8974/La nuit pour les amoureux

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La nuit pour les amoureux
Date of Scene: 07 December 2021
Location: Washington Square Park
Synopsis: Remy and Rogue have a date and take a daring step!
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Ah, a lovely night.

The stars were out, the moon was in full display and the heavens were aligning for this night. Maybe it would be a night that Remy finally got lucky, not in an inappropriate way mind, but maybe he and Rogue can be official again after tonight, if they weren't already. Remy's been kept guessing a little bit, some flirtations here and there, but now was the time in his mind to make his intentions towards Rogue as clear as possible.

Now he only has to hope to anyone who will listen that she says yet.

He waits until he's ready, and he texts her a simple message, here's hoping he wasn't blocked recently! But he sends the text, and Remy smiles. The text reads as follows:


Remember the first night under the stars where we indulged in good company? Well, come meet me at the Washington park, Cherie. It's a strange day, should be cold, but it's more lukewarm. Come visit me, and see a surprise.

La nuit pour les amoureux.

- R"

and now...he waits, making sure a few more things were alight with the touch of a lighter.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue appears not too long later walking on the grass with her hands in the pockets of her coat. She sees him and smiles softly as she gets closer. "Ya gotta do this kinda thing all the way down in Greenwich Village?" She chides him. "We got a backyard up in Westchester, ya know." She adds with a smirk as she gets close enough to see his arrangement he has laid out.

Rogue just smiles at him and tilts her head to the side a bit. "What's all this then?" She asks as she steps closer and keeps her hands inside her coat pockets.

"You're not gonna try'n sell me insurance or somethin' are ya?" She jokes lightly as her right hand comes out to adjust the wool knit cap she is wearing atop her head.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
When Rogue appears, Remy seems to 'flip a switch' with a snap of his fingers, and suddenly, an entire picnic space is lit up with scented candles! Which may be extremely ineffective if a strong enough breeze comes through, but it's the thought that counts, right? Remy was wearing a long trench coat, not unlike the one he usually wears, but with fur along the trim, fingerless gloves cover his hands, with nice jeans and shoes. His hair is styled, as it usually is, and he recently shaved!

Red eyes fall on Rogue, and he extends his hand towards her. "Cherie, this is a surprise date." Remy chuckles a little bit. "I was too worried you were gon' say no, but I have faith, oh yes I do." Remy gives her his best smile as he approaches closer if she lets him.

"Long as you want to say yes, anyway. My cookin' is somethin' to behold, you might be missin' out if you say no." He smiles. "I miss us, Anna...an' I wan' to give us one more official shot, if you'll forgive e one more time."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't stop him from approaching. She had been looking at the layout he has, with the candles and it makes her smile softly before she looks back at him. Up at him, with him being closer now. She shakes her head gently. "Remy. I'm not /that/ mad at you. Not lately anyway." She clarifies. "I just... haven't been puttin' a lotta 'stock' in some kinda cheesey romance novel story here." She tries to explain. "Plus, just been focused on work at the school, and schoolwork at work." She smirks again then, since she's at college at the same school they live and work at.

"This is nice though." She says then as another glance and nod is given to his picnic spread. But her eyes go back up at him. "Don't be so worried though. I'm not really mad at ya, just... yeah. We live crazy lives, ya know?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:

Remy briefly replies, before he shakes his head ever so slightly, his hands seeking out her gloved ones so he can put more into it, so maybe she'll understand. "Well, you can put stock on me. Even though I ran off because I was scared an' nervous an' doin' my own thing, I know you're not that mad at me anymore, I just need you to know that I ain't changed that much, Cherie."

He keeps his eyes fully focused on her.

"If I'm runnin', I'd rather be runnin' wit' you, that's all." Remy tells her then, before he starts to walk backwards, hands still in hers, as if to lead her over to the picnic blanket, where a basket and two tall bottles of expensive-looking wine await them, accompanied by a folded blanket.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just shows him a light smile and a little nod. "I believe you." She says then as she steps over to the blanket and sits down upon it. Her legs go out to the right side as her left hand supports her and her right rests on her thigh. She moves her eyes around what is laid out there with them, before she looks back at him once more. "You have done nice here too. Very impressive." She says to him with another smile. Her eyes go around the park and she huffs out a laugh. "I thought about goin' t'school here. But it was pricy, and the student body sounded super annoyin'." This park being the campus of NYU.

Her gaze goes back to him then and she nods down the west running street. "We met in a bar just down there, if ya remember." She tells him then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
She believes him?

She believes him!

He doesn't show it in his face, but his eyes tell the true story of a man who is so happy to hear that from her, even as she steps over and sits down with him. He sits right on his bottom, nothing to support, his legs going slack and fully relaxed as he remains sitting up. He reaches for a bottle, pressing his finger to the cap, which causes it to fill with energy and it soon blasts right off of the bottle's surface with a satisfying 'pop' sound.

"A drink, cherie?"

He offers her a wine glass if she might like, otherwise he's more than happy to give her the bottle. "Well, could always steal from a billionaire like Tony Stark or somethin'. Though, I dunno about that score. Sounds like fun though, no?" He questions with a smile. "Honestly, Cherie, you got what none o' us got: you got brains enough that you can conquer de entire world. You could probably get in on a good scholarship." He chuckles.

"We did. I flirted with ya, and you flirted back. Though I think my accent annoyed ya at first." He winks at her playfully.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue accepts the glass from him as she lets him pour her some of the wine. She smiles at what he says, but shakes her head from side to side. "It didn't annoy me, exactly. It ... okay, when I was younger livin' back in Mississippi there were some Cajun fellas that hung out in the diner in town. They were pretty awful. Tried flirtin' with all the girls, but also like were known thugs around town. So I guess hearin' it kinda gave me a bad impression of ya before I got t'know ya more." She smirks then, a sip of the wine is had there-after.

She sighs lightly and watches him. "Course, you're a lot easier on the eyes then those ugly fuckers ever were, so that helped quite a bit too." She says with the smiling expression having returned now.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, I may be a flirt with all o' de girls, but my eyes are only on you-" He smirks at her. "Sugah." Remy teases her ever so slightly. "Though, I'm not a thug, but I ain't much different from them I think." He pours her glass before pouring his own, then he sets the bottle aside to nurse the drink, swirling the liquid in the glass before taking his sip. "It's just one of them things...a thug...a thief? I suppose we are a little bit alike, no?"

Remy chuckles though. "You are too nice to me, though I'm glad you gave me a second, third, an' fourth chance to get to know ya better. I'm a smoother talker, sure, but I back up my words. Though, you made it easy to chase after you an' fall head over heels."

He chuckles a little bit.

"Helps that you are the most beautiful woman I ever did see."

Rogue has posed:
Everything that Remy says and does there has Rogue smiling at first, then leaning in to a bit of a laugh as she shakes her head right to left. "Now you're just playin' it up, Mistah." She says back at him as another sip of the drink is taken from the wine glass. She savors it for a few moments, letting her eyes roam around the park at night before she looks back at him and exhales, decompressing some it would seem.

"What are your plans then, Remy LeBeau?" Rogue asks him next. "If you're not running off t'some mysterious adventure for weeks on end anymore... then what are you gonna do?" She inquires now, her green eyes watching his face as she studies his response.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy chuckles, a loud sip of his drink occuring as his eyes never quite leave hers. "I try my best to remind a lady who means de world to me how much she means to me." Remy tells her then as he sets his wine glass down as he turns back to look at her. Red meets green, and he doesn't move away from her.

"My plans? Well, my plans are to woo the infamous Rogue, if she is woo-able, then I'm going to make up for lost time. After that...if that happens? Who can say?" He chuckles a little bit, looking at her. "But since I'm not on some mysterious adventure...I might as well help your family a little bit." He gestures towards the X-Institute, some miles away. "an' integrate, so I can steal Scott's bike when he trusts me the most." He winks at her.

A silence then.

"Do you remember our first kiss?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs at what she hears from him as she shakes her head back and forth. "I'm not sure I've ever heard a more flowery answer in my life, Mistah LeBeau." She replies to him with a big smile followed by a little laugh. Another sip of her wine is taken then before she shakes her head at his last question there.

"I remember you tryin' t'convince me to 'take the risk' and kiss ya, like on our second date. Even after I told ya about my mutation. You didn't care one bit. You said you'd die happy, I think." She then glances over at him again, smirking a little.

"I was wonderin' if ya meant it, or if you were just some ornery horny toad... I'm still wonderin' about that." She teases him lightly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Maybe a little bit of both." Remy shoots Rogue a wink as he looks at her. "As far as I'm concerned, I still believe that. I'd die a happy man if I died from your kiss." Remy tells her with a big smile, one that reaches his eyes as he leans and gives her a playful little nudge. He sips his drink then. "Maybe...ya gotta ask yourself, that if I'm not afraid of you or your mutation, cherie...that maybe I was a keeper."

He laughs a little bit. "Good memories...we were younger back then, younger an' a little hornier." He chuckles. "I think I would've tried to lasso a plane just to get your attention." Remy tells her with a bit of a smile.

"I wouldn't say I'm a toad...." He leans in towards Rogue then, his eyes lowering to her lips. He's making a sudden move! "Maybe a horny -stallion-, no?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches him as he speaks and she feels his advance coming. She doesn't pull away either. She lets him kiss her. IT's been awhile since they did this, but her ability to block the absorption of other people has been growing stronger in the past many months. She can turn it on and off at a whim, and Remy is aware of it. Though he still took a risk by doing this.

Rogue returns the kiss then before she pulls back after a moment and reaches up to touch a gloved hand to the side of his face. "You're askin' for trouble." She says at him with a small smile then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy feels the warmth of her lips and his eyes drift closer for it's duration. Though this is a kiss seemingly freely given, he recalls the 'happy accidents' that lead to him ending up in a brief coma or something of other. He took the risk, knowing what -could-.

But he didn't care.

In that moment, it was just the two of them, and Remy's world faded to black as he moved a little closer to accommodate. once the Kiss ended though? He felt her hand cup his face and he smiles. "Trouble is my middle name, Cherie. It's my life."

He looks at her then. "You're my life."