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Movie Time
Date of Scene: 21 November 2021
Location: Some Movie Theater
Synopsis: Cain and Rogue see a movie.
Cast of Characters: Cain Marko, Rogue

Cain Marko has posed:
Twenty four hours is a lot of time to fill up every day. Most people can knock a big chunk out of that by sleeping. But sadly, for Cain Marko, that's not an option. So he ends up wandering around a lot. Right now he's somewhere in the manhattan, he hasnt been paying too close of attention. And he passes what looks to be an old fashioned movie theater. Probably been there for sixty years, or longer. The huge man stares up at the marquee thoughtfully for a time. A movie could be good. But it was a little sad to go in by yourself. He thinks about it, then pulls out an oversized phone, dialing the number of somebody he met a while back and had fun blowing off some steam with.

Rogue will get a sudden ringing on her phone. Somebody actually calling instead of texting her, which is admitedly a little odd these days. The name on the screen will be... whatever name she put Cain's number under. If she answers it, she'll indeed hear his deep bass voice on the other side. "Hey there beautiful. I decided to see a movie. Want to come join me? My treat." Then he'll give her the address and let her decide if she feels like probably flying there.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue got the call while in her truck, so in fact she ends up driving the distance in to Manhattan. It takes about a half hour before her truck is parked in a lot that she pays for from the man at the booth.

She appears out front of the movie theater wearing a dark grey Navy peacoat and a dark wine red scarf around her neck, her hands pushed in to the coat pockets, some blue jeans visible on under the coat and some leather boots with small heels.

"An actual phone call. What an old fashioned kinda fella." She says as she spies the large Cain and walks up to him with a smile. "Movie, huh? Can you fit in the chairs?" She teases him with a grin.

Cain Marko has posed:
When the southern belle arrives, Cain smiles down at her. "Barely, usually. It's not like being squeezed in hurts." He leans down, and gives her a relatively little kiss on the cheek. "Glad you could make it." He's wearing a similar jacket, tee and jeans to the last time she saw him. He wraps an arm comfortably around her, and starts into the theater. "So. How're things going back at the cult?" The lobby has the smell of popcorn and an old, well-maintained building. Posters on the walls showing new attractions, as well as some ones from old classic movies on the opposite side. He guides the skunk-haired mutant gal over to the concession counter, peering at the array of overpriced snacks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shows a quick smile at the peck to her cheek and then turns to walk in with him, her hands still in her coat pocket. She's still pretty reserved about her touching as its become kind of a 'thing' for her after all, even if she's diligently working on controlling it with the help of those telepaths at Xaviers.

She grins at his question and shakes her head as she does pull her scarf off after they get inside the warm building. She moves it to wrap it up and stuff it in to a pocket of her coat. "We're gearin' up for Thanksgivin'. How about you?" She asks as she looks over at him past her dangling white bangs.

Cain Marko has posed:
The big man shrugs a huge shoulder. "Eh. Alright. Not plannin on doing anything for Thanksgiving." He proceeds to order...a lot of things from the concession. Along with an oversized bucket of popcorn and the biggest drink they have. Oh, and some tickets too. Apparnetly he's taking her to... Ghostbusters. Not exactly romantic, but then this isn't exactly a date. He leads the way into the proper theater, and moves to take a seat in the back. He's not a complete asshole, that he'd sit in front of people. He knows what he's about. He settles carefully into a seat, which reaks ominously but doesn't actually give out. Yet. Though his knees kind of threaten to knock the seats in front of him out of place. "How's the whole touching thing comin?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets herself a small lemonade and a box of Reeses Pieces. She notes the movie tickets he buys and snickers at it. "Good thing I finally watched these the other day... like, back before Halloween."

Once they're in the theater and up at the back, she watches him settle in and just grins at the display of it. Her coat is taken off and draped over the back of the chair as others pile in to their seats, and she then sorts her green sweater out around her hips and settles in to the chair beside his. "It's goin'. Ya know? I still get headaches if I leave it up too long, but I dunno. Jean thinks they'll go away in time, but I'm not so sure." She glances over at him as she lifts her cup up to sip from the sstraw in it. "It's not exactly easy as far as things go t'practice on either. Like tryin' t'be a Jedi or some such." She says with a light grin as she reaches for some of the popcorn.

Cain Marko has posed:
Cain shifts a little to settle in better, then nods to Rogue. "Guess it's a little hard to practice when you can send somebody to the hospital if you mess up, huh?" He gives her a pat on one knee, then tilts the popcorn bucket her way for her to take some. There's ads playing on the screen, but he doesn't seem to be paying any attention to them. "If you want help practicin sometime, it's not like you can do much to me even if you do mess it up." He takes a sip from his own oversized soda. Somebody further down turns around as though he was planning on asking them to not talk. Then he actually sees Cain, and apparently changes his mind before looking forward again. "So, did you like the original?" He... may or may not have been buried under a mountain when it originally came out. Though he's seen it since.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue still has her gloves on as she takes a palm full of popcorn and holds it in one hand while using the other to pick a couple kernals up to pop in her mouth. She looks over at him as he offers these words and she grins at him. "Ain't that sweet'a ya." She says at the big fella. Her eyes go forward then to the screen and then drop down to the popcorn in her palm. "I did like it. The first one was really dark and kinda creepy. The second one ya could tell was geared more toward kids. But it was fun too. I know one'a them is dead now, which is sad... I was watchin' a interview on one'a those mornin' shows a few days ago with the cast talkin' about him."

Once her popcorn is done she peals those gloves off and drapes them over the top of her leg before reaching with bare hand to the lemonade cup in the holder of her chair's arm.

"seems like all they do now is remake stuff from fourty years ago though..." She says before taking that big sip from her sugary drink.

Cain Marko has posed:
Cain smiles faintly down at her, "Well, that's the first word people usually think of when it comes to me. Sweet." He takes a partial handful of popcorn, which is still more than she has in her comparatively tiny hand, and pops it into his mouth. Thankfully keeping his mouth closed while chewing. Eventually he says, "Yeah, they were pretty good. Though Bill Murray was kind of...I dunno. Predatory. Like, why did he happen to be carrying a syringe and drugs when he went to visit that lady?" Pretty suspicious. And that's coming from a professional supermerc. He eventually drapes one big arm over the back of her seat. And the one next to it to, focusing on the screen. He's watching the trailers, but most of his focus is still on the woman sitting next to him. "Mmm. Yeah. I noticed that. Though I s'pose there's always been a lot of remakin. You do get the ocasional thing that's new."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is setting her cup back in to the cup holder when she hears that rundown about Doctor Venkman. It makes her snort a laugh as she looks back up at the screen across the theater. "Uh... maybe he had a doctor bag in his ... Okay, yeah, that was weird. The lady with the poofy hair dodged a bullet, I think..." She then pauses and looks over at the man. "Although... which would she have really actually preferred? That creepy outcome to date night, or... bein' turned inta a demon dog? She was destined for a crappy night either way, it seems." The Belle says with a flashed grin.

Her eyes glance down to her phone as she puts it on theater mode and then sets it down beside her. "Either way, this one looks way more family oriented... Which, to be honest, I would prefer it NOT be, as I think that'd be cooler. But hey, what do I know?" She says with another smirk before she flicks her hair back over her shoulder and wipes some popcorn bits off her sweater.

Cain Marko has posed:
Cain laughs at that. "I mean, did she really? It seemed like they were dating in the second movie... or had been." He notices what she did with her phone, then takes his out and does the same. The theater darkens fully, and he quiets down some. He might be a bully and a thief, but he's not one of those people who gabs constnatly when the acutal movie is playing! Those people are monsters. Settling in to enjoy the pic next to the belle beside him.