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I messed up.
Date of Scene: 26 October 2021
Location: Hole-In One Donuts
Synopsis: Remy tries to reconcile with Rogue. He's partially successful, but there's a long road left to walk.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Fall cleaning.

That's how Remy would describe it. After his abduction and subsequent torture by old enemies, Remy had been recovered by the X-Men. But knowing that the people who caught him are still out there, still scheming for more...and after one last look at Rogue, the flame of his life, Gambit decided to take care of business. Clean the slate. Restart the game.

It took him three weeks.

Finding their base of operations, planning his ways in and out of the installation, finding the people with the most power at their fingertips/the most influence, and crippling their entire operation for weeks took time. He had some help with the Thieves's Guilt, where some favors were yet owed. It took time.

Time that was going to be tough to explain to Rogue.

So...he took a bite.

<To Rogue>: Chere, it's me. We need to talk...will you meet me at that donut shop you like, Hole-In One? I know it's been...difficult and hard to talk and deal with me lately, but you deserve truth.

and so Gambit waits...waiting for Rogue to either take the chance on him or not.

Rogue has posed:
It takes a little while, 45 minutes or so before Rogue's red truck that she uses for school work errands to and from Salem Center primarily... pulls up outside the donut shop. She gets out of the truck after a minute or so, wearing her dark designer aviators and her hair loose about her shoulders in the cool Fall winds outside. A leather jacket on, zipped half up over her white shirt she is wearing beneath it, blue jeans and dark green gloves on her hand, Rogue makes her way in to the donut shop.

The door closes behind her and she removes her sunglasses, folding the limbs and tucking them in to the collar of her shirt that hangs down over her chest. She spies Remy and walks toward him...

A hand is run through her white bangs to push them out of her eyes. "Well?" She asks him then. "Took care of somethin' I assume?" She then inquires in an even tone he'd be pretty familiar with.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Yeah, Remy wasn't expecting much in the way of a reply by text. Knowing Rogue, she's probably on her way to kick his ass, either verbally or physically, and the red-eyed Cajun was expecting the worst. He's done this before and somehow, someway, he's either convinced her to give him a second chance or they both found a way to move forward...but how many times is Remy going to do this before Rogue is at the end of her rope?

How long until she gets smart and cuts Remy loose from weighing her down?

They are thoughts that he never even wants to think about, not even begin to imagine, but they are there. It's part of his mindset...expect the worst, that way he'll never be surprised or caught off guard...never seen as weak. Then he sees her, notices the way she's dressed for the cold weather, how she approaches him with a steady gait and speaks to him with an even tone.

One he was -very- familiar with.

Remy stands up out of the booth he was sitting in, dressed in his favorite trench coat and simple black shirt/pant combo behind it, red eyes left open so he could look at her. "Bonjour, Chere." He greets her, accent ringing through his voice as he speaks with affectio ntowards her, but he was serious.

"Missin' ol' Remy?" He tries to charm with that smile, but it's an effort that is quickly deflated by him. "Yea. Took care of de Diable's b'fore they can take care o' me. Wanted to keep 'em from you. From us. From this...crazy family we got." Remy lowers his eyes from her, though they lift.

"I know I been keepin' you 'way, 'fore you could talk me outta what I got to do. I know dis wasn't right, Cherie. Wasn't right wit' you. But it been handled, Chere."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's leather jacket is not her usual bomber jacket, it got beat up recently and she has it at the clothiers to get some repairs.... The one she's wearing now is a dark brown and slim fit to her form, half zipped up over that white top she's wearing under it. She folds her arms over her stomach and leans against the counter. A glance given to the person behind it... she knows them by name.... a young woman who gives Rogue a light smile, and gets one back in return from the southern belle.

Rogue's eyes go back to Remy when he speaks toward her. She nods once at his words.

"So you went t'this 'Sinister' fella and beat him up? Cause... you I dunno.. you acted like that was impossible, and refused t'let me help. But now, what? No more kidnappins? Just... you here now? For how long?" She asks then as the clerk behind the counter passes Rogue a cup of coffee with a lid on it, seemingly knowing what Rogue drinks.

This causes Marie to uncross her arms and smile again to the woman behind the counter as she takes the cup.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"No to this Sinister directly. He a bad dog, but he evaded my stick. I simply found where he went n' came from, beat 'im right good, least his boys." Remy lowers his eyes then from her. "I thought it was impossible, beyond comprehension...but it was one o' dem things, Chere p'tite.. I didn't want to endanger you. You mean to much...Lost too much in de life o' thievin' and sneakin' and beatin', I was wantin' not to lose you too. I didn' think 'bout somethin' wrong wit' it...but I had to slam the door shut b'fore too much got through."

Remy runs a hand through his shaggy hair, before they rest at his sides, a coin nervousy rolling along his knuckles forwarda nd backwards, a nervous habit that Rogue knows well. Knowing her abilities, he does not reach out to touch Rogue, but at the same time, he's aware that he does not care what happens to him if accidental contact is made, but he's not going to be pushing his luck with her right now.

Especially as she's upset.

"I'm 'ere now. For the long haul. I mean it now. I know I dun' messed up, chere. You ain't like the guild or people who want ol' Remy six feet, you different. I know I play dis song n' dance for you b'fore, but dis a different tune." He locks eyes with her, a frown steadily approaching his features. "I'm here to stay, if you'll have me chere. If'n you don't b'lieve me, I won't be lyin' to you again. I'm a dog with old tricks, Chere. Tricks that stick but tryin' to rid of de grind. Far as I'm understandin', no more kidnappin's. I don't care if I gotta be takin' you on a vacation to wherever you wanna go, I'm here."

Rogue has posed:
While Remy speaks on all of this, Rogue raises her cup of mocha white chocolate coffee up to sip from it. She lowers the cup then and rubs her lightly pink painted lips together in thought while the Cajun gives her a speech like the ones she's heard before. What can she say? The guy has baggage and he doesn't want her help lifting any of it... she gets it. Some part of her does anyway.

Rogue starts to say something but she stops herself and instead just sits down on the stool beside the counter in the quaint little donut shop.

Her cup of coffee is set down with her right gloved hand and she drops them both to the fronts of her thighs. She looks away from Remy for a moment before back to him. "Look." She says at him. "I enjoy the 'thing' you and I have when its some measure of normalcy." She slowly shakes her head back and forth. "Which seems to be somewhere around under fifty percent'a the time. All I really want is just help in life. I like it at the school. It's my home for now. IT's the only place that has ever felt like home for me since my parents disappeared... So it means a lot t'me."

She stops talking when a couple of truckers walk past them on their way out of the shop after eating. Once they're gone she looks back to Remy. "You mean a lot t'me too. But ... I dunno. I just want ... fun. Happiness. Relaxation. Peace. Serenity. Chill. All those things. I don't want t'worry about where people I care about are, whether they're dead or not. Whether they're lyin' t'me, and runnin' around on me. I just need... balance." She whispers that last word then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:

She has a pretty good point. Remy takes a moment to order himself some coffee now that he wasn't waiting for company. He likes his black and bitter, a good bit of aftershock to keep him on his toes and alert, as he always liked to say. Though Remy was a bit of a daredevil, he enjoyed the calm life for the sake of just -nobody trying to actively murder him-. He hears her words as she looks away from him to drop the hard truth on him.

He understood that, that the school felt like home and that despite all of the insanity in the world going on, all she really wants is some measure of normalcy, help in life, a partner, someone to trust and someone who will stick around and not run at the first opportunity for whatever reason he might have.

It was a tough pill to swallow, but it was one that Remy needed to swallow.

Remy comes close to Rogue, reaching for her gloved hand if she lets him, just so his eyes can look into hers. He pays very little attention to the truckers as they walk by, keeping his attention on her. She was the only person in the room right now to him. "Cherie, I love you." Remy tells her as the lead in. "I know I ain't really much of a calm man, but I can be tryin' to be. I'm knowin' of what you've been wantin', what you've always been wantin', and I've been deaf to it b'fore t'day. But if you give me a chance...just 'nother chance for your fav'rite Remy, Chere p'tite, I'll make it all up to you."

He hums a moment. "We can be calm. Live normal. Fight whatever's comin' after us and leave it there. I'm here, Rogue. Here to help, here to stay. I know it don't feel like it, especially wit' all the shit I get up to, but I mean it, mon amour - I ain't just sayin' it this time to make ya happy or just so I can feel loved or liked, I like what we have...I need what we have. if you're lookin' for balance, I'll give it to you. If you want chill, I'll give it to you, with or without the Netflix and some Cajun charm." Remy winks at her playfully, as if to try and make her laugh.

Come on, Bayou charm, don't fail him now.

"Gimme a chance to prove it to you."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was working with the telepaths at Xavier's to garner control over her touch power. It was a slow process, one marred with some mishaps here and there but it was progress none the less. One of the set backs is her anger. Her anger makes her lose control. So one way to work on her anger has been breath control. Breathing. She's done a lot of research on this and just ... well, she's breathing evenly now to keep her wits about her.

She doesn't take her hand from his though and lets him hold on to the gloved left hand. She nods gently at what he says before she shows a faint smirk. "I mean..." Rogue starts as she shakes her head, causing the soft white locks of hair to wave against the sides of her face. "Actions speak louder than words, LeBeau." She finishes saying as she uses her right hand to pick up her coffee and take another sip from it.

Once it lowers she adds on to that then. "We need help at the school. I know its never been your 'thing' t'hang out there, surrounded by fat kids that all complain all the time, but... it is what it is. It's where I am, anyway. So, yeah... if you want me, that comes with me, Remy." She says that last line quietly as she holds his hand in her own.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Perhaps that was the reason why he wasn't going to be messing with her. Why he wasn't taking liberties and making moves on her that might make her uncomfortable or afraid or push the limits and upset her. He was partially aware of her process with the telepaths to force her powers to work the way she ewants them to, and while not a perfect process, its better than no contact whatsoever.

But his hand remains where it is, fingers working on lacing together with hers as she continues to talk, as she seems to smirk faintly at him. He mimicks her smile, because that is -exactly- what Gambit was hoping for, that she'd give him another chance. That she wouldn't turn her back on him...that there wouldn't be a 'last' involved anywhere in this conversation.

If there is a God, Remy will be thanking him profusely.

"That they do, Chere, an' I'm intendin' to speak loudest." He smiles at her, receiving his coffee and gently sliding it away. But...well, damn. Even if he likes a couple people at the school, like Scott, Logan (sometimes), Chuck (Charles), and even Jean and Emma, Remy had a difficult time really melding with the dream of the professor.

But they've always held out a open hand to him. Always sheltered him when he needed it, always been the family he never had - hell, that's how he met Rogue was through the X-Men.

"Then it looks like I'm movin' in." Remy smiles warmly at Rogue in that classic smirk he manages to always pull off at just the right angle. "If'n you'll have me anyway. I'm sure I can get my own room, unless you feel like roomin' with le diable blanc?" He winks at her playfully, the charm returning, but his hand squeezes hers. "Where you'll be needin' me, that's where I'm gonna be. Even if I'm drivin' 'round wit' that truck makin' deliveries."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances down at their hands together as they both sit in front of the store counter. She gives his a light squeeze, which is another sign of her power control, considering how hard those hands of hers can squeeze...

"Well..." Rogue says softly then. "I was setup t'move in to the new college dorms buildin' that we have on campus now. They got full apartments in them. But... I donated mine that I had reserved t'Jubilee. Cause'a what she's goin' through these days. She's still a Senior in High School, but she needs a bit more space, I thought, for the situation..." Vampire Jubilee....

Rogue just draws in a breath and shakes her head at him. "Ya still got a room reserved in the place, smarty." She teases him. "Some'a your stuff is still there too. Clothes'n such. Cards, obviously..." She smirks at him again. "Jeepers is missin' ya too..." Jeepers being the 1 year old Yellow Lab puppy that Remy got Rogue last summer when she was working as a Car Hop on roller skates no less, at the diner just down the road from here.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy has seen this woman throw cars around like they were paperweights. The fact that she hasn't at least tried to break his hand even once is a tremendous sign of Rogue's ability to control her own strength and a profound reason for Remy not to piss her off. Yet he holds her hands even still as he starts to move, gently tugging her away from the countertop, or trying to, to head to a nice booth to make it as if it were a cute little date location.

Privacy is important! He's pretty sure those truckers were low-key listening in on them too. "You were set up to move an' then ya didn't?" He smirks at her then, mischief in his eyes. "Tell ya what, you can stay wit' me if you want. I got the room, and it sounds like your keepin' my stuff nice n' pretty. I'll be makin' you my famous gumbo." Remy's smirk turns into a smile.

Her talk about Jeepers makes him laugh. "You kept Jeepers?" Remy was near positive that she would've thrown the sucker to the moon after he had left as a giant 'fuck you', but perhaps that speaks far more of Rogue than it does of Remy that she kept it. "We'll 'ave to go joy ridin', Chere." He smiles at her, his eyes drift slightly to her lips, before he looks back at hers. "I missed you, chere."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes her coffee with him to settle in to the booth by the windows. She hears his response and just smirks slightly at him while gently shaking her head. She holds her cup on the table in one hand now and uses her other to brush her hair back once more. "Well. We'll see. I mean, I'm not movin' all my damn stuff inta another room just t'have you bail on some new private adventure that I'm not invited on." She says back at him with a hint of that sassy tone of her voice.

Her drink is raised up for another sip then. "Jeepers is a staple in the Xavier's School community now, I ain't tossin' him out no where. He's the Party Dog of the school, ya know?" She smirks more openly then.
5r "We could see about you gettin' on the payroll though, you could maybe even take over some of the errands runnin' for me since I'm tryin' hard t'focus on my college stuff this year, hopin' to wrap up my degree by the end of next summah...." Rogue is going for a teaching degree, which obviously would maybe lead in to a job at the school.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Rogue settles with him in the booth as he takes his coffee and gives it a good sip, the taste of it is rough and course: just the way he likes it. Even still, her words ring into his ears and he just chuckles. "Well, I'm done leavin' and Makin' you pick up after me. Im here. That said, where you stayin' since you pawned off your room?" Remy asks of Rogue. "I'm owin' you a candlelit dinner after all."

Remy's smile grows a little wider. "Guess ol' Remy did end up giving back to the community after all." a chuckle leaves his lips as his eyes meet hers, though talk of payroll makes him smile. "Now we're win business, chere." He smirks like the devil in moonlight. "But part of Bein' your partner is makin' life easy on you, so I'm more than happy to help wit' the business."

Rogue has posed:
A sip of her coffee is had as Rogue watches the truckers outside the windows for a moment. The two of them are standing by their trucks talking about something, probably football or their 'damn wives'. She glances back at Remy and smirks at him. "Boy you really have been absent from the school. My room was in the girl's dorms, where you saw it last I guess. But I moved inta one in the Faculty hall. Jean was nice enough t'set me up in there so I could get away from the teenager girls a bit." She smirks softly again and draws in a breath before she tucks her hair back behind an ear.

Her hand then goes to her chin to prop it up on the palm of her gloved right. She looks over at him then. "Yours is in the Guest hallway still, not far from Emma's, but... don't get any ideas... she hasn't been around in awhile." The Belle teases him quietly. "So no luck peepin' on the Corset Queen."

She shakes her head softly then. "I know the School is kinda borin' compared t'the stuff you're used too, Remy. So if you gotta get out and do somethin' more fun, I understand. I just... yeah, would either like t'go with ya or just know where you are. I guess that makes me sound like a jealous fool though, huh?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy smirks at Rogue as she states her wonderment. "Yea, I've been gone awhile Chere. Have been 'round too many rough blocks to be paying too much attention to here." Remy smirks a little bit. "But I should thank Jean next time I see 'er. She's one o' de good ones, always takes care of de kids." Remy smirks a little bit at Rogue, smiling as she ticks a strand of hair behind her ear, a look that Remy always adored.

"Npw I can't stop lookin' at you Chere. You too pretty." He winks an eye at her before they continue. "I don't think borin' is what I'd call it. I'm just...not used to the goin's on an' the attitudes an' ....the space. But it's somethin' I can get behind and get used to." Remy suggests with a bit of a shrug. "I wouldn't be testin' Emma's fury. 'sides, far as I'm considered, I'm your man an' yet my girl. I'd rather be peepin' on you." He smirks at her.

"You want to come wit' me?" He takes a moment to think. "Okay. Then next time, you come wit' me. And I tell you where I am." He extends a hand to her.


Rogue has posed:
Rogue keeps her chin in her covered palm and sips from her coffe with her other hand. She lowers it back down to the table where she smiles softly. "Jean is a hell of a lady." She says quietly. "Been through a lot lately... I don't know how she keeps it together, t'be honest. She could really use some more help than she gets, I think." The Belle says of her friend quietly while in thought.

She looks back over at him then and shows a soft smile. "Well, I'm sure others will like havin' you around too. There's a lotta wayward souls there lookin' for people t'help support'em after all." She says with a brief and quick grin.

At the talk of her going with him to his adventures she just slowly shakes her head at him and holds a light smile. "Heard all that before, LeBeau..." She fires back at him in a soft and sultry tone.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I am a changed man, Chere." Remy counterpoints. "My word means much to you, no? I will try show you in de actions." Remy suggests with a smile, meeting her sultry tone and adding. "Besides...I always did have de way of showing you my actions." he rolls his eyebrows at the Belle, though he lifts his cup to sip at it ever so slightly.

"I never asked what you've been up to lately, Anne." Remy uses her real name now that they are alone. "Or how you've been. I'm sorry for that. Tell me, please." Remy asks her with a bit of a plea in his words.

"Jean is a good woman. She an' Scott back together yet? She seems too stressed, too busy on the material, she needs friends an' emotional support."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shakes her head at the last bit about Scott and Jean. "Nah." She says quickly and quietly. "Scott keeps to himself too much. He clearly wants it, but he's a cold fish and doesn't know how t'get what he wants. Jean... I mean... she likes him, but wants him t'make the move, show that he'll be there for her. But he doesn't do it." She says this stuff quietly before sipping her drink, and shrugging her shoulders inside that leather jacket she's wearing. "They got issues, but who doesn't, right?" She asks then with another little smirk.

The Belle then proceeds to whip her gloves off and roll them up to put them inside her jacket stomach pocket. She reaches for a napkin off the table and uses it to dab at the cup of coffee she has.

"I've been focusin' on my studies, my college work. My mutation trainin', the team trainin'. Been goin' in ta the city some more too t'look for fights and crime t'break up." She glances at him with a smirk. "Always fun t'do, that, you know?" She adds before sipping her drink once more. "Gotta find ways t'blow off steam after all." The southern gal notes when the drink cup goes down again.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Juicy gossip!

"He's too uptight. Too many of de rules and de missions and de training, when was the last time he woo'd 'er wit' de flowers?" He questions, before he chuckles. "I should give him advice. He too shy and too soft wit' his words."

Though he seems to raise a brow when she takes her gloves off, and he does the same for himself, extending a hands if to take her own, if she permits. "It be a great shame if I see de hand of my lover was so far." Though he doesn't wish to startle her, so the movement is slow.

"Havin' fun with it? learn anything new? honing new skills? But if your fightin' crime an' bashing' skulls, take me with you, hm? We'll call it even if you decide to leave without me." His eyebrows raise in sultry fashion. "If you're lookin' to blow off steam chere p'rite, I have some ideas."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sees his hand coming so she turns hers over on to the back to accept it. Her skin is ultra soft and utter perfection, due to her durability power that preserves her in a state of perfect health and advanced human abilities... its quite a powerset she 'stole' permanently....

"You really should talk to Scott. I mean... its without question you know more about how t'approach women than he does. Even if it motivated him a little... well... I dunno. Might not do anything in the long term." She says with a grin and a shake of her head.

At the talk of his ideas for blowing off steam, Rogue smirks again. "I bet you do." She quietly replies to him. "I'm sure it involves countless hours of playin Nintendo too." She jokes back at him. "But its hard t'find a replacement for catchin' some muggers in process of robbin' some folks, then tossin' them across an alleyway, you know? Feels like I got cheat codes enabled sometimes."

A waitress comes by to ask the two of them then if they'd like anything to order. Rogue looks from her to him and then back again. "I think we're good. Just enjoyin' some coffee and that sweet sweet donut smell from afar." She says back to the woman in the apron.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Hands touch and Remy seems to blush a little bit at the contact. His own hands were not rough, but what he -does- have is some soft hands. Makes them less noticeable. He has a seemingly new scar on the back of his hand. Rogue would most likely noticed, she's held that hand so often she may know it like their own. "I don't know if he'd hear me. He's de leader, thinks he knows everythin'." Remy shrugs. "I'll try for you. Try to talk and see if I can change his mind and bolster some courage...or receive his angry stare, no?"

"So much Nintendo. A lot of thumbwork you know, Chere." He winks at her playfully. "But it is true. A good fight is rarely a replacement for a good talk. As for de cheat codes, well...that would be true. You did nab a couple of special tricks over de years." He smirks at her.

He nods to the waitress, before his eyes seem to shift to her with a slight smile. "Unless you have sprinkled donuts."