then hears the bit about the Brotherhood. "I ain't all that comfortable with it either. But I guess Raven gave a pretty empassioned speech t'the Professah. He's given them a chance, I suppose... trust me, I got my own beef with Mystique."

She exhales softly then. "Now I want S'mores..." Her eyes looking around for a plate or something of them, there /has/ to be right?

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sighs, and smiles, he laughs, remembering his own time with teammates, and how good it was in the moment, "You know like half the mansion can smell everything right? And the other half reads minds." He smiles innocently as he makes his way into the obstacle course.

    "Good, honestly, don't trust them. Remember that they were in DC, they were in Mutanttown and whatever game they're playing now, what they're up to is always three levels deep. I'm not sure what it was then, but the Irregulars were put together in reaction to what they amped up in mutant town and I'm not sure what role each of them plays." James shrugs as he makes his way through the course, people always assume his power is super strength but that's only part of it, a big part but he also has speed, quickness, agility and stamina. He moves through the course pretty easily, not showy about it or trying to make it look easy, he moves with a determination. "You don't have to like it, you don't have to make the the kids know that you like it, let them know you don't trust them, be honest and let the kids make their choices. They will anyway. I mean I was the guy who kept everyone in class the day Erik visited. You don't have to justify it with me. Jim makes the last vault but lands on the bench seat in a hand stand, not in a seated position. He pushes off brushes the punching bag with a foot as he comes down at the end of the course. "Nice course, J."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "What's to judge?" Jubes replies with a smirk. "I've never been happier... Or sadder. But, a good sad." It's the most sense she's ever made.

    Jubilation sighs softly. "Okay. So, I'm going to show you the secret stash. The emergency workout rations," she begins softly. "But!" Jubilee suddenly points a finger at Rogue and then James. "Not a single /word/ about it. No one knows, not even Nori! If anyone finds out, I'll know how! If you think I'm joking, just remember -- my fireworks /hurt/ now." With that established, Jubilee begins climbing one of the workout machines. Once she's at the top, she reaches up and presses away a ceiling tile. A plate with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows is pulled from the darkness. She hops down and holds the plate out for Rogue to take.

    Jubilee stares at James as he explains his own theory on the Brotherhood. "...See!" Jubes waves her hands at James while staring at Rogue. "He gets it!" She brushes both hands off and then slams her fist into an open palm. "Yeah, so, I'm going to kick her ass."

Rogue has posed:
Due to the nature of Carol Danver's borrowed powers (totally borrowed, she'll give them back someday!) Rogue doesn't really NEED to go to the gym. She just likes it cause its active and not lay about kind of thing to do. She's not really in to laying around and doing nothing all day, she barely even sleeps more than 4 hours a night.

She laughs as she watches the girl claim the plate from the secret compartment in the ceiling. "I wonder how much food is hiding behind walls and ceilin' tiles around here..." she quietly comments as the plate comes down and she accepts it and sets it down on the edge of a machine. She starts to put a smore together for herself.

One hand on her hip she bites in to it and watches James run the course. "Impressive." She says at him before she looks between the two of them. Her eyes drop to the marshmallow dribbling out between the choclate and graham crackers, her free hand coming up to pick at it a bit, taking a glob of the white goodness and dropping it in her mouth.

Her head shakes then. "I don't mind ya fightin', if that's what ya wanna do. I'd just say don't do it in the school, or in fronta lots of the young kids. Then we'll have lotsa fights that Jean'll have t'deal with, and then she'll get mean and everyone will suffer for it." She states with a sly grin for them both.

"That's how it works right? A butterfly effect?" Smore crunch, Belle lips moving as she enjoys the treat!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar shrugs and stretches, and swipes a s'more for himself, "Thanks, How do we melt them?" He looks around and sighs, "There's a lot. Mostly in the boys dorm. some in the teacher's area which is weird. The girl's dorm... this place isn't really that popular, but... " James goes around the room and digs up half a dozen secret stashes, one is moldy, "Yech!" He shake his head, "Like I said we can smell /everything/." He sets the little treasure trove down on the pommel horse.

     James pauses to look at Jubes hard, then nods to Rogue, "Yeah, everything Rogue said is true. Also be sure that the other brotherhood folks aren't here. Or if they are have back up, Logan, Piotr or myself if it's Creed, Rogue or Scott if it's Mystique." He nods, "Keep the odds flat, and if you want a refresher we can work with you." He's still holding that unmelted s'more.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee gives James a slightly worried look. He can smell... "Everything?" she wonders aloud. Worry about that later, Jubes.

    She reaches down and pulls the spandex of her workout shorts free from her buttcrack and walks closer to Rogue and James. "So, all those new rumors about my powers are true, so..." She reaches a hand out, somewhat hesitantly, and creates a few dozen tiny firework-like explosions in mid-air. They snap, crackle, and pop, and will roast marshmallows (and anything else) that gets close enough. "Go ahead."

    Still keeping her eyes on the explosions, Jubilee nods her head in Rogue's direction. "Yeah, it can't be here... So. You think it's a good idea, Rogue?" She sounds somewhat surprised. And then... Jubilee's eyebrows rise in astonishment. "Wait, really?" she says, staring at James now. "You all have my back?" It sounds like she doesn't believe it. She knows what a thorn in the side she can be to the teachers and faculty.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The world is Noriko's workout room, usually, but recently the speedster has at least done her upper body down here.  But truth be told, she's only been spotted down here once or twice...and then there's today.

In her own little speedy world, Noriko happens to arrive just in time to catch Jubes freeing her backside from her clothing.  To everyone else, she just ends up appearing to stand over Jubes' shoulder in the background but remains quiet to watch Jubilation as she demonstrates her powers.

"Have your back for what?"  Sniff sniff.  Today Nori might have been called to the workout room for reasons beyond her guns or lack there of.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at the talk of the fight and has to shake her head, her white bangs waving against her cheeks as she does so. "I don't support the fight, really. But, I get it. I wanna fight peopel all the damn time. Like the guy at the super market that let his kid just dump a jug'a milk on the floor and left it there spilling out all over the damn floor. I wanted t'fight him and his dumb hat."

With the supplied powers, Rogue picks up several marshmallows and holds them out to get them super heated before she sticks them on to the graham crackers to make a few more of the tasty smores.

"God, this is so much better than exercisin'." She states while Nori speeds in. Rogue's aware of her arrival but just stands there with fingers sticky and her green eyes on the tasty treats. "Jubilation is redefining exercise routines..." She tells Nori before plucking up another one to take a bite out of the corner of it!

"You could always try workin' things out with her through mature dialogue, Jubes." Rogue says with a smile toward her. She glances to James. "We can't encourage fights, right?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and snorts, "I'm pretty sure hitting things is my job. Well, I mean it always starts with the responsible dialogue but who am I kidding? I know what my role is." He shrugs, "Yeah, try to talk it out but I haven't been impressed by her listening skills, so... you want me to show you how to make a fist?" Jim is half kidding, he nods to Nori, though she's standing behind him and he hasn't turned around to acknowledge her entrance, "Ask your buddy. You gals are seniors now, you've been here long enough to be part of the family. Like I told Noriko, we have your back, and we'll tell you when you making a bad call, skipping class too much, picking fights you can't win. Yana, Sam, Berto, Rahne, Dani, Xian, Doug and Lock, heck even Kitty. We've been through it here, we do know, mostly, what it's like. So, try to work it out but if you can't... take it to Harry's, sometimes that's what it takes. I mean I came here looking for Charles' head and no he sends me out on special assignments, hopeless missions against impossible odds that- waitaminute." James manages a grins and scarfs down a smore, holding another one into he fire. He isn't particularly bothered by the display of fireworks, "Nice control, Jubilation."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Startled, Jubilee turns her head a little to take notice of Noriko standing over her. She grins the most genuine of smiles and tilts her head to the side, allowing the sticky side of her neck to be more prominent. Her eyes lift to watch Rogue again. "Jeez, Marie, how many people do you want to fight?" she asks, smirking a little.

    James might not be concerned about the fireworks, but Jubilee is. She allows them to exist for exactly enough time for Rogue and James to brown their marshmallows before they explode into nothingness. "Yeah, thanks," she replies to his comment about her control over the fireworks, wanting to discuss them no further. Ironically, it's the Brotherhood's influence in this world that led her to discover these new abilities.

    At the offer of showing her how to make a fist, Jubilee grins up at James. "I think I /know/ how to make a fist..." she insists, reaching up to show him what could only be described as a Beverly Hills Fist, which means that her thumb is positioned to be broken if she uses it. "See?"

    "We're just talking about... her," Jubilee says to Noriko with a smile. It fades, however, as she points to the punching bag with the purple face.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finishes off the last of the smores she'd cooked off of Jubilee's summoned powers. She then makes sticky finger hand motions and turns to walk to the kitchen area of the workout room. Its a small kitchenette setup. The sink comes on with a turn of the handle and the Belle washes her hands off.

"Teach her how t'put someone in the Walls of Jericho next." Rogue chimes back at the others with a flashed grin. She dries her hands off and moves to grab a bottled water out of the fridge set in to the counter near the sink.

AS she comes back she's twisting the cap off and taking a drink of the delicious cold beverage. "I don't trust the Brotherhood though, I think its only a matter of time before they demand somethin' from us, t'yield t'their 'grand wisdom' and then we're back t'fightin' each other. CAuse ya know they're not gonna do the things the way we do'em." She takes another sip and shakes her head. "Not when push comes t'shove... and people really need t'start gettin' punches dolled out."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Wow.  I would have depantsed the brat," Noriko says flatly, unclear if she is joking or not.  "It smells good," she admits when the marshmallows are toasted.  She suddenly appears just behind Jubilee, flash of a sniff sniff and the tickle of wind she leaves behind.

Nori licks her lips without thinking, eyes stuck to the s'mores like she hadn't eaten since yesterday.  "You don't have to discourage them do you?  The fights?" she says with a little smirk.

"Hey," the speedster returns to James' silent greeting, picking up on it easily and used to that broods' way of detecting her.  She smells like so many more things than the average bipedal does, but that in and of itself is highly distinctive...beyond personal scents, which she's done nothing to mask.

"He sends you out on super hard missions?  Sounds fun," the terminally bored teen says before she mumbles to Jubes.  "Oh," she picks up on Jubilee's vague designation immediately.  "Got it...sooo...Is there anymore?  Or do I need to hit up the kitchen?"  That new 'perfume' seems to work some kind of magic, keeping Nori in close proximity like a child...hovering for food in this case.  "Agreed," Noriko pipes up after Rogue expresses her opinion of the Brotherhood.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sighs and gingerly takes Jubilees delicate fist in his massive hand and corrects the fist. "No, you'll break your thumb that way." He reforms the fist with the thumb on the outside, He also makes sure that the stiking surface is flat. "Like this, thumb on the outside, the surface you're striking with should be flat as you can make it." He smiles and nods, "Yeah, maybe reasonable dialogue is a good idea?" James nods towards a pile of reclaimed work out room snack food thats been placed on the pommel horse for Nori."Super hard? Yeah, let's just say there are some places I can go the rest of you might not blend so well."

     James nodsnods to Rogue, "Glad Im not the only one who feels like its inevitable?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "I think it's utterly insane that we let her in the dorms!" Jubes exclaims suddenly. "They're supposed to be chaperoned but she's always coming and going to that new girl's room! I mean, what good is being the R.A. if I can't kick her out?" It's not exactly the role of the R.A. but who knows? She goes up onto the balls of her feet to get a little taller as James reworks her fist for her. She punches her open palm a few times and nods her head. "Got it!" she adds, committing the new fist to memory.

    Jubilee turns towards Noriko and puts both of her hands at her hips, rocking from side to side a little. "Hungry, Nori?" she asks with a smile. She points an index finger and creates another cloud of fireworks so the speedster can cook a marshmallow. "James said I have nice control." Her eye contact is... unyielding. Her smile, flirty. She gives Noriko a sweet smile and continues watching, keeping the fireworks going for as long as necessary.

    "Can't I just want to kick her ass because she sucks?" Jubes wonders loudly. "I mean, she said my Halloween party was bad, or whatever it was she said..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps over to one of the punching bag while James explains to Jubes how to throw a good jab. She holds her water bottle in one hand and stares at the purple face on the bag. She balls up her own fist and gives it a light hit, causing the bag to sway overly animated... light hits from Rogue can still knock a car over after all.

She snickers at the conversation and when Jubilee speaks of the Blinky one again she looks back at her. "I agree that if she's breakin' the escort rules she needs t'be reported. So what I say, Jubes, is track her, get your minions t'let ya know if she's grounds and take a like... log of all she's doin' with time stamps, and if she's breakin' the rules we can let the Upper Management types know. I mean, is there any real bigger hit than having her Guest pass revoked?"

Rogue smiles then, before tilting her head. "/But/ that Dyani girl is new and I think Clarice is someone she trusts. I'd hate to have her friend banned when she may need the support,, ya know? Dyani seems like she's... in a tough place, from what I've seen'a her. So tread /carefully/ or ya might get burned."

She motions to the plate on the gym machine

"Like a marshmallow in a firework..."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
'Thank you,' Noriko mouths to James for correcting Jubes' form.

"Always," Noriko gives Jubes the obvious answer.  She's already smiling at the first sign of spark from Jubilation's fingertip.  A marshmallow is suddenly over the constellation of pyrotechnics almost as soon as it manifests.  Nori was not going to miss her window of opportunity.  

Nori's gaze flits between the marshmallow and Jubilee, back and forth, back and forth.  Gah these take FOREVER, but are so worth it.  "Practice pays off.  She said it wasn't real or something," she pipes up quickly.

"Ooh.  Stake out.  I have some kids who do that for me," Noriko reveals quite casually.  Of course Noriko's not going to wait somewhere to watch for something to happen.  Well not unless she's compelled to by a certain someone.  Few have power over her.

"A tough place?  I haven't met her.  What's she like?"  Something dings in Noriko's pocket and then, "Oh-shit-forgot-be-right-back!"  POOF!  And she's gone, though Jubes will likely recognize the tone from Nori's delivery service gig app.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee takes in a large lungful of air and lets it out noisily. Frustration. "Yeah, I get that, Marie, but... If you're saying that the one person who can give the new girl support is from the Brotherhood... Well, that's really stupid," she replies stubbornly. "We need to get her some friends. Introduce her to the other kids. A sleepover or something. I don't know..." She gives a glance in Noriko's direction and then back to James and Rogue. "...We'll figure something out. We're great at that."

    "And then I can kick the other one's ass," she declares. Such confidence. "I mean, if she was a student here, I could just spread a mean rumor about her or something, I don't know, but... she isn't...so..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives another punch to the bag sending it swaying wildly again before she turns around once more to smile at Jubilee. "I'm just tryin t'look out for ya. I don't think the Headmistress is gonna be keen on ya punchin' Brotherhood members, but I get it."

She walks away from the bag then letting it sway back and forth before she takes another sip of her drink before recapping it. "That sleep over idea for Dyani is a damn good one though. We could set ya'll up with lotsa pizzas or chinese food or whatever, make Dyani's room the coolest place in the school for a night. At least for those honored with an invitation." She states with a smile.

"And I agree, her best friend should be someone here on campus, not someone who has t'portal in from the Dark Side of the Moon." A quick frown is shown then from the Belle's lips, a bit of mmarshmallow still on the corne rof her mouth.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles easily to Noriko. He watches Jubes reaction to the other girl and shakes his head. It wasnt really that long ago. "Yeah, I can run you through apache ninja cross training 101. If you give me a few weeks."

     James shrugs, "That all makes sense. People bond over food. That wad how I won over the New Mutants. "