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Painful Memories
Date of Scene: 12 August 2021
Location: Roof Tower
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Talia Wagner, Negasonic

Talia Wagner has posed:
Well. Talia hasn't been back down to the school since the Shi'ar invasion of the school a few days ago.

Word has it she saved a bunch of kids in the kitchen, took on a whole squad, but was gutted like a fish by a huge Shi'ar with vibroknives.

She didn't find any answers here on campus though, everyone seems to be dealing with fallout from the Shi'ar and the big trooper well she probably has to talk to Proudstar but on one level she doesn't want to.

Which has led her to retreat up to the roof deck, which is usually pretty empty after night falls.

She is moving a bit tenderly as she heads to find a lounger to collapse in, glancing to see if she is alone or not.

Negasonic has posed:
At this hour, Ellie should be in her room. Even though it's Summer and school isn't in, witht he Shi'ar there's probably a curfew or something right? Who knows, everyone is super terible about keeping everyone up to date on what's going on. It's a wonder if a new student could even figure out where to start getting involved.

So we'll say there is.

And Ellie is ignoring it.

Sitting in a shadowy place cast by one of the chimney stacks with her feet extended out and her phone providing the only glow on her studded face. Headphones run to her ears playing music and a permascowl rests on her pale features.

Talia Wagner has posed:
One thing in TJ's favor, she doesn't have to squint at all to see Ellie or rely solely on the glow.

Nope, she has better eyes than a cat. Like some tiefling with darkvision from D&D.

She moves past the chair she was going to plop into and make pained noises. Instead she leans against the darkness beside Ellie and reaches down head fuzzling. "Breaking Curfew Trouble?"

Also yes ready to dodge and leap out of the way even if it might hurt.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie has the situational awareness of a corpse. Which is to say, she doesn't give a fuck if people sneak up on her because generally speaking she'll kill almost anyone who intends to cause her bodily harm anyways. So instead of startling, she glances up over her screen at TJ's appearance and shrugs.

"They're more guidelines than rules." Not true. "Besides, I don't really care if they tell me to stay inside a bedroom when there's the very real possibility that an alien race might descend from the stars and render the entire structure to crumbled ash."

The injured form is given a once over. "Racketball?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Well. Colussus has said before to me that blowing up mansion builds character... can't remember which world and which explosion that was. But yeah.... it happens with disturbing frequency."

TJ will settle down to sit by Ellie taking it easy enough.

"Alien shock troop stuck a vibroknife in my stomach and twirled it around. Hurt like all fucking hell..... far as I can tell the fuckers cloned this realities version of my ex-boyfriend and are using him as shock troops.. god I hate alien invasions."

She peers at the phone then at the sky. "I'm not one to rat you out." like that was even a risk.

Negasonic has posed:
Or a concern.

Ellie shrugs at the last part, "Cool, thanks." Cursory at best.

"I don't know, just seems like a lot of extra bullshit to me. Alien invaders coming down to blow up a school in upstate New York full of disenfranchised mutants seems like a colosal dick move. Even for intergalactic cunt wagons." Her phone is held up for a moment more, then disappears inside her leather jacket like some gunslinger who specializes in social medias as their weapon of choice.

"Sorry to hear your ex-boyfriend clone stabbed you, though. That sounds like a boner."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Total boner." she agrees closing her yellow eyes and just leaning back now. "I should probably tell his brother the Shi'ar have him or at leasty his DNA for clones..."

Her eye cracks back open. "Oh.. I mean it isn't at random. Aunt Jean .. have you ever seen her around the school do a bit of pyrokinesis not just TK?" she ponders. "Well they are gunning for her, they want to kill her specifically. Well or use her powers to help them conquer the galaxy. Still utter dick move."

Negasonic has posed:
"Of course they do." Ellie sounds utterly uninterested in why a galaxy spanning super culture would want to attack a school. Even less so now that she has some idea why. "I guess it makes life interesting, but it all boils down to the simplistic truth that people think way too highly of themselves..." To that, she rolls her eyes.

"I can reduce the structural and biological population of an area the size of a football field to zero in a matter of miliseconds, but you don't see me out here tooting my own horn or having a bunch of douchie clone wielding super soldiers trying to take me hostage for god only nows what nefarious scheme. And do you know why that is? I stay in my lane."

Both hands point forward.

"Every other week someone comes back from the past saying they're this persons kid or that persons long lost cousin from a potential future where blah blah blah, I long for the day where the most important thing that's happened is they cancelled Firefly."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Well. In some realities the show ran for like nine seasons?"

Yup that is Talia's critical contribution to that line of thinking.

"Also I guess it is good I am not from the future or the past...." yeah she very pointedly knows she is one ofr those people that Ellie just bitched about, though she finds a subtle way to dodge it being from the 'present' as it were. She isn't displaced from this dimensions timeline and all.

"The football field is impressive. I'm sure someone will try to use you in an evil scheme El."

Negasonic has posed:
"I don't want to be used in any evil scheme. I only barely want to be here at all. It's stupid and pointless. What the fuck is this school even for? Honestly? They claim it's to teach us to better integrate into society or something and they preach this high and mighty nonsense about coexistence, but how many flatliners you see around here?" Ellie leans here and there, but obviously she's not going to see any.

"At least call it what it is... a paramilitary training facility to take down super powered individuals under the GUISE of a school. I may not have access to those elevators with floors that don't exist, but I'm not a fucking moron. Nor am I ignorant enough that I haven't seen that high advanced fighter jet coming out of the god damned basketball court." Arms crossed, expression every bit as dower. She's not raised her voice a bit, it's all been said as if, ultimately, it /doesn't/ matter, but /has/ to be said. Since nobody else is.

"Now there's aliens attacking and it's going to be super fucking hard to convince me that it's not because we're harbouring some intergalactic fugitive or didn't assist in the coupe of some galactic nation... or some other bullshit. Because there is /always/ some other bullshit."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"I mean... yeah it is both a school and a paramilitary training center." TJ is oddly calm about it all eyes closing once more.

"I mean, the fugitive Shi'ar princess Lilandra who is Chuck's love interest is partially why they are here. There are more here because of Aunt Jean though, whom is harboring an entity that destroyed a few planets."

The yellow eye cracks back open. "So you're pretty much spot on El." also TJ doesn't seem to feel the need to sugar coat stuff.

"As for the school and the training... it is both in my experience. Ninety percent of the kids going here are just getting a safer education than they would get in a regular school what with all the hate.. .and are learning to control their powers. About one in ten will join one of the X-Teams and try to be superheros, standing up for other mutants or the world."

"Somewhat safe haven. Training. Education. Psuedo-Secret base for superheros.... it does put the kids at heightened risk but hiding them all somewhere else in a school without the heroes around would probably end up with a school of dead kids thanks to all the psychos out there."

Negasonic has posed:
"Or more of them surviving with all the alien invaders blowing up half the school." Ellie points out as she pushes up to her feet and dusts off her butt with both hands. "It's whatever. I'm just over it. Everytime I come back there's something and the more somethings that don't make sense, the less I really try to figure out. What would even be the point?" Once more her phone is fished out of the inner pocket of her jacket and rolled around in hand to take a look at the screen.

"Tomorrow it'll be something else. Then something else... and something else... but that's life, with super awesome explosive powers and all the nonsense that goes with it."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"I mean yeah. That is pretty much how life goes."

She peers up at Negasonic with those yellow eyes then holds a hand up and out for a hand up as well.

"Doesn't mean there aren't things that make it worthwhile still. Even if a lot of it is nonsense."

Negasonic has posed:
"I haven't found anything yet." Ellie replies with a shrug, tapping out something on her phone before disappearing it into a pocket it once again. "Seeya around, Spookie." Eeyore walk initiated. She strolls casually with her hands in her pockets and her head bowed.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ glances at her hand and then up at Ellie's back as she walsk away.

"Fine we will just need to go out and hit the town again later El." she lets her hand drop again.

Well this is comfy enough might as well relax here.

"So start thinking of something interesting to do."

Like she will be dragging her out regardless.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie's hand come sup, thumbs up over her shoulder in response to Talia's command to think of something interesting to do. "It's a date." Then she's gone, hoping off the edge of the roof as if she doesn't care a bit about gravity... which she doesn't. The landing would suck for just about anyone else, but as luck or fate would have it, there was one of those tents there where they were repairing the rec room to brace her fall. Sliding across the tarp down into the charred grass to lead inside through the gaping hole in the side of the building.