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Hello To You
Date of Scene: 07 December 2021
Location: Diana's Office: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Alexander and Morgan join Diana for a bit of social chatter in her office. Ice cream is had. A fight likely broke out at some point off-camera too.
Cast of Characters: Alexander Aaron, Diana Prince, Morgan Finn

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Things had proceeded apace rather rapidly as soon as Alexander had returned from Olympus. The Grand Sojourn had been trying, to be amongst the family and to deal with the diplomatic idiosyncrasies between the Gods and their political machinations. Time spent in the presence of peers and cousins and uncles and even the elders at points, all in the guise of some jumped up competition that felt like some sort of covert Olympics. It had been a trying time for the young Son of War. Hectic some would say. And then he came home.
    Which involved a whirlwind of meetings and events and rekindling old connections. It felt like almost a struggle just to get some hint of time to oneself. Yet when he did it brought him here to the Embassy of Themyscira, to update the one aunt who supported him in trying times and who wanted nothing from him save that familial connection. And friendship.
    Which is why Alexander Aaron, God of Fear, entered the lobby of the Embassy. He wore a great black pea coat against the chill of Winter's bite, hands deep in his pockets as he strolled in, sparing a smile for whomever might well be handling new arrivals. He took a moment at the entrance to make sure his black boots weren't traipsing in mud or grime from the outside before he approached and lifted his voice, "Hi, is Ms. Prince in?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had invited Morgan over to the Embassy again tonight to enjoy another meal prepared by the Embassy Chef Ferdinand. Nobody was as good at cooking as the very large and imposing Kithotaur!

After the meal though, Diana had gone back to her office to take a phone call, and this is where she is now. Wearing a loose white sweater and some black denim pants, the Ambassador of the Themyscirans is at her desk, her hair tied back in a loose ponytail and a pair of black framed glasses on her face, mostly just for style.

When Alexander arrives, he's escorted back to Diana's office. It's a casual atmosphere there-in, with the lights all on and even a crackling fire in the fireplace of the office. Diana is finishing up with her phone call, and rising up to stand when Alexander arrives.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Only recently did Morgan make it back to Diana's office. He was hanging out in the kitchen with Ferdinand. The two have developed quite a bond and the huge Kithotaur has taken to the teen quite well. Plus it doubles (at least) the number of extra snacks Morgan can make off with.

But right now he's sitting at a counter at the kitchenette (is he ever away from food, this one?) with a Macbook and a few school books. Mid-terms are upon him as Happy Harbor prepares for winter break. But yeah, where he excels on the football field, he falters with the books. So he fidgets in his seat, idly flips pages back and forth, and just generally look uncomfortable and not at all happy to be there.

"Diana, maybe we can go to the arena and you can beat me up some more or somethin'?" the young demigod says hopefully. Getting beat up is way better than studying. He takes a sip from a can of Cherry Coke Zero.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    He enters, and it's at the threshold his smile broadens, opening to the vibrance that the Princess engenders. Though there is a hint of reservation as he draws his lower lip between his teeth as if expecting the admonishment that is likely due. It had been... a year? A little more? Since they last spoke. A bare blink of time to someone as old as her, yet when a year is filled with events it can feel all the longer.
    "Diana," He says at first, the tone reserved even as he steps toward her. The first glance shared between the two might show her small differences in the young man since they spoke. Taller, a touch. Broad of shoulder, he filled out with the coat fitting perfectly tailored to his frame. But what might most stand out... the longer hair, almost to his collar. And the /beard/. Short and groomed, but still. Beard!
    His advance is checked however, taking the signals of her glance, her body language. If she seems pleased to see him his arms open to offer a brief familial embrace, though warmly given as the smile reaches those pale hazel eyes.
    Stepping back he rests his hands on her shoulders, still smiling before he turns his attention upon Morgan. Eyebrows raise, then a hand to wave, "I am not interrupting, am I?"

Diana Prince has posed:
With a few things being sorted out on her desk, Diana looks up and over to Morgan's voice. She releases a light laugh at what he says before she shakes her head. "We can pick up where we left off in the morning with all of that." She replies to him then. "You should focus on your school work tonight." She advises before Alexander appears in the doorway. She had heard him coming though and when he arrives, her hands reach up to take those glasses off, folding the limbs together she sets them down on her desk.

A smile crosses her red hued lips as she walks over to him to indeed share in the hug. "It is such a good surprise." She says to him before they separate again. "To see you, Alexander." She says then as she reaches a hand up to pat the side of his face. "You are looking well too. I am very glad to see this."

Diana steps back then and smiles between the two of them. "Morgan, this is Alexander, another young man with a similar situation, if at least in heritage viewpoint." She vaguely explains before looking back to Alex.

"Morgan is a young man who has come to be a bit of a regular here with us. Having a father like... ours... you see." She says without /saying it./

Morgan Finn has posed:
Okay, alright, now we're talking. Something other than mid-term studying. Mustn't be rude, you see. Morgan slips off the stool and walks in the direction of the other two. "Hey, Alexander," he says with surprising warmth. He holds out a hand. If Alexander shakes, he will find Morgan's grip to be firm but quite warm, and there is a kind of...spark when touching the empathic healer. Some find it pleasant. "Any friend of Diana's, and all that."

His smile is broad and genuine. He just...seems happy. And that radiates. His gaze shifts to Diana to see how she is reacting to all of this, following her social lead. Deference to the Amazon Princess, but also a touch of something else. Affection?

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "The jury is still out on it," Alexander says as he mirrors her touch, rubbing along the curve of his chin. Then he crinkles his nose at her and steps aside as well, moving in that same measured manner. His gaze falls heavily upon Morgan and his eyebrows raise, curiousity lighting in his eyes. Then a glance back as Diana makes introductions.
    "Morgan!" His lip curls and he steps toward the Happy Harbor student, extending a calloused hand to shake the younger man's. His own grip is firm, strong, business-like with the three short shakes then release. "Welcome to the family and all, I hope matters go well for you." His voice is bright, perhaps the pattern of his speaking has shifted a little with the time he's spent away. But it's still Alexander.
    "Diana is the best of us, don't feel compelled to seek out the rest of the family, most of them are jerks." There, very clear where his loyalties lie and where he stands, though it might also be enough to hear the Fates laugh.
    "My father," For a moment he looks toward Diana and quirks an eyebrow asking a silent question as he uncurls a hand toward himself. But lest she stops him he says, "Is Ares, I'm Phobos."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana watches the two of them interact as she steps back and toward the sitting furniture in her office. "Lets sit, shall we? Would you like some tea, Alexander?" She asks as she walks toward the small bar set in to the bookshelves along the wall across from the windows her desk sits beneath.

She goes ahead and pours them all a drink whether they want it or not, Morgan too!

"Morgan has been in need of a bit of help, and we've been happy to help provide it here." She explains to Alexander then as she steps back toward the sofa, and chairs, setting down a platter with three tea cups upon it.

"And what have you been up to?" She asks then of Alex, as she sits down upon the sofa's edge.

Morgan Finn has posed:
When Alexander offers his pedigree Morgan raises both eyebrows above glittering, amused eyes. He says, "That's heavy." Then he purses his lips and lets out a playful "oooooooooo." He's definitely not mocking Alexander -- Who would mock the god of fear? That just seems like bad policy. Plus Morgan is too kindly to mock anyone. -- but all the naming of names adds some new layer to this conversational tiramisu and young Morgan simply lacks the social maturity to process that.

He moves to sit where Diana is serving tea. This office is literally bigger than the shitty apartment Morgan grew up in. Kid loves tea! He puts like...I dunno...six, no better make it eight sugars and a bunch of cream in his tea and stirs it up. He definitely loves tea. He takes a deep sip. "Oh man, you make the best tea, Diana."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Would love some," Alexander says as he steps back from Morgan then nods to Diana, moving toward one of the seats so indicated. He does, however, stop to take off his pea-coat, sliding it from his shoulders and setting it along the back of the seat for now. It, of course, reveals his blue jeans and a loose black t-shirt that has a cartoon kitten on the front of it dressed as a pirate that is proclaiming in a thought bubble, 'It's a Mew-Tiny!' So the more he changes, the more he stays the same as well.
    "What sort of help?" A glance is given to Morgan. Listening to what the other Olympian has to say. Then smiling a little as he makes a bit of a face as if to show he wasn't deriving status, more just saying.
    "Well, as to that." Alex smiles a bit as he replies to Diana's latter question, "I was away to Olympus for a time. There was a small gathering." He looks to Morgan and nods, "Others of our family, a few competitions..."
    He pauses and looks to Diana, perhaps hedging his words a little unsure if it is good for Morgan to hear what tales of woe there may well be, "It was a curious thing. Met a lot of our... contemporaries." A pause, then he murmurs, "Some who are no longer with us."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana holds her tea cup between her hands as she sits perched on the edge of the sofa with her back straight. She glances over to Morgan, who earns a smile from the Princess. "It is far better than soda, yes?" She says then to the young man, before her eyes go back to Alexander.

"Mm..." Diana says to him in response. She raises the drink cup up to her lips to sip from within it before she lowers it back down and slips her left hand beneath the cup as her right holds it by its handle.

"That sounds like ... well... every trip to Olympus." She quietly retorts before she shows Alex a light understanding expression. "It sounds like it was quite likely a good learning experience, or at least a nice reprieve from the... nature of the mortal world. Have you kept up with events here?" She asks then as she glances toward Morgan once more.

"Alexander would be a good person for you to spend a bit of time with too, if possible." She says with a warm smile for him, and for Alex as well.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn kicks off his Skechers and folds his legs up under him. "Yeah that'd be cool," the teen responds to Diana. Maybe he answers one beat too quickly, and sounds just a percent or two too enthusiastic, which tells the story of how isolated of a life this kid has been living in the dorms of Happy Harbor. He looks back to Alexander and tries to recover with a forced nonchalant shrug. "I mean, you know, if you want. Whatever."

"I think I'm...I think I'm staying here for winter break." He looks to Diana as though for confirmation. "Maybe help out Ferdinand and stuff in the kitchen. He's been teaching me how to cook." The body language, the tone of voice, the unfocused nature of his subject matter. Clearly this young man knows /nothing/ of the world to which he is an heir. He seems like a teen barely scraping by if not for the grace of a savior like Wonder Woman.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "I have not, I'm afraid." Alexander takes up the tea and holds it in its saucer, stealing a sip for a moment. "You mean to say the world didn't just stop and wait for me in my absence?" There's a flicker of a smirk, barely there before he's then aimed back toward Morgan.
    "My time is not entirely my own, but sure. I don't know if I'm a /good/ person to spend time with. But hey." Alexander replies to Diana's idea that he should spend some time with Morgan. He looks back to the younger man and nods, "Are you going to school in the area?"
    He spares a look back to Diana should she hold the answer, then in turn to Morgan. "Happy Harbor?" Then he raises his eyebrows and murmurs, "That's where I went, fun crazy place."

Diana Prince has posed:
A nod comes from the Princess to what Morgan asks of his winter break period. "Indeed." She says lightly to him. "The Master Chef himself is already preparing his list of things you will be incharge of for the holiday meals." She says with a playfully growing grin then. Her teacup is raised up for another sip before her eyes flicker back over to Alexander's own.

When her cup lowers she's smirking at his joke about the world waiting for him. "Oh yes..." She says in a knowing tone. "It has been completely /uneventful/ since your departure." She plays along with him for a moment. "No alien fleets blockading Earth, no dopplegangers causing mayhem and chaos. No... comas that had me out of action for months on end.... Mmm... Nope. Nothing but tea and tennis here." She says with her chin rising up before she smiles widely in happiness.

When Alex speaks of having attended Happy Harbor too, Diana looks between them. "See? The similarities continue to fall out and reveal themselves!" She says to them both then.

Her eyes go back to Alex then. "What are your plans now?" She asks him.

Morgan Finn has posed:
For the moment, Morgan seems content to sit cross-legged on the sofa, sipping way-too-sweet, way-too-creamy tea. He is sure he's not doomed to a lonely winter break. He's somewhere warm and safe. His belly is full. Some have been taken so low that it requires so very little to bring them contentment. His gaze follows the conversation between Diana and Alexander, and he listens intently.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "A coma?" Alexander tilts his head to the side, "That is concerning." Screw the aliens and doppelgangers. Earth Invasion? I sleep. Diana in a coma though?
    "Well your tennis did need work, you had no backhand." Which is a lie. But his smile is inquisitive, head tilted one way, then the other. "But please do explain. Now I'm curious." He settles deeper into the chair, extending his legs to cross at the ankles and holding his cup and saucer like a proper gentleman. Sans pinky extension.
    Then she asks /the question/ and she can see a hint of grumpiness in the way his left eye scrunches up and his nose crinkles. What are his plans? A glance is given to Morgan. He smiles. Then looks back to Diana.
    "I have a quest of sorts, but it's not something I can rush out and do. It more has to happen to me and around me. So we'll see. I'm going to take some classes back up this coming semester. Then..." He waves a hand, "I don't know. Catch up with people. Need to clean the heck out of my apartment."
    Then he looks over at Morgan and half-smiles, "Which hey, is something you could help with, Morgan." Free labor!

Diana Prince has posed:
The plans that Alexander speaks of has Diana gently nodding her head, but the bit about Morgan cleaning the apartment with him has her grinning as she looks from Alex to the younger man. "He'd love to help." She says then, as she shoots a look back. "Volunteering him for things that remove him from his loud music and smelly dorm room are part of /my/ plans." She notes with another smile back to the young student.

When she looks back though she sighs a litle. Her teacup is set down on the platter again in front of her. "Last January, a /version' of Cassie Sandsmark lured me in to a trap. She had a poison that put me in to a deep slumber. I was there for many weeks, my natural healing battling the poison that would have ended me swiftly otherwise. Mmh, but being surrounded by such good people, as I am, they helped me find my way back. We captured that version of Cassie, and sent her back to where she belongs... so to speak."

Diana shakes her head slowly then. "Such is the conflicts we face, I suppose..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Aw see, now Morgan is just a truly nice guy; he'd pretty much help anyone out with anything. He flashes a genuine smile to Alexander and nods. "Sure, I would definitely help you." Clearly the teen is not just being polite. He's a dream-walking, empathic-healing demigod. He just has this way of cutting through the bullshit of social niceties and getting to truth of a situation, and likely he has no idea that he's even doing it. "I'll be done with mid-terms at the end of next week." He flashes a playfully grim look to Diana. "One way or the other."

When Diana goes into details about her ordeal, though, Morgan grows quiet. He focuses on her intently with a pained expression. Suffering of any kind is anathema to the teen, but especially the suffering of one he is so imprinted on. And Diana wants to teach this boy to fight in battle? Well, that will be, you know, a thing. Good luck.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    At the mention of poor Morgan tasked so, Alexander shares that smile with Diana as he looks sidelong toward the younger Olympian. A nod is given, "We'll swap digits, I'll let you know when things go down?" Which really could be any time between now and... whenever.
    Though when Diana starts on her tale his attention narrows its focus to the words she offers. Brow furrowed as he listens, head tilted slightly, almost like a quizzical canine. After a moment he nods, though he does interject a question at one point, "Was it... a variation of Hind's Blood? That's the only poison I know of that taxes our kind." Since so few of Earth's woes find traction on those with their pedigree.
    Yet she finishes the tale and he lifts his chin, manner having changed subtly. Morgan, he radiates support, empathy. Alexander? He seems to settle into the manner of his father. A problem. A danger. It must be fixed, rectified. "Was an antidote found or any studies made on it?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks over to Morgan on her right, her hand going over to pat him on the back before she draws it back to herself, and her stare goes back to Alexander. At his question about the poison she shakes her head. "No, it was magical in nature. Associated with the suit of armor that this version of Cassandra was wearing. She lured me away from the embassy, pretending to be the version of Cassie that we know. We battled for a time after she revealed herself, but her armor pierced my skin and, well, the rest is history now." She sums up with another quick smile.

"The armor is safely tucked away on Themyscira now." She states as she glances between the two young men. "Which... by the way, we are accepting visitors to now. Even men." She says with a grin at this. Times are changing, no?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
As an empath-healer, Morgan tends to fill the space he is given. With Diana, he fills the spaces of adoration. Sure, he does have a harmless teenage crush on her that he will outgrow, and it's not like he's at all rude about it. But too, he respond to her kind but commanding nature. He only just met Alexander, so time will tell how he will respond to the older young man, but already he is sensing that is the God of Fear's nature to problem solve. So for now, he looks to Alexander as one might look to another for leadership. He seems muted when Diana was talking about the ordeal, but when Alexander started asking question, Morgan's expression became hopeful. Diana ran into some nonsense, but Phobos is on the job!

When Diana mentions visiting Themyscira, Morgans responds with, "That would be amazing to visit. I would love to go sometime." He grins in that innocuous, playful way of his. "I heard the girls are really hot."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "Well," Alexander seems to be focused on the situation, which assuredly has long since past and has been handled entirely, but his mind seems set on problem resolution as he adds, "Perhaps a glance into the land where this Cassie came from would be good, to see if further assaults are feasible."
    Yet his manner eases a little as he takes a deep breath, then the topic shifts as she mentions that change to the Themyscira tourism plan. "Are you sure? Letting guys there? I mean we'd bring all our stuff." He looks over at Morgan, perhaps for support as his lip twists upwards. "Our grills and beers and like... big screen football games. And then we'd touch all your guys' stuff, and track mud everywhere. It'd be super messy." A nod of his head is given.
    "But if you insist." He says with an exasperated sigh, as if he were so put upon to visit the Amazon's homeland. Then, off-handedly, "But yes, very hot. Though the Amazons from Bana-Mighdall are meaner."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks between the two of them then as they both make their jokes. "Yes, yes. They all put me to shame with their beauty." She replies then before shaking her head. "There is still a screening and vetting process, so both of you would be wise to still your rapidly beating hearts." She teases them back as she reaches for her teacup again. "But, you never know..." She says with a flippant raise of her dark brows, and a glance away from them.

After her next sip she smiles then. "Alexander, would you like some left overs from tonight's meal? I believe we have a wide variety of sweets in the kitchen remaining too." She glances to Morgan for confirmation of this. "Less you and Ferdi devoured them all?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Awwwww. Morgan's heart break just a tiny bit when Diana gets self-deprecating about her comparative looks, and because the kid wears pretty much everything on his sleeve it mirrors in his expression. He digs Diana in some complicated and confusing ways. She's hot, and he really finds her attractive, but also she has taken on this sort of surrogate mother and mentor role in his life. He doesn't like to be pushy about these kinds of things, so he keeps silent about it all.

To Alexander, "Do you like ice cream? Ferdinand - " He never refers to the chef as Ferdi, for some reason he always uses his full first name. " - made some sick peanut butter chocolate ice cream. There is an absolute ton of it left."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    As for Alex, he seems to half-grin back at Diana, perhaps ascribing faux humility to such a statement, and he's not one to dissuade her, for she clearly already has a large enough ego!
    "Ah, no. I'm..." Alexander gives a nod to Diana in thanks though, even as he pat-pat-pats his belleh, murmuring. "I had this gigantic meal of Ethiopian food. Never had some before. I'm still like feeling it." Since he often doesn't eat for a fair amount of time, such a big meal had a good impact on him.
    Then his brow raises as he recalls the possible connection in that diner. "With an acquaintance of yours, Dinah Lance? She spoke well of you. Of course I told her all the evilness you are often up to, but still she defended you rather well." Which with that smile, it's perhaps clear Alexander is not being /entirely/ serious.
    Though his attention is arrested at the offer of ice cream, "I mean, I don't /dislike/ ice cream, who does? But if you like it that much keep it for yourself if it'll bring you joy."