7075/Hitting the Bullseye

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Hitting the Bullseye
Date of Scene: 25 July 2021
Location: Belle Reve Penitentiary
Synopsis: Waller comes to Bullseye with an offer he can't refuse.
Cast of Characters: Bullseye, Harley Quinn

Bullseye has posed:
One minute he was doing a job.

Simple. Clean. Quite possibly on the lower-end of difficulty that Bullseye (AKA, Benjamin Pointdexter) had decided to undertake in terms of his mercenary work. The pay was good, all he had to do was kill a President of some small-time eastern country, send a picture to confirm the kill, then be on his way. Imagine his surprise when FBI raided him before he even left the building.

What the actual fuck?

Somebody must've ratted him out to cut the loose end. The very -act- was a stain on the whole 'honor among thieves' thing that mercs have going on. But, in all retrospect, Bullseye would've done the exact same thing. So here he is in Belle Reve maximum security prison. They won't even give him anything he could reasonably throw, from a toothpick to a spoon to a fork....his ability is well known. He has to eat food with his hands. Why? Last time, poor Mike got a spork stuck in his eye, so Bullseye lost a great man yof his priveledges.

But it's all just a bit of fun really.

Currently, Bullseye is in his cell, just pacing back and forth as he ponders his means of escape. He could simply start a prison riot, go wit hthe classic route, steal one of the guy's shivs and well, have a -blast-. Sadly, this would draw an unreasonable amount of attention...especially since this isn't like normal prisons.

Hm. What to do, what to do.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The problem with being very good at their job is that eventually someone will notice. And when it's Amanda Waller? Well, she makes sure to get the job done. The FBI raid may have been a surprise, almost as if they were expecting it already. Had someone been made privy of Bullseye's plans? Or whoever hired him had set him up... There were many possibilities.

This prison he had been brought though? It wasn't the average top security prison. This one seemed ready to house super powered people, very much like the raft. But for some reason it didn't really seem they followed human rights where it came to taking care of their prisoners, almost as if they were ghosts. Away from the System.

Waller had taken her time to eventually call Benjamin up for a talk. Let him stew and calm down, have him understand he'd be staying here for a looong time if he didn't play ball. But now? Time for that talk. The cell buzzes in warning and the door opens up, a pair of guards in the doorway. "Come out, the warden wants to talk to you." big, broad men are waiting for Bullseye to come out, no weapons on them. Clearly they know what he can do, and they don't really want him to get something he can throw at them or anything like that!

Bullseye has posed:
Just meandering around in his cell. They wisely didn't put him with anyone, or they'd probably be dead! Let's be 100 percent honest with each other here. But the sound of some big, buff, broad-shouldered guys knocking on his cell makes him chuckle a litle bit. "The Warden wants to see -me-. Oh my gosh, I've been preparing for this my entire life. Do you think she'd sign an autograph?" Bullseye sarcastically questions them, looking actually...surprisingly annoyed, like he thinks this is gonna be another one of those 'You can't ever escape, we have an amazing record and the finest staff-' blah, blah, blah.

Even his blind nemesis, the Daredevil, was more entertaining. Little does he know that this is the Wall they're talking about here, the last person any of these men and women want to see. But he just shrugs a little bit, approaching the guards who seem to be wanting to walk him up to the office personally.

"The Warden mention what about, or am I just being held in dramatic suspense?" He questions one of the guardsmen. He knows they arn't nice. He isn't nice either...birds of a feather, right?

Harley Quinn has posed:
Benjamin will be able to notice these don't look like the typical guards. Sure, most in high-end prisons are buff and trained, etc. But these guys? They look active military, not the run-of-the-mill typical corrupt ones that turn a blind eye to drug dealing and all other 'nice' things that go on in most prisons. One of them just smiles a bit enigmatically, "Don't worry your head too much about it. You will see soon enough."

They start making their way past corridors, not a single prisoner seen after a certain point, the walls metallic along with the doors. All unpainted and with no adornments. No style consultant on this prison apparently! Corridors give way to an elevator, the crew getting in with Bullseye and then up they go, all the way to the top floor. And no elevator music either ..., unforgivable..

When the 'ding' comes about them arriving at their destination the doors open up to an ample office, a dark-skinned woman sitting on the other side of a table and looking over a dossier, expression tight. There's a brief look up, "Glad you could join us." the woman says, "I hope it isn't taking too much of your busy agenda."

Bullseye has posed:
Active military. Maybe Marine Corps or Special Tactics? Probably ex-SWAT team as well, judging by the look of some of these guys. But as they walk, Benjamin just kinda looks around, giving little finger waves towards some of the guards he knows. He killed some of their bosses, so naturally, Bullseye is extremely popular.

"I'll see? I won't hear? Damn shame." Bullseye makes a healthy habit of ducking around when it comes to the guards, as if just trying to annoy them or gauge find kind of reaction, see what makes them tick. They enter the elevator, and Bullseye noticeably looks irritated. "What? Nothing in the budget for elevator music? And I thought music died years ago..."

Doors open, and Ben is approaching the desk where sits the Warden on the other side. "Whatcha want?" Bullseye was straight to the point. "I'm kinda working on some back deals at the moment, see if I can get some extra food that isn't complete and total shit." A soft pause, before he smiles. "And how are you today, Warden? But PLEASE don't give me the whole 'I will die before I get out' speech, it really hasn't ended well for anybody.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The bait doesn't seem to work with these guys. Very well trained lapdogs! They are here to do a mission and not engage with the prisoner apparently. So off they go. All the way up to that last floor.

The guards step in alongside Ben, but they don't really stop him from approaching the table, nor does Waller seem afraid. In fact she is looking at the man with a no-nonsense kind of look, almost as if taking his measure.

"Benjamin Pointdexter." she puts the folder down, closing it. "NSA prodigy, part of various missions in South America, including saving top-end US dignitaries. A problem with authority and an history of going against orders. What happened to your immediate superior is still being investigated before you left the NSA." she takes in a breath.

"Life as a merc, involved in various kill contracts..." she opens the folder again where a few pics sprawl out, some of those faces Bullseye had killed in the past portrayed there. "... You *have* been busy."

Clearly this doesn't seem like the typical warden, or a warden at all. And she has been looking into the man for a time now apparently. "You must be wondering why you were caught now, or why they knew so well where you'd be for that hit." she smiles faintly. A smile that doesn't really reach her eyes.

Bullseye has posed:
"Ah, dogs stay on the porch, got it." Ben might get smacked with a club for that one, but he might be wanting that to happen! Come on Bob the guard...dooo iiit. But, it doesn't look like they are gonna give in to anger or irritation anytime soon, so Ben just takes those steps forward towards the desk. He notes the pens, the clipboards, even necklaces or jewelry. Any one of those things can be used to kill every single person on this room.

Prison for super humans though...she probably has some kind of security measures in this room, probably the guards themselves or even a gun under her desk...you know, the one with the handle, probably a sawed off...in the movies all the time? yeah, that one. Ben pulls on his orange jumpsuit a little bit, brushing himself off before he hums.

She's reading his record to him and he smiles, as if remembering each one. "Oh yeah, that was a fun one. Did it with a playing card." He's not talking about his NSA supervisor. Might never get the answer to that one, but he does ponder a moment as she brings up how he was caught.

"You led them straight to me didn't you? That is some....clever, CLEVER shit right there." He clearly looks a mixture of angry and impressed, but he composes himself. "So...remind me why I'm here again? Because as much as I love memory lane..I don't like getting sideswiped."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"That's the one million dollar question, isn't it?" Waller gets up to her feet, gaze levelled with the man's, "But first, I should introduce myself. I am Amanda Waller." the Wall, formerly of Team 7, Operations Director of the DEO. She was already a name when Ben was at the NSA. "You know the name." it's not a question. "And you know what I am capable of."

"And you are here because I want you to be." As simple as that. She clearly doesn't seem to like this man much. But then again she doesn't like criminals at all. Though she also knows the feeling is mutual. "And while many feel you'd be better off with a bullet on the back of your head I wish to put you to use, working for me." a beat, "Your skills are being wasted in these ..., menial jobs you take."

Bullseye has posed:

Amanda Waller. Last name you want on your desk. She gives politicians and other federal and 'federal' workers alike an extremely massive headache. No wonder Bulleye got caught off guard. He feels somewhat disappointed her name never cropped upon hitlist, but that's for good reason...he imagines no one is alive to put the hit on her.

That's how she strikes him anyway.

"Rude." He replies at the comment that he's better off dead, but he doesn't tell her she's wrong. Half the world would agree with her, and depending on the day, he would too.

Her offer though? That makes him quirk a brow. He was already probably in the top 20, top 10 most dangerous men in the world and she thinks he's putting his talents to waste? This should be interesting.

"I'm listening."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I have been putting together a squad of certain individuals for a few missions. Individuals very much like yourself." Most likely dangerous. Criminals. "And your name is one of those I want there. As I said, we can put those talents of yours to good use, where they belong." now Waller is stroking his ego. She knows the man is egocentric, liking to feel like he's the best so she indulges.

"In return to being on call? We can arrange for you not to be in prison. Live a life of your own." Sounds too good to be true? Maybe because it is! She soon adds, "As for the catch ..." and she smiles then for the first time. "That'd be the small bomb in your head that will trigger if we ever become displeased with your work or you return to murdering."

The woman gestures. "Do we have an understanding?"

Bullseye has posed:
A call that Ego runs ones life is truly a terrible, sad circumstance...

Ben is soaking it all in, hook, line, and sinker. "Well, you made a good choice, Waller." Ben tells her then, "I -am- probably your best bet. I'm something of a perfectionist." It would be in his file. He has severe obsessive compulsive disorder, willing to spend weeks to months just to learn about his targets before he actually kills them.

"Oooo, I can finally get that high rise apartment. Are authorities and police going to be knocking on my door too, or am I just safe from you as long as I'm a good boy."

He questions her with a critical eye, the bomb gets a raised brow. "Define 'displeased'. Not a lot of options for second chances, Waller."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"We will get you a cover id, so as long as you don't blow your cover you should be good. We will be watching though." Yes, Waller uses criminals to do her bidding but even so she doesn't like them going out on a rampage if she can avoid it.

Those last words though? They bring a raised brow out of the woman. "You have a good imagination. I am certain you can figure it out. I do not like being disobeyed. I do not like people who can't follow simple orders. And I absolutely despise people who get on my nerves. Follows those three guidelines and we are good.." a beat, "Don't think it's all being a nice boy and you are fine though." a look to one of the soldiers.. "What's the mortality rate so far with Taskforce X..?"

The soldier answers, "45% ma'am."

Waller looks back to Ben with a faint smile. "There you have it. But considering the rest of your chances, seems like a good deal. Besides, you are good enough to beat the odds, aren't you?"

Bullseye has posed:
Benjamin seems to be really considering Walkers offer here. He gets to live a normal life and have a cover. But at the same time...a bomb in the back of his neck is an extremely unpleasant offer.

"So you are a very impatient woman. Goodie." He groans a little bit. "45 percent?" He questions, before humming. "Not bad odds." To anybody else, that may well be Suicide! Vut that makes sense for Taskforce X.

"To get out of this hole and these orange atrocities you call clothes...." He narrows his eyes, but his smile is wide enough that is speaks his pleasure.

"You got a deal, Waller."