8031/The Quest for Cool: Jacketto

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The Quest for Cool: Jacketto
Date of Scene: 28 September 2021
Location: Lost Pond Mall
Synopsis: The quest didn't go as planned, but in the end, Yukio got the prized Yanki Gal Jacketto! Cool stuff! Also Ellie is now her best friend ever.
Cast of Characters: Yukio, Negasonic

Yukio has posed:
The time has finally come where Yukio gets to collect on the promised shopping trip with Ellie, and the best part of it all, the reward of securing a badass yanki girl leather jacket just like Ellie has. Albeit, one might suspect Yukio would accessorize a bit more cutely. Still, at least she'll have one black item in her wardrobe.

As they reach the mall, Yukio reaches to mindlessly hold hands with Ellie, "my firsto friendo! Going shoppingu! Now I am America!" Yukio beams brightly, almost making it without botching what she meant to say.

Negasonic has posed:
There's a lot to unpack about what's going on here. Cultural things, probably, but things that are definitely new to Ellie. For one, she doesn't have many friend(o)s, but the few that she does have don't hold hands with her. Which isn't to say she's not holding Yukio's hand. She definitely is doing that thing.

Even linking fingers with her.

And kind of enjoying that, even if she will never ever say that to any living human being ever.

Second is she's not exactly sure how they're going to pay for this yanki jacket she's promised to help Yukio buy.

Suffice that she'll work it out if they find one.

"Yeah, you've achieved the American dream." Very dry. Looking like an extra from a Typo-O Negative video beside the colorful Japanese implant. "Now we need to get you some starbucks. Something with Pumpkin spice in it."

Yukio has posed:
The way Yukio is so non-chalant about holding hands with Ellie, and simply reached to hold her hand, would perhaps point at a cultural thing. Whatever the case, she's quite thrilled to have made a friend. Though the suggested detour from the main quest has her looking at Ellie in surprise, "we do? Okay," she agrees without putting up a fight, despite her mind being very much set on a mission here. Naturally, she didn't seem to even concern about financial problems.

Negasonic has posed:
"Well, we don't, but if you want to complete the American teenager in a mall starter pack, you definitely need a beverage containing pumpkin spice." Ellie points out as non-challantly as Yukio reached for her hand. She is by no means a dimwit who attributes more to the holding of her hand, which doesn't mean she can't dream. She's young, despite pretending to be in her 90s.

A couple blonde girls walk by, snickering at the odd couple. "Oh that's cute coming from a couple identical twins wearing the same skirt." She murmurs, just loud enough for the pair to hear her. Sowing the seeds of discontent between them. "Oh gawd, Becky, you bitch, you stole my shoes.." Immitating the pair. "Come on, Youi. Let's go find your jacket."

Yukio has posed:
"There's a starto pack?" Yukio seems quite intrigued by the thought, and more than willing to give it a try, in pursuit of the American Dream. "Where to go?" Yukio asks, because frankly, the Mall seems huge.

The blondes that pass by has Yukio distracted for a moment, utterly confused by what just happened, as she asks Ellie, "...they raugh at us?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Sort of?" Ellie leads the way, not necessarily dragging Yuko along, but guiding her by their joined hand, in the direction of the coffee shop. First and foremost. "It's kind of a joke, honestly. You see how those two dressed near identically? That's the white girl starter pack.." The short and dirty explanation.

Which is a good way to lead into her friends question... "No, they weren't laughing at you." She assures her with a tight expression, "They were laughing at me." Whether that's true or not doesn't matter. She'll never say so, but she's kind of sparing Yukio whatever she might feel about getting laughed at by the two girls. "And it doesn't matter what the fuck they think."

Yukio has posed:
Yukio more or less lets Ellie guide/drag her towards the coffee shop, not too sure what would be the right thing to do, as she turns to look at Ellie and asks, "should we make them...aporogize?" She arches a confused brow at the explanation offered, "white giru staro pack?"

Seems like the deflection doesn't help, however, as Yukio seems a bit upset. "They raugh at Eri-san? Why? Eri is cool yanki gal!" Yukio starts turning her head at the girl, "I make them aporogize..." she offers, and starts to pull on Ellie's hand in the direction of the girls.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie squeezes Yukio's fingers and shakes her head, "No, you don't have to do that." Is Ellie scared? Okay... maybe. She acts tough, but usually her toughness ends at words. The fact that nobody ever stands up to her after she's verbally assaulted them or dismissed them with the power of her ability to appear as if she doesn't care has kept her out of the line of fire for most of her teenage life.

"Besides, we're here already."

Easy peasy.

She motions up to the counter with a hand waving, "I'll just have a black coffee..." Turning to Yukio after giving her simple order, "Something with pumpkin spice?"

Yukio has posed:
"But it's wrong what they did..." Yukio notes, apparently being more focused with her rising anger, helped her talk better. Funny how cutesy looking Yukio seems quite intent on getting in those girls faces, not quite picking on the fact Ellie might be trying to avoid a potential more aggressive confrontation.

"Oi!" Yukio calls out loudly at the blondes, "you think you so funny? Being rude is not funny, is low! You should aporogize! Maybe I forgive you...is better, no?" Oh, heck, looks like Yukio didn't get the hint.

Negasonic has posed:
The White girls whip around at the sudden shouting thrown their way, "Oh, Lauren, did you hear that? Okay honey. Maybe you and your-" Wiggling her fingers towards Ellie, whose got her eyes cast down at the ground, glancing side to side with her jaw muscles visible beneath the pale white of skin. "-dyke girlfriend should move along? Huh Chung Li?"

Nothing that the two say about HER bothers her in the slightest. Does it hurt? Yeah, of course it hurts. But she's use to it. She's taken a lot of terrible talk from a lot of terrible people in her very short life. She lost her family, she lost her home, and she's cast herself into difficult circumstances trying to keep people from getting too close to her at the mansion.

Yukio, however, hasn't.

"Already you fucking bitches." Her hand slides out of her friends, suddenly stepping towards the pair of girls with the ruthless aggression 2000s WWE was known for. "You want to be bigotted cunts to me, that's fine, but you leave her the fuck alone or I'll-"

"You'll do what? Rub against us with your axe body spray? Or your Fish head Girlfriends kemchi stank?"

The temperature around Ellie grows hotter. Almost nuclear. So much so that people notice... and if they don't, the flames starting to lick off her shoulders certainly give her away. "I'll fucking blow your bitch ass back to Upstate New York in so many fucking pieces your plastic surgeon wont be able to sort you out."

Yukio has posed:
"Dyke...?" Yukio is well out of her element. She finds regular English difficult enough, the slang completely loses her, and she just seems dumbfonded, but she did hear of the referenced jab taken at her, which makes her giggle. "Chun Li is Chinese, not Japanese, you are wrong! It makes you sound stupido," Yukio grins, as she takes a few steps closer to the resident Mean Girl. Testing if she's just as confident when personal space is invaded, as most people aren't.

The pace of insults and the wide variety of them is all but lost on Yukio, though she understands the gist isn't pleasantries being exchanged. But when Ellie starts to get real hot, she calls out, "Eri-san! No! Cool down, they are just stupid...no need to hurt them." To the girls she snaps, "just go, ugly rude people, because I won't let her hurt you first..." and in the blink of an eye, she somehow draws pair of sai in each hand, twirls them around for show, before they disappear whence they came, somewhere out of her haori.

Negasonic has posed:
Between Yukio whipping out ninja weapons and Ellie about to actually go nuclear, the two Mean Girls think better of thier chosen targets. The fact that Ellie has, in fact, drawn a crowd of gawkers staring at her licking flames off her leather jacket makes her supremely uncomfortable. "What are you fucking staring at!" She screams, the volume of her voice so aberant to who she is, usually so quiet, that it startles even her. Her shoulders back towards a young couple, who flench back away from her when she stomps the marble stone floor in their direction.

Quiet whispers of it's one of those freaks, as they turn to leave.

Ellie is crying.

Tears running down through her black eyeliner. "I'm sorry." She whispers, croaks a little, at Yukio and starts walking away from her towards the exit. "I should go..." Because security is coming.

Yukio has posed:
"Kuso..." Yukio stammers how negative she feels about the quest getting derailed, as she turns to rush after Ellie, "...wait! Is okay..." she tries to reassure her, but to be fair, security is no doubt coming. "We stay together, nothing to be sorry!" At least rushing after Ellie is also making Yukio leave the scene, so she won't have to deal with security either.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie doesn't prevent Yukio from following her. Actually she slows just enough to let her catch up and leads the way through shortcuts to get them safely around and out of the way of Security as the escape from the Mall of doom. Once they're outside, safely away from the scene now far behind them, she wipes her eyes with a bit of sweater pulled up over her right thumb. Smearing her makeup.

Which makes it even more obvious she'd been crying when she looks at Yukio. "I'm sorry you had to..." Blue eyes look down. Then shift side to side, "I'm sorry you didn't get your jacket." Which is when she starts slipping hers off her shoulders, sliding it down the back of her arms into her right hand. The hand reverses as she holds it out, "Turn around."

Yukio has posed:
"Eri-san..." Yukio calls out when she finally catches up to Ellie, speaking very softly as she sees her crying, smeared makeup and all. "It's okay...it's good," she starts, before stopping when Ellie looks like she's about to do something crazy, "no! This is yours! Eri-san! We go another time...it's okay," she urges, yet still turns around, squeeing in excitement as she feels like Ellie might let her wear that badass yanki jacket.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie shhhs Yukio with a quiet, "Shhh." and slides the jacket onto her, rubbing the collar down over her shoulders. "There. Now you've got your super cool yanki jacketo." She's smiling, but it's a distant kind of expression. "You're really cute, Youi. I like you." Brushing some of her pink hair out of her face with the flick of her fingers once the Japanese exchange turns around. Her hand extends out with her fingers spread. "Let's go back home?"

Yukio has posed:
"Eeeeeee...." Yukio squees in high pitched delight as the jacket is slid on her, looking over it with radiant eyes, "this is the COOLEST thing EVEAAAAAA!!!!" Yukio cheers, before whirling around to latch onto Ellie with a tight embrace, "thank you so much, Eri-san! Arigatou gozaimasu!!!" She holds on to the embrace just enough for it to be way longer than one should hold a hug, before grinning brightly at Ellie, "okay, go home now!" Her voice giddy with excitement, as she adopts a stereotypical tough bad guy gait now that she's wearing that Ellie Yanki Jacketto.